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  1. Just had my Watford was refund for 5 tickets but no season ticket refund as of yet.
  2. Close to signing according to Adam Crafton who writes for the Athletic
  3. Has anyone got or seen a fixture list for the new dates? Or will we be carrying on from Watford away?
  4. Ryanair resuming flights around Europe from July 1st. Ryanair
  5. A government figure for Tenerife is quoted as saying that hotels and holidays there will resume in July and that they will let locals use them first, before allowing tourists back in October.
  6. Yeah it’s a tough one. On one hand I think just get a refund and book when we can. Then I think if everyone just gets a refund then the travel industry will be more buggered than it already is.
  7. Does anyone think holidays are realistic at any point this year? I know it’s not important at the moment in the grand scheme of things, I just don’t know whether to re-book or get a refund.
  8. A simple, Were going Europe Were going Europe You're not You’re not Will do.
  9. Do they release minutes from this meeting anymore? I know Foxes Trust used to do something, we just never seem so hear what was spoken about anymore. Unless I just completely miss it every time.
  10. According to the athletic. I don’t have a subscription so would be helpful if someone could post the article. Hopefully it means what it says on the tin and isn’t just someone’s idea.
  11. Happy brexit week to all the brexiteers.
  12. It doesn’t help that the supporters club are given a full coach of tickets at the front for every match.
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