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  1. he sprouts one if you leave him out for 7 days
  2. just cosplay as the invisible man. or make a cardboard cut out of yourslef. i hate these video meetings. i never coem away from them feeling like we did anything productive. because i have to stop what im working on to take the meeting
  3. I was at that game. still one of my favourite players
  4. I picked up Project Zomboid after it being recommended to me by a friend. Its been out in early access on steam for 4 years and i always avoided it because it has a terrible name. But it is very very good fun to play, incredibly difficult to start but the best simulation of a Romero zombie apocalypse you'll get in a game. Highly recommend it for just a tenner https://store.steampowered.com/app/108600/Project_Zomboid/
  5. mine is always the best one when this comes up Florida Man in Dog Costume Arrested for Sex With Dog
  6. i bet you're one of those annoying twats who spreads out ther shopping on the in-side of the converyor to buy yourself more time on the other side.
  7. Konami have released t he rights to the game, its gonna get made and the rumour mill is churning out that kojima might have picked it up * more accurately, konami have licenced it to another dev to make a game thread Article https://www.inverse.com/gaming/silent-hill-ps5-hideo-kojima-reboot-release-hills all rumour mill right now, but we can hope.
  8. Resident evil 7 is one of my favourite games. absolutely brilliant
  9. "OK Sunil. lets hear your 7" "Shingles" Susie " Yeah its in there"
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