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  1. I used too, but honestly from that Chelsea cup game onward he has really upped him game and is starting to prove me wrong which I'm more than happy about. He's starting to become a fairly alright left back
  2. Direction of play?

    I'm sure it's happened this season before yesterday?
  3. Absolutely no idea why. Please explain

  4. Direction of play?

    Lose the coin toss, away team wants to change direction. It's gamesmanship and nothing new
  5. Would you trust him with your money?

    So no source then. Last this we need is people making up rumours that will end up on shit sites like 100%lcfc getting all the Muppets behind them
  6. Absolutely no idea why. Please explain

    If something like this bothers you enough to start a thread about it then football isn't for you Did someone also say a naughty word too? Boohoo
  7. Would you trust him with your money?

    Based on?
  8. Have we become a team of divers?

    Loved it yesterday when he had a player up his back. Okazaki had the ball played to him, megged the player behind with the outside of his foot and then turned and fell over nothing. Sums shinji up and I love him
  9. Would you trust him with your money?

    So you're saying we should be in a European place with players like king James musa slimani? **** me even pep couldn't get that out of those players. Puel wants to play possession football. All of the players we have were signed by mainly counter attacking or kick and rush managers Unless you think we can bring ulloa back to play nice tippytappy football
  10. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    First half wasn't great but second half was more entertaining. This is mid table football. Something everyone is clambering for so get used to it
  11. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Again, shaken had a whole summer to bring his own players in, puel has not. You keep saying it was knee jerk to get him in then you say you want him sacked in about 7 months where he's taken us from 18th to 8th. Without his own players too. You clearly have your mind set and so blinded by one bad result. We're you crying like this after the Brighton win?
  12. Puel

    If we still had shakey we wouldn't even have been able to contemplate Europe so to moan that he's squandered it because we went out of the fa cup from an individual error is pretty ****ing stupid
  13. Give me 5 minutes I'll find the number for Samaritans for you pal
  14. Hamza Choudhury

    Great reply you obviously know all there is about football with your in depth reply
  15. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Southampton where his best players were sold before he could get more in and centre forwards both injured most of the season You can't produce good work without the right tools. So you can't expect puel to produce good football without players who are capable, judge him once he's built his side not while yes trying to play ranieris crap signings and persons players who never known passing football.