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  1. So if I buy fifa for the PS4 now but don’t own one and never play it, I’ll still be able to put it in the ps5 and it’ll work for cheaper?
  2. Now I know 90% of people think the paranormal is non existent, I’ve always been of the same opinion and think I still am. My girlfriend wanted to go and do a ouija board at a friends and pretty much forced me to go along, so I did with not much of an open mind. Basically to cut a long story short, the ouija board was fairly reactive. We were getting ‘intelligent’ responses but very vague. My question is, has anyone else really experienced something they can’t explain? I’m pretty certain no one was moving the glass as I was looking out for this more than what it was actually spelling
  3. The disrespect Wes gets is unreal He might be getting on but he still never lets us down when he plays.
  4. That’s an extreme life decision to be able to play a flight simulator!! Seriously though I hope everything’s ok
  5. Can we have more screen shots please guys. Reading this thread is getting me through to the day it’s released on Xbox.
  6. Thinking about going into these myself once I know exactly how I stand with the Rolls Royce share rights issue.
  7. Hoping the lock down holds off until this is released. Will make it much more bearable having a new gadget to keep busy on.
  8. They charge us a booking fee on tickets, put King Power branding round the stadium and don’t pump their own money into the club. Worst owners ever Theres a few noticeable posters who slag the club/higher management/owners/king power at every opportunity yet never post in the positive threads about them.
  9. Having had my pre order cancelled, what’s everyone’s opinions on release date. Will many actually go on sale or will everywhere be sold out instantly.
  10. Who gives a ****. Whinging does no good, don’t pay your subscription and we win, get IPTV. I hope UFS are going to make a public announcement backing the club here seeing as they’re always so quick to release one when the club do something they don’t like. Edit to say the above is reference to LCFC being the only club to oppose the ppv.
  11. How the Internet works and even is a thing. How you can press a button on something and it takes a picture to keep forever. How wireless works. How can my phone send my wireless headphones sounds to play in my ears or how can you use Bluetooth to send files/date through the air. On a similar topic to the previous, how the radio works.
  12. I guess you know best and Andrew Neville is a liar then.
  13. Decision was made before Rodgers arrived. I was told at the Fleetwood cup match that Silva played in that he would never play a premier league match again.
  14. Yeah and by the club achieving their performance target, had Silva played another game he would have been classed as helping the club achieve it and the extra money would be due.
  15. I can’t prove it but I know for a fact there was.
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