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  1. I sit at the end of a row in the East Stand near the penalty box and every game people block the view by arriving late , going to the concourse before half time , leaving early stopping to watch an attack...I would stand but there are elderly fans behind so that would be unfair on them. So at 5-0 and 90+ mins on the clock I left. I go to all the away games , stand and stay to clap players off win lose or draw. I THINK THERE SHOULD BE AN EXIT SHUTE BUILT AS PART OF THE GROUND EXPANSION SO THOSE LEAVING EARLY DONT BLOCK MY VIEW🤓!!!
  2. Watched the Villa vs West Ham game last night and was a bit jealous as to how quickly both team passed the ball and passed and moved, yes even Villa at times😳Both sides were knackered at the end due to effort they put in and it made for an entertaining game for the neutral. LCFC have shown they are very capable of doing this eg Second Half vs Chelsea and majority of Bmouth game , playing 2 CDM shouldn’t have to mean we can’t pass the ball quickly or pass and move. I accept that quality in final 3rd was missing but Monday’s game was an entertaining 0-0. What stops us moving off the ball thus enabling quick passing?
  3. DAVID BOWIE.......STARMAN There’s a star man playing in our team He came to us from Monaco and his name is Tielemans
  4. Only if we are still stuck in 2nd gear🤭when we play them.
  5. Yes fully agree with size of squads and just focussing on our game....but from your post StanSP majority of those games were playing us before Euro games, 3 of the four games are after they have played. I will take any help minimal or not.
  6. Just had a look at European Fixture dates....Man Utd immediately before and Spuds , Liverpool and Arsenal straight after. Is this likely to change match dates and will this help us get a result. Any little helps !!!
  7. One ticket available, back row lower tier. Collect from Whetstone today or meet at Ground. PM me
  8. Ticket available £30 , collect/deliver (depending on location) or meet at ground. Will also be at Walkers around 8.15 as now going Fox Travel
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