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  1. The film ID was based around the events, yes.
  2. Cobbo

    De Laet

    A great right back at this level, raw in places but he'll become more consistent & will be a good player. Concerns me on occasions (from a team point of view) that he's our most threatening player going forward when he's our right back.....albeit the forays forward with the ball are often impressive.
  3. Cobbo

    Danny Drinkwater

    He's the new Wellens it seems - integral to our play with the ball, when he's on form & finding his passes we're very threatening throughout. When he's not quite on his games, passes go astray & we struggle retaining the ball & building pressure. Exactly the case as with Wellens when he was a regular starter. I'm hoping with Drinkwater the consistency will improve as he gains further experience. Certainly a great prospect.
  4. Cobbo

    2002/3 squad vs current squad

    The league was so much poorer back then, it really was. Football's evolution in the Championship has been vast & quick - no longer do sides such as Adams' 02/03 long ball team get promoted. Much more football being played with players with higher abilities throughout the league. It was a great achievement in 02/03, but football has changed & I dare say the side nowadays, if put toe to toe with the side from 10 years ago, would run a few rings round them.
  5. Cobbo

    2002/3 squad vs current squad

    Been away a while but this topic tickled my fancy... 2013 side is substantially better than that of 2003 with one or maybe two individual exceptions. Bilo you put Jordan Stewart in the side!? You've been on something Micky Adams played some horrendous direct football, but it was effective due to the personnel we had. Elliott & Taggart were on the decline - Izzet was the one real gem, without him the side wouldn't have done anything. The bottom line is that the division now is substantially better than 10 years ago - I doubt very much that the one paced kick & run side of 02/03 would be anything but lower mid table.
  6. Cobbo

    Sunday League Football

    Depleted Fosse City side ran out 4-0 winners away at St Pats.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/counties/leicestershire/8940096.stm
  8. Oh and what an attempt by both ourselves & Surrey to make a result of the championship game which ended today: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/shared/fds/hi/statistics/cricket/scorecards/2010/8/85514/html/scorecard.stm
  9. Oh shut up. Leicestershire are and always have & will be a small county. We're performing well in the 4 day game with a very young squad. It's all kicking off behind the scenes, yes, but on the pitch we're not doing too badly considering the financial restraints & inexperience of a lot of our players. And have James Taylor, Claude Henderson & Paul Nixon had poor seasons? Nathan Buck? We have some strong foundations to do have a few good seasons, fingers crossed the off field issues are cleared up soon too.
  10. Cobbo

    1983/84 Ind Coope Re-Issue

    Ind Coope love the pin stripes... http://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/Other-UK-Clubs-League-Two-Burton-Albion/c76_237_330/p69636/1987-Burton-Albion-&39;FA-Trophy-Final&39;-Home-Shirt-L.Boys/product_info.html
  11. Cobbo

    1983/84 Ind Coope Re-Issue

    Got me one of these, think I shall wear it today.
  12. Good win away at Worces in the 4 day version of the game. Victory within 3 days http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/shared/fds/hi/statistics/cricket/scorecards/2010/6/85559/html/scorecard.stm
  13. Beat Lancs last night, at Old Trafford http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/counties/8721161.stm
  14. Good win at Northants tonight - restricted to 18 overs per side http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/shared/fds/hi/statistics/cricket/scorecards/2010/6/85524/html/scorecard.stm Claude & Malik the heroes. McDonald batted well too, but his bowling really is not what you want in twenty20..