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  1. Trumpet


    Should be fine then, my credit ratings good I’m just really paranoid of taking out credit that may affect it . I’d want to turn it into a 4 bed house. Must admit, I’ve not looked into it too much at the moment, but there’s plenty to consider.
  2. Trumpet


    My thinking was if I paid most of the loan off, my credit rating would be better so a better rate. I suppose my question should be, when negotiating a rate after a fixed term, does my credit rating come into play? Since earlier we’ve decided to save up, renegotiate a fixed rate and then look to make improvements with much less of a loan for the improvements.
  3. Almost 12 months in and we’ve identified a previously missed symptom of “makes you feel like shit”.
  4. Trumpet


    I’m hoping this is the right place for this one. We bought our first home in March last year and I’ve been thinking of converting the loft. It’s currently a 3 bedroom house, but the bathroom is small and dated with a shower over the bath and what I’d really like is a bath and a separate walk-in shower. My thinking is I convert the loft into a bedroom with a large en suite which will give me the walk-in shower. I’ve not got a clear idea of how much a loft conversion would be, but I know they can get quite pricey so I’ve got a rough estimate of £20k (probably grossly out) which I’m c
  5. Grealish’s pathetic arm to Shelvey’s head wasn’t looked at? It’s as though they didn’t even want to show a replay of it 😂
  6. And I’ve not heard anyone say or suggest the public haven’t done anything wrong
  7. Probably a year after we should.
  8. James Justin for me, closely followed by the other 10.
  9. “Pawson trying to see who it was” he was clearly saying Wesley
  10. Chilwells put in a solid 5 so far tonight
  11. I’m glad, would rather not listen to him. Can’t stand the bloke.
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