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  1. The first one after all this lockdown shit is over
  2. nah..keep the smelly bastards other end of the m69
  3. no need to worry about groundsharing as we will be in lockdown 12 by then...
  4. Tip 1... if you get 6 correct scores you have to share your winnings with me..
  5. I heard from a good source after villa at home that the new expansion will incorporate new dressing rooms And that the old dressing rooms are to be made into a museum. also this expansion is only the start of many things that are planned. i was told exciting times ahead.
  6. Mark Albrighton rang me, sticking his nose in my business
  7. I bought that dvd and ive only watched it once, it was without doubt the worst thing to come out of the title success
  8. Id be more than happy for the club to donate my remaining season ticket money if not used towards the NHS
  9. Count yourself lucky mate, we cant even get in our toilets in the kop
  10. Lets just say the person works in a specific area of the club
  11. Was told last night that both the east stand and the north stand pylons have been tested ready for expansion. although the north stand will be developed as and when needed. like i say i was told April is when announcements should happen
  12. From what im hearing April is when all will be revealed
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