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  1. Cambiasso we want you to stay? He's not even here yet
  2. Come check out our in game player faction on discord, we have a home system in PARAS and control several systems surrounding it. We aim to help new players learn the finer details of the game, and are hoping to expand our group with a new PS4 wing. Come say HI, tell them Beliall sent you from FT. Although I will probably be around to add you myself
  3. and do the engineers and the coming thargoid content
  4. glad i got a stream just in time to watch them score :/
  5. Number 8 for gylfi? 72 for nachos. And 92 for chicken fried rice
  6. Repped the avatar
  7. With a whale tail and 19 inch rims
  8. I heard they delayed filming while she learned how to park it, but i thought it was just jokes
  9. I was the same age as that kids when i last heard those jokes
  10. Sorry, don't know any shops in the Leicester area
  11. Probably a locally owned phone shop mate, usually cheaper than sending it off to the manufacturer
  12. He's already on the KGB watchlist