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  1. Here’s to you youri Tielemans Leicester loves you more than you wil know.
  2. Majority of supporters stand now so if you buy 2 singles then im sure you could stand together.
  3. Just got home from the game and Puel has to go before its to late, where in freefall and should be very afraid. Hardly surprising with some of puels management. iheanacho right wing JOKE !! Gray number 10 JOKE !! Tilemans subbed instead of maddison JOKE !! Ghezzal JOKE !!
  4. Shame we cant hear them to join in and i sit in sk3
  5. Our block stood all game apart from half a dozen bus 1 front rowers
  6. Green man 10 min stroll from stadium
  7. I think we should have a minutes applause if we get past 10 mins without conceding a goal
  8. Im parking at hillingdon station. Costs £1.60 all day and only 10 stops from wembley park on the metropolitan line
  9. The green man which is a 15 min walk from wembley park. (Away fan friendly).
  10. According to the mercury its a £100 million for training facility with a similar investment for ground expansion?........... The club’s new training headquartersin Seagrave could potentially cost £100million, while a similarly grand investment will be needed to expand the King Power Stadium, with plans to develop Filbert Way in their initial stages.
  11. Possible £100 million on stadium expansion? WOW!! the whole stadium only cost £35 million. Thats gonna be some expansion. Exciting times ahead
  12. So puel says he has a plan for man city in the cup? would rather he has a plan for the premier league
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