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  1. Why is Gray Starting

    Gray and chilwell, get in the bin. Getting worse every week. Gray, no goals or assist all season starting ahead of ihanacho or diabate. Madness
  2. The many faces of Andy King

    So was Leicester today, great tribute for kingy
  3. Kasper Schmeichel

    What a load of dog turd
  4. Man City Away Match Thread

    So anyone who is at the ground already, are we giving mahrez shit or what? I'm within throwing distance of the corner flag
  5. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Let's pray for the same for Kante
  6. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Let's hope for a bigger comeback since Drinkwater's hairline
  7. Theres only one (Andy) king Riyad is a Mardy little ****
  8. Houses

    We are making pretty steady progress. The home owners are moving to France in the last week of April, so it needs to be wrapped up pretty fast (optimistic I know) Offer accepted Tuesday, now we are waiting on solicitors to get back to us for confirmation (we are both using purple bricks recommended solicitors) and we have sent all the paper work off to the bank for mortgage approval Feels like all I'm doing is making phone calls!
  9. Houses

    Well! We have just had our offer accepted! So me and Mrs foxinthebirstallbox will hopefully soon become foxintheansteybox! Here's the fun part now I've been told, solicitors ect. We don't have a chain and neither does the seller, how long can we expect to wait untill we are all moved in?
  10. Houses

    So I've just put an offer in on a house! First time buyers and this will now be the second house this year we've had a go at. Absolutely love it but it's stretching the budget big time. I never realised how stressful it is house hunting and the sleepless nights it gives!
  11. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    People who do drugs are boring
  12. Come on people, Fess up!

    Jesus do we all sound like that?
  13. The many faces of Andy King

    We have to keep this going, it's too good not too!
  14. We shall not be moved

    Don't you think it'll sound a bit odd being 4-0 at half time sitting 8th singing we shall not be moved.....