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  1. M0901


    You alright mate?
  2. Completely disagree. I think over the last 2 seasons his work rate has drastically improved.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's left footed, hence the reason he took it first time. But to be honest it doesn't help his case as to how poor the attempt was. A striker with zero confidence is the most useless position on the pitch.
  4. Simpson above Ricardo. How can it be debated, the job he did after being brought in as second choice right back?
  5. M0901


    Proven at this level and for 14mil, absolutely yes. Get him in Brendan!
  6. Fair play to them. Honestly that was amazing. Twice in two days English football has proven superior! Still... Hope Liverpool stuff the cvnts x
  7. Better love story than Twighlight (Danny's Instagram post).
  8. I can't remember a full back at Leicester, who has the ability to consistently defend back post crosses as well as he has for us. All the best, Danny 👍
  9. I certainly wouldn't say this. Worst value for money? Yes. Worst player? Not a chance.
  10. Very disciplined half. Maddison showed some lovely moments. Ndidi class as per. On we go!
  11. Christ. Not sure why this point offended you so much. First off, I posted this 6 weeks ago. At a point where I felt we needed more solidarity at full back. Amartey would provide this, and by Ricardo in a front 3 it'd give him free roam to do what he does best, attack! This is to accommodate Ricardo's abilities, not finding a spot for Amartey! But over 6 weeks, yesterday a shining example, hes proven to be a valuable asset at both aspects. For that, my opinion has changed on the matter, especially with the choices we have in that forward position. Besides which, Amartey was starting to perform admirably at right back before his injury and I believe that is where he is best. Should it mean he gets straight back i when he's fit? Not anymore.
  12. How can you moan about a constant in the team, who works his arse off, delivers on a consistent basis, and was a title winner with the club. Baffling.
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