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  1. https://www.change.org/p/derby-county-supporters-support-for-mel-morris?recruiter=false&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_message&recruited_by_id=0a511860-4c21-11ea-9d02-03af87217078&utm_content=fht-20204086-en-gb%3Av12&use_react=false Just... I can't even.... Just wow
  2. Take your blue glasses off pal, no player deserves less than 5?? Just because they pull a lc shirt on doesn't make them flawless, if they are shit they are shit, and today kasper was shit
  3. Let in 2 goals that were savable, shit distribution, took that free kick straight out for a throw in, gave the ball back all game. Let me ask you this, what did he do well
  4. At least our miserable trip back won't be as long as villa's after Wembley
  5. My first semi final, en route to the shit hole and let's hope its a good one Tension is building
  6. I imagine that could have changed if we lost to westham 😂
  7. It does make me laugh all these jibes about Burnley when the twat is from Coalville
  8. He's not even the same guy! How he has pulled himself back from last year is beyond me, I thought he was dead as a footballer, now though? He's gotta start some games he looks so positive and I couldn't be happier for him
  9. Can we never send players off to play for England again please, as soon as they do they seem to go to shit! That said I've never been convinced by chilly. The only thing he does better than fuchs is getting in the air to head the ball, every other attribute though fuchs is far better
  10. No the clearly photoshopped image of madders celebrating after he scored against spuds earlier this season! You can still see the Leicester shirt on it
  11. Lol I only got the freebie 4 packs from outside the stadium today, if I start going for it I'll send any your way
  12. So I opened up a panini sticker book today for the first time in years. And found myself laughing at the Norwich page, anyone found something a little off with the picture they used?
  13. Well he should do he's about 8ft tall
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