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  1. Ndidi to Liverpool

    Are you off your rocker? EDIT: never mind I've seen the other posts...
  2. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Tbh mate not many people here are showing love at all. I'm keeping faith. He'll come good. At 21 I can't write him off.
  3. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    Besides the Stoke goal πŸ˜‰
  4. What is the point of Matty James?

    I certainly wouldn't call Albrighton a weak link...
  5. Puel

    What about when he took charge and catapulted us up the table from 18th to 7th? What's your views on that?
  6. Daniel Amartey

    It proves that our fans hate on our players when it's fashionable to do so. There's no substance behind it, it's just the case.
  7. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Jordan Stewart has retired I was a fan of his back in the day. Remember him scoring a couple of blinders in 02/03. Extremely one footed despite a pearler he scored I think against Rotherham with his right. All the best Jordan!!
  8. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    I think he has one league goal for us. Vs Watford at home when we won the championship in 13/14
  9. Spot on. It's a shame it's tarnishing his legacy. Just hope he isn't remembered for this more than his heroics.
  10. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    To be fair, Singha beer is pretty damn good......... It's worth considering πŸ˜‰
  11. Diabate to play a blinder, with Pep coming out and saying he's had a long term interest in the player in the summer... 3-1 Man City. Albrighton for us
  12. Reports state he's still not reporting to training so I assume not... I expect Diabate to come in again against City. Watch him play a blinder and Man City put a bid in for him in the summer instead πŸ˜‚
  13. Deulofeu....get him in.....