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  1. It was quite hard so miss said I could just draw
  2. It got zero reaction.
  3. my kids love this , it drives me nuts here's a couple more of their favourites
  4. Thanks mate, it's maths today, my favourite
  5. I will test this on my kids after school and get back to you with a verdict
  6. Am I missing something or is this from @the fox 's big book of jokes
  7. If you're going on holiday buy him a proper ticket cheapskate, don't sling him in with the luggage
  8. Just finished season 5 of homeland.
  9. T8 torx screwdriver. I have repaired many controller, the rattling could just be some piece of plastic that broke off, might be needed to make the button work, might not. you can buy spares anyway.
  10. Dave, who has a mini weather centre in his back garden in Cosby, said: "It is really going to be cold. my mate barry says it will be fine though
  11. You need a special screwdriver to open the pad and fixing it should be simple
  12. for a direct lung device, and you being a cigar smoker, if you want too make thee switch for real i would up the nic to about 8
  13. I have a low nicotine mix and high vg so its smoother anyway. High nicotine is harsh. My mrs is a heavy smoker and I cant use her vape. High nicotine kills me .