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  1. i read the last part in a racist chinese acent
  2. beard trimmers once every 1 or 2 weeks. about 3 times a year ill shave it all off and start again in the hope it might encourage some proper growth. but mainly, just trim it down for that permanent homeless guy look
  3. its race 3, seasons hardly over, ferrari will improve their wing and mercedes will reduce their drag and it will get closer as we progress
  4. Is there a way to subscribe to LCFC Quarterly? Rather than pay £4 on the store and another 4 for delivery? you know as i type this i realise £8 for the issue every 3 months isnt that big of a deal but still, would like to have it sent to me automatically if possible
  5. same as this one but round
  6. Teacher: “Can anybody tell me which part of the body contains the optic nerve?” John Bercow: “You already asked that question before and i wont let you ask it again”
  7. i hadnt even noticed the name change
  8. Beliall


    Filthy benefits scrounger
  9. y'all are crazy, tandoori chicken pringles are the best
  10. Are we trying to build a top 6 team or not? keep him whatever the offer he's only going to get better
  11. Too early. the future of gaming, sure. but our internet infrastructure isnt good enough right now and with US data caps its impractical
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