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  1. I don’t think you’ll see a more blatant kick out all season.
  2. Sounds silly to say it, but Arsenal making the mascot redundant really took the piss. He must have been on about £20k a year, or about a days salary for one of their top earners.
  3. Exactly. It’s been pushed through under the guise of “the need to raise revenue for the clubs”. Clubs that will do just fine without it.
  4. Why aren’t they able to just continue doing what they’ve done since the games kicked off again in the summer?
  5. I’d happily put £10 towards helping a football league club survive. I don’t believe for one minute that any of the Premier League clubs are currently at financial risk due to having no fans in the grounds. Our club voted against the PPV plan. We are a club sponsored and funded by duty free, which is surely an industry that has been hit particularly hard. It says an awful lot that we made the decision to vote against additional income via PPV when we’re potentially one of the more affected clubs by the pandemic. Sky and BT are constantly saying how they miss the fan
  6. Those lines looked properly on the piss 😂
  7. The challenge happened after the whistle so IMO similar to Pickfords in the first half. How that one didn’t go to VAR I won’t understand.
  8. Van Dijk is probably offside but that’s a shocker from Pickford. So if Van Dijks leg was snapped in half, it wouldn’t matter because it’s offside?
  9. I pay for Sky Sports and as all of the games were available across Sky and BT, I’d subscribed to BT Sports when the football came back in the summer. Cancelled BT Sports yesterday and when Sky asked why I’m cancelling, I told them PPV is bollocks and is the reason why I’m cancelling. They then went on to tell me how those games wouldn’t have been on TV anyway, which I appreciate is the case, but £14.95 per game is nowhere near a fair price, IMO. They then asked what they can do to change my mind, I told them they could give me £35 off, to which they declined 😂
  10. This Joe Cole analysis is painful to watch and listen to.
  11. I’ve not been on for a month or so as I’d decided to wait on a few updates and community modded aircraft. Spent some of yesterday evening tweaking my settings and trying to get photogrammetry cities looking reasonable, but I’ve decided they’re either quite broken at the moment or I need a hardware upgrade. Found an airline management plugin called OnAir which looks interesting, will be giving that a try today.
  12. https://twitter.com/DavidBrentMovie/status/1314655593332912129?s=20
  13. Clubs have lost match day income, but haven’t the Premier League clubs just spent £1.2bn in the transfer window? The ONLY way I’d pay this is if the money was used to support lower league clubs. Looks like I’ll be going back to my pre-covid iptv subscription.
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