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  1. Players always looks awkward having to parade it round as well imagine having to pretend to care about it
  2. I don’t know what that includes but I know it won’t include the handballs that should’ve been for us, most in our favour were just offsides which have been being given all season that was never the complaint, it’s the 50/50s that we never get and since around Christmas we’ve been shafted a number of times.
  3. I know a lot of people don’t like the conspiracy shouts but at this point what are you supposed to think? Us, Wolves and Sheffield United must’ve had the worst “luck” of anyone in the league, all of which just happen to be the biggest threat to the top 4 this season, meanwhile Manchester United have won 11 penalties and conceded just 1 (we’ve conceded 9 the most in the league). Just dodgy.
  4. We wasn’t a long way off earlier in the season and they aren’t exactly a team full of world class players either, it’s very painful when we were so far clear.
  5. We used to see it as it was being done sometimes no?
  6. Not even sure that’s true tbf
  7. How’s that measured with social media follows? I think we’ve got the most followers combined on social media outside the top/big 6 teams, by quite a bit as well but a lot won’t be fans of the club realistically.
  8. Think people are being a bit harsh on us here, we get a lot of positive attention from pundits and fans, we get quite a lot of respect for what we’re doing and it’s not like we get called small either, the only reason some clubs below the Prem get called big is because pundits often don’t know what else to say about them. Where teams like Sunderland and especially Forest are concerned I don’t think they get called big in the media all that often either, someone might say something along the lines of it being a good thing to have them back in the Prem because they’re a big club but that just means too big for the league they’re in (debatable in itself), if the media really thought they were these massive clubs they would give them far more attention than they do.
  9. I’m sure most players would still say the same, but as True Geordie points out, if you’re a young player who hasn’t witnessed Arsenal as a great team would you really care? Kieron Dyer played against Arsenals invincibles and will forever associate them with that, young players today are playing against the Arsenal that got rattled by Maupay and done over twice by Brighton. We’re a long way off being as big as Arsenal no doubt about that, but Arsenal are yet to sign any of our players or manager that they’ve wanted since we’ve been back in the Prem and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, in fact we’ve been linked with a couple of their players recently in Tierney and Guendouzi, if we make top 4 things might continue to shift in the right direction.
  10. Been feeling quite negative about us making top 4 since yesterday but something I just seen that made me a feel a bit better about our chances. “Just taken a look at United's remaining fixtures and they look rather easy on paper. Checked the results from the first set of matches played earlier in the season and it seems they only won 9/24 points from these 8 teams.” They might have improved and could find it easier against “lesser” teams than they did before but it wouldn’t surprise me if they still show that inconsistency along the way and if they repeat those results we could lose every game and still probably finish above them on goal difference.
  11. SkySports might as well have been MUTV tonight 2 former Man Utd players as pundits a former player as commentator and a commentator who’s known for favouring United.
  12. Where we’re concerned is there any indication other than that it is likely to happen anytime soon? As others have said surely next season would be ideal with us unlikely to be back in the stadium.
  13. Strange thing about them is everyone from the fans, media, former players and the club itself are genuinely on another level of delusion, not even exaggerating it’s a weird club, they had plans to expand to 38,000 despite having an average attendance of under 20,000 a few years back, if they drop to lower mid table or have to up the prices again they’ll just have more empty seats than before.
  14. https://www.90min.com/posts/6527794-the-premier-league-table-of-the-decade-2010-2019
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