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  1. Not far??? The past few weeks we have played better than AMY game in the title winning season. This is a far better team
  2. Surprised how much people are moaning, I'm at the game and I've enjoyed it. I think a lot of you guys need to watch the game without commentary to make your own opinions and not listen to willy puller pundits. Away from home at a horrendous ground for us to a team in form, and still well in (and capable of winning) the game Ricky p and Ayoze are bossing it
  3. If you think someone would regret moving to shit job but for 3x the pay, I think you misunderstand the human race 😂 I work as a pastry chef but if mcdonald's offered me 3x the pay to work there I'll be off 😂
  4. Got my scarf washed and ready, I have got to have it with me today I have a feeling its going to be emotional today for everyone
  5. Which bit of handbags is better though.... Col v vards Perez v Liverpool
  6. Christ almighty finishing work too see this thread blowing up My initial thought was "oh no don't say its someone else's baby or she's scammed someone, could mess vardy's form up" I, however, was not expecting this
  7. Just read some of those tweets and Facebook posts aimed at hamza... Truely disgusting. How are people STILL like this with this frame of mind these days. Wake up
  8. So now we are a few games in, and we have all had a good look at how perez will be playing for us, does it now look like he will be our new support guy for Vardy? It could be just a case of looking for similarities but the way he is playing he will not be a number 9 for us, more of a run your nuts off and create space guy. Either way looked very good today and had a fine assist to show for it!
  9. As disgusted I am of the Derby players, risking lives of passers-bys and other road users... I can't stop laughing at how much of a mess Derby are. Relegation is looming! After asking the Derby fan at work today how long phillipe will last his reply was "we'll he has a 4 year contract, so 4 years." And he meant it
  10. I have never seen a draw go that much in our favour Clearly rigged for us to win it. WEMBERLLYYYYY
  11. Preat could be our kante this season, not in terms of position, but the impact kante has after we started to play him after that defeat. Because I'm sure as hell that Brenda won't play gray again so there is a place in the team up for grabs unless he plays a wide man. Either way I think its a good comparison and it could very well be similar
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