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  1. Annoyingly it was really hard to get hold of a copy of this game. It was nearly the first one in our 114 PL games since 2014 I wasn't able to source. Luckily there's a site which managed to upload it. Unfortunately it got crowded out in the hubbub of 10 games kicking off at the same time.
  2. We've been through this in another thread?? It'll be two games in pretty much the same location against English teams There will be no trophy tour or three week excursion totalling about 4 million air miles We have FOUR Football League friendlies lined up after we come back, not like last season's ridiculous schedule This won't be a problem at all. It's definitely not last season and any arguments that this will see us have an equally unprepared team going into 2017-18 are rubbish.
  3. The more I look at it, the more pictures with different angles, the more and more offensive it becomes to my eyes. The gold is just so protruding on the shoulder. Even if it was white on the shoulder it'd look terrible, there's just no need for us to have that much secondary colour concentrated in one place on a home shirt.
  4. Good lord. If Reading go up it'll be two years in a row we've had totally underwhelming Playoff winners. The Premier League can't catch a break can it?
  5. Will it be two split teams of 50/50 young/first team for MK and Wolves then? Or will one be used primarily for the second string?
  6. Like others have mentioned, I never really got down there much, 10 or so games before it went. I have hazy memories, though I recall smashing my leg on something celebrating a goal against Charlton in 2000. I do so fractionally remember the launch of Walkers Lites on a Family Night Football, the England U-21 friendly and the 3-3 draw against Fiorentina too. I think as someone who has watched the season reviews of 91-2002 over and over and over again since the age of 11 I have a nostalgic view of Filbert Street though that. Such a shame I never got to experience it more.
  7. FAO anyone working for 100% LCFC Please click the link below and use it for your future "concepts" if you're going to insist on inflicting them on us. The. Correct. Logo PS: That literally took one Google search and common sense, how hard it is?
  8. 100% Spurs fans are writing conspiracies now that Boro are laying down for Chelsea and letting them win cause they hate Tottenham, when in fact Boro are garbage
  9. *Thursday! Are we all going to assume we're getting tonked by Spurs if they're all allowed to get mullered?
  10. Historically stuff like this has ended up on Sky Sports as filler, though Liverpool are known for retaining their own rights, so any friendly out there with them might be exclusive to LFCTV!
  11. There's a pretty big difference between heading to the Far East for two games three weeks before the season starts, and doing Glasgow>Los Angeles>Stockholm>Wembley over a three week period, with the Los Angeles stop essentially being a trophy tour as well as a game. If this trip is true we'll be back in the UK by 24 July, two friendlies to play on 28 & 01 August, the marquee home friendly on 05 August then to the season opener on 12 August.
  12. You know if it was us there would have been people on here either slating us for NOT doing a pitch invasion because we're "boring" or vigorously defending us as "passionate" FOR invading. Purely cause it's Forest. That being said it does raise a titter they're on the pitch after surviving by the skin of our teeth as we're about the head into a fourth season of PL football and champions last season. They're so irrelevant in modern football terms now.
  13. I'm so disillusioned with the whole process, a plague upon all the houses. Ballot is definitely being spoilt next month. The absolute garbage spewing from people's mouths, especially this morning with Hunt saying that the EU are trying to get Labour elected. It might work, but playing on fears, pandering to the vulnerable Brexit brigade whose minds can easily be manipulated by such BS. Honestly. But then I turn to Labour, whose supporters are not so much campaigning now, but have turned to the blame game. No, they're not actively trying to get their party elected (other than chummy tweets between their own cult group) but they're blaming everyone for the impending loss. The BBC, the "MSM" , people being heartless, people being thick, people being not as clever or nice as they are, people who don't understand. You can bet if it's a torrid day weather wise on June 8 that'll get a portion of the blame too. I came across this blog yesterday, read it at HT at the KPS! I'm not a Labour hardcore, never have been, in fact I've voted for all three major (LD not UKIP) English parties during my voting time, but if I had the chance I'd vote Labour in a heartbeat (not that it matters in my ultra-safe constituency)
  14. MK Dons and Burton sound great, but then I remember they're probably going to be £20 a ticket, and I just can't bring myself to pay that kind of money for a slow, ponderous training match
  15. Apologies for looking like I'm dragging up this thread for my own gain. I've just been looking through my archive and realised I had a lorry load of newspaper cuttings from 2007-2010. I'm not sure why I took them, but I thought I'd dump them on Flickr for everyone to explore. Flickr! I'm not nuanced with Flickr, so I've uploaded about 700+ cuttings yet it doesn't seem to show them all in the stream, so if you search the individual year "2007, 2008, 2009" etc within the user search you'll find more of the older cuttings. They include: - Managerial Changes - Player Rumours - Player Transfers - Milan Mandaric Takeover - Thai Consortium Takeover - 2007-08 Season - 2008-09 Season - 2009-10 Season