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  1. What grinds my gears...

    I absolutely do not understand mothers/fathers who PLASTER social media with pictures of their new child. I'm not a father, so maybe the below makes me heartless and I just "don't understand" By all means, pose for a picture of your newborn after they're born. Of course, maybe after six months or a year you'd like to show us all how they're progressing. Let's face it, you're child in the first six months looks like any other baby, so it's only special to you and immediate family really. What I do not want to see are any pictures of the following... Their first sleep Every single outfit they wear Posing with EVERY SINGLE family member The first time they're outside in a buggy When they have a funny hat on When they're laughing DEFINITELY not when they're crying When you're relaxing when your child is asleep "First date night since INSERT NAME HERE arrived into our world" When it's sitting in a buggy whilst you're eating out Your baby with another baby I've seen countless times on my timeline already Pictures of it "celebrating" its ONE WEEK (WTF)/One month/two month birthday There are literally only so many times someone can like/love/wow your Facebook photos, and only so many generic comments about how cute/beautiful/gorgeous/sweet your baby looks before it gets old. Document your child's formative years, just don't inflict this on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so publically.
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Most football fans are metophorical disgusting whores who would sacrifice their beliefs and generally what's right if they think it will benefit their club in the short term. I've felt this for a while, but our good friends over in Nottingham, with their fans now binding together to defend their owner, who has been under legal scrutiny in Greece because of match fixing and has been told he has to remove himself as chairman within a certain timeframe because of this. In come the Forest fans to defend him to the hilt, when anyone with half a brain cell knows he shouldn't be anywhere near another football club. Of course most LCFC fans would band together to defend the owners should they ever come under heavy scrutiny, such as the tax wrangling in Thailand. This also goes for the basics, too. From Man Utd fans now praying to the alter of Mourinho after slagging him off for 13 years, to any player who does anything wrong at a football club being defended by their fans, generally for most reasons aside from some of the most heinous crimes no-one would ever be seen defending. It's hypocritical and it makes you seem like an absolute idiot.
  3. What grinds my gears...

    People who, despite clearly laying it out for them, don't really understand or are flagrantly ignoring how Council Tax and local council finance works. Plus those who think everything is some shady agenda when in reality the council literally do not have the money anymore.
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Producer needs to have a word in Alan Smith's ear, he's having a mare.
  5. What grinds my gears...

    There is an entirely separate debate and thread to be had about people with large amounts of children. At what point does a non working single mother with many children not only become an unnecessary drain on the benefits system, but it's grossly unfair on the children in question, too. Inevitably, the older kids will become surrogate parents for the younger kids, and that is a responsibility they shouldn't have to face in their youth. The introduction of Universal Credit is going to put a stop to this. I think it's every child you have more than two (might be three) kids will no longer be counted when benefits claims are made. It'll make time horrifically tough for those beginning their life as a baby machine (not existing, only counts to kids born after the date of introduction) but might also install some discipline in them.
  6. Any less than usual hobbies?

    It is football related but I guess it's also quite unusual...(?) I collect football matches. I'm not as prolific as I used to be several years ago, but since I've been about 10 I had a real urge to save matches on video and then DVD and now hard drive. (first matches were the Euro 2000 semi finals) It's meant I've got pretty every WC and Euro finals match since 2004, UCL finals, Europa Finals, FA Cup finals etc. I even had a couple of seasons where I collected every UCL match, that is hard work. Also got the continental tournaments too, so AFC, Copa America, Gold Cup. I think I have about 2250 at last count. Recently I've focused my efforts on Leicester and the major international tournaments, as some people have seen with my posts on LCFC-related footage I have, so I won't drone on too much about that. It's probably really sad and such a nerd thing to do, but like most people it's a great little escape for me to just detach from the world and hark back.
  7. What grinds my gears...

    Pub snobbery Saw the news this morning about Wetherspoons putting half a million beer mats filled with utter BS on the tables of their outlets. Now don't get me wrong, cut me open and I bleed royal blue with gold stars, and I am an ardent remainer, but by golly the utter snobbery coming from other remainers and the left is laughable. Everyone that goes to Wetherspoons seems to be pigeon-holed into being a brexit voting scumbag who go straight to JD straight from the benefits office (paraphrasing, of course.) It's that kind of ridiculous stereotyping that repulses people from the snobby, I'm better than you attitude that's so unnecessary. I'm a tight bastard, so visiting a Spoons is high on my list. Cheap beer, 9 times out of 10 there's a nice atmosphere, or somewhere to find one, food is what you'd expect it to be. I think the man running JD is an idiot for politicking in his outlets, it's so stupid and that kind of corporate propaganda is not what I want when I want a drink or some food, but people show their true colours with these things, and it's quite sad to see. Now if it'd been Lamplighters on the other hand
  8. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I don't care how much you pay for Sky per month, what kind of idiot thinks Burnley v Newcastle was ever going to be a good game worth spending 90 minutes of your life on? Spend your evening doing something more interesting, for god sake.
  9. What grinds my gears...

    The annual moan about poppy Nazism. You kind of get numb to it every year, to be honest... but two instances I've seen have made me shake my head with rage and shame at the people I share this country with. A) the Wetherspoons SO INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS troll account announcing staff can't wear poppies. What able minded human looks at their Twitter handle and things "oh aye, that's a logical choice for a massive chain to choose." answer of course is that they didn't, the thick shits jumped to conclusions, instant boycotts and denouncements that Wetherspoons is the worst outlet on the streets of the UK. B) The unfolding "outrage" at Moeen Ali. A squad photo is posted where he's not wearing a poppy. Now, my logical moan is that people are again jumping to conclusions (the poppy fell off) before doing any sort of research before expressing surprise or outrage. But no. My outrage is that there's any misplaced outrage in the first place. So what Ali wasn't wearing a poppy, fell off or not. Why is it unsaid LAW that people MUST wear a poppy? Why? I literally cannot get my head around it. It seems to get earlier on TV every year (probably doesn't) because broadcasters are so petrified of outraging those who are so vocal in asking why someone isn't wearing a poppy. Doesn't it get to a stage that when you force people to wear a poppy (and that's essentially what's happening now in TV and the public eye) you completely lose the meaning? Something that's slipped on by a producer to save complaints in the long term isn't exactly full of meaning. Anyway, it'll only get worse, and I'm sure there will be an episode of physical violence towards someone for not wearing a poppy one day.
  10. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Hope this isn't too controversial, but I have zero respect for you, and I hope I'm not alone. The thought of humans having such ridiculous opinions and archaic views such as yours, just isn't right. Curious also that you limit your disgust to men. Either a hypocrite with females or just so in the closet even Narnia is behind you
  11. Carry On Cup QF - Man City at Home

    23% chance of the top four clubs avoiding each other. Not that unlikely, really.
  12. What grinds my gears...

    Ugh, it's also quite a selfish and partitioning thing then they go and give food to a homeless man, or a random act of kindness for an old person. "This homeless person was so hungry, what this man did next was incredible" as the video shows him handing over a big mac and fries with a pat on the head. 3,454,223 views, 222k likes Just amazing there was a camera there to capture the moment. Warms the heart. And yet these are lives, people we're talking about here. You're boosting your ego by showcasing this homeless man by just giving him a hot meal.
  13. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Live ONLY on Twitter at 4pm on Thursday Ties to be drawn by Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell https://www.efl.com/news/2017/october/round-five-efl-and-twitter-team-up-to-live-stream-draw/
  14. Movie Trivia Quiz

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