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  1. Beliall

    Tunisia v England match thread

    you as well
  2. oh ffs martin fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttt keown is fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttt commentating ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt tonight
  3. Beliall

    Peru vs Denmark - 16th June - Match Thread

    Kaspers suddenly wishing he had huth and morgan in front of him
  4. Beliall

    Mario Gotze

    sounds like a cocktail
  5. Beliall

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    what a half of football
  6. Beliall

    Morocco v Iran - Match Thread

    Yay, the vuvuzelas are back
  7. Beliall

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    or constantly toking on a cigarette
  8. Beliall

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    Martin Keown need to stop ****ing breathing
  9. Beliall

    The joke thread

    You lot all need pruning from the forum
  10. Beliall

    What grinds my gears...

    ****ing Fortnite can ****ing **** off. sick of my kids arguing over, shouting at it, and now my son running around crying because he cant find the power supply for his nintendo switch because, its on switch now and the fact its THE SAME ****ING GAME doesnt matter to him.
  11. Beliall

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    I work at Morrisons and can confirm i have seen tonnes of players we never signed shopping there
  12. Beliall

    Strange but True

    also works at the Etihad