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  1. Noticed that, loved Gary’s response though “agree with Raheem we saw it from Leicester last week when they banged 5 past them”. embarrassing how Man City have had to convince themselves we played 11 behind the ball.
  2. Irritates me as well this, it’s not just non top 6 team wins the league, it’s a relegation favourite with a starting 11 worth about half a Richarlison winning the league, just not comparable.
  3. The results last year for anyone interested, League 1 and 2 in the thread somewhere as well.
  4. On the first page someone posted a picture and we were at 38% for Forest which has now gone up to 61% since being posted on here maybe a few too many checking who Forest had put. You’re right about no one other than us and Derby particularly caring about Forest though, which is a major blow considering a number of them are still of the belief they have a real rivalry with Liverpool, seems none of the Sheffield clubs or Leeds are bothered either like they think.
  5. I always thought Peterborough’s dislike of us came from the League 1 season. This survey mostly gets shared in online local papers and it seems to be on the Leeds one which explains Derby in the top 5, because to the average fan I doubt they’re anywhere near the most disliked.
  6. Thought this myself recently, there’s a few nearly seasons throughout our history that would’ve changed everyone’s perspective on the club, even since 2016 there’s still people who say we’ve got no history before that. People are too quick to just judge clubs based on major honours and nothing else.
  7. Agreed but while I’m just guessing I think there was a generation that was lost to those clubs in a sense, all 3 teams you mentioned there had big success around the same sort of time 70s and 80s, can’t speak for all those towns but I imagine younger fans coming through will be mostly Leicester, glory supporters excluded.
  8. I do think our catchment area is underrated most Leicestershire towns are majority Leicester supporters, you might get glory supporters but you get them everywhere.
  9. Think it’s more Leicester now by a fair margin, can imagine it was quite evenly split or maybe even more of them in their glory days, be quite easy supporting European Cup winners when they’re down the road.
  10. We really have got in their heads this season and it all stems from us selling them our defender
  11. I saw it at the time and obviously couldn’t care less with what was going on but watching it back is funny and just sums them up for me, I’ve noticed even their players from that era often brings up comparisons moaning that people say ours is better. Very strange behaviour they can’t appreciate their own achievements without everyone else’s approval.
  12. To be fair being from Leicestershire they’re bound to be more bothered than most, always found it more embarrassing for us that Forest have ever had a bit of a fan base in Leicestershire towns, hopefully it will die out fully in the next few years.
  13. For anyone who doubts the lack of humility just give this video a watch. They love comparing them beating Malmo and whoever to us winning the league, not just fans, their journalists and former players too, shouting down anyone who dares disagree it was the best and they can’t stand the fact it’s not held as highly by the football world. Their greatest achievement and it’s not even seen as the greatest in the East Midlands. You do love to see it.
  14. We’re in the same league as those clubs in terms of revenue at the end of the day so to say we can’t compete with them is ridiculous.
  15. Jon Moss did the same against Spurs clearly desperate to give United a pen late on but it was too clearly a dive for VAR to give it. Force VAR into making a decision which if there’s any contact they clearly won’t overrule, if it’s Manchester United that is.
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