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  1. Emmaw676

    Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    I have 251 points and got my tickets the other week but have my nephews ticket linked to my account which has 208 points I think?!
  2. Emmaw676

    Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    Just checked and it's showing 2 single tickets available in different blocks
  3. Emmaw676

    Man City (A) 12.30pm - Sat 13 May

    We found a Yates bar in the city centre that we could go in last year. Most of the pubs seemed to be home fans only.
  4. Madrid point showing in my points now 👍
  5. Emmaw676

    Banning 'The Sun'?

    As a wife of a scouser we obviosly don't have it in the house. To be honest even without the shite written after hilsborough I wouldn't want to read it! Absolutely dreadful rag!
  6. We drank in the Arcles before the game last year, was a good atmosphere. And they showed the lunchtime game.
  7. Emmaw676

    Training ground

    They usually start leaving around 12.30 ish . Im not 100% sure what days they train especially with them having played on Sunday this week but they should be back in tomorrow, possibly off Wednesday. They will definitely be in Friday. Hope this helps
  8. Emmaw676

    Community Shield

    Ausden Clark are £15 leaving from the counting house
  9. Emmaw676

    The spreading of ashes at the KP

    Id just like to echo what everyone else has said. So sorry for your loss. I really hope they can sort something out for you xx
  10. That was a lot easier than expected!! :)
  11. Just seen on Twitter that people are already queuing! I can't go down until I've dropped the kids off at school. Normally do it online but not sure I trust that the site won't crash!!
  12. Emmaw676

    Swansea (H) 24/04/16 4:15pm KO

    My sons football team were offered tickets last Thursday and the school my mum works at, so they have been offered out to 'Grassroots'
  13. I am not a regular poster on FT but read it religiously, I, like many others have followed Tony's story through here and I'm very saddened to hear he has lost his battle. RIP Tony Thoughts go out to his family and friends xx