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  1. Xen

    UK Cities quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 77 seconds  
  2. Utd the first game after both transfer windows close, then. Just wait for them to do what Man City did to us at the end of Jan and bid for our best player(s) and unsettle them...
  3. Xen

    Silly New Rules

    It's what they use at the Hong Kong 7s tournament, iirc. Reckon it would be brilliant for cup games, and make it a lot more tactical too, with managers 'playing chess' trying to predict who the other team will take off and how they can take advantage of that. I'd tweak it slightly and go for something like this: 90-95 minutes: 10v10 95-100 : 9v9 100-105 : 8v8 HT, 1 additional sub allowed 105-110 : 7v7 110-120 : 6v6 If still tied at 120, penalties (as normal) but with just the 6 players left on the pitch. And for general cup games in things like the Champions League, get rid of the away goals rule (ideally entirely, but at the very least it needs to stop counting AET)
  4. Xen

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Whilst I like him as well and want him to stay as manager and build something with this England squad, if we were to get knocked out in a group consisting of Tunisia and Panama I'd find it difficult to argue his case... 2014 was an awful result but at least our group was *somewhat* challenging with Italy, Uruguay and an in-form Costa Rica. Going out in the group stages again this year - considering the opposition - would be worse, imo.
  5. Xen

    James Maddison

    They finished above us last season...
  6. Xen

    The Leicester 10

    Most Minutes played: Maguire (408) Most Goals: Vardy, Iheanacho, Okazaki, Musa (1) Most Assists: Silva (2) Most Shots on target: Musa (12) Most Tackles: Ndidi (23) Most Fouls: Benalouane (11) Most Cards: Benalouane (2) Most Clean Sheets (defensive players): Maguire (2)* Player to get the furthest: Silva/Pereira (SF) *Portugal to keep more clean sheets than England, but Pereira won't play (60mins+) in as many as Maguire.
  7. Xen


    I'd agree that we should sign another CB if we want to play 3atb as our main tactic, BUT we do have Amartey who can play there, as well as Simpson who wasn't too bad on the rare occasions he was used as a CB last season. We could also try promoting Hughes or Knight if we're in a position to give youth a go.
  8. Id argue that Vardy is just as good as - if not better than - Kane when it comes to finishing, and does a lot more work off the ball too. Yet you'd never hear any of these pundits saying that Sterling is a better finisher than Kane, would you? As we're used to by now though, Vardy will be the 'impact sub' for England in the group stages, coming on for 10 uneventful minutes at the end of the match whilst Alli refuses to pass to him, or he'll inexplicably be played as a winger. We'll get through to the last 16 and be tied late on, and Southgate will use his 3rd sub to bring on Henderson to play for penalties or something equally stupid, whilst Vardy watches on from the bench.
  9. Xen


    Good luck to you too mate Been meaning to get down to The Running Fox for a while but never got round to it. I live walking distance from there so no excuse not to really! Ended up trying a bunch of pairs on at sports direct during my lunch break in Nottingham then ordering them online, last time. Ended up with a pair of Under Armours which have worked well for me the last couple months (certainly an improvement on the cheapo Karrimors from before...), definitely going to get an expert opinion for next time, though.
  10. Xen


    I'll be doing the Leicester 10k as well . From what I've been told, the 10k is a nice course but the half (and moreso full) is a bit rubbish in terms of support compared to other similar races. Not doing the half though - entering the Robin Hood half in Nottingham at the end of September instead. I've got a sort-of long-term target of running my first full as the Leicester 2019 race, as I'll have just turned 26 a few days prior, and 26 miles sounds like a nice way to celebrate haha. Feels weird planning so far ahead, but I've definitely caught the bug. Couple relaxed weeks now to deal with shin splints and then off on holiday, then ramping it up again through the summer. Hoping to break through that sub-2 barrier this time around.
  11. Xen


    He's not there. Think he's about 5 days too old (Had to be 20 or under on 1st Jan 2018, I believe, and he turned 21 around Christmas).
  12. Xen

    Master Puel

    Er... make your mind up? Doesn't matter what his predecessors did (or didn't) do, he's come in and identified an issue which has seemingly been overlooked, and set out to rectify that. And by using his contacts, he's got us what could possibly be the best realistic option we could ask for. I'll admit that he perhaps doesn't deserve as much credit for the Evans deal, as our interest has been there since before Puel, but to not give him credit for getting Pereira is a bit harsh to say the least.
  13. Xen

    Derby Half Marathon

    It's your first hm, so regardless of time it's still a PB if you think you could have done better, then just make sure you smash that time next time around
  14. Xen

    Derby Half Marathon

    Congrats! Even just finishing when it's hot like this is no mean feat, so great job mate Not long got back from the Swithland 6, myself. Heat wasn't quite as bad as it was when I did the MK half a few weeks back but still not pleasant. Think I just scraped by in under 53 minutes, which was a huge shock as I was expecting closer to 57... Almost collapsed in the shade once I was done haha
  15. Xen

    Thorgan Hazard

    That would actually be ridiculous if we pulled it off. We'd be going from mahrez and gray/Albrighton to that, and it's hard to argue that we wouldn't be stronger for it. A front three of Hazard/Vardy/Anderson would be incredible, and allow us to either play 5atb with wing backs or 433 with a strong midfield. Of course, we'll more likely end up spending even more money on getting Grealish and no one else.