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  1. Can get it on carabaocup.live for a tenner. It’s not really clear as to whether the site will let me cast to my TV so not sure whether to bother.
  2. Big well done to Randox. Don’t they sponsor the Cheltenham Festival?
  3. Suspect that’d be fine between certain hours.
  4. Just to add to this, Boris tells us to be better prepared to fight Covid by losing weight. Whilst giving us half price p***ing burgers 😂😂😂
  5. Agree with that. I find it concerning how comfortable people are to blame certain groups because the government has pointed the finger at them, yet for months have been encouraging them to get back out there. Nothing short of staggering actually.
  6. But the cases were going up before the schools reopened. There was talk of lockdown and increased restrictions before the schools reopened. So the schools opened and within a couple of days, loads of kids had caught the virus, incubated it and managed to get a positive test.
  7. That’s what I want to know. I don’t disagree that there have been some, I just think the shutting down of house parties get reported in the media and the government have the scapegoat they need. I really don’t think people’s behaviour is much different now than it was mid to late June, particularly where I live which has been out of lockdown since National restrictions were lifted and is mega busy most days.
  8. With all the negative news at the moment, I haven’t heard anything in regards to people catching it multiple times for a while, which has got to be taken as a positive. I’d expect if it was possible and prevalent then we’d be hearing a lot about it.
  9. Completely the wrong thread 😂
  10. It rolled down his arm. The ridiculous hand balls given this weekend and we get shafted with that 🤣🤣
  11. Ashley Cole is an absolutely terrible pundit.
  12. I thought I did, but it looks like Scan decided to show them as in stock to bait people in to joining a pre orders queue. I wouldn’t have minded being on a pre orders list of that was clear beforehand. If it doesn’t arrive this week I’ll probably just look to get a refund.
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