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  1. One poster saying they've had enough of him. I don't get the hate, at all. In the top 5 left backs in this league, one of our own. Never kicked up a fuss or thrown toys out the pram, a good attitude as far as I'm aware... I struggle to see the shortcomings here.
  2. If we get stuffed 4-0 this weekend and have a dodgy home draw to Burnley, I'll snatch your hand off for 5th. I'm just happy that Leicester are becoming a force in the league again.
  3. Agreed. Gnabrys touch before his run for the third was quality. Looks at home in the Bundesliga.
  4. Shinji has just scored a beauty. Worth checking out.
  5. This is a banger to be fair.
  6. Starting for development squad tonight.
  7. Soyuncu was simply faultless. Him and Maddison neck and neck for MOTM but Cags edges for me.
  8. I absolutely loved that challenge. Just perfect in every way!
  9. The Fighting Cock, the gift that keeps on giving 😂
  10. Awful, we're shit, Brendans shit, we're getting relegated, even though we haven't lost yet #brendanout
  11. As a wise football fan, I know Perez is the worst player to ever lace on a pair of football boots, I know this because he's had a below par first few games with the club, therefore he needs selling immediately. Just getting in there before the other comments come flying in.
  12. It's like our fans WANT us to fail. It baffles me.
  13. If it makes anyone feel better, our 7th place rivals are drawing with Lincoln with an almost full strength team.
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