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  1. 21st Century Fox

    [OFFICIAL] Claude Puel is the new manager for Leicester City

    Knows the league, no doubt learned a lot that season. Tactically adept, has played some nice attacking football in the past in France. We've got players like Iborra starting to show what they're capable of. The futures looking rosier!
  2. 21st Century Fox

    Trump Triumphs

  3. 21st Century Fox

    Chris Wood

    Nothing will beat this one:
  4. 21st Century Fox

    Pardew gone!!

  5. 21st Century Fox


    Well this happened once apparently:
  6. 21st Century Fox

    Jamie Vardy : From Nowhere - New book

    I'll wait until comes with a free Danko Night Stick as used in the futuristic series "The X Files".
  7. 21st Century Fox

    Frank Worthington

    Wasn't it his daughter who claimed he'd been diagnosed with Alzheimers and then he denied it?
  8. 21st Century Fox

    Leicester City v Southampton - Match Thread

    ****ing long ball bollocks.
  9. 21st Century Fox

    Richard Keys smashes it again

    I wonder if she's as into tarmacing as he is (allegedly)
  10. 21st Century Fox

    Porto (home) Match Thread

    Play stops for the ref to pick up some supplies....
  11. 21st Century Fox

    Porto (home) Match Thread

    I swear the commentator on my stream keeps calling him Salami!
  12. 21st Century Fox

    Porto (home) Match Thread

    According to the American commentator we did well against Club BROOGA.
  13. 21st Century Fox

    Man United (a) match thread

    This is like waiting for a floodgate to burst.... oh well.
  14. 21st Century Fox

    Burnley (H) Match Thread