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  1. Well so long as the usual people lap up every kit at full price, what incentive is there for either LCFC or Adidas to actually put in any effort with these kits? People say they won't buy them, but the vast majority will, whatever the cost, whatever the look, because it's the latest LCFC kit and they can't be seen without it. I guess we'll know by the July 2020 concourse sale as to how well these kits sell.
  2. They're going to do this from now on as it works better than everyone parking round the back.
  3. My dad always told me the story of him listening to the replay on the radio with me when I was seven. We celebrated so much thinking Heskey's shot went in that it took him a few minutes to realise it was still 0-0. Those celebrations, that unbridled joy. Watch it all below because some legend uploaded the match in full...
  4. Went to this yesterday, got a couple of the Fox & Crop holdall bags for £20, but the rest was a lot of tat. Whoever was in charge of ordering those "Little/Medium Blue Bags" may have slightly miscalculated how many they would sell. Few things I'd have fallen for if they were slightly less, but then I'm a tightarse
  5. Didn't Hughton essentially do the same thing with Norwich? Got them up, kept them up but eventually sleptwalked them to relegation the season after. It all seems very familiar. In terms of Liverpool, I used to have a soft spot for them, no idea why, maybe blind youth, maybe Heskey and Owen and that 5-4 against Alaves when I was a kid had an impact. I saw the light when the Suarez/Evra debacle came out and was repulsed by their reaction. Would hate to see them win the league but there's no way they're not going to tbh, walk the last four games and Man City will 100% drop something in the last five.
  6. I suspect if you talk to the journalists, particularly the ones around before it became clickbait central, they wouldn't say they were delighted at the way things have gone. I'm sure they recently did an article listing 10 reasons why Leicester was awful or something like that. It's the quota-filling rubbish, locking onto popular things and wringing as many stories as possible out of it. I blame the system they're working under, not the journalists themselves.
  7. Looking at the squad list I assume he's referring to Rab Douglas? Must've come in on a decent wedge as he left Celtic to join us in the second tier?
  8. Football makes me feel old. Football history. I look at the season reviews I remember watching as a kid and realise the action is over 25 years old. My misty-eyed memories of 02/03 were nearly 17 years ago now. Horrific. Where has it gone? It's nearly three frikkin years since we won the title. Where has it gone?
  9. Yeah but are you even a Premier League club if you're not hoarding talent that you'll never play?
  10. My dad was a white working class pipe fitter, he went to the majority of away games in the 1970s with his mates, but he pretty much gave it up in the 1980s (though he did always tell me about Fulham in 1983. He always cited how horrendous the experience got. He wasn't into bashing people's heads in and going around with the knuckle draggers. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure plenty of people went not for a weekend scrap to try and validate their empty lives, but like many others it just wasn't for him.
  11. Came here to say this, along with the insufferable number of signs CAN I HAVE YOUR SHIRT at the game today. Genuinely never seen anything like it in our end before in terms of filming the penalty, cameras out everywhere. For a bloody penalty in a run-of-the-mill league game. God knows what they'd be like if it mattered. All for the LIKES THO INNIT. The players take some culpability for the signs. The copycat culture we now seem to have an enabling parents take 95% of the blame for these blights on football, but 5% must go to the players for bowing down to it and actually giving their shirts away. The more they do the more it inevitably happens. Parents jostling for position at the front to wave their sad sack sign around.
  12. Currently near the end of "The Club" - How the Premier League Became the Richest, Most Disruptive Business in Sport. Brand new and a brilliant insight into not only the formation of the league (though there's been so much analysis of this over the years it's nothing new) but also insights into individual club's ownership and the pitfalls. Touches on us winning the league but doesn't dwell, looking at the broader picture of how the top six made sure to stop it happening again, but equally how our win propelled the league to even greater heights. Also read For Love or Money: Manchester United and England - The Business of Winning? literally just before the book above, which is 20 years old but a cracking retrospective read. (especially as I was nine when the book was published) It's about how Man Utd became to be the powerhouse they were by the treble winning season, but also again a look at the formation of the PL and, importantly, an insight into the England team circa 97-99 and Hoddle's sacking. I never knew the FA were going to back him after the disabled comments until he refused to cut Eileen Drewery loose.
  13. Gone are the days of long-term thinking. Gone are the days of projects. Couple of defeats and people will be screaming bloody murder. We'll get there, we will absolutely get there, but it's going to take time, patience, transfer windows, squad building. We might get 7th straight away and a cup win. It might take 2/3 years. But you know expectations will be so sky high for some their dreams can't wait.
  14. Seen a couple of Brighton fans talking about the "dubious" display of the referee, which yet again seems to be suggesting that the referee is rigged against them. Once again proving that the ever growing conspiratorial nature of football fans. Few decisions or errors made by HUMAN referees and suddenly the whole of football is rigged against your team.
  15. Anyone else get the feeling this thread has run its course now? People who leave are screaming at people who remain and it's all becoming too familiar. See you all for the next thread in a few months time!
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