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  1. It's free on the Emirates fa cup facebook page
  2. I'm curious cause some people like saying we obviously should have played a different formation after the game, what people think before the man city game?
  3. A list of regular 1st team keepers I believe are better than Kasper in the air bearing in mind I don't see these other keepers live for 90 mins often. Alisson, Ederson, Henderson, Pickford, Leno, Pope, Dubravka, Foster and Krul. A list of those with better distribution: Alisson, Ederson, Kepa, Lloris and De Gea. Only Alisson and Ederson show up in both lists and Ederson is prone to conceding some very poor goals. I'm sure we have 67 mil to spend on a keeper.
  4. To further this point, how pathetic was the marking on set pieces today? So many free headers, or big blokes jumping against small players.
  5. Hamza was on for MOTM for me before the ref f***ed him over.
  6. I'm not claiming to know how running a football club works, merely making a suggestion, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were protections in place for the youngsters. But ultimately what difference does it make? But as this seems to be an issue for some, having thought more about it, as this is not a PL2 game, but an EFL sanctioned tournament, I'd guess the players would have to be registered, hence why they wear the high squad numbers rather than the 1-11 they usually would. This meaning you can't just play any random youngster or trialist.
  7. The under 18's played Saturday, I'd rather they actually play for U18's than sit on the bench just to make up numbers.
  8. What was that you were saying about Barnes?
  9. It's good to see Luke Thomas and Ughelumba both training with the first team in the training vid they put out today
  10. And they're not good enough for the first team, so I guess they have to stay in the U23s...
  11. I agree, he reminds me of Jeff where he'll be having a great game, then lose possession once and his head just goes and he's scared of receiving the ball.
  12. Gray was getting instructions before the incident even happened, we needed to change shape and Nacho was the unfortunate sacrifice.
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