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  1. Footballwipe


    I admittedly know jack zero about boxing, really, but Steve Bunce on Fighting Talk said he expects AJ-Fury in May 2020. Realistic?
  2. We're gonna get murdered 2-0 or 3-1 or something. Just hope it's close in the first half so we have a tiny bit of hope to hold onto.
  3. Footballwipe

    Time for Puel to go

    This is a key point, selfishly. First of all. I've not heard an away end so apathetic, so quiet, so accepting of the horror show yesterday. There was barely any mass-vocal moaning, I found, it was just "meh" and that's dangerous. (I admit the weather and cold might not have helped that situation) But personally I'm starting to resent watching us. I'm resenting the travelling to away games, the walk to home games, even. It's feeling a monumental waste of time, but other things are more interesting in my life. The last thing I ever wanted to do was resent and actively not want to go and watch us play. Unfortunately that's how it's gone. The football is stale, predictable, boring. The patterns in games are predictable. It's all so depressing. I wanted Puel gone after West Ham last season, the week after the 0-5 to Palace. Then he saved himself in my book with the win at Arsenal, showing what we're capable of. Yesterday was the final straw for me. Change needed, at least at the end of the season if the ownership want to keep him for "stability." We're going nowhere under him. Nowhere.
  4. Footballwipe

    James Maddison Confirmed

    We've peaked. Moaning about what players like on social media. We've gone full on teenager-stalking-their-crush now, haven't we.
  5. Footballwipe


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 93 seconds  
  6. Footballwipe

    How Was Your Day?

    Proper cliche but what doesn't break you will make you stronger. Hope the financial and health pressures ease. Once all the stuff that's stopped working has been fixed it'll be brand spanking new and not trouble you for a number of years. Your daughter will power through from the bullying to become 100x the person her bullies were, focused, determined, empathetic and learn from her own experiences to be the person you want her to be. Plus you're the best youth team coach in the County, so I hear. Take the positives and enjoy the Christmas time you get with the family.
  7. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Genuinely think there's some psychological study that could go into the behaviour of parents at football. Do you think it falls into one of the below options? A) Desperately trying to live out their own failed ambitions through their own kids/kids they coach B) An ultra competitive nature that doesn't have a filter C) Molly-coddling their kids so much that when something doesn't go their way they get very overprotective/defensive D) Anger issues E) Too high expectations from their own parents that they're passing down onto their own kids/team F) Coaches having far too high an opinion of themselves due to the power they have compared to the "real world" G) Coaches having far too high an opinion of themselves because they're dead good on FM/FIFA I genuinely don't know why a parent would put up with that shit. I'd be withdrawing any child I had straight out of that team and, if the poor kid still wanted to play, be finding a side which played for fun. Because surely you can play and enjoy yourself. What does it matter if the under 9's lose 9-0 every week. It's not going to psychologically damage them for eternity, is it?
  8. Footballwipe

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Agree with pretty much every word of this. I spent the entire day not wanting to go, expecting us not to concede four or five but definitely not scoring. I drag myself down there and low and behold they score and the game is over. It's all so... mediocre, and as each game passes I'm stunned at how paper thin our squad is. This might have been what it was like under O'Neill in the halcyon days of 1996-2000. There were long spells of winless runs under him, inspired with cup runs, but maybe there was more of a novelty with that. I think anyone with knowledge of our squad would look and be excited for the future with the players we have out on loan, the prospects that are looking to come through in addition to some solid recruiting and shipping out of crap. If that's going to be a long-term thing then so be it, it'll come; but my god the process to get there is quite painful. The point about value, entertainment etc is absolutely right. I'm not enjoying attending matches at the minute. Other sports on TV have captured me. I'm fizzing with excitement for upcoming American & College football matches in the upcoming weeks. Any Leicester match I'd usually look forward to, but not right now. They're a weight around my neck; an obstacle, a chore. It's tiring and exhausting to go to matches.
  9. Footballwipe

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    That's the issue with today, globalised fans adore the player more than the club. All those Messi fans replying to that Twitter thread will f**k off from supporting Barca as soon as Messi retires, probably dedicating the rest of their lives to this kind if pointless exercise in discrediting the rest or find another player to latch onto. The mental state of some to give one individual cult-like status is worrying. Different era is absolutely right. We don't talk about the state of the pitches Pele had to play on (Spoiler alert: SHIT compared to today) There was no talk about the horrible tackling Pele had to endure. We don't mention that is Messi was in Pele's era he probably wouldn't have gotten the growth treatment he needed to become the player he is. No career, no achievements. It all encompasses why I really don't like the comparisons of football from entierly different eras. FFS football from just 20 years ago is so different to what it is today.
  10. Footballwipe

    Fuzzy memories

    My first game was v Ipswich in 1995 (aged 5) apparently, not a bean of recollection! My fuzziest childhood/teenage memories include (in no particular order) - Being round my Aunt's house (she had Sky) for the 1997 (first game) and 2000 League Cup finals. Listened to the 1999 one on the radio - Cheering Heskey's opener listening to the radio in the 97 cup final replay - Being at the FNF game when they launched Walkers Lites, can remember the green packaging on the Walkers pack and having my face painted - The green goalie shirt of Charlton's keeper in the first actual proper game I recall at home in 98/99 - How amazed and enthralled I was by the shinys in my sister's PL Sticker album circa 95-98. The way they glistened in the light - Gerry Taggart hitting his own bar v Man City in the 00/01 horrendous run - Watching the second leg of Red Star Belgrade on Channel 5 and being heartbroken when we lost. - Watching Ceefax on the "old" deadline day when we signed Lee Marshall from Norwich. Also when I was BUZZING at signing Dean Sturridge - Dad leaving the 0-4 v Soton in 01/02 with ten minutes to go and we missed their fourth. Depressing stuff. - Standing waiting for a bus by the neglected Liberty Shoe after we lost to Wycombe - actually remember fist-pumping round the kitchen when that draw was made - Going with my dad to look at the new stadium as it was being built, and being utterly captivated by it - Sitting in a pretty empty stadium for two days straight watching the Pepsi Max challenge - Going absolutely bezerk when Hignett scored the leveller against Arsenal in 03/04 Probably have loads, loads more, but I enjoyed that mental delve into my history with the club!
  11. Footballwipe

    Leicester Tigers

    It's got so bad the fans on Facebook and Twitter aren't blaming the ref every time they lose now. Seriously shocking how mismanaged things seem to have gone in the last few years. I keep reading about how they're stuck in the 1990s in terms of thinking. Are they focusing too much on paying the stand costs or this hotel on the Granby St. car park? Their priorities don't seem to be on the pitch, that's for sure. Aren't they also financially pained if they got relegated? High wage bill, high costs on new stands. Their ticket prices are pretty hefty, too, and I can't see many bothering with Championship rugby. I'm sure they'll have a second half of the season surge, but it's still a sorry scenario.
  12. Footballwipe

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I don't know if I'm properly conveying this right, but on an (extremely big) offshoot/tangent to this the whole narrative that the football club was a sorry penniless shell which had achieved zero before 2010 and the takeover is one that grinds a bit after a while. The heights we went to were stratospheric, but read/listen/talk to some and you'd think we had been sitting bottom of the conference for our entire history and hours from going bust, and it doesn't sit well with me. The club had a long, rich, wonderful history before our adventures of 2010-present.
  13. Footballwipe


    You'll want to download a bit of freeware software called JDownloader2. It's a download management tool. Once installed, copy a YouTube link and it'll automatically process it in the system, bringing up the video file for you to download. Copies the highest quality of video available.
  14. Footballwipe

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Was watching this game earlier and thought of you
  15. Footballwipe

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Great TNF last night, Dallas' defensive masterclass against the Saints, even if Prescott's butterfingers were a hindrance at times!