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  1. What are you blathering on about you elitist snob. 2008-09 was an incredibly special season for many of us. We'd all been through years of mediocre despair. Some of us were really only old enough to appreciate the hard times. Then we met our lowest ebb. Enter 08-09. The season where NP can make his mark on the club. This was the start of the renaissance for this club, and the fans. Reigniting the connection between players and fans. Win after win after win. New ground after new ground after new ground. Passion, belief, confidence all bought back to the club. That season
  2. Jesus wept, talk about reading too much into a brief script. Dunno why some people basically have meltdowns over something so trivial.
  3. Could you please back this up with some more info? I'm genuinely intrigued. What do you define as "generous"? Could we please have some numbers to evidence this above assertion? As and when you supply these numbers (very much looking forward to them!!) what do you think would be considered "standard" and not "generous"? What is "the narrative" and why do you perceive it to be so harsh? Have you been in receipt of UC and have experience of receiving "generous" income? Do you believe people on UC are living a life of luxury? If so, do you have any examples other t
  4. Southampton away last season was, I think, just the seventh away league game I'd missed since we returned to the PL. As the teams came out and the rain blew sideways into the away end, I sat on my sofa with my beer feeling smug that I'd avoided taking time off to travel down to Southampton in the terrible weather on a Friday night. Two hours later...
  5. Think it translates as "It's a job I wouldn't do therefore it is a shit job." Job snobbery is the absolute worst. Chuntering away about how working in maccies is crap while gobbling on your McChicken Legend or whatever.
  6. I always thought it was Bobby Robson!
  7. Any boxing fans have an opinion on the AJ £24.95 PPV price? I spotted it on Sky Sports News and thought it was high. Went to have a scout of the boxing forum to see if it was mentioned. Apparently the AJ-Ruiz rematch was the same price, but Hearn said it wasn't indicative of a price rise, and wouldn't see £25 "for some time..." Genuinely no opinion on it myself, as I don't buy boxing PPVs, but wanted to gage opinion from those on here who like the sport?
  8. Assume it's this car park? I imagine there might be some wrangling about arrangements for the drive-thru on matchdays. Anyone who sees the Fosse Park or Meridian one will know it gets mental at peak times. Doesn't it also get quite snakey and logjammed with Morros at peak times (mainly on exit?) Feel like a right nimby typing that, tbf. Assume it'll go ahead, and will be incredibly popular as it captures student/tigers/city/leics college/cinema crowd. Money spinner!
  9. Going retro, so nothing with lyrics, but this is my playlist that gets me through some workdays:
  10. We lost the NL house in the end, they backed out at the last minute due to the chap's health. Ended up in LFE, the part of LFE that's only a mile from New Lubbesthorpe
  11. 370 days after the first offer was accepted on a house, I've finally exchanged at the third attempt Move happens on Monday. You've no idea the relief. Even this third attempt nearly fell down last week. Nice little bow on the top of my saga. No more moaning or whining from me now
  12. You're so outraged it took you 13 years to notice. Strange. Didn't hear you crying back in 2007? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7149525.stm
  13. AKA I'm balls deep in right-wing conspiracies and I desperately don't want "my guy" and his family to potentially face charges for any alleged crimes that may (or may not) come to light when he concedes, so I'll plug the "deep state." You're embarrassing yourself mate, seriously
  14. Boro in 2013 on that mad, snowy Friday night. 8,000 of us loyals as the rest of you lazy part-time Pete's stayed at home to watch it on TV... Short walk for me from my house to the ground but the roads were completely jammed from Narborough Rd up to outside the ground. Mayhem. Always remember how freezing it was in tehe ground with barely any fans in it, and the fact it was quite an important game, think Boro were doing well with us at the top end of the table, as well.
  15. Every team's fans do this, it's utterly pathetic X team have [INSERT REF HERE]. Fans stock responses: "We're gonna lose" "He hates us" "He's shit" ad infinitum. It's almost as if there are a limited number of elite referees and you might get one more than once in a season.
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