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  1. It wasn't automatic - you had to register interest last weekend (Friday - Monday) and if you were succesful you would have had an email. Even if you had enough points, if you hadn't registered interest then you wouldn't get a ticket. It sounds like you didn't register, so its your fault for missing out - not the ticket office. Its the exact same process as it was last year and there's been plenty of communication about the timeline of applications (ST renewals, seat changes, members applications, etc).
  2. Working from home again because of a (major) leak at the office with the rain last week. That's a full week now, and apparently this is continuing til Friday at least (at which point I'm off on annual leave). Not complaining as it's obviously a lot more relaxed, but I'm starting to go a little stir crazy without all the usual face-to-face interaction haha. Still, it's given me a chance to get packing done for Spain so at least I'm being somewhat productive
  3. Loved him as a coach, seems a really genuine, likeable guy, but ultimately he didn't quite have what it takes to cut it as a manager at this level. Perhaps would do a better job in the lower leagues if he decided to try management again. That being said, he had a tough run at the start of the 17/18 season. 4/8 games against CL clubs, he'd just lost his main midfielder in Drinkwater and the replacement (Silva) wasn't eligible to play until January, and Mahrez was starting to make rumblings about leaving. The performance against West Brom that saw him sacked was dismal to say the least, but I think he would have been 'OK' if we'd kept him on and had us finishing safe around 14th. Sacking him was the right decision (we'd never have progressed under him unfortunately) and he never should have been hired as permanent manager in the first place, but I have absolutely no ill feeling towards him and wish him the best. Part of the trifecta which turned our club around after years of drab football, and an integral piece of the jigsaw which saw us crowned champions of England.
  4. Man Utd thinking they can do to us what Liverpool did to Southampton a few years back, not realising that the background to the two situations is completely different and we won't roll over as easily. They're obviously a big club but its well known they have a lot of issues behind the scenes and the financial playing field has been levelled somewhat, to the point they can't jsut steam-roller over every club which shows an inkling of promise and take their players. The big 6 (apart from Liverpool/ManCity) are genuinely worried that they're going to be under some serious pressure next season and they don't know how to handle that. Hopefully us/Wolves/Everton can all live up to the potential and really shake things up
  5. There's a cap of 23k STs and 'home' capacity is closer to 29k, so even once they're all sold there'll still be loads of seats around the ground which'll be sold on a per-match basis to members/general sale Supposedly there's somewhere between 600-900 people who were succesful in the ST application.
  6. Season tickets available now for anyone succesful in the ballot - just got mine in SK3
  7. 43 points and successful. Wasn't expecting the threshold to be so low so pleasantly surprised
  8. 37 last year +10 for renewing membership +19 (all home games) +1 (pre-season friendly) +3 (league cup) So it's possible to have missed the cut-off last year and still be on about 70 points now. Even more, potentially, as in 17/18 it was possible to get points by buying multiple tickets under the same membership (I bought some for my partner for cup games), but they removed that very early on this season (possibly before the season started)
  9. @SheppyFox and the Iheanacho saga The Kramaric will-he-wont-he permit issues. Nigel Pearson saying that we were unequivocally not looking at signing Chris Wood (around Christmas) then him signing on the 1st of Jan. Obviously the infamous 14-second debacle for Silva
  10. I registered interest yesterday, didn't even have to put in bank details, it's completely free to do so.
  11. Xen


    I've said it before, it seems awfully suspicious that Liverpool's line-ups were regularly leaked in 17/18 and it was strongly rumoured to be Danny Ward leaking it. Then over the summer he came here, their leaks stopped and ours started...
  12. Xen


    He's 'Tier 1' for transfer news on belgian players, has close links with the NT and is widely regarded as the best source for info on Belgian players. He absolutely is ITK. Whether or not it comes off is another matter, as transfers can change/stall/fall apart for all sorts of reasons, but if he says we're still pushing and the other clubs aren't interested, then its a pretty safe bet that that's the case.
  13. Home tickets are easy enough to get for the majority of games, although as you'll have no points to start with getting seats together might be difficult at first. Someone posted about away tickets yesterday and I think most of them went down to members at least, some even to general sale, so you should be able to get tickets. It was only the likes of Newport which sold out before members, iirc. They've adjusted the membership this year so you can pay a little less and get it without the 'members pack' (this year LCFC history book and pin badge) for £40. Worth it to give yourself a better chance of tickets imo.
  14. Xen


    I think it's pretty standard practice that even if a signing is completed, announced and more-or-less official, the actual signing doesn't become 'active' until the 1st of July to get around exactly that.
  15. If I remember rightly his contract ends Jun 30th and it would affect any sort of tribunal that needs to happen if we signed him before that date, so he may well be a Jul 01 announcement
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