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  1. Maybe the point is that clubs who turn over £120m+ a season shouldn't be making massive losses already. Maybe those clubs' business plans should have some form of disaster planning, business continuity. Instead they seems to spurt the money up the wall, paying millions for mediocre players in fees and wages in the desperate struggle to stay up at any cost, even if that means losing millions a year. Any club who ends up in administration in the Premier League on the back of this only had themselves to blame. They had the money to prevent this, the finances and the income smaller clubs can only dream of. As has been said, if nothing else good comes from this terrible situation, maybe some responsible financial management in the PL might prevail
  2. Nah, it's Forest winning back to back European cups after winning the First Division title, doubling the British transfer record and win the European Cup in an era of it being a 32-team competition which saw them compete in a total of 18 games across those two seasons. That's miles better than a team which staved off relegation with a miracle streak, lost just three games across a 38-game season in an era of billion-pound Premier League squads where our transfer record was just £9.5 million.
  3. I made an effort to piece together a season review. it's about four-and-a-half hours long, featuring: - Every goal from the season - MNF analysis of us from November - Sky Sports adverts building up to title-deciding games - Premier League Preview shows - Other stuff I got too excited not to exclude They're split month by month but I think Mega only allows you to download in 5GB chunks, so it might take some time (really need to dump it somewhere easier) but if you want, enjoy https://mega.nz/#F!7pkG3AhI!Syx3OzEl17-F9MjzK6rpjA
  4. Yep. We got a text this morning to say the new mortgage money will be in the account on Thursday. The people we're buying from have an old chap in his nineties living there. Assuming we won't be able to rent a van(?) and the guys we'd earmarked to help us move probably won't be able to now. However it's the health of the old chap I'm most worried about, but honestly, the timing could not be worse.
  5. Incredible the people who seem to think giving the club your hard earned cash for nothing in return is some kind of noble gesture when the club turned over £178 million last season and is backed by a billion pound company. This isn't 2002/03, we're not scrabbling around the sofa for 10p to stave off receivership.
  6. I've heard it's been most of the day but I e just driven past the Meridian Macdonald's roundabout and it's jammed because of people queuing to get in. These people seriously need to re-evaluate their life choices.
  7. This is horrendous, really. There's more and more of this coming out daily and it seems to be that the early rises are driven by the pictures of empty shelves on the TV/social media. Every morning I drive past Sainsbury's Fosse Park and the cars stretch ever closer to Pets at Home, depressing me more each day as the panic and desperation sets in. I'm sure there's plenty of individual examples, people who went yesterday and couldn't get anything trying their luck earlier, to people who went and got what they wanted yesterday going again to top up. From reading stuff, also, it appears that this selfishness has transcended all ages and cultures. I've read examples of young, middle aged and old people with astonishing levels of selfishness and anger. Not just for shopping but going out, ignoring the advice. The abuse people are receiving for waiting in line in the "vulnerable hour" supermarkets are doing for not looking like they fit into that category. EDIT: I saw a couple of posts about the positive stuff, which I admit is so easy to forget. There are a couple of local community FB pages who have signed up so many people to help street by street to fetch supplies and to support. Local Authorities will play a critical role in helping to reach the isolated people they know about from the programmes they run, too. Selfishness is there, but man alive the community focus some people have is tremendous.
  8. Absolute batshit policy. Seriously. What are they playing at?
  9. Absolutely. In a country where you get to go to matches without a coat for what, 10-12 games a season max (if that) to have matches (that mean something and aren't friendlies) in the actual summer will be amazing.
  10. Get yourself on this YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5mRPyTOM1gRVg-2pEgg8dw Unfortunately some of the season reviews got blocked by the copyright holders but there's still plenty to enjoy
  11. I dunno, and this isn't personal towards you, but schools are there to educate kids safely, not look after them like a crèche till they're 16. If the call is made to close schools for safety reasons then parents will have to make arrangements. I'm sorry, having children is not mandatory. You chose to have kids. I detest the "who's going to look after my children?" attitude of some people. You. You look after your children. They are your children.
  12. I mean, it's almost as if the experience of 111 is not wholly consistent throughout the country, and one person's word on using the service isn't gospel. It might not be as bad as they made out, but not everyone is getting 15 minute A&E treatment?? Weird to just write it off based on one person you know.
  13. Good god, the lowest rated comments on that article are a sight. to. behold.
  14. Saw that he was on but wasn't sure how insightful it was. Will give it a listen because for all people's opinions of him you can't deny he must have a treasure trove of great stories and insight to offer.
  15. Nothing screams a good podcast like interviewing a weird wind-up merchant from Twitter. Good job there's plenty of legitimate podcasts out there worth listening to instead
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