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  1. Don't think so. Invest in a capture device from Amazon or something if you want to save them. It's worth it.
  2. Exactly. People know that pundits can be extremely cliche, controversial and cause outrage because A) they don't do enough research or B) are playing up to get attention. Yet people still whine when we're not featured on the shows. Let the big clubs get raged up about something that doesn't matter, just be happy we're not being talked about. In an era and an age where there are literally hundreds of pundits, thousands of hours of airtime and only so many takes/opinions that can be had, some really need to learn to filter out what they read, listen to. The weird reflex to lash out at anything that isn't adulation is weird (especially in fully grown adults). I have my list of people whose opinions on Leicester I'll actually take notice of. I'd recommend others do the same and just laugh/shrug off the rest.
  3. In terms of the fans, I've been reading with fascination about how many are staying away, refusing to pay the matchday prices etc. There has been the "ultra loyal" backlash that people support through thick and thin, but this is the Tigers most serious and long-term sustained down period in I've no idea how many years. Surely the knock-on effect is an impact on their commercial/matchday revenues if the trend continues like this?
  4. I hadn't heard of this advert before. Googled it. I've now seen the advert. It's crass in it's objective (just repeat the name of the brand over and over, stick it in people's heads) yet I have absolutely no idea what beermunch is meant to be? It's food, yes, but.... what?
  5. Getting easier these days, managing a football club's social media. Find something funny, save the image, attach it to your tweet and insert short caption. No credit, no effort and watch all those engagements stream in.
  6. I don't see a reason why we can't do both. Our squad has a strength in depth that we haven't really been able to experience before. We have a superb opportunity to go for top four and both domestic trophies, and we only seem to be getting better. You can't be anything but fizzing with excitement at the moment.
  7. Seven away matches currently listed on the website. Two sold out, two to go on sale on Sunday and three more over the next four weeks. So technically zero away matches currently on sale?
  8. In which case the demise started in 1994 with the emergence of Littlewoods, and then AXA, before its resurrection with no main sponsor between 2002-06.
  9. Yes, West Ham, who made 14% of their overall turnover (TV income, 68%) from match receipts on their way to a pathetic £18m profit in the most recent financials they released. One thing they definitely need to do is potentially price out future generations of football fans with £25 ticket prices. You really have no idea how business works, do you Sol?
  10. I thought this was an unhinged post just cause it's Kavanagh and yet... you're right Reffed us 11 times since 17/18 started. 2 Wins, 8 Losses, 1 Draw. Last win was the 2-0 win away to Brighton in 2018.
  11. Nice, though he's still a crap commentator. How he's lead for BT Sport and the man who we hear for the Champions League Final is beyond me.
  12. I've been to Everton four times, but still not sure on the best place to be? Have to do a lot of straining at the back of the bottom tier, but the middle bit seems like it's a letterbox and the upper tier has stantions towards the back? What, in people's humble experience, is the best place to be to stand and actually see the whole pitch?
  13. Yeah this is the whole thing. It's about time. Remember when Steve Claridge was getting pelters for offering crap insight on the Football League Show. People seemed to forget he was being asked to comment on 72 teams and 36 games. How much detail/info did people think he was going to get. Same with MOTD. Saturday show has 6-8 games, usually. How can they properly analyse things when they're trying to show all the highlights, the interviews and analysis when the show is broadcast just 5 hours after the 3pm games finish? Monday Night Football is great because they give time. Post match on Super Sunday is great because they get time. It's a simple bit of maths, but what else can you do. Decent, insightful analysis requires preparation.
  14. How far we've come. I'm not even contemplating us losing to this shower. We're too good, too ruthless, too organised, solid, creative (plus many other superlatives.) We are going to absolutely walk this and ram home just how far we've risen, and how far they've fallen.
  15. It was! Think Blackburn at home was the debut of them. I remember as a kid when we were lauded for how much of a good idea it was, and how we were the leaders. Imagine if a team announced they weren't going to do them now, though...
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