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  1. Rodgers would work wonders with him. He has all the attributes, just needs a good coach to guide him when to conserve energy, when to press, when to make runs in behind, etc. Right now he’s a bit of a headless chicken, quite similar to Vardy in his first season with us. Rodgers has a good track record improving players, so I think its a good match.
  2. Good to see him playing well. Doesn’t he have a very good track record against penalties also? Could be a real hero for Wales in the knock out stages.
  3. Why would you assume I listen to truth bringers (do you mean conspiracy theorists?), because I linked a random tweet? I’m not on social media, but you can still search for G7 on these platforms. Maybe I should have linked a more reputable source like the Telegraph who are basically saying the same thing. You’re right about the rules, maybe rules was the wrong phrase. But I think its fair to ask for our world leaders to show they are being considerate about a deadly virus. I see people being considerate for others everyday, whether its wearing their mask, ke
  4. Seeing these images sort of feels like the Dominic Cummings eye test scandal. Before his stunt I felt like people were taking lockdown seriously. But afterwards people started to break the rules. After seeing G7 not social distancing, having more than 30people at a bbq, laughing and joking with the queen who is surely in a at risk category, why would you bother following their rules? They are taking the piss out of us.
  5. Henrik Larsson’s son, Jordan Larsson. Left footed right winger, bagged 15 goals & 5 assists for Spartak Moscow last season. Not proven in a tough league of course, but he’s a decent prospect.
  6. Agreed! Maybe not 2 out and out wingers though, but 1 winger and 1 versatile attacker who can play on the wing & CAM (someone like Matheus Pereira), which gives us depth on the wing & competition for Maddison.
  7. Don't see why we can't just wait a year to get him on a free. He will cost 15-20million if we sign him now, which would be a decent amount of our budget. In the mean time we could get a cheap option on loan. Or maybe even give Josh Knight a chance who has had a similar trajectory to KDH (loved by all the clubs he's been on loan to, championship experience, etc).
  8. Do like the Nelson idea but seems unlikely. I think he will be in the squads for some Europa games like last season though. What about another talented youngster on loan with an option to buy. Someone like Tanguy Nianzou at Bayern who needs game time. Gives us depth for the season + will be succession planning for when Fofana or Soyuncu eventually leave. We can sign Tarkowski on a free next summer if needed.
  9. Its not even a press release. Its a made up article by teamtalk, one of the worst sources out there.
  10. People taking a teamtalk article seriously? Close thread. Terrible source.
  11. Eberechi Eze was going to be called up but got injured. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/26/eberechi-eze-sent-notice-of-first-england-call-up-before-achilles-injury-crystal-palace
  12. Shane


    A midfield three of Tielemans, Ndidi & Soumare could be the way forward. Quite similar to Liverpools recent midfield set up with Thiago (creativity), Fabinho (ball winner) & Wijnaldum (box to box).
  13. Shane


    Watching football is doing my mental health no good. Plus the people I watch it with are the loud, angry, effing and blinding type. There is a lot of negative energy when the footballs on. 15/16 really pulled me through a dark time but now I feel following the football is doing more harm than good. Football has always been an escape from reality for me, you live for moments like Sol Bamba’s majestic debut Vs Man City and Schmeichels penalty save Vs Sevilla but why escape to something that brings negative emotion more often than not, even when we’re winning.
  14. Chelsea fans celebrating like they’ve won the world cup & they used to take the piss out of Arsenal for finishing 4th. Plastics.
  15. How did you all miss the very clear change in audio volume half way through by Sky?
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