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  1. https://twitter.com/Atishay_Agarwal/status/1118615467424227329?s=20
  2. I'd take an adidas template Leicester shirt any day over burra bukta jjb and jako. There's league 1 and 2 clubs that have nike admiral and puma, league position had nothing to do with it we just took the lowest bidder
  3. Oh behave, worst ever?! See Leicester city kits from 2005 through 2010
  4. I'd take it all day long, changing it to a Monday this short notice is piss poor. Best get the Tuesday booked off work now
  5. 2nd kid from the left wearing white shorts White shorts confirmed!
  6. I wonder if there has been any structural damadge recently? There's been a lot of cherry pickers around the ground
  7. I have just received an email from the club saying: Dear supporter, Thank you for booking Fox Travel for the Man City match on 4 May 2019. Please can we ask you to use car park C opposite the Stadium to park prior to departure. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Also the same one regarding the westham game this weekend. And now I have seen the news about the fan store signing session has been rescheduled. Has something happened down there?
  8. They have been so unbelievably unlucky this season, and it looks like they are going on to win this, Brighton could very easily go
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