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  1. OMG YOU HAS A TWIN???? (your tits are nicer)
  2. yeah and he wouldnt be playing for us either, also, i doubt he would be the player he is now without the having played in the lower leagues
  3. I wouldn't have said anything if i was there. Maybe its the chef in me that gives me this differing perspective, i would absolutely have 1 meat dish at my vegetarian wedding. And i agree with you and the decision to have a vegetarian menu at your own wedding, but since we're talking about it, i gave my opinion.
  4. well he was a bit of a dick about it but he has a point right? if you go to a wedding, you would expect a veggie option.works both ways
  5. Fantastic thread thhis, wish it had started in the close season instead of the bullshit you lot usually come up with like whats your favourite colour of biscuit
  6. Took me a minute but thats brilliant
  7. It helps if you have a sense of humour.
  8. more hate than love for me atm. me being me i decided to play it on hard mode with life support mods and all that jazz, i have to keep restarting because im going bankrupt all the time. if i could just figure how to launch a damn plane they wouldnt die as much!
  9. yeah it would be nice but until the owner is gone it wont solve anything. am i right in thinking they had several offers but they fell through because that **** wants to keep the land the stadium is on? raising money wont solve that
  10. Terribly sad, i hope they can come back with a fan owned phoenix club
  11. yeah but you dont have to open it./ you can switch to condensed view so you dont even see the first line of the new post
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