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  1. I like how Forest fans only become interested in being the “best sporting achievement” when pundits started saying ours was the best. As impressive as it is there are so many conveniently forgotten facts for that Forest achievement, they were up there for spending around that time, they spent as much on Trevor Francis as we did on Vardy but the transfers were over 30 years apart. As far as an underdog achievement goes our title is clear.
  2. Probably an easy one that, feels wrong we’ve never won the FA Cup.
  3. Take the glory any day. Here’s one. Would you rather win 3 league cups in the next 3 years or 1 FA Cup in the next 3 years?
  4. I’m not sure either, saw it on Twitter and their fans seem to think the delay is down to complaints from locals and I wasn’t sure if we would encounter similar problems, this is from their club website. “The club had planned that major construction work would begin in May this year, however due to delays in the planning process the club is not in a position to start the development at the end of the current season. As a result the club has made the decision to allow season card holders in the Peter Taylor Stand the chance to renew their seat.“
  5. Not too sure what stage we’re at but are we likely to have any problems in the planning application? Forest have had to delay their expansion for a year which was due to start in the summer due to complaints from locals on the planning application, nice they might not complete their expansion first but had me thinking is there any chance we’ll run into the same problems?
  6. See this all the time swear Nigerians only goal is to see their players play for big clubs, he even said even if it’s Arsenal hope Wilf doesn’t have the same mentality.
  7. Think this is it no matter what, you can’t just relegate/promote teams while their fortunes could change so much, every idea i’ve seen someone misses out in one way or another and they’ll never accept that, they’ll have to finish it at some point.
  8. Fair enough, just the way it is sadly.
  9. No not all PL players have been tested. It relates to our club and the rest of this season otherwise I wouldn’t have put it in here.
  10. Callum Hudson-Odoi now tested positive
  11. Not sure if mentioned but when the Chile league had to cancel everyone’s spots remained but without relegation, top 2 from the second division came up and they had a 22 team league the next season. Harsh on the teams in the play offs but can’t help but feel relegating anyone with games left is worse.
  12. Went to their game against Millwall, met the squad and took photos with fans.
  13. Got to be Vardy, hasn’t got one for us has he? It’d feel wrong if he doesn’t win one before he’s finished.
  14. Good watch, but “The Greatest story in Football”
  15. Perez definitely doesn't fall into that category.
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