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  1. After so long off my cardio is well and truly shot. 1 mile run yesterday at what should have been a relatively comfortable pace (perhaps a touch on the faster side) and I was puffing at the end of it. Not enjoying my running at the moment at all. Trying to keep consistent with the physio though, so hopefully I'll be able to start pushing the distance soon and getting that cardio back... Longer term, I'm having doubts over whether or not I still want to do Manchester Marathon in October - 2 years after I first signed up for it. Tempted to focus on the HM and 5k - both with potential
  2. 3 points against Man City is far more than most teams will manage this season. Would've liked us to perhaps not be overran quite so much, but ultimately this game was always going to be a very difficult test and a loss by a small margin isn't a disaster. On to the next.
  3. Second session with the physio yesterday. He's cleared me to start running again, although its going to be 1-2mi, 2-3x per week max to begin with. Bit demoralising, but needs must and all that. He also got me to run on the treadmill for a bit (not a proper gait analysis, just a quick assessment) and basically said that apart from my glutes not really firing properly pretty much everything about my form is as you'd expect and not likely to overload an injury or anything like that. Good news, at least, and bodes well for the longer term recovery that I don't have a bunch of other pr
  4. Someone posted this on reddit and explained that the methodology is, frankly, terrible and misleading. The question(s) were a scale out of 5 - not a simple yes/no as the graphic implies - then they've just summed up all the scores out of the max. So the minimum score would be 20 (it's not 20%) if everyone scored 1/5 - basically what happened for Newcastle. For us, you've probably got the vast majority of fans giving a 5/5 and a small number giving a 4/5, bringing the 'approval' down slightly. There may still be some people who don't think we're well run, but it'll be le
  5. Foden had played in the Champions League for Man City before he'd ever been picked for the U21s. Mount only made 4 appearances for the U21s before stepping up to the senior side - and 3 of those were at the failed U21 Euros in 2019. He'd already won Player of the tournaments at the U19 Euros in 2017. Maddison had 9 appearances for the U21s, but has himself publicly given a lot of credit for his development to his time at Coventry (and subsequently, Norwich and Rodgers) and as far as I can recall not said much about Boothroyd being a driving factor... DCL was playing for the E
  6. Looks like he's certainly capable of playing at the level that we need from the brief flashes of ability that we've seen, but for whatever reason it hasn't worked out. Injuries haven't helped, nor the language barrier most likely, but it does feel as though there's something else that's preventing him getting in the team. Not necessarily anything negative on either part, it might just be that he doesn't offer quite what Rodgers is looking for in that role. Wish him the best, but its been clear for a while that his future probably lies elsewhere.
  7. Alternatively, look for either a spibelt or a flipbelt. Game changer. Even better, Decathlon has some cheap shorts which have a built-in elasticated waistband with 3-4 pockets (incl zip(s)), big enough to hold most phones.
  8. Indeed. Theres an interesting discrepancy that if you plot the # Covid deaths against age group, there's a pretty stark split where those above the current 'vaccination progress' line (i.e. 45+) make up the bulk of instances. The opposite is true for the # Covid cases by age group, so groups like these acting with wild abandon after the first relaxation are probably going to drive yet another spike (predictable, but still...). Wouldn't be at all surprised to see a return of tier systems for midApril-July if this is isolated to local areas, or the whole timeline being pushed back if its a
  9. Well, this is just great. Without being too specific, I'm involved in the Nottingham covid response team. Behaviour like this is going to make for a fun few weeks...
  10. 1-1 at half time. If we win today and Durham lose, then we're effectively champions (barring a huge GD swing) I think.
  11. Love one of the quoted tweets in that article - "If you're Leeds, you don't move to a direct rival, simple". In what world is Galatasaray a direct rival They've not been in the same competition as each other for 2 decades...
  12. That was the setup for Vardy's missed chance, wasn't it? If so, around the 58 minute mark according to the match live text on google.
  13. Stringfellow: 15 cup goals in 55 appearances (0.27 goals per game) Iheanacho: 17 cup goals in 30 appearances (0.57) A few select others: Rowley: 14 in 18 (0.77) Chandler: 14 in 26 (0.54) Vardy: 9 in 42 (0.21) Lineker: 8 in 21 (0.38) Granted, with cup games in particular it can be hard to compare because the level of opposition* could vary so wildly, but he's still doing very, very well. *For the record: 5 goals against PL opposition (1 in each AVL semifinal, 1 against BHA and 2 against MNU), 3 in Europe (1 vs zorya, 2 vs braga) and t
  14. I was curious, so I thought I'd have a look at what a 'magic number' might actually be if everyone else maxed-out, with fixtures against each other in mind. Turns out, there aren't that many games which come into play. I grouped every side into top 8 or otherwise. A top 8 side would always win against a non-top-8 side in this model, and fixtures outside of the top 8 (e.g. Arsenal vs Brighton) were irrelevant, so the home side arbitrarily gets the win. For matches between the top 8 - Man City always lose (they've already wrapped up the league through other results in this mode
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