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  1. The joke thread

    You got yorr work cut out then
  2. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    aparantly you can Uranus from there
  3. Football Manager 2018

    this is really good but very hard, none of my tactics work lol. my last match i played was dubbed "el sackio"
  4. How Was Your Day?

  5. The Poppy Police : do they dishonour war dead

    I have one on my hat all year round. By a pin each year , replace it and forget it's there. If people don't want to wear one that's their choice, but I wear it for my grandfather who fought in world war 2 to give people that choice.
  6. L.A. Noire

    I think if rockstar wanted to make a sequual, they could quite easily, without team bondi involved
  7. Shakey Sacked

    Had to be done, i just hope we go for a decent manager and dont put Appleton in charge
  8. Flags Quiz

    **** you and your quiz
  9. Flags Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 43 seconds  
  10. Anyone's local team looking for players?

    email LCFC.com see if they can give him a trial
  11. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    which thread would you suggest?
  12. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    not phunny per say but worth sharing