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  1. Thank f*** we're putting loft on a long contract, I was starting to get worried about him
  2. Gray reminds me of Jeff back in the championship and Moore in the great escape season in that he can be a good player on his day, but all it takes is for one small mistake and his head drops and there's no coming back from it. With Liam Moore he scored an OG, in the cup I think, and he was never the same after. I feel Puels insistence on trying him as a number 9 only damaged his confidence further as he looked so out of his depth. For me he is best on the right running at pace, forget the fancy footwork, just drive at defenders.
  3. You mean like the Fulham goal? You're right, Chilwell has dealt with that ball better, most likely after some mentoring from Fuchs, but he can still make the occasional mistake. I agree that Maguire, like every player, has improvements to make and he's got two excellent people to learn from in Wes and Kolo
  4. I do like the idea of the third kit being some form of memorial for Vichai, but just doing the Thai flag colours for trim doesn't really work. Maybe use The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Foundation as the shirt sponsor for the 3rd kit with something like 10% of shirt sales going to the foundation?
  5. Still think Iborra or Silva good have been a good option. Or invested in the summer transfer window.
  6. Must suck for iheanacho being dropped from the national team as well
  7. Like with many of our players now, he is being played to his strengths. When he came on against Fulham his job wasn't to play pretty football in the middle, he came on to steady the defence as he had done in the previous game. He came on and within 5 minutes made 4 tough tackles in quick succession, it's that side of his game that he is needed for, not the passing that he had to do under Puel out of necessity of not having anyone in the middle who could pass well. Due to that he will probably be limited to bench appearances unless Rodgers goes more conservative against the tougher opposition like Man City.
  8. And Wes Morgan doesn't sprint past defenders like Vardy does. They're different players. You've said it yourself, albrighton's game is simple, as much as I love him, maddison is already a far superior player. I'd also watch the 'fairy' comments, you're bordering on some dangerous territory in the modern progressive world.
  9. He didn't play at Newport, that decision baffled me. Fair enough if he played knight or Johnson instead, but no we played Evans and Morgan.
  10. @henrik_62 I really appreciate you're honest opinion on Benkovic and expect him to be challenging Evans an Maguire in a 2, or alongside them in a 3. As for Soyuncu, it's been a case of poor player management. He came in not speaking any English so he didn't get any game time for a while. He played a couple of times for U23's and did fine, came into the starting lineup when Wes was suspended, played okay, at fault for a goal against Fulham away. When he played in the cup he showed promise, then he just fell out of favour. I thought he'd be a guaranteed starter for the Newport game but Puel chose Wes and Evans instead and we haven't seen him since. In terms of under Rodgers it's clear Maguire and Evans are the favoured pairing with Wes being used from the bench or as a 3. It seems like he's using Wes similar to how he used Kolo for you and is grooming him for a coaching role. I'd imagine he'll go on loan next season, most likely back to Germany where he was in good form.
  11. I see what you mean, but you can play to the strengths of the team and continue to develop, or develop in different ways. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. For example we never really played it out from the back under Pearson or Ranieri, but we got the best out of Vardy and other key attacking players, but under Puel we tried to develop the ability and style to play out from the back, Maguire, Evans and Ricardo being key to that over Simpson, Wes and Huth. That development was at the detriment of players like Vardy, Maddison, or anyone going forward because the vertical progression was just too slow. But now under Rodgers we're continuing to develop the playing out from the back, but our attacking players are flourishing so we are playing to our strengths as a team whilst personal are being developed (all these young players in our squad improving). All this can be applied to many of our players and has in other threads, the impact on Ndidi being the most prominent.
  12. I agree for the most part, but would prefer to play a couple of youth players in cup games, see where they are at, like we did with Jeff, Dodoo and Chilwell. But I agree we shouldn't be wasting minutes on players that have no future at the club like Matty James, as much as I've liked him in the past.
  13. Chilwell doesn't make a good winger, he has no end product. He was a good defensive option when played ahead of Fuchs for a while, but I'd hardly say playing him on the wing is his strength. He's better at defending now so he can focus on his attacking play. This season at least he can put a good dead ball in, now he just needs to learn how to do that with a moving ball.
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