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  1. Exactly. I'm baffled at the sniffy attitude of those who say "it's an FA Cup final come on man." I had my ticket in the basket for 15 of the 20 minutes before deciding to proceed, I genuinely was in two minds all morning. When I dreamt of an FA Cup final, I thought of a warm May day, driving down to Stanmore with my wife, tube into London for drinks before a slow journey up the Jubilee for the final with thousands of humans around me. The thought of being herded onto a coach, herded into the stadium, herded back to the coach. Not to mention barely anyone around me, 1/4
  2. Quite. Was the bus £46? Was it £65? Even £100 before the subsidy. We have no idea, and the astronomical cost has no context in terms of the mitigation if we don't know what it originally was meant to be. Was this asked of the club? If not, why not. If so and you weren't told, could this be a bit of information you include. Context and openness is everything. I note that a statement was released in advance of the Semi-Final calling for an even split in allocations. It talks about wanting the "backing of all fellow Premier League fans groups and also for the clubs involved to lobby t
  3. The test slots get released a week or so in advance. So I went on at 1:45pm and they'd released the slots for after 2pm on Thursday 13th. All of Friday's slots have also been released now for Blaby
  4. Think it was 911 in the queue. Got in about a minute before my snip above
  5. I feel really harsh to agree, and yet I agree with this. Tanner is nowhere in comparison to the other club-specific reporters at the Athletic. Leeds like you mention have Phil Hay, who is brilliant. The top teams get top reporters. Laurie Whitwell was a Mail Sport writer, Jack Pitt-Brooke for Spurs. These are good, nationally recognised with previous contacts and can offer genuine insight. I really enjoy a lot of their podcasts as they have a great network of them, but I can probably count on one hand the amount of times Tanner has been bought on... or I've learnt anything new. I
  6. This is part of a wider element of LCFC Twitter, but there are so many showoffs who seem to post stuff or are weirdly cult-like in terms of an individual player or the club/owners. Strange place. However weird Jonathan is (and I'm one of the throng who have no interest in reading his guff) he's a microcosm of how some people are desperately seeking to justify why they deserve a ticket. I've done X, Y, Z, I've supported for 800 years. I went to Sep Smith's debut, I walked to Wembley with a broken fibula. Seems to be a bit of the old "carboard box in t' middle of the road
  7. Usual suspects will be all over this thread next season if he has the temerity to lose a couple of games in a row. Never mind the weird Puel obsession from some, the desire for Pearson to fail from some on this forum is insane. So ungrateful.
  8. Outstanding work from Mourinho, still luring these owners and execs in. How they don't see his track record of acrimonious/inevitable departure within 18-24 months and a trail of destruction behind him. Smacks of severe short-term thinking.
  9. I think Davidsons and David Wilson aren't too bad either. My area which is Taylor Wimpey isn't the worst, though the choice of brick work has helped that one, otherwise it would be a bit plain Jane here. Admittedly after further inspection the actual floor space is quite good, and each bedroom has its own en suite. That being said, it's still a terrace house for £425k, which is just mad in the competitive market they're in. (watch them sell in days) Speed humps will reduce to 11 in the end as the development progresses. At the minute they're the only thing standing i
  10. In today's edition of "How is that house worth that much?" we move to New Lubbesthorpe (again). Redrow are now building their first houses on site. For just £424,000 you could get yourself a brand new terrace home. Yep, Terrace. Yep, £424,000. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/106053614#/
  11. Good luck. Feel like you've got more chance of changing your name in two weeks than you have scrounging two tickets. But see how you get on.
  12. Love a bit of Jenas when he's on commentary like that. He's so East Midlands, which is an underrated accent imo and worth national recognition
  13. Had a peek at a post this morning highlighting this issue. Arsenal fans acting like, well, football fans in suddenly being Spotify and this prospective owner's great defender. Suddenly many of them are music industry experts. If they could I bet they'd have Spotify emojis in their name like Newcastle fans did. Amazing how supporters are so easy to hitch themselves to anything that shows a bit of leg, regardless of morals. Thirsty as anything.
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