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  1. Anyone else had any races lately? Had a month off back in June and spent July slowly ramping back up. Had my first race back yesterday - the Carl Rutt 10k in Whitwick. Ran it last year in 54:34 and managed to knock off 3 minutes from that this time around which of course I'm very happy with. Still a way off my 10k PB, but the course is super hilly in the first half so it's not really surprising. Started near the back and managed to keep reeling people in - first time in a long while that I think I nailed the pacing through the whole race. I've got Equinox24 coming up in September which I'm woefully unprepared for, so I'll be treating that more as a social event and run-walking to - hopefully - 5laps (50k) or more. I'm then entered in Leicester marathon in October but the injuries put paid to that, so I'll be dropping to the half instead and seeing if I can beat last years time of 1h48.
  2. CBs were great, Soyuncu in particular. Motm for me today. The way he plays will cost us goals at times (as did Maguire) but the good will far outweigh the bad. Chilwell was shocking. Hope it's just rustiness and he gets back to his best ASAP. Poor game from Maddison and Tielemans, but that's why we bought Praet to give us that extra option. If he'd had more time to settle I reckon we would've seen him on for Maddison there. Wolves didn't offer much, but if they could finish they'd have won that. On reflection, a draw is probably a fair result, and one that before the game I think most would have been satisfied with.
  3. Gives Hamza license to roam and cause havoc with a high press, whilst Wilf holds back and fills in at cb when the fbs push forwards. Interesting that the only recognised midfielder on the bench is the new boy Praet...
  4. No Sterling or Kane when they both returned decent hauls, and it seems like everyone and their dog has at least one of those alongside Salah. Dropped back a fair bit already. Still got Vardy as a differential to hopefully recoup some of that, along with Perez and Barkley who probably won't return anything. Not quite as good a start as it seemed on Friday, but still fairly happy...
  5. Yeah, there's all sorts of display glitches atm. Its also saying everyone's team value is 100+(whatever they have in the bank), so people supposedly have values of 100.5, 101 etc, despite no price changes happening yet. If a player is flagged that wasn't displaying on pitch view either. The official app has been shocking for ages though. There were alternative apps available last year, might be worth seeing if they're back up and running.
  6. Happy with that - 37 from 3 - although it seems like all the people I'm specifically looking to beat this year did exactly the same thing lol. Would've been 50+ already if it wasn't for Pukki's goal, annoyingly. Might have to keep an eye on him as an option when I WC, possibly GW8. Managed to avoid the Alisson injury and went with Ederson instead, so hopeful that be gets a return and maybe a price rise or two (although he's set and forget, so that doesn't really make a lot of difference...) Thank fvck the PL is back
  7. This is the same Lawrenson who - in his weekly feature - predicted Liverpool to go unbeaten for something like 3 seasons on the trot. He and a lot of the other 'celebrity'-style pundits live in their own little bubble and are completely oblivious to anything outside of it.
  8. Yeah, once Everton started bringing people in my first thought was that they're going to be mightily impressive this season, but then on reflection I'm not nearly as worried as I might've been. Every single year they spend decent amounts on new players, and every single year the majority fail to live up to expectation and disappear shortly after. Just in the last few years they've brought in the likes of Tosun, Klaassen, Sandro, Walcott, Cuco Martina, Bolasie, Schneiderlin - and none of them have really made an impact. They've also lost their defensive core (Gueye/Zouma) and haven't really replaced them (they've brought in Gbamin(?) and Delph) so I can see them being a bit leakier than usual. Up front Kean has potential but is a risk that could go awry, and they don't have many other consistently reliable options. I don't really rate Marco Silva either, to be honest. They may surprise and do well (their early fixtures certainly give them a good opportunity to start strongly), but there's a lot of question marks over them, for me. 8th-11th imo.
  9. The league? Weird. I've just double checked and the code is right. If you're still having issues after the GW I'll drop the site's admin a message and see if he can sort it out.
  10. Very excited to see how he turns out. He's looked promising in his brief appearances so far and showed some good signs. The Atalanta game he looked threatening at corners and dependable at the back, and even managed a couple of runs up the pitch (which Maguire was often famed for, although rarely did anything come of them..). Yes, he has a few mistakes in him but then so did Maguire, and there were times when we looked just as solid if not more so when Harry wasn't in the line up and Caglar was. He's had a year to bed in now and start to learn the language, so the club should start to see their patience pay off with him this season. Bringing in Soyuncu and Benkovic last year was brilliant forward planning, and I wouldn't be surprised if by October time we weren't missing Harry at all.
  11. I thought it was pretty impressive when we were one of the first clubs - back in the Championship under Pearson - who were regularly using cryotherapy chambers as a means of rehab/recovery. Vardy going out and geting his own is something else though, clearly very dedicated to his fitness and it certainly seems to be working. From the sounds of those pre-season fitness stats in the article and Vardy's attitude he could genuinely be playing at a top level in the PL for another 3-4 seasons despite his age. Leicester legend, without a doubt.
  12. Where we will finish? 5th Top goalscorer? Vardy (20) Player of the season? Tielemans Young player of the season? Choudhury How well will we do in the Cups? QF in League Cup, SF in FA Cup Surprise of the season? Soyuncu Game you are most looking forward to? Wolves (H) - just because I'm anxious for the season to start Premier League Top 7: Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester, Chelsea, Man Utd Cup Winners: League Cup Arsenal, FA Cup Man City Relegation from PL: Burnley, Norwich, Aston Villa Promotion from Championship: Leeds, Derby, WBA Winners of CL: Atletico Madrid
  13. Didn't even see that! Very nice considering how few people play - arguably better than the actual FPL prize pool For max 2 minutes of effort each week its worth giving a go.
  14. Free to enter, no prizes as far as I'm aware. It's a fairly small userbase and I think it's just one guy running it. My first season playing it so I'm still a little unclear myself, but my mate who introduced me to it did it last season, and also did the women's world cup version which I think he ended up winning
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