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  1. For the bench we need an attack minded CM, a winger and a striker.
  2. Albrighton is one of my favourite players. But he is a defensive minded winger. In a 4-3-3, your wingers need to be attack minded and provide goals/assists... Regularly. Especially if we want to get into Europe. Even if we don’t play a 4-3-3, Brendan has said we need more goals from the wings. Albrighton isn’t going to give you that. He does however have a specific skill set which will be useful in certain games. For me, we should be signing two wingers to compete with Barnes. Marc’s new role will be on the bench, coming on for his experience when we need to protect a lead/play defensive/counter attack. The wings would then go from being our weakest position to one of our strongest.. (Providing we don’t sign two duds of course).
  3. Best time to sign him would be now, before he explodes onto the scene. A bit like Dortmund with Sancho. Sign a proven right winger like Robben perhaps and use Dembele as back up.
  4. Would be a great signing! However I think it would be sensible to sign 2 wingers not just Robben, as he is prone to injuries.
  5. It’s all speculation.. The lack of money posts stems from our financial reports and people trying to read between the lines.. It is clear many fans believe we need to sell before we can buy.. Which is a fair assumption, But.. Unless the reliable ITK’s can tell us anything I am taking these money posts with a grain of salt.. Because as of right now, none of us have a clue what’s going on!
  6. I know every club has to sell players, but we’ve had too many key players leave over recent years.. 2 more in one window and you have to question the ambition of the club. We need to keep our best players if we want to achieve anything
  7. Stops their rivals from strengthening. Just like Mahrez, Maguire would improve Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc.
  8. Shane


    In terms of Net spend ?
  9. Does anyone think we’ll sign some players on loan this summer? We’ve had a few over the years haven’t we.. Dyer, Dragovic, Tielemans..
  10. Would like to see some of our youth involved in the first team’s pre season again. Johnson, Ughelumba, Knight, Tavares & Ndukwu in particular.
  11. Interesting season ahead for the academy..
  12. Call me crazy but even Knight, let alone hamza, could surpass Ndidi because of the qualities required in that position, as you mentioned.. Knight is very comfortable as a DM and his passing is fantastic. He can also dribble with the ball. Plus his versatility is a great asset to have, not to mention his aerial ability. Probably needs a championship loan first, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Brendan is impressed by him during pre-season.
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