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  1. Group G is essentially the exact opposite of what you'd expect from those sides... Not that I'm complaining, mind!
  2. The buyback clause is frustrating, for sure, but all it does is allow Man City to speak to him about a transfer, to which he can always say no. We'll just have to spend the next 1-2 seasons convincing him that we're a more desirable club for him than Man City are... 'Leicester City - PL Champions 17/18' should do the trick...
  3. Not quite - its champions league format so I think there's still three more games left
  4. NOPE
  5. Penalties don't count, remember? Presumably nor do free-kicks...
  6. Not In Kthe Nknow?
  7. I dunno, the last CB we signed from Nottingham turned out to be OK...
  8. Happy so far (assuming KI signs). Will be disappointed if there's no more to follow after though.
  9. Leicester City Football Club is based in the city of Leicester.
  10. Blockchain, probably.
  11. How would it be any different if he was hunched over his desk in an office? He'd still be sat there in front of his laptop doing the exact same thing, just in a worse mood as he's not in the sun at the same time. Besides, for all we know he's sat there playing Minesweeper.
  12. I'll take Sweden , please Will sort my team out fully when I'm back from my holiday later this week, but if any matches happen before then, just make sure Zlatan is playing, please
  13. Just pointing out, Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha and Top are the same person. The person you've named as Aiyawatt (4th from left) is actually Top's dad, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who is the owner of LCFC