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  1. I smell a business opportunity for a few UFS lads, that once set up could give UFS mates rates.
  2. I hope they don’t scrap the clap banners due to the recent financial losses, it really feels part of our home identity now.
  3. Always dream that I’m trying to type a text message out to someone and it keeps autocorrecting to the wrong thing and I have to keep deleting and starting again.
  4. After a week of daily gains this is now worth 6p and with broker forecasts all above 20p it’s hopefully still got a long way to go. EQTEC is bouncing back after a RNS this morning announcing that they’ll be working with Toyota to help them reduce their carbon footprint using eqtecs technology.
  5. A bit apprehensive about going for oil again after BPC however I do think that price will recover. Ive been sent a link by a friend to an article on United gas and oil I will attach below. Current share price is 3.5p and three different brokers have estimated a target price of between 20 and 26p. Ive only gone small on this but thought I’d pass it on in case anyone else is interested, I know a few people in here look at oil stocks. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/amp/news/213832/united-oil--gas-expects-production-growth-as-egyptian-success-continues-213832.htm
  6. No but I’m definitely interested in it. Just seen some time in 2021 whenever I’ve read anything.
  7. We’re at a very similar level investment wise. My average is 2.5 after buying at just over 2 yesterday to bring it down from 2.9. I’ve seen forecasts between 6p and 36p. I’d be more than happy at 10p like you say. All price dependant but my plan is to probably sell half and leave half in.
  8. BPC perseverance 1 results due anytime in the next 2 weeks. A hedge fund has been selling off shares for the last week which has kept the price down but it’s staring to rise in anticipation of the results now. Fingers crossed for a big strike and good luck to those invested. Edit to say, the hedge fund sell off isn’t a concern for me, it’s quite clear in the media that they’ve been forced into it by environmentalists.
  9. I’m using the crypto.com app. Im new to this and only having a little play around. How do you go about selling and withdrawing the money when it comes to it, I thought it would be like the stock market but it doesn’t appear so.
  10. Signed up at a similar time to you and have just been approved. Check your junk folder.
  11. There’s plenty of us now. Leicester 🤝 Leuven.
  12. Drank mine p*ssed up. Pretty sure bargain booze in Loughborough still has loads, might be worth a phone call. They bought a silly amount trying to make a quick buck and it backfired.
  13. Really enjoying this game. Not sure I’ll ever fully complete it because there’s just so much to do. I bet I’ve put in over 100 hours and still have so much on my map. Had to exit Asgard because I couldn’t kill a baddy but might go back to that soon as my power is much higher now.
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