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  1. Looks like it has been built in minecraft...
  2. If that's the goal that wins them the title then fair play
  3. I distinctly remember thinking Stephen Hughes was incredible because he did a 360
  4. I hope MOTD show Sokratis deliberately studding Kasper after he already had the ball under control. He's a scumbag and I hope he gets retrospective action for it, at least Vardy got a sneaky dig back at him
  5. At the start of the season the U23's were playing better football than the first team. They were playing an aggressive pressing 433 where each of the 3 in cm were pressing high up the pitch. Teams couldn't cope with the energy and aggression of Hamza, dewsbury-hall and lamine sherif. The performances and tactics at the start of the season were very Brendan Rodgers. So it's gone 'stale' of late, is that due to coaching or because the U23's best players are unavailable for selection. Having no Johnson, Knight, Hughes (through injury), Hamza, leaves the U23's understandably lacking. Lamine Sherif has been playing RB to cover for Darnell's loan move, I don't rate Pascanu as highly as the other CB options currently, we've gone from a dynamite midfield 3 to whoever we can cobble together alongside an overworked dewsbury-hall. People wanted these players out on loan (not suggesting you personally) so they have to accept that results and performances are going to suffer.
  6. I'll do it, I'm very proficient at looking up players fan made skills videos on youtube
  7. That's cause he's at Hibs...
  8. On the plus side I reckon Barnes will make an effective impact sub
  9. What player is he referring to when he says we rejected a 1.5 million bid from stoke?
  10. Ughelumba is training with the first team, would quite like to see him before the end of the season even if it's as a defensive winger option to see out a game. His pace and strength running with the ball could be a good weapon.
  11. I don't understand how that's not a red?
  12. That's the spirit! Let's forget about all those shitty players we had in those 'bad old years'. Who cares about Lloyd Dyer and all those goals he scored in the championship and league 1. Steve Howard's goal against Leeds wasn't that important. Matty Fryatt, 2 hatricks in 2 games, could do that in my sleep, it was only League 1. King is and always will be a club legend and will forever be one of my favourite players. The way he is being treated by some sections of our fan base is utterly disgraceful. Top scoring midfielder, won league 1, championship and Premier League, played in the champions league and is all round just a nice guy and perfect professional.
  13. I don't understand why everyone is arguing about the clubs finances. We don't know what the club is capable of or willing to spend, as with most clubs unless you're run by the porn brothers posting everything on Twitter. I love watching Youri play and will hopefully get to watch him play for us more next season as well, but if it doesn't happen for whatever reason then good luck to him, he's got a damn bright future and I'm proud that our club could have even a small part of that.
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