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  1. He's worse than Sean Dyc... actually never mind
  2. Yeah I thought this too. He'd definitely be playing more minutes and the fans love him down there.
  3. Tragic, 44 years old. Surprising how many athletes suffer this fate. Top defender in his day and obviously a well regarded football coach. R.I.P Ugo.
  4. Ronaldinho when Barca came back in 02/03... Can't remember which but i was a 10 year old boy who saw his hero. Paul Scholes too, for his part in the 4-1 Man U win in 03/04 season, he was absolutely sensational, never seen a player so comfortable with a ball at his feet.
  5. How can anybody slag Ranieri off?! Unbelievable how some fans treat him. The man deserves nothing but respect, regardless of what happened this season.
  6. Bogey team for sure. Still, I remain positive. As Finnegan has said, a 95th minute toe poke winner would be perfect, along with the changing room selfie of course. Stick to what we know, throw the sink at them. 7 days rest between games now so we should be rejuvenated. Kasper Simmo Benny Huth Fuchs Albrighton Ndidi Drinky Gray Mahrez Vardy Leo on for Mahrez during the second half. Prepare for the onslaught of fixtures coming our way!
  7. There was a moment during the game where he charged forward with the ball, whilst throwing his arms up in the air to will the crowd on. That did it for me, the man obviously cares. He's been given a run of games and I'm fairly confident he can be a good player for us. Didn't really understand the decision to take him off at HT but nonetheless, well done Benny #YB29
  8. Spot on OP I said this before we played them and I'm wary of his qualities. What a defender he is. No nonsense, heart of a lion. That back 4 would have been under a lot more pressure had he not been there to galvanise and organise them. World class.
  9. With the pressure we were putting Atletico under last night, Gray would have been perfect to throw on last 20. He'd have had a field day running at a back 4 under immense pressure. Felt slightly sorry for him.
  10. He wears his heart on his sleeve when performing in a LCFC shirt and it's a pleasure to watch him play. Best right back we've had in a bloody long while. Top man.
  11. So proud. They never gave up. Will never forget these last two years.
  12. Benny 😔
  13. If Atletico got out of second gear they'd tear us apart. We just have to throw the sink at them. Why not. Proud of the boys. Seven years on from winning league one and here we are in a champions league quarter final. Unbelievable.