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  1. From one of the Season Review Magazines I uploaded. The last 10 minutes of the 94/95 one featuring the LCFC fitness centre & Alan Birchenall
  2. Personally don't think the timing could be better for Lamps Transfer ban, coming off a manager who fans didn't like (even if he did well for them), the hero status, the success of his first season at Derby. He should get time as a legend, he'll have the chance to blood younger players with the ban. Expectations will be lower than in another scenario. There's no guarantee he'll repeat what he did with Derby last season. If he stayed and they were rubbish he might have wasted his chance to go. He may as well take the opportunity. No idea how he'll do, but with the situation I think it's the right gamble to take.
  3. I have to say, Jonathan Pearce's sanctimonious and consistent commentary on the referees and VAR was absolutely insufferable. I want commentators to tell me what's going on, factually. Pearce is fast becoming one of those commentators who thinks we need to know what he thinks about the situation, when in fact we can make our own minds up (and notwithstanding that's what your co-commentator is there for) Absolute farce that he's the women's no.1 commentator. Steve Wilson, Guy Morbway or Vicki Sparks could easily have that gig. (Sparks 100x better than Cowan, btw, if we're going for a female commentator)
  4. As fascinating as this may be, it's absolutely mad when you look at the list of GS champions since 2004 and just how dominated over such a sustained period of time it's been by the "big three" Only 2014 and 2016 where they didn't win at least three of the four GS between them. Is this amazing, or is it a damning indictment on the sport? Would love to know what people who watch tennis much closer than I do think.
  5. Got you - had me worried for a few seconds there! Is there an element that that's exactly what GMB wants, though? Seen as sympathetic to those views so that audience keeps flocking back for more and more. "GMB agrees with me, it's the place to go to validate my views."
  6. Do you not? I'm surprised. I'd like to be in a situation where the people who speak about brexit are specifically qualified to. People who have undertaken PHDs or worked in the trade negotiating area, industry experts who will benefit/be impacted by it. And as a result more air time is given to challenge those, of either side, who make terrible sweeping statements, who generalise and who cannot justify what they are saying. I'm not sure, personally, that an ex-cricketer who has never held a political office or has an expert view on brexit in his entire life should be given a platform on television espousing such empty words to an audience of millions. Boycott is perfectly entitled to hold is view, but I don't think there's any merit in broadcasting it.
  7. Nope, very valid. Could be a complete fabrication of course, definitely worth qualifying that!
  8. Whenever I speak to non-football fans who say footballers are paid too much, I try and justify those wages with the commercial/TV revenues that these teams make off the back of such players. And how spending £5m a year on player X is worth it if he keeps you in the PL where you're guaranteed £120m per year. Then this kind of idiocy reigns and you really can't justify it. Either Henderson has the ego a size of a house, or he realises his own limitations and wants to squeeze every drop of money he can from his moderate career before he drops down to a lower level.
  9. Get ready to duplicate this comment in 2026 when we go to 48 teams in the men's tournament and dilute one of the best formatted and most entertaining spectacles we've had over the last 20 years in the 32-team format.
  10. It is, but that's ITV's entire MO for their morning television now. From GMB to This Morning, they are determined to have a litany of people who hold outrageous/invalid or unqualified views that are there just for the views. The entire point of them being on the show isn't for the Live TV audience, it's for the Twitter/Facebook/YouTube engagements. I imagine they make a good chunk of money from YT ad revenue these days.
  11. Did you think we were going to finish first? Genuinely? Then how about we all take the predictions of pundits with a pinch of salt, than embracing or lambasting each one depending on what they say? My point about being selective still stands. We still seem to love those who like us, and hate those who doubt us.
  12. Looks like it's time to dote on any journalist or publication that predicts us doing very well, and disparage/despise any publication that has us any lower than seventh. Selective approval is about to ramp up.
  13. Anyone have any tips for driving abroad? I'm going to Dubai soon and we want to do a day trip to Al Ain. Instead of a long bus journey or expensive taxi I want to hire a nice big car and drive it down so we can do everything at our leisure. I've never driven abroad before, though, so left-to-right-hand driving tips welcome, and any tips for driving in Dubai etc. I kinda think a desert country with a lot of straight roads is as good a place to start.
  14. I only came in to say that you really don't have to watch everything that a Leicester player is involved with, and there's a deep political conversation in its early stages. Classic Foxestalk.
  15. as if you're naive enough to think a salary cap would work. We can only limit Paul Pogba's wage to 5 million pounds a year. Adidas, the shirt manufacturer, suddenly give him an endorsement deal worth 8 million a season. What a coincidence. Maybe Paul also gets half a million to endorse a wine that, shock, is Man Utd's official wine partner. You'd need an army of forensic accountants and the strictest of strict rules to enforce such a cap. There will always be ways round it. You'd have to limit loyalty bonuses, boot deals. And nevermind Europe, you'd need the world to sign onto this. Players would be scarpering to the middle east, desperate to become a designated player in an MLS team and off to wherever offers them more money than the cap can give them, and more power to them tbh. I'm not saying wages aren't too high. I try and defend footballer's salaries to non-football fans because some are genuinely worth their money, both via the financial impact for a club on-field, and the merchandising/sponsorship deals that come off the pitch, too. There are too many ordinarys in this inflated market though commanding millions of pounds in wages for not much.
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