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  1. Oh really My mistake! thought they carried on to the fa cup. Damn, them losing Toney would have helped us significantly .
  2. Ivan Toney just got sent off. Misses the game against us
  3. Interesting, thanks @themightyfin. Wright has certainly upped his level this season. Any chance for Fitzhugh? .. Or Tavares?
  4. Think we need to ease Ricardo into the team with sub appearances like we’ve done with Soyuncu. Ward Justin, Amartey, Soyuncu, Thomas Choudhury, Mendy Under, Perez, Barnes Iheanacho Hopefully there will be a couple u23s on the bench. Maybe Leshabela, Thanawat and Wakeling. Reckon Thanawat would be the most comfortable at slotting into this team. He’s got good technical ability and works hard off the ball.
  5. Classic Albrighton today. We knew if you press Chilwell he will turn around and pass backwards and Albrighton did it to perfection. The one time Chilwell did get through, Marc busted a gut to get back and defend for the team. Another excellent performance!
  6. Rodgers was also winless against Mourinho if i recall correctly, until we beat Spurs a couple weeks ago Records are there to be broken
  7. Riyad's backheel assist to Andy King
  8. Matthew Hoppe looks promising, 4 goals in his last 2 appearances for Schalke. Available on a free in the summer according to transfermarkt
  9. No surprise Thanawat is doing well tbh. Comes from a decent academy and has played for France at youth level.
  10. Hope we don’t go 3atb, why change a winning formula
  11. Under could really expose Chilwell imo. We know he really struggles against tricky wingers like Mahrez, etc.
  12. Good to have him back. Think he did well to help contain a very strong Southampton side.
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