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  1. And of course, if they'd said the exact opposite, they wouldn't be accused of having an agenda or being fervent Brexiteers. Instead they'd be hailed for their expertise and honesty in the face of disgusting remain smears.
  2. No, Sky would go: "We've just paid several billion pounds and signed a legally-binding contract giving us the ability to move games that suit us into the slots as part of the contract. Our lawyers will be in touch for breaching these conditions." And you know what, Sky would win. Time to lobby this is for the next round of UK TV rights, not now, unfortunately.
  3. Another rumour says they want West Ham v Spurs in the same slot, and the Met have said the same thing (word for word, too)
  4. "Man gets permission to build house extension after conforming with local and national planning policies"
  5. I thought that was a traffic signal camera, rather than a speed camera? Unless they've changed it! What the lights were when you went through will probably educate me on that one.
  6. Yeah I park around KFC too. Walk is clear after Raw Dykes and it's easy to get onto Narborough Rd for the M1. Walk does you good, too!
  7. We were debating morals in a Humanities class when I was in year eight (great times, 02/03 promotion season of joy). It was a discussion on who you would save in a house fire, a child or an elderly relative. It was quite dark on reflection. Anyway I opined loudly that there's no point in saving the relative because "he's in a wheelchair." This came from nowhere. We'd not discussed him being in a wheelchair, it just came out like verbal diahorrea. I still to this day have no idea why I came out with that. I honestly meant to say "because he's old." Cue the extremely angry look on Natalie, the most popular girl in the class, whose sister was in a wheelchair. She (rightfully) castigated me in front of the whole class for such a thing, and I never got the chance to get my defence in that I'd genuinely not meant to say it. Kids are dumb.
  8. "Dad why are you always so reluctant to talk about your career. Tell us about it?" "Well son, I played over 400 games for Notts Forest, moved to the best team in the East Midlands and was their inspirational leader when we got promoted with 102 points. Then I captained them to the greatest achievement in British football history as they won the Premier League, and took them to the Champions League Quarter-Finals. I was a stalwart, I was a legend. If we ever go back I'd get a standing ovation." "Exactly dad, so why are your medals hidden away, why do you never tell us your great memories?" "Because son.... I got given 29 pace on FIFA20. I never recovered. It ruined me as I realised my career was lie."
  9. Really trying hard to care what our player's stats are on FIFA. I'm really trying, but it appears no, I just don't care.
  10. BIB I- Unlikely you'll get an answer to this. The other week I asked in this thread how much suffering Brexiteers were willing to take for their dream to come true. Mortgage repayments increasing, job losses for themselves/families etc. Didn't get a response. Last week I asked someone several times for a list of reasons for the EU being so horrible, and eventually got a reply which, when you copied the response posted, directed back to the Daily Express. Not an independent website, not a nuanced post articulating their grievances. I'm really struggling for substance. BIB II- is absolutely right, and one of the main issues. No one wants to lose face. People have picked a position and god forbid they change it. There's bloody mindedness from some, an ego thing. An I cannot be wrong. No-one wants to be told the side they've picked is a bad-un. Farage can't be bad for me. Brexit can't be a disaster for me or my loved ones. Corbyn can't have potentially antisemitic tendencies and cronies alike. No no no. I suspect there's the element of mocking that comes from the pathetic faction of the remain side, that embeds people, too. Those who are actively revelling in the prospect of those who voted leave losing jobs, people saying those who voted out being first to suffer. That kind of rhetoric can easily push someone wavering to solidify their position back to leave. I don't want anyone to suffer but, if suffering did occur, I still want to know how much suffering those who are so fervently Brexit are willing to take. What's it worth?
  11. I'd been in the queue to get my Brugge away tickets meaning I was late for work. I strolled into my office of three other people, which was weirdly deathly silent, not a hello or anything. I walked to my desk and in full hubris mode proclaimed in a jokey voice "whose died?" in my puzzlement at the silence, mocking my colleagues for being so unenthused about my arrival. I was shot a look by one, as it turned out our line manager, in an interconnecting office next door, was on the phone being told about a friend who had died in a car accident the previous evening.
  12. The disparaging of American Football continues to amuse me. Those who do don't get the intricacies of it, the technical difficulty, the insane fitness levels, the tactical brains and the genius to devise plays. The most thrilling sporting events I've watched this year were the College Football Playoffs and the NFL Playoffs. Utterly gripping television. Pulsating excitement and I happily invested hours into each and every game. It's not for everyone. Give me those games over the snorefests of the UCL final, UEL final and FA Cup final. A human game of chess between the two head coaches and some of the best minds in sport. It is a joy.
  13. Okay, keep telling yourself that. Discourse (on both sides) is going to die even quicker than it already is because people are so quick to become paranoid, shrug off and dismiss anything negative on the side they believe. It doesn't conform to their view so it must be authored by "a remainer," a negative poll about Corbyn and "The MSM are desperate to get rid of him, YouGov is Tory." Is it considered a weakness to say okay, this document has some worrying information. It'd be good to get to the detail of this, how could we address this? How accurate is it and what can be done for stakeholders to alleviate any impacts should they come to fruition. Instead it's LALALALALALA REMAIN AGENDA REMAIN AGENDA LALALALALALALA. I wouldn't mind but if (I said if, theoretical if, sorry if that makes me a traitor) it does go belly up when we leave I suspect people behind the leaving the EU will try and shrug off any responsibility they shouldered getting us to that point.
  14. That's it. Document comes out which isn't sympathetic to Brexit, switch to the default position of questioning the integrity of the authors. Standard way, this. Farage is out accusing "judicial interference" when a court ruling doesn't go his way earlier today too.
  15. Hook onto the fact someone close to you isn't the same nationality as yourself and suddenly you're not a xenophobe. FFS there's no way you'd ever discriminate against foreigners because you're going to marry one. No siree, not on your nelly.
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