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  1. Nothing will beat this one:
  2. Well this happened once apparently:
  3. I'll wait until comes with a free Danko Night Stick as used in the futuristic series "The X Files".
  4. Wasn't it his daughter who claimed he'd been diagnosed with Alzheimers and then he denied it?
  5. ****ing long ball bollocks.
  6. I wonder if she's as into tarmacing as he is (allegedly)
  7. Play stops for the ref to pick up some supplies....
  8. I swear the commentator on my stream keeps calling him Salami!
  9. According to the American commentator we did well against Club BROOGA.
  10. This is like waiting for a floodgate to burst.... oh well.
  11. GET IN SLIM!
  12. Islam Slimani, he'll tear off your armi