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  1. I’m not saying anyone here but other fans do invalidate their trophies, it’s not uncommon to hear people say “but they only won that because of money” when talking about Man City or Chelsea, which even if that statements true my point is you could say the same about most teams that have won trophies at some point or another.
  2. So what does it take to earn a trophy? The way we won the title was considered one of the biggest shocks in the sports history for a reason, if you don’t spend you rarely compete at the top.
  3. In fairness no team in history has probably spent as consistently as Man City have over this past decade or so, so I understand where you’re coming from, but I still think it’s a little unfair on the fans of those clubs to completely invalidate their trophies. What I disagree with is the idea buying success is anything new, it might have only been over the space of a couple of seasons but a lot of teams in the past spent more than everyone else to win titles/trophies.
  4. Valid point, but I was thinking more from a fan perspective, people seem more bothered by the fact they’ve spent money as opposed to being bothered by where the money’s come from.
  5. I can never understand how fans try devalue what teams like Man City and Chelsea have done just because they’ve spent, plenty of teams smaller than them spent money to win trophies over the years way before the Prem came about, its all relative.
  6. YouTube video on players who were written off too soon, Foxestalk makes an appearance. Vardy bit around 3:30
  7. I remember when Jim White said we were currently the biggest in the Midlands and it caused quite a stir, but in recent years a lot of these self proclaimed big clubs have performed poorly. In the Premier League era all the other Midlands clubs have won a combined 3 trophies (3 League Cups) We ourselves have won 3, including a league title.
  8. In the minds of the neutrals Villa are a bigger club than us without a doubt, most their trophies were won a long time ago, before the ww1 even, but you can’t point stuff like that out without receiving the typical “football wasn’t invented in 1992” response. But they’re bigger in a few other aspects as well to be fair. Realistically the only clubs who are truly appealing to players and managers based on club size are the top 4 or 5.
  9. Do they not get bored of the big club debate?
  10. In fairness I do think there’s fans on both sides of all the teams you mentioned who aren’t that bothered about being rivals with one and other, that can be down to a lot of things some of which do actually make sense. But if you’re a Forest or Derby fan and it doesn’t bother you in the slightest another team in your region is by far the best and most popular side, to the point a game with each other wouldn’t even be the most important game in the East Midlands if we were playing on the same day, it only goes to show how small time they’ve become, if that doesn’t bother you then fair enough, you know your place, I wouldn’t expect it to bother Mansfield either I guess.
  11. They really do, in fairness a lot of smaller clubs dislike the likes of Liverpool and Man United, Forest are just the only ones daft enough to think they’re rivals with them, meanwhile Liverpool fans don’t even know this rivalry exists. Cringeworthy thing is they hang on to one song Liverpool have sung for years where they mention Forest and bring that up to prove they care, yet when they sing about us it it’s because no other team in the world would fit the chant.
  12. Think they’d keep most their fan base in Europe but was thinking more their fans in the likes of Asia and Africa, just can’t see those fans following them in the championship.
  13. Are you suggesting Forest fans would bring something up from the past that has no relevance to today? Can’t see it myself.
  14. Wonder how many of their fan base would stick around if they were relegated, in terms of worldwide I genuinely think they’d lose the majority of their ‘fans’.
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