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  1. Xen

    Nintendo Switch

    Loving tetris so far, brilliant for a free game. Managing to finish top 10 pretty consistently (when I don't, I'm usually way back in 80th or something, with no in between lol) and picked up a couple wins too.
  2. Xen

    What grinds my gears...

    Usually gets you kicked out of the stadium, though...
  3. On this point, my view on it is that whilst I can understand (to an extent) the desire for Puel to go, the alternatives are totally underwhelming. If we do really well and Puel can't take us any further, then we might be able to attract a higher tier of manager and it'd be worthwhile. On the other hand if we end up in a relegation battle (we won't) then what would otherwise be a 'sideways move' to a manager in the same tier as Puel might be realistic - although we'd probably end up with Allardyce. As it stands, we're doing OK and have no real threat from below, so any move feels like it would be change for change's sake. Rodgers is the name most often mentioned, and he might well be an improvement. Then again, he might be a slight letdown, or just keep us ticking along at the same level. Other options in the same realistic tier of managers will have similar risk profiles, some more ambitious but riskier and others more steady. But if we make that sort of decision we have to weigh up the benefits of switching manager against the risks of disrupting what is clearly a critical transition phase for the club. I can't see any clear benefit to getting rid of Puel - particularly after some of the performances we've put in lately - so I fall on the 'Puel In' side of the fence.
  4. Xen

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Exactly. Mendy was a man reborn at the start of the season, like a completely fresh new signing. Arguably his resurgence was part of the reason Silva/Iborra rarely featured. The last couple months have been rough, but in the same way that Ndidi looked poor when paired up with a similar style player, Mendy also suffered. His mistakes have been more notable, admittedly, but that could just mean that being asked to play box-to-box affected him more than Ndidi. When asked to play a simple DM role and with the right (Tiele)man alongside him, he might be just as good, possibly better. Puel sees the players in training so will know for sure. We just have to guess until we see it in action. Likewise with Hamza.
  5. Xen

    Season Ticket

    Can guarantee its the former. I typically 'seat-hop' and am usually somewhere random in the west stand. When I go to buy tickets - particularly for the bigger matches - its normally only single seats available, but there's almost always a row of 3-4 seats completely empty somewhere near me, or they'll only be at their seats for about 30mins of the actual match. Super frustrating. In an effort to build up points I've bought tickets to matches I know I'm not able to make (given those tickets away to family), dragged my non-football-supporting partner along to cup games with a ticket in my name for an extra point (don't think this is possible anymore) and been to preseason friendlies with most the first team missing. Hate to think how much I've spent above the cost of a ST. Thankfully it seems a lot easier this season than it did last with the ballot, but still... From what I recall the cutoff for an ST last year was about 38 points and I'm on track for 40-something, but with the changes to the schemes its impossible to say. One good thing about the indifferent spell is that as it stands there might be a few more non-renewals this year...
  6. Xen

    Season Ticket

    It's a nightmare trying to get one now. I moved away for a year before the title-winning season so basically dropped to the back of the queue. Building up points through the title and CL seasons as a new member was practically impossible as you needed to be a member with points already to get tickets for a lot of the fixtures. Last season's ticket ballot for each match was infuriating for members trying to build up points, although this season I've been able to - for a small fortune - get tickets* consistently for every home game (league and cup), even for matches I knew I couldnt get to (gave tickets to family). Even then it's still going to be luck of the draw whether or not I have enough points to get one of the few tickets that become available. The sooner the stadium expansion happens the better. God only knows what they're going to do during construction, though, as presumably capacity will be reduced for a while... *Single tickets, that is. Literally zero chance for anyone who wants a pair of seats together.
  7. Just because someone plays at a high level doesn't mean they don't have flaws. There are things he does exceptionally well, and there are other things he needs to work on. You don't need to be a professional footballer at the top level to discuss someone's failings and how they can improve. If you did, plenty of top-level managers would be out of a job.
  8. He's had two or three injuries already during his loan spell. This is the first 'major' one. Something about plastic pitches...
  9. It may just be a soundbite, but it almost reads as though there's a slight chance he'll stay if we can show enough over the last 12 games. Certainly if we can finish 7th this year (not outside the realms of possibility) then he might be swayed... Perhaps wishful thinking, though.
  10. That header vs Spurs. That brace vs Man City. That freekick vs Stoke. All brilliant moments of jubilation, disbelief and outright comedy. What a player. Absolute rock for us, still can't believe how cheaply we got him. Wonder what he'll end up doing next, if anything. Seems pretty content taking it easy, and who can blame him particularly after the last few years? Wouldn't surprise me if he goes a similar route to Crouch and does a podcast, seems to have the right kind of humour for it. I'd certainly lsiten
  11. Xen

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    The release clause was something like £22m for clubs qualified to the Champions League, and there was plenty of interest at that price. Chelsea came in with their offer of ~£30m and we accepted as otherwise we'd have lost him for less. We couldn't have kept Kanté for any longer than we did, unfortunately. Mahrez had no such release clause in his contract, and when he signed a new contract there was a gentlemans agreement in place that we'd let him move on eventually for the right price.
  12. Xen

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    I've said a few times since Sunday that it seems pretty similar to the Felipe Anderson to West Ham deal which has worked out quite well for them so far. Its a lot of money, but if he carries on in the same vein as he did against Spurs then it'll be a worthwhile investment. If Silva can perform well we might be able to bring that down a bit in a player+cash deal. Rudkin might even try and be a bit sneaky and add in performance-based add-ons. Something like £30m guaranteed (in instalments) +£5m for Europa League qualification + £5m for CL qualification.
  13. Xen

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Never played FM in my life. Regardless of what players do on the pitch there is still a general formation they are in. 'Formation' isn't a rigid definition, otherwise we'd all be playing fooSball instead. It's the general areas of the pitch that players occupy. If you have two holding midfielders and two more 'attacking' midfielders that's a 4-2-2-2, even with flexibility. Formations written as numbers over-simplify things anyway; if you look at any manager's tactics board there'll be arrows all over the place indicating movement. And yes, when we're on a break the formation is still evident. Very rarely did Ndidi/Mendy join our breaks - they'd take it up to the edge of the center circle, pass out wide and then sit there. But anyway, I digress. My point wasn't really to discuss formations/rigidity etc. It was more to call you out on suggesting that we go BACK to the 2DM 'formation' which people have criticised for months when we've just seen and pretty unanimously agree that 1DM+2CM is much more effective.
  14. Xen

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    So a 4-2-2-2 then? Not sure we should be experimenting with formations again when we seem to have found something that works. The 4-3-3 is flexible anyway. The fullbacks can push on with Ndidi sitting back to cover, Tielemans/Maddison take on that central role but are free to push up as required. The front 3 is fluid and rotates as required, with Ghezzal often ending up central, Gray/Albrighton (when fit) switching wings, etc. Even Maguire's position isn't fixed at the back so he can step in front of Ndidi. The only 'fixed' positions in the 4-3-3 are Evans, Kasper and - if he plays - Vardy.
  15. Weve been our own worst enemy at times. I don't think we've been outplayed by anyone in particular since the Palace/Spurs games in early December. We've made it difficult for ourselves by giving away cheap goals early on, at which point the opposition has sat back and we've struggled to penetrate their defense. If we'd managed to hold firm at the back for a bit longer I'm absolutely confident we would have taken the lead and gone on to win against Newport and Southampton, possibly even Liverpool and United. Spurs was down to poor finishing, and we were generally just awful against Cardiff (although I still wouldn't say we were outplayed, and we had opportunities to win it). Things seem to be clicking now and with Tielemans we'll be much more potent going forwards, and if we can become a bit more clinical up front there's no reason that we can't go on a run similar to the great escape. If we do, it might just save Puel his job.