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    Newport away

    Ward Simpson (Johnson if Simpson goes) Knight Soyuncu Fuchs Iborra Silva (Dewsbury-Hall if Silva is gone) Albrighton (Barnes if he's back) Callum Wright Gray Nacho I'm desperate to see some of our youth players coming through and I've been impressed with the ones I've mentioned and mixed with the first teamers should be enough to get through.
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    Agree for the most part, though I have no issues with Benkovic being out on loan and I think Iborra offers intelligence and leadership to the squad that is otherwise lacking
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    Personally I think he's an exciting prospect, the way he played at the end of last season was impressive, but completely different to how he plays in U23's. For the U23's he's allowed to press higher up the pitch as the team plays with a higher tempo (similar to how he started playing in the 2nd half against Man City) rather than simply sitting which Puel seems to prefer his 2 CDMs to do. Also for the U23's he has demonstrated a good passing range that he hasn't expressed in the first team, whether that's a confidence thing, or the higher press of the academy allowing him to play higher up the pitch rather than standing on the toes of the CBs, or the lesser quality of opposition at that level, I'm personally leaning towards a combination of the latter two. Either way for me he has to start, if nothing else he got the crowd going in a similar way to how Vardy does with his aggression and that can make the difference.
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    Very accurate description of Morgan
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    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    Why is he playing Gray as a second striker with Maddison going wide left? Makes no sense