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  1. From where i was sat in sk3 it looked like he made a heart shape with his hands and put it infront of the badge
  2. Don’t know about finishing it off mate, it needs bloody restarting
  3. heres to you Youri Tielemans, Leicester loves you more than you will know
  4. They can hang them over there empty seats
  5. i have a ticket available block 119 for west ham, face value. Can meet at any home game or at west ham. pm if interested
  6. Due to a friend who is unable to go i now have a spare ticket on Row 9 Block 119 F/V of course. Can meet at any home game or at west ham. pm me if interested
  7. I saw him being pushed around the ground in a wheel chair at the fulham game
  8. Here’s to you youri Tielemans Leicester loves you more than you wil know.
  9. Majority of supporters stand now so if you buy 2 singles then im sure you could stand together.
  10. Just got home from the game and Puel has to go before its to late, where in freefall and should be very afraid. Hardly surprising with some of puels management. iheanacho right wing JOKE !! Gray number 10 JOKE !! Tilemans subbed instead of maddison JOKE !! Ghezzal JOKE !!
  11. Shame we cant hear them to join in and i sit in sk3
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