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  1. Xen

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    It really is insane. Just from that list (+GK) you could make an XI of Ward Ricardo - Soyuncu - Benkovic - Chilwell Ndidi - Choudhury Barnes - Maddison - Gray Iheanacho Average age of ~21.7, and that's only as high as that because of Ward! Half of those are already in the first team, Soyuncu will be added to that soon, and the others are all on the fringes or ready to step up next year. That squad would do well enough to stay up, I reckon, and those players are only going to improve over time.
  2. Xen

    Wolves (H) match thread

    There's 7...
  3. Chilwell is already at least as good if not better than half of the LBs in this division, and you can say that about most of the rest of the squad in their respective positions as well. We're not going to get relegated because a 21-yo wingback makes a few defensive errors. If we don't play him, then how else is he going to learn?
  4. Why? We're not that far off of a European place, and seem to be making solid signings to get ourselves closer to that target. None of the clubs above us are particularly desperate for these positions, and won't pay the money to convince our owners to sell. We may have been a stepping stone club in the past, but the post-Kante decision to scrap release clauses and the owner's clear intentions to hold strong on our player valuations (Mahrez, Maguire) shows that we're clearly trying to move on from being a stepping stone and become a regular challenger. Tottenham managed it not that long ago, so why not us?
  5. I can see Maguire going next summer if he keeps momentum from the world cup, but otherwise I reckon we've got at least two more years from each of them. Vardy will see out his contract here. Maddison has only just signed. There'll be interest, but we have no need to sell and we know the owners play hardball. Chilwell is a local lad and clearly well liked here. His flaws mean he won't be as attractive to the big clubs, and I can't see us getting offers high enough to entertain. Gray is probably the most likely to move on as his experience here to date hasn't been the greatest for him, but his potential could see him attract interest, potentially as a cheaper alternative to Zaha for instance. They're all mates though so they may well prefer to stick together regardless. I know I can sometimes be a bit too optimistic sometimes, but it's hard not to be when we have youngsters like these breaking into the XI.
  6. Things are all coming together quite nicely for us down the left. Chilwell is now undeniably our first choice, so he'll be getting the run of games that he needs to work on his weak points. There's plenty of talent there, just needs refining. Gray is in almost the exact same situation. Shown flashes of brilliance in the past, but never really had that consistent run of games to establish himself. With Mahrez out of the picture he'll only improve. Maddison needs no further explanation. Clearly a fantastic talent. 3 close mates with great potential playing in adjacent positions and who are all coming into prominence at the same time. It's exciting stuff. It's a big if, but if they all keep progressing as expected (and Vardy keeps going), we could genuinely end up with 4/5 England players over the next few years..
  7. So are people who have already bought a membership this season or those who are renewing from last season, unable to enter? Seems a bit of a crappy way to boost sales of an under-performing membership scheme. I bought my membership as soon as it was available as I'm trying to get the points to have a chance at a ST next year, but my 'loyalty' in that regard means I actually miss out on the chance of a ST?
  8. Xen

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    I'm not even sure you need to go in (so long as you're registered), as I think it's mostly digital. I'm not sure how it actually works as I've never actually used it haha.
  9. Xen

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Have you tried your local library? No idea how it works, but I know that some of them have selections of audiobooks available to 'check out'
  10. Xen

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    It's dead simple. There's loads of mobile apps available which all have a huge (free) selection to stream or download for later, usually you don't even need to register or anything. Alternatively you can download the mp3s directly (iTunes or similar) and listen to them however you like. A small number you have to pay for, but most of them at least have some episodes available for free.
  11. Xen

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Seconding WTNV, great podcast. Surreal and a little creepy. I only listen to podcasts when I run and got into this last winter, so running in the dark whilst listening to WTNV at times could raise the heartrate a little... Recently, I've been listening to 'No Such Thing As a Fish', 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' and 'The Adventure Zone'. Great stuff.
  12. Xen

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Exactly. He's still a teenager and has only been playing week-in week-out against more senior players for a few weeks, so it's no surprise he's not quite as aggressive or influential as some would like. He's still producing goals though, and the physical side of his game will only grow from a season in the championship. As far as LCFC is concerned, if we're going for Europe he's not likely to get gametime as a youngster if we recalled him. Conversely, if we're in trouble we're not going to bring him back and rely on him to fire us to safety. And if we're comfortably mid-table (most likely) then he wouldn't gain anything with us that he wouldn't gain from a promotion push with WBA. He'll still be there in May (and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he ends up playing at Wembley).
  13. Just curious, but would a lack of work permit necessarily stop him from training with us for a few days whilst it gets sorted out? I would have thought that would be no different to when we went to Austria for a training camp for a short period. Not sure of the details for how these things work Your point still stands that he won't have trained, though. He was in Germany and injured at the end of the week, so we won't be rushing to get him over and involved in the matchday squad, particularly as his future is (currently) uncertain and he could end up staying in Germany.
  14. Xen

    What grinds my gears...

    I'm not sure if Im offended by it as much as I'm just tired of it. It's lazy, has no depth, and always sloppily 'executed'. Heck, even that wouldnt bother me too much, but its not even funny. We've come so far past that point culturally (in most western countries) that there's no need for it. The range of personalities and behaviours of gay people is so ridiculously broad and varied that they can do so much more - and thankfully they are starting to. Films like 'Love, Simon' are fantastic as we're finally starting to get a real representation that isnt a charicature. 'Gay' is not a personality. I know a number of gay people who are exactly like that, and that's who they are so that's fine. I also know a guy who runs an inclusive rugby club and is about as far from 'flamboyant' as you can get. And there are countless people who are in the middle, or even switch between different extremes depending on mood/situation. And the experiences of all those people are similar but different at the same time. We're starting to get there now, but I think what we're aiming for is less of 'This is the gay character' and more of 'This is a well-rounded character, who happens to be gay'.
  15. Xen

    What grinds my gears...

    I can fully understand the anger when a white actor is cast in a role which is clearly intended to be a specific race/ethnicity. That's lazy casting and is denying opportunities of other actors who are overlooked for other major roles because of their race. Similarly, there's no reason for cis actors to play transgender roles. Sexuality, however, shouldnt make a blind bit of difference. There are some fantastic examples of LGB actors playing straight roles well, and vice versa. Particularly so nowadays being LGB doesn't restrict you from taking on roles in the same way that race/gender does. As a gay man, my main issue with this is that the 'groundbreaking first openly gay disney role' is supposedly meant to be an embellishment of all the typical gay, effeminate stereotypes, and they're choosing to go with a comedy 'actor' (in the loosest sense of the word...) who's going to play it up even more so. I'm struggling to envisage how they plan on realising that without it becoming demeaning/offensive.