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  1. 1999. I was a young lad who basically used to watch season reviews on repeat until I got to see them, and I fell in love with the club from the beginning. Had 4 season tickets since, and never ever stopped believing we'd achieve something great. Not quite 15/16 season great but nonetheless, I've enjoyed every minute supporting this wonderful club.
  2. There's a back handed compliment if I ever saw one 😂
  3. Very bold statement. I certainly don't agree he will. Drinkwater however has every chance.
  4. We're definitely the Liverpool to Hull's Southampton 👀👀 Edit: Welcome Jakupovic! Remember him saving a Mahrez penalty in our title winning season (in the cup) hopefully a nice omen.
  5. You may remember me from such incidents such as... That play off semi-final... *Sniffles*
  6. Pretty pleased with this. A very solid keeper.
  7. Fair point. We'll see what comes of it! Either way I'm expecting a better year than last, CL aside
  8. Our title winning captain shouldn't be knocked off his perch just yet, I think he has another good season in him
  9. Well that's a ridiculous statement
  10. Just had a poo
  11. **** YOU IMAGE RIGHTS!
  12. What about his other leg?
  13. I would love nothing more than for Musa to become a success here, a player with immense speed and potential ability. With a good pre season hopefully he can show us what he's about, and the difference to last season is that we look stronger this time around, no European football to worry about so hopefully he can kick on now.