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  1. I mean I've read that he's utterly devastated at the way he's been treated by the community. Councillors have had absolutely no say in where the lockdown area was thrust, and the ellipsis speculation that these people had a say it not only unhelpful but damaging to reputations of people who have represented their community for 25+ years. But continue to make subtle digs at something which is a genuine coincidence. No worries.
  2. I think that's likely tbh. Glenfield and Glen Parva residents have been very vocal in opposition to being included, which is absolutely their right. As mentioned maybe it's just me being in the zone dragging my mood, but I'm struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though defiance will grow if it continues that long, I'm certain.
  3. Genuinely can't see any local lockdown being ended before September. Maybe I'm being a pessimist, but I actually don't think I've seen one iota of good news come out since this started at the end of June. I tell you what, though, the local economy is going to be grim when it does reopen.
  4. Why can't everyone resist getting themselves into a frenzy for just a few days until the official verdict actually comes out? Then you can scream into the abyss. Until now you're just giving oxygen to someone desperate to be pinned with the SCOOP. It's like shooting fish in a barrel for these Twitter users, seriously.
  5. He gets a volley from football fans, but he's mixing it with football fans? People who aren't exactly the most sympathetic people in the world. As Voll said, he is putting himself on a pedestal. It's not like a celebrity who is being papped in their private home. He's happy to go to grounds, give it large to opposition and some home fans (I genuinely can't wait till he can no longer use the pathetic "How does it feel to be insulting a kid" comeback he does, always.) He's also happy to overact in his videos in tabloid style. He knows exactly what he wants. He wants comments, shares, attention. That's how get gains traction, that's how he monetises his videos. I've said this about 6/7 times I think, but I am certain he doesn't care how we do. He can overreact to anything that happens to us. His main goal is to be known, not to see Leicester do well. He's also in a merciless environment. Football YouTube/Social media and away grounds. It's not like he goes and sits at the front with the more docile, he stands near groups of people acting up for the camera, thrusting it in people's faces when they're not expecting it. I do not begrudge anyone who gets pissed off that they're in this overacting idiot's video for 90 minutes. He has the option to walk away at any point, in fact he's taken social media breaks and returned, so he knows he can. He's more than old enough to take responsibility for his own actions. Maybe one day he'll stop, who knows, but don't expect him to be accepted by all away fans while he's waving a camera in people's faces, goading away fans so he can film them and generally acting up for the camera.
  6. Me either. Someone might come along and tell me I'm wrong but essentially a second, third, fourth home is bought to make money, yield a return. It's an investment not a place to live and it's unfair that there's aid for this, especially when there's the potential that they'll hoover up the flats and smaller houses that FTB will be competing with them for. I'd also be interested to know the attitude of buyers and their budgets. We've obviously bought now and are thick in the process of papers etc, but if we'd not found anywhere as I don't think we'd personally have decided to increase what we could afford. Our friends are already allocating it to a new bathroom/kitchen in the houses they're getting, and for us it is a near £7k saving which we can invest in bits and bobs. I guess it does depend on the budget you're working with though!
  7. Must admit I'm a bit of a relic when it comes to things like burgers. The horror on my face when I see the price of the burger, and it doesn't even come with fries! You have to add another £2.99 on them. Genuinely, a double chicken breast burger with chips in Spoons will do me. I know what I'm paying for and I enjoy it. That or the Cowboy burger in Harvester. I am sure some burgers are worth the price etc, because the meat is such good quality and cooked so well, but I really need to come to terms with the fact I'm a tight arse, and am unlikely to try these!
  8. I'm genuinely not that hung up on it, but look at this video: From where I've time stamped it, if you can, slow the playback speed down to 0.5. Now I subscribe to the argument that you can make anything look better/worse if you slow it down or speed it up, but the way his left leg seems to buck out could be construed as deliberate. Ultimately we come back to only Vardy knows, and I hope he didn't. That's about the sum total of it. I'm also 100% sure that if Nketiah wasn't sent off we wouldn't even be having all this screaming about it.
  9. Must admit, AFTV is a fun watch when they lose. Target an opposition individual, blame the referee. Shout, scream, overreact, play up to your on-screen persona. It's a guilty pleasure. Except when it's against your team and you have a vested interest. It's just not worth watching or getting wound up by. As for the broadcasters. Well, any semblance of neutrality ended when they realised clicks, clips internet talk and the size of support really was what mattered most. They go with the wind and a resurgent Arsenal under Arteta will do them good numbers and engagement, so heap the praise on them. We get a good portion of praise when we were on that winning streak, in the UCL, winning the title. We do get a good narrative sometimes. Unfortunately you can't compete with a team on the up, us on the down and an ever-increasing hunger to keep big team's supporters happy. I'd be interested to know what the World Feed commentary is like. Drury & Townsend on it yesterday. We mocked them on ITV years ago but they're bloody good on the World Feed. Would love to have an option to dial that in instead of BT and Sky, sometimes.
  10. If cats are so "low maintenance" why are FB neighbourhood groups chock full of panicked owners asking me to look out for their bloody moggy because it hasn't come home for 12 hours? I love cats and dogs tbh but I'm too lazy to keep one as a pet. The food, pet insurance, vets bills, kennel costs when you wanna go on holiday etc. Much easier to enjoy someone else's pet!
  11. Yeah FTB are up to £300k now so they'll be fine. The people you're buying from will be unaffected, and I'd stereotype that if you're buying a house well over £500k you might not be so concerned over the stamp duty! It's the middling lot who will benefit most, and as such more than likely people within that group who want to pause everything to wait for the financial advantage it'd bring.
  12. Preaching to the converted! Someone might be able to reply with the logic, but I'm biased and struggling to see it. Literally no incentive for the people we're buying from to rush now, when there's a £8-9k saving to be made by waiting till September, frustrating both us and the people buying our house. Though frankly, if I'm honest, if someone said my chain would 100% survive and I'd have to wait till X date to save nearly £7k, it's a no brainer really.
  13. Announcing today, apparently (unless it already has been officially) but not implemented till the autumn. Could destroy chains, or at least grind them to a halt, as well as the market while everyone anticipates the massive saving they could make.
  14. Pepsi Max is where it's at. Pepsi Max Vanilla is really where it's at, (restaurant dispensers) but Pepsi keep fvcking about bringing out Ginger, Strawberry or whatever the crap they've innovated rather than PM Vanilla. They're missing out on half my savings, their own loss tbh.
  15. These people, by and large I'd say, are hypocrites. I guarantee they'll have done something, had a relative round under the tighter restrictions, reached for something in the supermarket close to someone. They pick and choose what they get uppity about. All well and good saying "you're causing a second spike" when actually, there's quite a few of us who have no idea if we've had it and who we might have given it to. Best ignored and go and enjoy your social distant drinks. Some of us still can't!
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