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  1. he also looks better when the defense is playing well, yesterday we werent, and it showed his weakness with 1 on ones, when he just launches himself at the player without a plan
  2. 5 at the back is suicide, the game is won in midfield and on the counter
  3. well, my weekly rewards were shite , but i packed immobile from the 81 double SBC. go figure. might use him or put him towards lewandowski. yeah, hes going in the SBC
  4. is there anythingg worse than rewards day? what a waste of time the week of grinding was
  5. you can change whats in the boxes that display during text highlights, but youcant have them displayed on an overlay anymore.
  6. Trying my hand at international managment. it didnt work out in turkey. so i have become manager of new caladonia , i may take a club job as well but not sure yet
  7. I like the changes overall. seems odd to say you removed it becaue it was taking up too much space, wheen the new player bar at the bottom takes up 5x as much as the timeline did, but i guess with both it would look cluttered, and i love then new bottom bar more, however, a button to view goals would be really nice
  8. wow, did you start this after the day one patch or during the beta?
  9. Yes, its childish, but i also find it funny
  10. has a brexit happened? check the league rules
  11. I'm nicknaming this guy "Blue steel"
  12. A "football writer" using the same series of words in back to back sentences
  13. time slows to real time when you're viewing tactics
  14. They didnt put that back? i like to use it when i miss a goal because im in the tactics screen or whatever.
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