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  1. If I was watching This Morning and the way they ended I’d have been diving for the dining room table thinking the Russians had hit the button.
  2. Started racing in VR last week. It’s a game changer. At one point I leaned my left arm up expecting to be resting it on the door and found the wall of the spare room instead
  3. I thought getting out of rookies was the key to cleaner racing, but D class is often just as messy . My plan is to focus on the MX-5 in the Sim-Lab Production Car Challenge series and stay out of trouble until I can get promoted to C class. I’m hoping the next step up really is the start of some cleaner racing, it’s frustrating having to go into corners wincing and waiting for someone to spin me. Glad you’re enjoying it though. I don’t think you’d need to pile much money in to keep enjoying it.
  4. You’ll start with a Rookie license and will want to get out of it as soon as possible. My advice would be don’t worry too much about being fast and competitive las the rookie races can be carnage, but focus on getting your SR (Safety rating) up. Just look to have clean races where you stay on track and make no contact. I used to start from the pits in races and give everyone a 30 second head start which meant most of my race was raced alone and without incident. Even now I’m not too fussed about being fast or overtaking. I let the person in front make the mistakes without risking my own race.
  5. Yeah it definitely can get expensive. So far I’ve spent about £25 (subscription aside) on the Audi RS3 and Brands Hatch. If you focus on a particular series in the 12 week seasons they run them the costs are a bit easier to stomach. I reckon with just the subscription and the base package there’s enough there to enjoy. Well worth a punt when they run an offer on subscription fees.
  6. I’ve not noticed a dedicated thread to iRacing but there must be a few out there that play? I’ve been a member for a month or so now and loving it!
  7. Just heard a new variant of his name from Shearer, Ayia Nacho
  8. I wonder how many goals Iheanacho needs to score for people to say his name properly. Who the **** is Innyacho
  9. We bought a 65” Samsung 7 series last year for about £700. I’ve had Sony Bravia and LG smart TVs previously and this Samsung seems to have the most responsive and intuitive Smart interface. I’m no TV expert but I’d go Samsung every day of the week.
  10. Trumpet


    We have 2 cockapoos now. House is ****ing bonkers
  11. Should’ve made changes on 20 minutes. Too stubborn.
  12. Alan Smith has said a few times now that Burnley played as well as he’s seen them play for a while. He’ll be able to say the same about Brighton tonight.
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