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  1. Justin/Fofana/Ndidi for Thomas/Amartey/Mendy at half time, please. The forward players haven't been pulling up any trees, but give them a more solid base to build off of and they've got the ability to turn it around. The defence has been naff so far, though. Amartey absolutely woeful. Get Barnes down the middle for at least some of the second half and using his pace to get past their high line - Perez isnt a bad player, but in this setup he's far too slow and Brentford have taken full advantage of that fact.
  2. Or if we continue to take a 5-season rolling average, we'd only need to finish in the top 4 to have that same (or better) outcome. So again, it not only depends on what data you look at, but how you frame it. Its largely irrelevant either way - I couldnt care less if we're classed as a 'big club' because of our prior performance if right now we're in the mire (e.g. Arsenal), and equally not being a 'big club' doesn't matter if we're currently performing as if we were in that bracket anyway (as LCFC is currently doing).
  3. Why 10 years? You wouldn't use the 2010/11 season as a basis for predicting our finish this season - its completely irrelevant - so why does it factor in to the argument here? If instead you took the last 5 seasons you'd get: Chelsea 10 1 5 3 4 4.6 Man Utd 5 6 2 6 3 4.4 Arsenal 2 5 6 5 8 5.2 Spurs 3 2 3 4 6 3.6 Man City 4 3 1 1 2 2.2 Liverpool 8 4 4 2 1 3.8 Leicester 1 12 9 9 5 7.2 Still below the rest, but much more comparable and we're clearly on an upw
  4. I don't even think it's an argument. They've been far and away the best officials we've had not just this season, but for a long time.
  5. Reading that back, I'm really not sure why I put that. Think I was remembering the rash not-a-penalty foul and misremembering some stuff from previous games and merging them together in a sleep-deprived haze, whilst also forgetting the good stuff I'd still rest him for Brentford, regardless. Of our first XI, he's probably the least likely to be recovered in time for Everton afterwards.
  6. Schmeichel Castagne Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tavares Ricardo Perez √únder Iheanacho Schmeichel played against Stoke so we're clearly wanting to put out a strong side. Doubt we'd revert back to Ward now unless Kasper feels he needs a rest (unlikely). If Ward does play, though, I'd be perfectly content with that. Ricardo and Castagne both need minutes to get back to match fitness, but I'd also want to see Thomas get some game time (he'll find it tough now that the other 2 and Justin are all fit again). So Ricardo gets pushed up to RW. Evans was a bit
  7. Comes across incredibly well in every interview he does. Clearly one of those 'scholars of the game' types who's fully invested in it. Seems to love the club and the ambition too. Liked the comparison to Lampard also - he could have a similar long-term impact here as to what Frank had at Chelsea. Loving this purple patch he's in as well. Long may it continue.
  8. He hasn't been so bad to warrant some of the vitriol that has been directed his way, I agree, but at the same time he just hasn't shown that he'd be capable of being the main man to push us on after Vardy hangs up his boots. He's still a very capable player and fits perfectly for his current role at the club as a deputy, but long-term we can (and should) do better w.r.t our 'main' striker.
  9. Alternatively you can vote here on PC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55622537 JJ currently in second (18%) behind Tsaroulla for Crawley (28%)
  10. I wanted one of the 90-92 ones as well but they only had it in XS. Emailed the club back in August to ask if it was coming back in stock and they just said no. Ended up buying the XS one in 'Blue Friday' (can just about get away with it as its more like a S ) but seems like it was the last one at all as its no longer on the site. Its a shame, as there were some really nice remakes of the old kits on there, but now it's quite limited. Hopefully they bring them back soon, but I wouldn't bet on it...
  11. Yes. He's been below-par for us more often than not, but I'm not going to blast abuse at him because I think he could be a good player if he had consistent game time in this set up. HOWEVER, he's definitely not good enough to warrant that sort of faith and to be given gametime at the expense of Vardy, and when Vardy eventually retires or slows down Iheanacho isn't at the level where he could step up and lead the line. I'd only want us to cash in on him if we had someone else lined up to replace him, but I think its pretty clear at this point that he isn't
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