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  1. Agreed - it's one of those things where if it's repeated enough, people start to believe it and latch on to it He needs a run of games next season to show his real worth.
  2. Hahahahahahha what on earth is this article
  3. He reminds me of a young Yaya Toure, except with energy. Huge talent
  4. Can't even get into Watford's team recently. He's a Slimani 2.0. No point.
  5. I'd take Chelsea away Just to get it out the way, and more importantly both teams will be raring to go so I would have thought it would be a fairly even contest.
  6. Gaston Ramirez? A lot of ifs and buts in January Now Boro are down it's worth considering...
  7. I'd have him actually
  8. Love how uncomfortable Wes looks. Also love how Ndidi says "challenge" 😂
  9. Why are people slaying Shakey on one game? If that was the case no manager would last in any team. He's come in and done a very good job. The players love him and he's got very good results. Our form is top 4 worthy, give him a summer to rebuild and we'll go again next season.
  10. Come on. What crap attitude? You're clutching at straws here. Never gets into any troubles, his team mates love him and he's raved about by the supporters. He's a world class finisher, you give him any room and he'll score. Terrific terrific footballer.
  11. Oh I rate him he's just been poor today.
  12. Son of a bitch
  13. Kane's bullying Benny thus far. He's got to be careful not to get too tight.
  14. Good - and I hope he gets the chance to do so, starting with pre season!