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  1. What was that you were saying about Barnes?
  2. It's good to see Luke Thomas and Ughelumba both training with the first team in the training vid they put out today
  3. And they're not good enough for the first team, so I guess they have to stay in the U23s...
  4. I agree, he reminds me of Jeff where he'll be having a great game, then lose possession once and his head just goes and he's scared of receiving the ball.
  5. Gray was getting instructions before the incident even happened, we needed to change shape and Nacho was the unfortunate sacrifice.
  6. Cracking celebration for maddisons goal
  7. Looking forward to the club making a gif out of that challenge on Kane, I only saw the pair of them on the ground after the crowd starting cheering. I was too busy watching vardy have a go at Rose on the floor after he decked him in that 50/50
  8. That's not VARs fault, that's the clubs tech team being a bit useless as they always have been. Anyway else notice gray being subbed off when he was meant to be coming on today?
  9. Why the f*** did the ref stop play there when we were advancing?
  10. I was impressed with his dribbling and passing going forward, not sure if it was wolves system doubling up out wide that was causing him issues, or it's a side of his game he has to work on, but I think he could be a very good prospect.
  11. I didn't see anything good from him in a leicester shirt, much prefer Knight, Hughes and at times Johnson. Only good performances I've seen from him were in U21 champs for Romania, and even then any defender can look good in a 5 at the back for very defence minded counter attacking side
  12. I've not kept up with this whole debate, but if prem teams had B teams in the league structure then EFL clubs wouldn't be able to get any loans in which is the cheapest way for them to fill out their squad.
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