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  1. It’s great that Arsenal didn’t get him but Villa are starting to look like another team to worry about next season.
  2. That’s the one, don’t know how true it is but if so great for us and for them potentially losing some of your support to a local team, rival or not, is a bit embarrassing.
  3. Do you mean Leicester are big in Nottingham? Seen a few comments like that lately including this one under Rob Tanners tweet And saw another from a Forest fan recently saying something similar, interested to see how it plays out in future if we do significantly expand our fan base beyond Leicestershire.
  4. It might make no difference at all for all I know but what bothers me with Chilwell winning it is that it only makes the decision to leave easier for others, Chilwell was our worst starting defender last season and he’s managed to win the Champions League within a year of leaving.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, I’m not trying to suggest it’s on the same level as those 2 just that the footballing side isn’t always important. Although it would probably help with us vs Cov, there’s a dislike/hatred on both sides with us and Cov I think it has more potential than the others if they came up simply because they have such a hatred for us, if they were in Wolves position for example this last few years some of the games would’ve been huge.
  6. I’m not sure it’s that relevant, look at Villa-Birmingham, bigger gap in success and size between them 2 than us and Cov yet it’s still one of the most fierce rivalry’s in the country.
  7. Fairly sure that guy just copies SFE.
  8. We were underdogs in the final especially financially but it didn’t feel that way on the day, on paper there were a number of our players I’d prefer over theirs. Doesn’t devalue the achievement in anyway. Villarreal last night felt more like an underdog win to me.
  9. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/alex-ferguson-documentary-leicester-city-5457255.amp?__twitter_impression=true Some more of Fergies comments about us ”But then you take Leicester City. Four years ago, five years ago? When it got to November that year, I thought they would win it. Because I think what happened then was they were six points clear, I think, in November. But you know this feeling at the top of the week: if all the big teams are the below you at the start, they want to beat each other. They sort of forgot about L
  10. Possible he’s giving us 1 more year to get top 4 and if not he’s off.
  11. Some of them are just indifferent because they’ve been told to be and that’s fine, I’m mostly indifferent to Derby, let’s hope our success and their failure continues because it’ll only hit home when they notice more Leicester fans cropping up in areas where they hadn’t been before, their indifference only makes that more likely. Our fan base don’t do us any favours though, on Derby’s forum a Leicester fan signed up just to bite to a comment, why react? Just leave them to it. It just makes them think despite our success we’re bothered about what they think when in truth I like to thi
  12. He’s just not good enough, there are players that perform poorly but show something of a spark, he’s not in that Kelechi, Choudhury and even Gray while he was here group of players that while often they are or were poor they at least show they have something at some point to at least make you think they could eventually come good because there was something in their overall game to suggest that. Perez has just never had that, might have scored a few against poor opposition but we need so much more from anyone playing any of the positions he has played. Instead I can’t help but feel h
  13. What frame are they supposed to use? In this case even on the frame before there’s contact on the ball looks like he’s off. Shame really these pictures didn’t do the rounds more to stop the meltdown.
  14. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMestMLU6/ another angle of the goal, slightly better quality on the app IMG_7845.mov
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