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  1. any space ya missus tried to back into is a safe space AMIRITE LADS
  2. Can we rebrand to "The worst jokes on the internet"?
  3. sounds bad, tell the daughter to stop facetiming because its a bandwidth hog. whats wrong with a phone call? should make things a little better
  4. bloody hell its gonna be shingles all over again
  5. If hes not watching MOTD and taking the piss out of 19 premier league team im not interested
  6. YES! izzy is back!
  7. Seriously, ban the guy its too much, i have seen bans given for less, this is borderline deliberate trolling now
  8. I'm this close to blocking wortho
  9. think you answered your own question there mate
  10. depends what they said about my pen
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