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  1. Completely agree we should control our own destiny but people are overreacting to how far we’ll slip down the table, saw someone earlier say that we could slip down to 8th in the next 4 games when that’s literally impossible, another saying we’ll be lucky to finish 6th as if all the teams below us are performing any better. Until that gap to 5th starts to significantly close we should be more concerned about performance than league places.
  2. I agree that’s the point I was making.
  3. Pretty much everyone below us is just as bad at the minute.
  4. Weren’t available for key sessions, whatever that means.
  5. It feels like there’s been a shift in mentality for some reason, possibly down to tiredness, going back to the 3-0 at Newcastle we didn’t go for it in the second half like we did earlier in the season despite them being down to 10 men through injury if I’m not mistaken. no real intensity we were just happy to see out the game for the most part, compare it to the first time we played Newcastle or when we beat Southampton 9-0 and there’s a huge difference.
  6. Good side but this is the same Wolves that drew with Newcastle last week, a team we’ve beat 8-0 on aggregate in the league.
  7. It feels a bit like United are trying to justify his fee at times. Never got the impression he was a leader with us and from what I’ve seen there’s not much difference now.
  8. Apparently Derby could get a 21 point deduction, surely that won’t happen?
  9. But I don’t understand, Everton and Villa fans said they were massive no one had heard of us but we’ve got more than them 2 put together. Must be a mistake.
  10. Villa have signed Pepe Reina, maybe the club could swap the scarves for beach balls instead
  11. Looks like Bruno Fernandes to Man United could be happening, surely good for us in the sense it should end Maddison speculation?
  12. Not sure if they’ll have decided yet but it can’t be a bad thing we’re looking at top 4 and getting 30k against Wigan, surely makes them more likely to go for more.
  13. Has there been any official word on how much we’re planning on expanding by?
  14. Last I saw Cov were only getting about 6k at St Andrews, so Cov at home for me.
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