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  1. Fairly balanced so far. Will be a few more yellows in this though, so Tielemans and Perez may be subbed around the hour mark to keep us with 11 men. Maddison, Under and even Slimani are all options off the bench who could make a big difference to this game. I'm not sure that (on paper) Villa's bench has the same strength... Fofana has looked solid so far.
  2. Brendan pre-match has just said Vardy is a few games away. Could be Iheanacho/Slimani for the next few weeks then.
  3. Brendan just said Vardy is a few games away. Hmm.
  4. Trying to access the TM on the web app to do some SBCs, but all I get is a message saying: "Your account has not earned access to the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps yet. Continue playing FUT in the current FIFA title on Console or PC to unlock access to the Transfer Market" Anyone have any idea of the rough criteria that triggers it to grant access? Googling seems incredibly vague and even the EA site just says theres no set criteria, which is particularly unhelpful... Frustrating.
  5. Marathon training was going well, then an IT Band niggle cropped up (and a few other things since) and I've only done two 1-mile runs in the last few weeks. Not ideal, to say the least. I think I'm dropping out of the marathon anyway, though. It's in Cheshire in December and as I don't drive it was always going to be a challenge logistically, and at this point there's no guarantee it'd go ahead anyway. Think I'm content with that choice and going to focus back onto my original goal of getting my 5k to sub20 in 2020. Also means I won't feel as guilty about missing some of the 40+mil
  6. Bought the game yesterday after skipping Fifa 20 and barely playing 19. Nice to see I'm exactly as crap at this as I remember being Admittedly got a sub-par squad at the minute up against some good teams so not too surprising I'm struggling for now, but getting there. Seem to be much better at scoring goals this time, but conversely I get carved open with my defenders just watching as they run through on goal time and time again, so every game is ending 5-3 or similar. What formations have people found work well so far?
  7. Yep exactly, said something similar in a post earlier. Even more ridiculous when you point out that the day pass gets you another 22 hours worth of sky sports on top of the match (so potentially triple the football, plus F1/rugby etc), whereas the PPV will just be the single game...
  8. https://twitter.com/martynziegler/status/1314585749417844741? In a reply he says apparently Woodward voted in favour despite this, then quotes the JP tweet after that. Going to be some interesting to see what comes out from this...
  9. Its a risk, admittedly, but the buffering/dropouts is infrequent enough for me that I don't mind. Just need to remember not to look at FoxesTalk whilst its on though as its normally 1-2 mins behind Even if I think its expensive I can understand paying for a subscription as you get more out of it than just the one game. But £15 for a single match is ridiculous and not far off some of the cheaper actual match tickets. Even worse: a NowTV sky sports day pass which gets you 24 hours of sports (not just the one game) is only a tenner, so why is a PPV game (with no extras) one-and-a-hal
  10. Thats obscene. I won't be giving them any of my money for it. For those who will undoubtedly ask, reddit [dot] soccerstreams [dot] net collates a list of links for each and every game. Download a decent adblocker (I use uBlock Origin) and see what you can find. Just before KO theres usually plenty of options for any PL game, the US/Canadian ones are pretty good quality. Just refresh or switch to a diff link as needed if it freezes.
  11. Pre-covid I worked in an office right in the middle of Nottingham city centre. Medium-sized company owned by a large multi-national, and no furlough of any kind in our office (slight slowdown in business originally, but then a sharp uptick after the initial wave). It was a pretty straightforward transition to working from home, and I've been here since March. They initially reopened the office in August for those who needed/wanted it, although lots of prerequisite forms and new guidelines to follow for those who did. I live in Loughborough and my job can be done entirely remotely so I've staye
  12. When we signed him, Iheanacho had one of the best minutes-per-goal ratios in the premier league. His stats now aren't quite as good, but they're still not bad and you've got to treat them with the context of a slightly more withdrawn role as second-striker/no10, substitute appearances and inconsistent runs in the side. He definitely is a natural finisher though and when he gets good service he's very effective. In recent years that service has been geared towards Vardy's style of play more, but as we're evolving the squad the types of chances we're creating will probably start suiting Iheanach
  13. Doomed from the start. Solid player that was ruined by his time in purgatory and just didn't fit in to the style we wanted to play - admittedly under a completely different manager to who he would've expected. Would have been interesting to see how things would have turned out if he'd been registered in time and could play under Shakey - might have made a big difference to both of their times here. Glad to see him gone and off the wage bill, but no ill feeling towards him personally. Hope he settles in at Sampdoria and gets back to his best.
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