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  1. Has anyone ever shat themselves with glee? ...I'm genuinely interested to know now.
  2. It's like Johnny Evans has been Matthew Corbett and Soyuncu and Fofana are Sooty and Sweep. With his hand up their arses, controling them, they look fun and entertaining but as soon as he's not around they're ****ing useless.
  3. Can confirm, plantar fasciitis is ****ing painful.
  4. It's dignity like, we're covered in diarrhea but at least we're wearing a tie.
  5. Well at least we've got a new rock bottom to reference next season.
  6. I've genuinely had bowel movements I've enjoyed more than this.
  7. If Brendan shat himself, it'd take him 80 minutes before he changed his pants!
  8. To call Maddison deadly from those positions is like calling a Daddy Long Legs deadly.
  9. That's exactly what I mean. Other than the financial benefits, the actual thought of playing in the Champions League is just disturbing rather than exciting.
  10. Other than the financial stability it could bring, I don't want to see us in the Champions League. It'll be humiliating if we turn up and play like this shit.
  11. Cags looking like a panto Captain Hook tonight.
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