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  1. If he allows us to play 3 at the back. In the CL that could be vital away from home
  2. Out of form yes, but how can he touch the ball if no fvcker passes it to him
  3. Absolute screamer against Blackpool when we got promoted. What a goal
  4. Remember when villa were crying last season so Leeds had to do it? Surely this is worse
  5. Just said the watch displayed "goal" at half time while in the dressing room....... Unbelievable
  6. Did you not see when he stepped back as he first caught it nowhere near the post.... Clearly across the line
  7. I'm sure I share the same sentiment as many on here, where I absolutly agree that the oppression of black people has to stop. Racism in all forms needs ending. But the BLM campaign is far too controversial (defunding police, legalised drugs, closing prisons ect) There would have be no harm in the prem coming up with their own slogan with the same message of highlighting racism to black people which everyone would have backed, so it's without the politics of it all.
  8. Oh god what a beautiful feeling it is seeing a pre match thread again I think I could cry
  9. Says the man with 11,000 points on an Internet forum about football
  10. If you don't like all the other stuff then turn up at 3 and leave at 4:45 Moaning about it won't change anything, if people like it then watch it and engage. If you don't then don't bother watching it.
  11. It's yours for 5 grand (not joking by the way, I do have one still sealed. I doubt anyone who has one would sell cheap)
  12. Sarcelles in France actually. Rugby is huge in France so I imagine that how he's herd of leicester
  13. Exactly right, look what happened to the mural with kante and mahrez, that was just a bit of paint so imagine a 4.7m bronze of them!!
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