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  1. Swansea away.

    Have one spare for this front row second tier face value pm if you want it can post or meet at swansea
  2. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    i have spare ticket for bournmouth away pm me and leave your mobile number and i will contact you i will meet in bournmouth or at ground
  3. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    Theres six tickets on sale for bournmouth away need priority 149
  4. Have backed shaky so far but how can you play those two up front together they are a mile of the pace
  5. As much as I love Leicester

    Once we get central midfield sorted we will be fine
  6. C1 Im not sure but i think thats the cheapest ticket in the ground right in the corner.
  7. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Come on lads the answer is simple they are looking for the right person to bung at fifa not as simple as when Sepp was in charge
  8. That Slimani shot

    Dont know why okazaki didn't play must be injured or fatigued he would have been a nailed on starter, Nacho its well documented hes not fully fit, im confident they are top of pecking order above slimani and ulloa
  9. Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    Tickets gone now, sorry about delay haven't checked laptop
  10. Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    I have one under 18 for this pm me if interested.
  11. Man United (A) - 26th August

    sorry now sold
  12. Man United (A) - 26th August

    Man utd Away now unable to attend have adult and under 16 next to each other can upgrade child's to adult tomorrow and have one adult on its own block E230 pm if interested, can meet up tomorrow.
  13. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Have one ticket for this will have to meet in london pm me if interested adult face value
  14. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Thanks Norwich fox but its quite a large country and you haven't helped me
  15. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Any one know where the u 23s tournament is being played in france?