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  1. This is right. Like, I've made an exception this season for the League Cup and wasn't bothered about us bombing it off. But the Europa League is SIX games minimum. This isn't an inconvenience for one game we can pass us by. This is a rare opportunity for us to compete in Europe and do really bloody well. As others have said, what is actually the point of us qualifying for the Europa League if we're going to not even care? Have we become so elitist that anything but the Champions League is seen as beneath us? Because as has been pointed out, getting to the CL via the EL might turn out to be a far more realistic path than the top four.
  2. Bloody love a story about money being spent on the City Centre and SPS being involved. The comments on Facebook and the Leicester Mercury are HILARIOUS. There are people sitting behind phones and keyboard who are frothing at the mouth, tomato red whenever this topic comes up, and I so enjoy the predictable reaction.
  3. Too lazy to read the 146 pages of drivel. But I assume most of it has been spent hypocritically disrespecting Saint Etienne for trying to keep hold of their asset, whom they have under contract, until a valuation they feel is acceptable has been made?
  4. I was about to come and post this. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Time will tell, but I assume if he has a good debut then they'll be hounding Lang to apologise for his dreadful error in having the temerity to question the transfer. Think Everton fans were doing similar to Max Rushden. They took his flippant comment on Football Weekly about James Rodriguez out of context and went for him. How do these people find the time to do all this Twitter vitriol?
  5. It's one of those things for me that I have to clench my fists, then realise that they're just "not for me" and relax. Though I still don't get them. Like... what are the chances? And you're going to be happy either way, aren't you? It's not like you smack the piñata, a load of pink sherbet comes out and you're then on the floor crying because you wanted a boy. (though let's be honest, we'd all watch that video.) But still, have to keep coming back to the rational "it's not for me" thing. It's all for show isn't it. Just like how parents love those signs to put with their kids now "I did my first poo" and "I slept the whole night." It's part of the social media content generator your child is for you.
  6. Genuinely sad that Neville has gone from being Sky's best pundit, offering insightful analysis and exploration into the game that the most refreshing punditry in a couple of decades and who had genuine passion about elements of football, as well as someone who was worth listening to when it came to Man Utd. Unfortunately it appears he's nothing more than an angry voice to add to Sky's desire for clickbait content. Get ANGRY about things and offer an opinionated view whilst DOUBLING DOWN on live TV. Heck, why not have an argument with another pundit. Create DRAMA.
  7. I've used T&T via a QR code a couple of times now, and is asked me my name, phone number etc and, importantly how long I'm going to be there for. If they can't pull of data about people in that time then wtf are they doing? If I tested positive, or needed to self isolate, based on my experience, they could easily extrapolate the place, time of arrival and (approx) duration of stay. Now, the duration might vary, because 3-4 hours might only be 1-2, but it's there, as an option. The 10pm thing genuinely doesn't bother me that much, mainly because it doesn't affect me. But I would like assertions surrounded in facts. If they can't gather the data to make pinpoint conclusions on hotspots using test and trace, they're doing it wrong imo. They might be absolutely right about drunkards after 10pm, but (and not to get too political on this) why on earth should I trust this government's word based on the 13 months?
  8. I bet it's a more pleasurable experience, though
  9. Maybe, but it's the sweeping generalisation that gets the goat. It's like another way to pin the blame, like teachers and people working at home. If he'd said: "Analysis of test and trace has seen more than 50% of cases in the last month linked to people who have been in pubs between 8pm-12am, as well as 45% of those self-isolating coming from those in pubs" I'd have understood the initial claim. It just wasn't backed up.
  10. Once again this cult-like faction desperate to always be in opposition, desperate to tar slogans and words with bad connotations like the extremes of each side like to do. Will bemoan the Conservatives winning the next election and the harm they may continue to bring upon the nation, but will be sitting in their bubble of smugness thinking that their views are superior because Labour "went blue."
  11. Oh Stan. Don't you see that it's only the left who make things up to defame people? Get with it, the "loony left" are destroying the country with this covid and brexit malarky. LOONY LEFT
  12. Ah so you've gone from telling everyone they're wrong about their perception of the club to telling everyone who has a gripe against Jim that they're also wrong? That LCFC kool aid is strong stuff, isn't it? FWIW Jim seems like a decent guy, and in the time I've known him he's been really nice. That being said, I can't thrust my personal experiences on other people's, so it's a shame if people have genuinely had issues with him. At the end of the day I'd like to think he does his best, and never sets out to intentionally frustrate people.
  13. I'm glad it's not just me who gets wound up by this. Drives me absolutely barmy.
  14. Yeah I'm usually well on the "play to win the competition" train and asking those who want out of the cups whether they'd be at Wembley if we got to a final usually. But this ain't no ordinary season. We're in for a haul, an epic effort required all round and I want us strong in the league and the Europa League. With the horrific schedule we've got coming up, I'm not sure we need this, so I'd be all for dipping out of it ASAP too. Which means we're 100% going to win it.
  15. It's probably ruined what was already a dull game, but it's definitely a red. Someone rugby tackles Vardy like that and we're screaming. I dunno what I'm justifying it for it's such a red card it's unreal. We should be more concerned that it wasn't given as a red in the first place, tbh
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