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  1. Gets more views
  2. Need to get this thread hot again
  3. I want this as a birthday card 5th of august by the way guys
  4. Oh my lord watching this is even better than what I remembered!!!! Really was an awesome game!!!! Ignasi was a babe I wonder what happened to him
  5. There was a lot of things from the 90's that shouldn't be brought back, this has got to be up there, honestly looks like someone has done a bloody shart all up a white top and thought "that would make a banging footy top"
  6. What the **** is that horrible period rag of a shirt Jesus Christ that's offending my eyes Someone got paid many more thousands a year than me to design that abortion....
  7. Just got back to my car and it's good news guys!!!!
  8. well get here fast then loads of people are walking around with a snug grim cus theres some without patches... I'll keep you updated if they actually let me have it at the till
  9. Can confirm there are loads without patches in the shop right now just picked up an XL, seems loads of mediums and some large but they are going fast
  10. I will never get bored of this
  11. Exactly, for them it's excellent, and to be honest who had heard of SCB before? Everyone has gone to Google it now I'm still going to get the shirt though, if the money of us putting on a sleeve patch helps FFP so we can buy more top class players then go for it
  12. For 3 years now there has been crazy amounts of smoke bellowing out of the kiosks in block b3 and we keep complaining about it to him and he says the same thing every time " Yeah it's pretty bad I'll forward it to the catering company" Still nothing gets done, ive had several dealings a with him and nothing EVER gets done, he is an utter twat, useless would be a compliment too him.
  13. DYYYEEERRRRRRRTRRR I ****ing loved that game so much
  14. ... the difference between the Premier League and the Bundesliga: "It is very difficult to compare, but in the Premier League you play a different football, with a different mentality: very direct, very solid, very fast , Because we are rather trying to play from behind. In Leicester, we put a lot of balls on long balls, which was a certain change for me. " .. his decision for Stuttgart: "There were certainly other questions, but I had very positive discussions with Jan Schindelmeiser and coach Hannes Wolf, the VfB was very concerned about me, I decided very quickly to Stuttgart want." ... Competition with Langerak: "There will be a fair competition, but it is also my claim to play, so I came." Questionnaire: Stuttgart's new keeper Ron-Robert Zieler answers the questions of the journalists. © imago ... his first meeting with Langerak: "I have never had any problems with my colleagues, even with Kasper, I had a very collegial relationship in Leicester, there will be no problems, I know the situation and have gained my own experience Competition, you have to face it. " ... the number 1, which Langerak carries: "For every goalkeeper, it is nice to wear the number 1. However, the number is actually unimportant." ... his ambitions in the national team: "The issue of the national team has not yet been checked for me, but why do I have to take a step towards the other? "The rest is the time, and I have continued to have contact with Andreas Köpke." ... the uprising of his ex-club Hannover with his current club VfB: "I have always followed the Bundesliga in England, too, of course, I was glad that Hannover had risen, I had a great time there That both clubs have risen. " ... the odd goal in the 2-1 win against Dresden: "That was a goal, which will be remembered for many years. As a playmaking goalkeeper I play offensive, he surprised me (Dresden's Heise hit from just over 50 meters "That's never happened to me, so I will not change my way of playing." ... with the dream of Europe at the VfB: "We should watch a good round and not make the mistake of talking about tables, the classroom is once the O. The team is young and developable, That's why it's important to keep developing, and you'll see how the season is developing. " Recorded by George Moissidis Think again shit bag
  15. 4..... MILLION?!?!