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  1. Yeah good idea. The chorus is the perfect tempo for a football song leading into the ohhh la la. I just don’t want to butcher it before it’s even created 😂 Possibly replacing La La with Hamza.
  2. Something original could easily be done to ‘The day we caught the train’ With the ‘ohhhh la la woahhh la la’ bit after the chorus. Any ideas anyone?
  3. A how many seat majority is classed as a landslide victory?
  4. Ricaaaardoooooo Running down the wing Hear the Leicester sing Ricaaaardoooooo Changed the Bernardo Silva version Man City sing.
  5. My wings backs seem to get into good positions and then shoot from stupid angles rather than squaring it into the box. Is there a particular tactic to change this? Very frustrating.
  6. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/leicester-add-sociedad-star-to-list-of-targets-and-plan-to-beat-liverpool-spurs-to-e50m-deal Doing the rounds on Twitter, also type ‘Diego Llorente Leicester’ into google and there’s a few more links.
  7. Out of interest, I know you’ve followed Rodgers for a while. Do you think he would leave us for another club anytime soon? I personally don’t think he would but I would be interested to hear your opinion on this.
  8. https://twitter.com/scoutsattending/status/1190539220840067073?s=21
  9. Is the semis still 2 legs nowadays?
  10. Nice one Youri Nice one son Nice one Youri Lets have another one
  11. Time to start getting the KP bouncing like back in 15/16!!
  12. Do you know of any videos of it? Would like to see how the lyrics fit to the tune.
  13. Any idea what sort of time on Saturday the vote will be? Is there a general time these things are normally done, or just as the speaker decides?
  14. I use Monzo mainly for various pots like car insurance, season ticket and holidays etc. I use starling for abroad. No fees and you get pretty much the actual exchange rate.
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