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  1. Yep, completely agree. Even if we get past Chelsea on Sunday, we all know we're going to lose to the eventual winners Man City somewhere along the line. Sack the cup off, focus on securing top 4!
  2. I completely agree. But I believe players move on for typically 2 reasons: 1) Wages (obviously) and 2) To play with/complete against/show they can hold their own against the best footballing talent across the globe. I'd say both of the above are why we've lost the players we have in the recent past (Drinky, Mahrez, Maguire and Kante). If we can sign the kind of players I've mentioned (Cakir, Demiral and Dennis) it will go a long way to keeping hold our key assets and youngsters. If we don't cease this opportunity our competitors i.e. Chelsea will. That will soon close the gap we have and how long will we have to wait again before we're sitting 3rd in the league with a nice buffer on 5th place. I believe if we waste this opportunity this window, and it's likely we'll finish outside the top 4 this time next year. In turn that will increase the chances for 1 of/some our best players (Ndidi, Barns, Madison, Cags, Chilly) from being poached. Then the cycle begins again...
  3. As said within the thread it's imperative that we capitalise on this window. Who knows when we'll next have the lure of the champions league to wave in front of potential signings. Currently you could argue we have a better starting 11, possibly squad, the 4 of the so-called 'big 6'. We don't want to let that fall away this window. Signings I want are: Ugurcan Cakir - 24yo GK and imo one of the best young keepers around. If we don't sign him this window, another top Europe club will and then we'll never be able to land him. Difficult one because of Kasper but if your looking at the long term future of the club you'd have to push the button on it. Merih Demiral - 22yo old fashioned centre half. Knows Cags well from the national team and could form our defensive pairing for the foreseeable future. We've been linked with him before so I hope we follow it through. Rumours of Manure sniffing around so I'd like to move quick before we again miss the boat. Would take him all day long over Ajer. May also help to keep Cags long term. Final signing would be Emmanuel Dennis, 22yo forward. Capable of leading the line or or playing either side. And he is lighting quick and very direct! In terms of style of play, he has the most similarities to vardy to become his successor than any other players we've been linked with. Would much rather see him in the starting 11 over Perez. The 3 above won't be cheap but if we offload the fridge players to help financially, long term im sure it would pay dividends.
  4. I'd take Jamal Lewis off Norwich when they get relegated at the end of the season as the back up left back option. 21 years old, 1 year prem experience, bags of potential. Better competition for Chilly aslo...
  5. I recall there were reports of a late swoop for Merih Demiral of Juventus. 21 years old, 6 ft 3, Turkish international. He lined up along side Cags during the international break to which they got refered to as the 'Turkish Wall'. I believe he only signed for Juve last summer but also belive he has only made one appearance this season. I wouldn't mind seeing him being brought in in the summer to form a long term partnership with Cags, with Benny the next in line. I don't know the figure reported but it would be a much cheaper (and better quality) alternative then any of the usual premier league suspects...
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