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  1. It's definitely possible they've changed their tactic since the first couple of days due to negative feedback. I hope so!
  2. Directly from them when I got in contact on Wednesday. Here's their opening gambit. They said the stuff about the Cinema/re-subscription prices during the subsequent conversation.
  3. Unfortunately once you eventually get through to Sky they very quickly make it clear they aren't offering to pause your subscription, it's just a marketing ploy which has given them an incredible amount of positive publicity. What they are offering is to let you cancel Sky Sports without any minimum term fees applying. On the face of it this might seem like a good idea, but if, like me, you have an offer, eg £15pm for Sports instead of full price (£28pm?), they won't honour that when you re-subscribe to Sports and you'll likely be paying full price, or at least have to renegotiate from scratch. Further, if you have Sky Cinema too, customers get this half price if you already subscribe to Sky Sports. Removing Sports reverts your Sky Cinema price to full, too. So if I cancel Sports, and the football starts again next month, I'll save £9.50 for one month, and when I re-subscribe it will be £13 more expensive every month thereafter.
  4. I've sent a request. Currently training for my first half marathon in April.
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