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    Saw this comment online and it sums up the housing crisis perfectly: I'm thinking about monopoly for some reason! How when you have a lot of property, and you start to put houses on them. Then other players start to land on them, and you're taking all their money and getting so rich. Then you use that money to buy more houses, and start completely bankrupting other players. You can even open up a hotel (Airbnb?) to get even richer. You feel so powerful, but also like an asshole! Never realized before now that this is exactly what people do in real life too. Are there any parties that want to tackle this? Not baby steps, but like genuinely stop foreign homeownership, and stop people from owning more than a single home? I think the housing and AirBnB crisis is one of the biggest issues in the UK, and it's only going to get worse.
  2. Ole is such a fraud. Most managers would get results with their front 5
  3. What is the point of 4 CM’s on the bench & 6/7 defensive substitutes... One of the spots should have been given to George Hirst. Really think he could have made an impact tonight in the last 10 mins.
  4. Shouldn’t have waited 70+mins to take off one of our CB’s when you’re 1-0 down.
  5. Wouldn’t call it perfection! Iheanacho’s goal should have counted
  6. George Hirst and Luke Thomas should be on the bench. Why the fuch we have 4 CM’s on the bench is a mystery. Hirst would give us another attacking option. Even Puel gave George Thomas and other youth a chance on bench from time to time. With the luxury of 9 CB’s you’d think an attacking player like Hirst would be a good option, even if its a last resort.
  7. Starting line up looks good but 4 CM's on the bench?
  8. Hat trick of assists for Matheus Pereira today . 8 goals and 19 assists for the season The pass at 1:10 is class
  9. Justin looked good in defence today & handled Zaha well. Got forward when he could & was unlucky to hit the crossbar. Overall it was a very positive performance.
  10. Looked much better in a central position. Created 3 wonderful chances: - First half tackled the palace player and played Vardy through who tried to square it to Kelechi. - First half again, controlled the high ball and one time pass to Vardy but unlucky final touch. - Second half puts Vardy through, but the shot hits the side netting. His positioning was also excellent and he won the ball back a few times in the opposition third. Would like to see him more involved in the penalty box, but apart from that I thought he put in a good performance.
  11. worried for Youri, doesn’t suit a 2 CM system and can’t play this deeper role Brendan has given him
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