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  1. I totally agree with this. Although puel plays the kids and seems to be decent at developing certain players. I just feel he holds others back and can't take the team any further than we are now. We need someone to get us to the next step
  2. 2-1 up away and we need to stick a defender on to see the game out and get the points. Who would you trust more? Wes all day long
  3. Seen it all? You ever seen a koala kill a polar bear with a commando knife? Yeah thought not don't talk poo sylo
  4. As some who has travelled to Newport, palace. Brighton, arsenal ect this season. I bet to differ it is pretty bland across the board with the expetion of chelsea and cardiff and liverpool
  5. The rage consumed me. I am a slave to anger
  6. I missed the part where we get points for scoring one good goal after we conceed 3 by the end of the game
  7. I see a lot of puel in and out posters on this forum yet at the games all I hear is they are sick of him. So I am interested in seeing how many of the travelling fans actually support the manager, the fans who spend hours of their life travelling and money they can't afford watching city. Now that doesn't mean people getting on their high horse with saying I go to more games I'm a better fan, we don't need that. There's already enough arguing on this forum (Yes I travel, puel out)
  8. People are trying to sugar coat tge result with but it flattered spurs and we looked good. They need a reality check! We lost 3 nil and won 1 game this year. It's pretty clear a lot of these people don't travel hone and away to games because I'm ****ing sick of seeing us lose
  9. 6/1 for next to get. Get your pennies out lads thanks to sarri
  10. It does, but we still lost THREE ... ONE... ....THREE
  11. https://twitter.com/AlleyMatty/status/1092092191646932992 Well.... It's fairly clear vardy isn't happy
  12. The amount people whined about him in the first few games ahaha
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