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  1. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Ours is around five days before you hit the trigger points. I worked with someone once who reckoned his place of work (local authority related, I think) actually had a sickness day allowance. He said that some people would say they still had "8 days sick to take" and would use it like annual leave. This would've been what, 20-25 years ago. Don't know how accurate that is but I was baffled. Oldies had it well easy back in the day
  2. Footballwipe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I mean at the end of the day you're in a stadium of 30,000 plus people at home and many 40k plus away. People want to get their car, transport, train, beat the traffic etc. If 10,000 people have exited the game before the final whistle, there will probably be about 10,000 individual reasons as to why, and another 10,000 reasons as to why they 'bother coming.' No one can or will ever explain the reasoning why so many people do it. I don't get the people who rush to be at the front of the queue to get out of the parking at the KP. Bizarre. But they do, and they always will. You will literally never stop people from doing it, so I'm not sure why we get so het up about it every. single. season. Enjoy your own experience.
  3. Footballwipe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Think you'll find my walking out when Palace scored the fourth goal last season was anything but inexcusable. That performance was, and I wasn't spending any more time watching that rubbish.
  4. Footballwipe

    Human Anatomy Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  5. Footballwipe

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    You know a player has made it when the kids at school were imitating them. We spent every opportunity we could on the school field afterwards teeing each other up and screaming "FVCKIN NALIS" as we vollied the ball 50 yards into the air and nowhere near the goal in glorious failure.
  6. Footballwipe

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    I mean... people do realise kids and other people with smartphone will, in most cases, not need data to use their phone. There's trillions of games and apps people will have downloaded they'll use to be distracted if they really want to be. If people want to view their accas, their tinder profile or update their Snapchat they're going to do that. They do that now, some will have top speed, some will have more limited speed, but they still do it. So introducing a club backed wifi or improved 4G coverage would only benefit those who use their phones in quiet times, half time and pre/post match more when the signal is busy. It's not like no club 4G will prevent any of this happening.
  7. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    There's a Twitter account I follow, "@forexposure_txt" that posts things like this. Everyone from music creators, graphic designers, writers etc getting besieged with people wanting to either pay a pittance or get something for free for the "exposure." As many people say when replying, a mention doesn't pay the bills or cover the costs. Some people are quite brazen, but I guess it's how you handle it.
  8. Tough one. I have to say Dyche and his weird, creepy obsession with us tilts the scale his way for me. He's a a master victim mentality in terms of spending, size of club. Though of course his referee/weather/fans/anyone but him blaming skills are as good as Hughes. Hughes takes the win for the result of a match and blaming anyone but himself. I'm sure he has quotes contradicting this, but he could lost 7-0 and would probably blame an early decision not to give a throw in on the half way line as the reason he lost. He's almost at the point that, like a flat earther, he must be trolling us all know. When you become a running joke you know it's bad.
  9. Footballwipe

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Absolutely. I am a staunch supporter of the BBC and their website should be a leading light in news, analysis and information. Sadly it's nothing more than publically funded clickbait, finding and sharing populist material to get the likes. It used to be my go to place for news and sport, but I can't remember the last time I used it properly.
  10. Footballwipe

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    God, what a summer that was. I was 13 at the time and was just marveling at the players we bought in Ferdinand Bent Howey Curtis Nalis - Signing someone from Chievo was very exciting for me back then Brooker Coyne Thatcher Hignett (And the rest) All these players for free, either from 'bigger' teams or Division 1 sides and their highly rated players (Brooker, Coyne.) It was a huge overhaul and at the time I looked on in wonder. Then January came and we added Dabizas, Guppy and Freund. It felt like we had a brilliantly experienced team and would find a way to stay up. Little old Leicester with not a penny to their name, free transferring their way to survival. Always wonder what might have happened had we survived that season. I love my childhood Leicester memories of that 2002-2004 era (mostly).
  11. Footballwipe

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    It's quite sweet that WBA think they have a chance of getting him permanently to be honest. What's happening right now is, I imagine, exactly what we had planned. Send him out, tear up the league with a team who will challenge at the top end of the Championship, bring him back in and watch him flourish next season. You'd assume he's buzzing at his new deal, buzzing with confidence with the ability to show off his abilities and excited to be coming back at the end of the season knowing he'll either walk into or strongly challenge the starting XI in 2019-20.
  12. Came here to see if anyone had mentioned this. Right on cue, right out of the Mark Hughes book of excuses. Take no responsibility for a team losing but always take the credit when you win. It's getting more humorous than annoying now when you can pretty much predict the post-match interviews of both.
  13. Footballwipe

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Another shout for Page 94, fantastic Private Eye podcast 99% Invisible is my absolute recommendation. It's a wonderful podcast about random stuff, from how the USA are fighting wildfires wrong to the Shipping Forecast. Over 300 episodes so you can't get bored. It also highlighted me to the Everything is Alive podcast @Captain... mentioned.
  14. Footballwipe

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    Yeah. Carabao and the Football League can't get enough of the Vardy-Fleetwood angle. It's a real money maker, especially with Leicester at home? Can you imagine asking Mick McCarthy to try and rig the draw he was doing. He'd tell you where to go and then some. Football fans are so quick to jump on the RIGGED like some kind of deranged keyboard conspiracy theorist. Anyway, as for the draw... proper meh and West Stand open only is a bit of yawn, but selfishly glad it's at home for logistical reasons.
  15. Footballwipe

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    You sure about that? Could give it a quick edit so no-one notices you've made a big old error there Just a quick reminder, the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup are different competitions