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  1. Could I have the other one please Bert? Cheers
  2. My sister had bought some tickets as well as her season ticket. The option to refund the extra tickets wasnt available to her. When she contacted the club they told her that I am the lead name and I will get the refund, even though I didn't purchase the tickets. They said me, as the lead, claiming for extra tickets would include these in my claim. Seems very confusing to me.
  3. At 3PM on bt sport its Leicester v man u 21st Nov 1976
  4. This is my favourite too. My first kit and still have it in my loft.
  5. Vegetarians can eat cheese, vegans can't.
  6. I've not noticed any vegan offerings. They used to do a broccoli, cauliflower and cheese slice if you are vegetarian, not sure if they still do? They do a cheese and onion pasty as well.
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