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  1. Just make sure he can get his head in the sand
  2. Nice in a bun with mustard
  3. Googling please wait
  4. But they look so cute in their pikatchu oneseys
  5. Bring back winter. Shitty weather , rain and warm jumpers. When it cold, you just wear more , if rs hot you sweat to death and I ****ing hate it.
  6. Yeah easy, there's a ton of slags just queuing up to be the next colleen rooney
  7. Yeah blame that, Table is blue
  8. The only recap i need
  9. WOW. that video has more views than my entire channel. Im in the wrong genre. Coming next, how to breathe air
  10. I walked in on my sister last night , masturbating with a carrot. I shouted out "seriously ? I was gonna eat that later but now it will just taste like carrots" Via reddit.