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  1. It would help if we played a formation with an attacking midfield role, we're playing this daft 442 system with a flat central pairing and stupidly narrow wingers making the central areas very congested. I can only imagine they're doing this because they want Muskwe and Reghba on the pitch, and I actually though Hirst looked better because he dropped deep for the ball unlike the other two.
  2. I'm guessing Benkovic is playing against Newcastle having come off at half time cause he had 90 on monday another 45 today so he should be ready for next week.
  3. I'd say Mills was worse, partially due to the league we were in and the state of the transfer market at the time, but also because when Nige came in we literally couldn't play him without having to pay out more to Reading and he wasn't deemed worth it.
  4. It wasn't just one poster who thinks he's crap, I was highlighting one example and having suffered watching him in the U23s last season, I agree.
  5. I just searched his name and relevant comments come up, one poster rated his performance against Cheltenham as a 1/10
  6. If anyone fancies a laugh, just head over to the Carlisle forum and look at how much they hate Loft already
  7. He might have been better had he had someone in front of him to pass to at some point in the game.
  8. You're right, the majority of the staff who work in the concourse are supplied by a company called TCS who hire Sixth form students so they can pay them f*** all, or at least that's who they used a few years back when my mates worked for them. They're treated like dirt and get payed dirt so no wonder the service is crap.
  9. Not sure we've been watching the same matches, I thought he looked awful with his feet
  10. For those saying we should keep him because he can play CB, I disagree. I haven't seen him play there personally, but from his performances in other positions I don't see anything that suggests he would make an adequate CB at prem level. And before people start talking about playing for Ghana at CB, I don't care, Fuchs played CB for Austria and he was atrocious when he played that role for us. Personally I like the bloke, but I don't think he has the quality and would rather cash in.
  11. I used streams if I couldn't watch at a mamak
  12. How many more times do we have to tag the poor bloke!?
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