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  1. Watching (reading) MattP and Alf go at it in election time is the best entertainment on the internet, but when Matt apologised i totally lost my boner. Keep up the discussion boys, it honestly helps plebs like me
  2. they look decent, this is article 13 in effect. i have zip files of badges and maybe some facepacks and kits if anyone wants them emailing over
  3. finally found some inspiration for a new challenge, the "completed it mate" challenge Going to take woking from the conference to the champions league in 6 seasons. (that sort of thing doesnt go un noticed) Should be a laugh
  4. have i stumbled into facebooks shitest hits?
  5. oh dear, what a day.hopefully they sort that new appointment quicky and give you someone more competant in the ward.
  6. Arlo white reads this place im sure, every time i watch a game covered by him he descibes cags as a "cult hero" among fans.....
  7. if pissing him off for 2 years was the way to show the league we will get what our playewrs are worth and not be bullied, im glad we kept hold of the sulky little twat. otherwise it would have been open season on us
  8. more likley hell go to palace sure, but he would give us a good opion in the second half of the season, not saying it would happen, but i wouldnt mind if it did
  9. 5m for giroud in January, i would be tempted tbh https://www.fotmob.com/embed/news/6494810-Chelsea-Set-Asking-Price-for-Wantaway-Striker-Olivier-Giroud-in-January?utm_source=fotmob&utm_medium=api&partner=342902&title=Chelsea+Set+Asking+Price+for+Wantaway+Striker+Olivier+Giroud+in+January&imageUrl=https%3a%2f%2fimages2.minutemediacdn.com%2fimage%2fupload%2fc_fill%2cw_912%2ch_516%2cf_auto%2cq_auto%2cg_auto%2fshape%2fcover%2fsport%2ffrance-v-turkey-euro-qualifier-5dc82a5af49a66
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