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  1. Forgot Maddison was back tbf. Hmmm tough choices what is your preferred lineup?
  2. Schmeichel Castagne, CB*, CB*, Thomas Tielemans, Ndidi Ricardo, Iheanacho, Albrighton Vardy Only problem is I can't decide who to pick at CB between Fofana, Soyuncu & Evans. Good problem to have .
  3. Yeah the club has high hopes for Iversen. Hopefully he will join a top 6 championship club next season, get promoted & then gain PL experience similar to Dean Henderson's rise. By that point, Iversen might be ready to replace Kasper.
  4. Agreed! Hopefully we end up with Edouard, he'll only cost around 15-20million.
  5. I don't think @Harrydc is wrong to question the mainstream media? It's good to question things. Look what happened the other day, a CNN technical director caught talking about how they manipulate the news for better ratings & how 'fear sells' (videos below). Now there is a fine line between questioning the mainstream media and completely dismissing everything they say which is what I think people struggle with.
  6. Maybe we already have Maddisons replacement? Kelechi Iheanacho! He could potentially slot in nicely playing behind the striker in our regular 4-2-3-1 system. Obviously he’s a very different player to Maddison & we’d need to adapt tactics slightly but i’m confident Kelechi would hit double figures playing this role. We’d definitely need to sign a creative right winger to accommodate for the loss of Maddison. Matheus Pereira is the one we need.
  7. Goes to show how important Soyuncu is. Barely put a foot wrong last season (before that Bournemouth red card!) & has performed well since returning from injury. His pace, positioning & aggression makes him irreplaceable.
  8. We were all crying for Fuchs to get another years contract because he was playing so well in this 3atb system. Now he can’t get in over Amartey. Wrong decision by Brendan imo
  9. Probably in the minority but i’d prefer to play Fuchs over Amartey in the back 3. Fuchs actually played quite well in this system early in the season but got burned out. We could then play Fofana in his preferred RCB position.
  10. Suengchitthawon to bag the winner in the last minute. Tavares with the assist
  11. Elon Musk's Neuralink shows monkey with brain-chip playing videogame by thinking https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tech-neuralink-monkey-idUSKBN2BW2H2
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