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  1. I think this is the way forward, really. I'm in the minority, I know, but I'd scrap replays altogether, bigger slice of prize money for lower league clubs, especially when winning the FA Cup for top teams (even us) is just paltry compared to the PL/Europe. The lower leagues can benefit far more to pick up the loss of replays. I'd also argue that these teams, like Rochdale, have more of a chance of winning against Newcastle in the home game in ET/Pens than they do tredging up to the North East 10 days later. I reckon the prize money and next round opponent reward is far more of a prize than the (semi-patronising) "joy of earning a replay." Someone mentioned it on a podcast, but apparently there was similar noise made when they scrapped multiple replays. League Cup early rounds were two legs. Competitions can and should adapt to modern day.
  2. He's got the figure wrong. The document states £3.4m average earnings per year, at an average weekly wage of roughly £69k per week (if I remember right) £3.4m per week equates to £176m per year
  3. Well, Derby sold a plot of land in a near industrial estate in the East Midlands for double the price West Ham sold their ground, which was on prime land for housing in East London...
  4. Must admit I gave up on progs a few years ago. Realised I was spending towards £175 per season on magazines which I put in old Amazon/Shoe boxes and never looked at it. Had a tiny bit of regret because every prog from 15/16 would have been amazing, but hindsight is wonderful. Love that I have 2002/03-2013 and my dad's from the 1970s, the Wembley finals and all the other big match progs we've done (of course I'm fairweather now. Everton, UCL, Comm Shield etc etc.)
  5. Do you remember GRAND SLAM SUNDAY back in the day when amazingly, by some random fixture generation, Liverpool/Man Utd/Chelsea/Arsenal all got drawn to play each other in one combination or another in the same round of fixtures. One week's full build up, hype. 1-0, 0-0. The incessant need to hype games that don't need to be hyped. The constant desperation to look for new angles because they hype exactly the same games each season. It's exactly why I tune in just as the teams come out and tune out as soon as the game is done. Easiest way to interact with football on TV these days.
  6. Ironic as this is TrueFox's dogsbody, the guy stuck to him like glue at games
  7. Isn't the ID thing just an attempt to ensure people don't do like the beers and go back for five, six, seven or pass the ticket around like confetti so all their mates get one? Absolutely will not be surprised if all the scarves are gone before all the away ticket holders have had chance to claim, unless the ID system is properly enforced, because of the above.
  8. CM 00/01 and 01/02. Amazing. Loved a little edit, too, to pump smaller clubs full of money just to see how far they could go. I took R&D to the PL, too (no editing money, Max Griggs was the MAN!) The achievements with the smaller teams was always better. Signing Leon Kelly for £8,000 and scoring a hatful of goals. Paying £85,000 for George Weah or getting Igor Cvitanovic for a free. Searching the free transfers and finding a gem, selling someone you'd bought for 10x more. Finished playing with a 25-year stint as Sydney Utd boss nearly five years ago now. Still have a ridiculous amount of .txt docs with the stats, transfers etc, fixtures and screenshots when I saved everything I did (maybe my equivalent of wearing a suit for a cup final) God I could go on and on and on (believe me, I want to) Ended up stopping because it was consuming my life. Literally waking up and rolling out of bed onto the laptop. Getting home and straight onto the laptop.
  9. Absolutely do not endorse this. My comment was disparaging, not a compliment to the club. The youngsters are the future going forward, but those kids would be at the game anyway, I'd argue, because their parents are going to go as they're fans. A "spectacular light show™" should not be the sole reason to attract kids to football. How did all those little kids cope in the preceding 25, 30, 40 years before we were saved by the "spectacular light show™" Kills the atmosphere pre-match stone dead.
  10. Absolutely will agree that the atmosphere at times is more than lacking, and when there's a wall of silence against the few of us singing it can be frustrating. But boy oh boy this feels like the fifth moan about atmosphere in about two weeks. We're going round in circles making the same arguments and points over and over and over again.
  11. It's a family show for families, because families are seemingly their priority. JM and BC banter, Greatest Showman, "exciting" flickering lights. Pure light enterainment.
  12. Face it, Voll. For some there will always be an excuse not to go for it. To secure a UCL place, to retain the UCL place, being in mid table to "avoid relegation" and down in the Championship so we can win promotion. Revenue and the prestige of finishing top four trumps winning a trophy. Lifting aloft a cup, which is still ingrained in our history, our pre-match video montage of Walsh and Elliott. Now it's been replaced by pumping the club with money on the off chance we might challenge Man Utd for a top Portugese signing. We might one day have a three-year stint in the UCL. This is football now. End of year accounts are what people look forward to, not trips to Wembley Stadium, unforgettable days with friends and unforgettable moments in cup finals. Again, and I've said it three times on here already. Why are people putting the scenario of choosing. We are a lifetime clear of fifth, there literally has been no better time for us to go for domestic trophies. Comfortably in the top four, no challenge to the title to worry about, only putting a shine on the season with two trophies.
  13. Name a few comedies you like, then? Come on, let's see if they're all universally loved or if actually, shock of shocks, comedy is subjective and your hysterical emotions over a TV show are just your opinion?
  14. We. Are. FOURTEEN. Points. Clear. Of. Fifth If we collapse and lose that lead, bigger questions need to be asked than "were we tired" or "why did we play a full strength team in the cup." Our whole club's mentality will need to be reassessed. The utter lack of faith some of our fans have in both the players and the coach/sports science team is quite staggering.
  15. Used to dislike him, then I grew up and realised that I'll never absolutely adore him, but yeah, he's bloody good. If there's one thing this proves, it's that comedy is so wonderfully subjective, yet people think it's objective. The absolute hate that Mrs Brown's Boys and G&S get, yet the viewing figures for both suggest that actually, contrary to your (and mine, I hate Browns) opinions, they are not "shite" and are not "terrible comedies." They are terrible compared to your taste. I also think it's a shining example of hatred/jealousy of Corden and maybe a sprinkling of mysoginy that people seem to forget this show has always been written by two people. Ruth Jones, take a bow.
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