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  1. 2002/03 was the first real season for me as an attending LCFC football fan. I was 12 going into 13, I was posting on LCFC messageboards, my dad was getting us tickets for every home game. I was immersing myself in the history of the game and the club. I remember reading and hearing about Dennis Wise's breaking of Callum Davidson's jaw. I was amazed someone would do something like that, and even more annoyed when the court ruling wanted him reinstated (funny what you remember.) Anyway, fast forward to December 2002. Millwall FC at home. Dad had gotten us tickets down in the corner of the West Stand by the kop. Another trip to the ground to the ground I loved. This time it was different. No away fans, the place was rammed and it was an atmosphere like I've never felt or known. pre-match and during the game, the thunderous "DENNIS WISE..." and the "F OFF MARK MCGHEE" seemingly, in my head, on loop over and over. I kept self-censoring myself with the chants to start with; I didn't want my dad giving me a scolding, but soon realised it was okay and joined in with vigour. I know it seems sentimental to say in retrospect, but it was that game that truly captured me. The incredible concoction of circumstance. Back comes a player who tried to liquidate us. Back comes, for the first time a manager who left us in the lurch before we went on to great things. Millwall fans banned from the stadium, making it a complete bowl of rapturous noise. As a 13 year old can you even imagine taking that in. It was wonderful. Then Steve Claridge scored nine seconds in. By the end everything was alright. I'd sung my heart out abusing these two traitors to the club, we'd bashed Millwall 4-1 and Championship Manager awaited when I got home. Mark McGhee, you were one of the reasons I'm so wedded to this club. Experiences like that you can never take away, and that's why we love it.
  2. I think the opinions of football fans on footballers moving, their reasons for moving and their success/failure at their next club should be completely discounted, on the most part. Many are so biased, so predetermined with their blind loyalty to the football club that they can't see a footballer's career is short and they want to not only earn the maximum amount of money possible, but achieve the most they can at the biggest possible club. We can all (myself included) scoff at the likes of Jack Rodwell's move to Man City all those years ago. We all knew it wasn't going to work out, but I bet Rodwell had ambition, drive, determination and a belief in his own abilities to succeed. That, coupled with the hike in his annual take-home pay and an elevated chance to win trophies means he was always going to move. Maybe it's the pang of missing them. I've had wry smiles thinking that they're not tearing it up at their clubs, but then that's because my memories of them are so fond of them it's an immature fleeting thought. Sure, both players could have handled their moves slightly better for the public eye, but we were never going to really stop them from moving, were we, unless we kicked the ambition and desire to succeed at the highest level out of them to have them stay here, and what would that have achieved long-term?
  3. It obviously differs from Council to Council, but don't forget that councils offering garden waste collections are an optional service. Not only are they not legally required to collect garden waste, but it's an incredibly costly service to run. Councils could stop offering it, and a private contractor could easily step in and I guarantee you'd be paying a lot more than you do now. Essentially I just wonder if the 50% of households who don't have a garden waste collection should subsidise the service for the 50% who do have it, because that's what would happen if it was free. Could easily do a tip run every now and then, instead!
  4. Yeah agree with this, build up is the absolute pits these days. Of course I gobbled up every second of the World Cup build up, but general regular season stuff is just guff. Tune in as the teams come out. YouTube/other stuff at half time. Switch over as soon as the whistle/table has been shown. I even do the same now for most of Match of the Day. It's part of a wider issue of punditry being terrible, pandering to the audience (hence smaller teams getting brief mentions) and my general impatience. Genuinely don't get how people can sit and watch an hour of build up to two normal, regular Premier League games...
  5. I'm assuming these memories of Filbert Street are based on some of the amazing matches we've had over the years; from Cambridge and the other playoff semis, the cup semis and other incredible occasions I wish I'd been able to experience. But video evidence highlights that Filbert Street was not the fervent cacophony of noise it was. Look at the tapes and you'll come across stoney silence in many games. I'm not defending the atmosphere at the KP, though I am wedded to the "performances breed atmosphere" element (look at Man City on Boxing Day). My main gripe is that people fetishise and remember Filbert Street as something that was amazing, fantastic, 120 decibels every week and it just... wasn't?
  6. I tell you now. If this was ever the case with any player, ever, regardless of history, form and cult status, that player is finished with me and should be finished at this club forever. I'm not saying he did, I know he didn't, I'm just saying that anything like that is totally inexcusable and should always be to fans.
  7. These are actually excellent videos for people (young and old) who don't really know much about World War II. They have a few other wars rounded up like this. Personally I think they're great starting points before people go on to do their own or are introduced to The World at War, possibly the best UK Television series ever produced.
  8. Both Villa away in the league and cup that season were toxic. Also remember fisty cuffs at Utd away as well. That period was utterly depressing. Especially Villa in the league. The away crowd that day seemed to be split in two; those supporting Pearson's FOAD comment and those baying for his blood. Let's be honest, it's the same now. I'm so, so tired of it, of everything, of being in the stands at home and away matches. I'm beginning to detest the experience. I looked around me when Maddison came off and Ghezzal was booed on. Let's be honest, the vast majority the booing was for Ghezzal. Let's not pretend there wasn't a brief, audible uplift in the boo when his name was announced. I admit it's hard work to watch us at the minute. We're predictable with such uninspiring attacking options on the bench and there's a genuine frustration with the regularity at which we're conceding early. However, as many people have said we have become an entitled bunch of whingers. The smallest misplaced pass is pounced upon, agendas and grudges against individual players seem to be kept, whilst others are untouchable. Away games are equally as depressing, peaking at Wolves a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone, and I mean anyone seriously enjoy going to a Leicester game because of the people they end up being around at the minute. It's a toxic experience, and it's only going to get worse as time goes on. I mean it's like mardi gras if you're vehmently anti-Puel, but for hinged Leicester fans come on it's no fun. Yep - I'm still going. No - I'm not going to hand over my ticket to you, the fan who "supposedly" can' get tickets to games because I don't enjoy it and yes, these things are very cyclical. Football support breeds on the success on the pitch. It always has done, at Filbert Street, at the KP and that'll never change. Our patience, though, has noticeably dropped since we won the league, and that perspective about our actual size and place in the PL really needs to be found again.
  9. Probably a pen imo, never a red card, I have no idea what people are banging on about there. Crying Liverpool fans saying the FA are working against them is beautifully poetic and pathetic from fully grown-up humans. Great performance after the goal, but oh so sick of us having to chace games.
  10. Took me two bloody evenings to watch this, as I only watch this, WM and the night after WM now I forget how long their PPVs have become! Agree with above, though both winners were annoyingly predictable as soon as Becky was put in and Seth got injured. Any reason why the crowd did not give two shits about the Bryan-Styles match? Could've heard a pin drop, I felt.
  11. Yep - The league game of Chelsea-Brighton is scheduled for TV on the Sunday at midday. Chelsea win tonight and that game is off, we can play Tuesday. Chelsea lose and Brighton play Sunday, pushing our game to the Wednesday.
  12. This I do not doubt. I watched The Two Bills twice last year and I am genuinely mesmerised by his genius. The fact that success seems to just follow him like a lost puppy, pitching up wherever he lands is incredible. He is incredible.
  13. But this is the age we live in. Everything is an extreme, everything needs to be compared or told as it's the worst/best/most boring thing in the world. You're right about it being blah blah blah. It's white noise in a world where making something extreme is something people feel the need to get noticed. I've been wavering a lot in the last six weeks about Puel. From out after Palace to "in and committed" after Everton, buying into the long-term goal, to the screaming frustration of the last three games. Part of me fears that he has to go simply because the fans have gone. He'll never get the fans back, and that's awful. Standing at Wolves was painful. Ninety minutes of filling a bingo card of anti-puel rhetoric all around me. Even got the "Qualiteee and Intensiteee" ticked off. These fans are so far gone it's unreal, and they're not coming back anytime soon. It's so easy to be an "out" person for your team's manager because you don't lose. If he's sacked it's "told you so" and if they improve, your team does and its "ah well I was wrong but we're great now and I'm reaping the rewards." I so want his ways to work, particularly because we can't and shouldn't be wedded to a historical style of play or players forever. He desperately needs to improve us against the lesser team, the home record and our rate of conceding first. I agree with someone who said he probably won't go until the summer unless something absolutely drastic happens, and frankly if we keep chopping and changing managers we're sure to be in the Championship in 2-3 years time. I just hope, for everyone's sake, that if we do bin Puel his replacement is given the time, patience and ability to change things if they're in the same league position after this many league games.
  14. I actually find the topic of female pundits a hard one to approach, mainly because there's no middle ground in it. You have the neanderthals who hate the sight of a woman offering an opinion on the game, or you get the over protective who drown the pundits in compliments and scream at anyone who says otherwise. Great post, though, and encompasses all my feelings. There was a game where Alex Scott was a pundit, and she said something that was so generic, uninspiring and dull (in my opinion, anyway) but take a look at the sycophants on social media saying what a breath of fresh air it is. Surely they want and need to be held to the same standard? Personally the whole pundit industry is not in a great state. There are very few decent ones, too many now go straight for the hot take for the social media controversy buzz and I don't feel like I've learnt anything. It's a piss easy job for a lot of them, let's be honest.
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