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  1. What Price is Slabhead anytime scorer? We have a relatively small squad now, defending corners against him might be a tough task. And we all know what happens when ex players play against their former clubs for the first time since leaving!!
  2. Good to hear. Would seriously consider relocating out of L1 if that happened.
  3. Have UFS approached the club with regards to this?
  4. I literally bought this yesterday and was set up within 10 minutes of purchasing. You download the smarters IPTV app. Then after purchasing something like below they email you a url, username and password. You literally use these to log in to smarters and everything’s on there. It’s so much easier than kodi.
  5. I’d agree on the kiosk size could improve however the staffs attitude is generally awful. Theres other ways to deal with the kiosk size, they used to half poor about 100 pints pre half time, then top them up. The queue moved noticeably quicker however they don’t tend to do that anymore. I know the above option doesn’t give the best pint ever but let’s be honest, the beer isn’t the best anyway.
  6. Of course they can. Does that make it ok for it to be pretty much impossible to get one without missing any of the match?
  7. It’s the slow uninterested staff that need sorting first. I have to go down no later than 38 minutes if I want a beer and to be able to drink it before the second half.
  8. Search IPTV subscriptions on eBay. I have a 12 month subscription ran through the smarters app for £12 for the year (there are loads of them to choose from). It works as well as any I’ve ever used before.
  9. So? Wes Morgan has a Forest tattoo yet we sing that he hates them.
  10. Brendan Rodgers He hates the Celtic He hates the scousers He loves the foxeeeeesssss
  11. Clever bit of Man management from Rodgers here. Trying to boost Kels confidence whilst also trying to get the fans on his side and stop match day grumbles every time Kelechi is brought on. Never agreed with anything but a cheer when bringing players on.
  12. Foxes Hub have retweeted documents that appear to show an additional significant loan. Unsure how to post tweets if someone could do it for me?
  13. And yet we still only made a couple of mill profit was it? At the end of the day football clubs are businesses first and foremost nowadays and businesses cover costs.
  14. You can’t buy tickets to many live events anymore without paying an administration fee. Whether that be football, live concerts or the world table football championship. Take your UFS tinted glasses off and try living in the real world. Nothing is free anymore... And it’s nice to see your comment on my first post... where to ******* start with this. Without actually starting anything. Care to elaborate? Id love to see any counter argument to any point I made.
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