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  1. You're absolutely right. Look at the long term positives of this. Second successive year we're in the mix going into the final 11 games. Injury ravaged, yes, and we might fall away, but this season has proved we're no fluke now. Building the squad up, getting a clean slate of fit players, planning for the future as we evolve away from JV. Going into 21/22 and 22/23 will be so exciting because now we know that we are capable of being a constant, consistent team in the top echelons of the Premier League.
  2. Hahah we get on so well so I tried not to be a dick. I was almost so shocked I was being nice to stop myself exploding. At the time she even said that her opinion of me had "dropped a little bit." It was all a bit weird tbh. I'd imagine it if she'd come from a massive tipping culture like the USA, but a leafy Leicestershire village is definitely not the USA. We spoke about it a few weeks later, buried the hatchet and agreed to disagree, (not the hill for a friendship to die on) but obviously she still thinks everyone in the service industry should be tipped, absolutely 100%, if the
  3. This is about right. I genuinely don't mind tipping, it's the expectation that I struggle with. I fell out badly with a friend about this, though. She was so upset that I didn't tip. She worked in a pub/restaurant and was outraged at the thought of people who didn't tip. She expected it for the work she put in and crap she took. My low-paid background is in supermarket work, and I never got a tip. Add that to my lack of tipping and we came to blows over it. She was astonishingly entitled, I genuinely couldn't believe it.
  4. 100%. It's frustrating that QK has diminished so much as it was my must, MUST listen when they were producing but the shine has gone since Patreon, (I mean, still a good listen!) Let me know if you do get to trying ND, their pods are so long but they are so good; talking about some of the best tournaments, players, managers and periods for football. Could listen to them all day.
  5. Agree with this totally. I think in the Podcasts thread I eluded to it with Quickly Kevin and how you feel a but "shut out" with the way they bang on about the Patreon. They're also getting bad for "great story from X player on the Patreon" or "superb email here, find it on the Patreon." Like, okay, but I don't know if that's enough to make me part with night on £70 per year if I haven't already done so. There's a podcast, Nessun Dorma, I don't know if anyone else listens to it, but it's quite brilliant as three guys just talk memories about 80s/90s football. They seem to get the b
  6. Agree with this. It's so easy for me to be a massive grumpus with those celebrations, but when you think about it like this, the man is just... happy? Is there anything wrong with that? His team mates aren't exactly giving him daggers from the half way line as he's celebrating, either. Anyway, the funniest part about that tweet above (as well as the bitterness) are the replies emphasising Twitter/social media's continuing obsession with SWAP DEALS. This is not Football Manager. We are not going to give you Ndidi in a (cash plus) swap deal with Lingard. Whenever there's a transfer r
  7. I think people spend ample hours consuming as much sports media time as possible in desperation to seek this stuff out. I'm also very confident the same people don't rush to Foxestalk to heap praise on the ample amount of other media outlets who so give us credit when it's due and deserved. If you want 100% praise, 100% LCFC focus and the narrative as you want it, head straight to LCFC TV. Otherwise, you might have to reach the devastating conclusion that editorial decisions on LCFC don't always fall the way you want them to.
  8. It's not as easy as "just dropping it" though. There are players whose social media following is linked to their endorsements, so there's a financial loss there. There are probably players who have not only been so chained to it for their entire life, but I'd also hazard a guess that quite a few are addicted to the praise, the highs that social media can also bring. For every disgusting racist abuse there's still adulation, popularity and validation. It's not easy to just turn that off. That being said, unfortunately there's no money or financial jeopardy in tackling ra
  9. Agree with this. I do take the point about sterile atmospheres though, and I didn't think I'd miss it that much, but there's still something about the drama of a goal being scored, or the moaning of the crowd at a referee's decision. It's such hard work watching some LCFC games, nevermind other teams at the moment.
  10. I am so desperate that when I hit middle age I don't become one of the seemingly countless weirdos who march to Leicester Mercury's comments section to castigate Peter Soulsby every chance they get. It's so fantastically predictable that a LM article relating to the City Council area has some freak screaming about him in the comments.
  11. When people try to make excuses for death threats by trying to make a conspiracy that he "knew he was getting dropped" well, it kind of sums up how shit football is these days. Everyone has an agenda, everyone is crap or useless and should never referee again. I don't know where we're going here, but it's not good. This sport is getting more and more toxic as the seasons pass because it seems the endless viciousness and idiocy of fans will never end. It's horrible.
  12. Seems like the twisting of her words has had the desired effect of triggering the fragile petals it intended to.
  13. Feel like this season with the Bucs has given me a lot more respect and admiration for TB, probably with how nauseatingly predictable the AFC was when the Pats were in their pomp, rolling through season after season. And whilst I'm not a Chiefs fan, I'd love them to go back-to-back. There's something about this team that I just like. Mainly I just want a close, close game. 31-27 or 35-33 or something like that would do me.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Last week at Everton just stood out as bad for me. Usually I roll with it because but that one was, for me, awful. This week was like night and day, though I admit I'm a Drury fanboy. He's from my formative years era of televised football. Euros, World Cups, UCL nights etc, so I do like him. Lucy Ward was just fine, as well. When you're stretching your resources over 10 games you are going to end up with lesser known people, and all I want them to do is a decent job. Besides, I'd rather have some than the past-his-best Tyler whittling away, opining
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