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  1. He’s slowing our play down far too regularly now. Pulling into space he’s still really good at. But you’ll see him out wide with the ball and he’s knocking it 30 yards back. Really needs a goal, even if one flashes in off his arse
  2. I’d always play him in games like this. Where someone puts in the graft and has a little bit of quality to back it up. You can tell he really cares from his performance today.
  3. Week on week my opinion changes. Last week I said yes, today no, if we win against Baggies I’ll probably say yes again!
  4. Kel and Marc 8, everyone else 5 except Vardy, 2 Edit: realised I marked Amartey 5, was meant to mark 3!
  5. Albrighton very good. Two good goals from Kel. Ricardo should’ve thrown himself to the floor at the end. That’s all I can come up with!
  6. One of the two is close to death... I’ll let you pick which!!
  7. Vardy wouldn’t get in my Sunday league team at the minute
  8. Wolves squad is far too thin. There genuinely seems like there is no plan B with them. £40m on Silva too, Christ.
  9. Lingards reborn. Fair play to him, he has it in him and he’s shown it!
  10. Agreed. Hopefully there isn’t too much of a meltdown. For me, Chelsea losing earlier was the equivalent of a win!
  11. Didn’t expect much less here, but Maddison will definitely appear here. Praet too.
  12. Yeah I’m still confused about that one. Usually there’s a debate but I don’t even think Ndidi stuck a leg out!
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