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  1. I cant wait to see those triangular corner flags!
  2. i just put my head back and looked at the screen through the bottom of my eyes. it was a familiar feeling as a leicester fan, last minute equaliser. the goal had come about 2 minutes after telling the kids that anything could still happen. and it did, i dont rememebr the full minute, but i shouted like it was a goal and was shocked when the ref disallowed the goal. i knew then the cup was ours. despite have 5 minutes ET to play. what a day
  3. time to add to my tattoo as soon as the shop opens again
  4. cant wait to watch that goal again in next years FA cup final build up
  5. i was screaming in disbelief when it went in, what a goal
  6. @Mark changing the forum logo. nice touch.
  7. What the **** just happened? Amazing. Unreal. Ecstatic. Well happy. Well done boys.
  8. 2 weeks of heat and sun, BBQ planned for today. and it bloody rains lol. still, well up for the game, got the scarf over the TV and the flag on the wall, leicester shirt on, meats going in thye oven, beers in the fridge and whatever happens, me and the family will enjoy the day. have a good day everyone, lets hope we get the result we want.
  9. got my program, commemorative scarf and flag today and felt like a kid again when i opened the program, flashbacks of the league cup finals with o'neil. proper excited now
  10. we have to find our way past on of the best midfielders in the world. if we get just one chance to play Vardy or nacho in with a quality pass, i want it to be madders with the ball, not perez
  11. cheap attempt at like farming but i got you.; i wanted this cup for my whole life
  12. you tempted me to pick it up on steam when it releases. though i may wait for a sale.
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