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  1. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    James Maddison

    They are a very strange bunch,finished in the top 6 for the first time in 2 of my lifetimes, and won one trophy in that time and all of a sudden they are basically a glactico
  2. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    James Maddison

  3. FoxInTheBirstallBox


    Did you watch him last night? He's shit fam
  4. FoxInTheBirstallBox


    Well. He gets my vote for worst ever player for the club. Sorry Ade
  5. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    The owners.......

    90m plus profit this year.... the biggest profit in the country... And people moan at the owners aren't running the club properly. Madness
  6. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    World Cup watch list!

    They seem to like this French lad kante, imagine if we signed someone like him
  7. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    Rudkin and Wheelan

    I wouldn't take note anything this lad says considering he doesn't know that you shouldn't go about slapping women
  8. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    Captain 18/19 Season

    They will have to melt down the Ghandi statue to get enough bronze for that honk
  9. FoxInTheBirstallBox


    He's so shite
  10. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    England v Nigeria

    Musa hat trick
  11. FoxInTheBirstallBox


    Nah we will watch him score 17 world cup goals and fall back in love with him like we did after the Barca game. He will come straight back into the side in place of vardy..... then it will be service as usual
  12. FoxInTheBirstallBox


    Get that man a drug test
  13. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    So they pay a signing fee to him and 3 years wadges even though he isn't good enough for the top flight, top deal
  14. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    I'm sorry Huddersfield but you have been mugged off big time he's so shit
  15. FoxInTheBirstallBox

    Adidas partnership

    Section 13, says any returns are paid back into your rewards account, doesn't say you can't carry returned rewards over to next year. Might buy something and just try my luck!