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  1. CORNFOX68

    Souvenirs on ebay

    Just on a different tack i was supposed to buy 3 programmes for mates who normally come to games and was surprised there were none on sale does anyone know if they are going to be up for sale by club? if not they will be buying on ebay. i take it Burnley fans were getting them free as well there were Burnley fans coming out with piles of them.
  2. CORNFOX68

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    I have one for arsenal away face value dm me if interested must add due to not being paid for 3 newcastle tickets will require paying up front.
  3. One adult ticket available £30 j1 row w pm if interested
  4. CORNFOX68

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    NEWCASTLE One adult one under 22 for sale face value
  5. CORNFOX68

    Wolves away cup

    Two adult tickets £15 each 1x under 17 free these are in block jl4 one from centre and back row
  6. Two tickets for sale together bought them for someone "who definitively wanted them" then bought of someone else. pm me if interested want to sell both together
  7. CORNFOX68

    Bournemouth Away 15th Sept Ticket Details

    I have one spare ticket for bournmouth away pm me if interested
  8. CORNFOX68

    Southampton Away

    I have a spare u 18 if anyone wants
  9. CORNFOX68

    Man united away

    I have one available for man u away adult face value please pm me, someone else wanted but havnt got back in touch
  10. I have four adult tickets for notts away pm if interested
  11. CORNFOX68

    Arsenal home

    Have one spare ticket for this face value either u 22 £35 or adult £40 pm me if interested in g1
  12. CORNFOX68

    Arsenal home

    Two tickets for Arsenal h1 next to each other face value pm if interested can meet whu game tomorrow
  13. CORNFOX68

    Brighton away

    there are tickets for sale on official site
  14. CORNFOX68

    Burnley (A) - Sat 14th April 3pm

    Your Burnley tickets have arrived
  15. I have one adult and 1 and one u 22 for sale face value pm if interested