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  1. Xen

    Run a marathon... advice.

    A marathon in 9 months would be tough, but it sounds like you're reasonably fit already so it would be doable, although you may need to have a goal just to finish rather than getting a fast time. The key thing is to run most of your runs at a slow pace where you could easily have a conversation without being out of breath. A couple of these short runs each week, one longer run at a similar pace (for you, ~7mi atm), and maybe an interval session or tempo run if you want to get a bit faster as well (park run has worked brilliantly for me so far as a faster effort). Build that mileage up slowly - 10% a week is a good suggestion - and you'll have no problems at the HM distance. Sign up for a HM for Feb-Mar, build up slowly and just enjoy the experience. You may decide that a Full is too much, or you may want to jump straight in. If you did decide to go for it that would give you enough time (and enough of an endurance base) that you could step into a proper training plan which are usually up to 18 weeks.
  2. Xen

    What grinds my gears...

    Still get them on pc if the window is narrow enough to make the layout change, though.
  3. Shaw at £190k/w is hugely disproportional to the rest of the market though. There's very few clubs who'd go anywhere near a player like him with that sort of financial burden attached. You look at supposed money-bags Man City and their established England international defenders in Stones and Walker, and they're reportedly on 'only' £100k/w. Still a huge sum of money, but it's not really that much more than what we pay Maguire. Sure we can't go out giving ridiculous contracts to everyone, but we can afford to do so for our star players as we need to. At the very least, none of the clubs who could comfortably ofer more than us are going to be looking for a LB anytime soon (and if they are, there are more viable options abroad for them). Shaw / Mendy / Alonso / Robertson aren't going anywhere soon, so nor will Ben. He'll sign a new contract with us and he'll see his wage increase close to what Maguire is getting, I imagine, and that will be more than fair for his ability and potential.
  4. Xen

    Arsenal away next😳

    If it was the other way around we'd have scores of people saying that it's 'typical Leicester and they'll break their poor streak against us'. Of course there's an element of survivorship bias there - noone remembers the matches where the streaks weren't broken, but still, omens don't count for much. Got a weirdly optimistic feel about this one. If Puel can get the defence right I reckon this could be a nice smash-and-grab job. Vardy to be fired up for this one and rile them up, drawing a few free-kicks in dangerous positions for Maddison to tuck away. 0-1.
  5. Xen

    Running a Half Marathon

    I've always preferred my early morning runs before the rest of the world wakes up, but typically find it impossible to get up early enough during the week. I'm awake, but 'getting up' is a whole other step... I never have an issue getting up at the same time for a morning run at the weekend though, strangely. Always seem to have so much more energy and feel more awake for the rest of the day when I run in the morning, whereas evening runs just knacker me and I end up lazing about until bed. So easy to skip an evening run after work, too. I know it's a matter of dedication > motivation, so just need to force myself into the habit... Easier said than done though!
  6. To be fair I think that says more about the quality that he had at Chelsea than the lack thereof at Utd. A number of those players would have been in/around a World XI during the years in question. Based on consistency/form, the only player I'd potentially add from Mourinho's days at Utd would be Zlatan, although Drogba in his prime makes it difficult to consider anyone else.
  7. Xen

    New training ground approved

    "Enjoy living off that miracle prem win and European failure for the next 50 years while bitching about a championship club who’s got 10 more cups. " Wow. European failure? We literally out-performed every other English side in the PL in 15/16 and then out-performed every other English side in the CL in 16/17, but apparently that's considered 'failure' to the side which has struggled in the bottom half of the championship for years . Go figure. A Forest fan complaining that another side will be living off of past successes hsa got to be the ultimate irony, surely.
  8. Xen

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Its not so much to stop all the pointless friendlies, but more to get rid of the even-more-pointless qualification games where the result is essentially already known before kick-off. I'm talking the likes of England vs Andorra, Germany vs Faroe Islands etc. The matches which ultimately don't affect anything other than maybe GD in a quali group, and don't benefit either side involved. There were a few sides over the weekend who won their first competitive game in years/ever, partially because they've been seeded against sides who are actually a similar ability to themselves rather than being the whipping boys of a group. I was sceptical of the Nations league at first and still think it might be unnecessarily complicated, but so far it seems like a decent solution to fixing the qualification process.
  9. Xen

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    10 million to remove a recall clause from a 1-year loan deal that's already halfway through, when it would already be mutually benefical for us not to recall him? If they offer even a tenth of that we should absolutely snap their hands off. Free money.
  10. Xen

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    You've pretty much matched me once again! 1h48 here. Really struggled in the first half (perhaps went too quick) but just about managed to maintain it til the end. Had nothing at all left to kick with, though. Really happy with how my times have improved over the summer as I've done no speedwork and have been inconsistent with my regular runs. Going to be more disciplined over the winter and perhaps set some loftier targets for next year...
  11. Doing reasonably well, currently on 501, rank ~160k. Reasonably happy with that, although consistency across the whole season has been my problem in previous years, so hopefully I can keep it up. I've never finished in the top 100k annoyingly, despite usually being top50k before new years... Tend to drop off massively then salvage it a little in April/May. Had a few lucky breaks as well, like being perfectly happy with my wildcard team up until half an hour before the deadline, then bringing in Hazard and Fraser when they both hauled . Currently got Pereira/Maddison/Vardy and tempted to drop one of them as I can never quite bring myself to start triple-Leicester. Think I've got a (risky) plan and will probably take my first hit over the international break, but there's a few options I'm looking at...
  12. Xen

    The Crinkly Solar System Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  13. Xen

    What grinds my gears...

    Not questioning that there are some people who cheat on them, but for me at least I often do them when I'm commuting (train wifi on mobile) or at home on an old laptop, so I'm usually waiting at least a minute total just for the questions to load
  14. Xen

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    Last few days before the half - how are we all feeling? Think I'm just about recovered from the Robin Hood half now, so been getting in a few easy runs to keep things ticking over in between. Robin Hood was a hard slog with the big hills at the start, whereas looking at the elevation for this one it seems generally more flat (apart from that climb towards the end!) so if everything goes well I'd like to be getting a little closer to 1:50. RH was a quarter mile too long as well, so fingers crossed Leicester is a bit more accurate
  15. Xen

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Same here. Season 5 seemed completely disjointed and I quickly lost interest in the season narrative, ended up giving it a break for a few weeks. Picked it up again for season 6 and played a couple games but its really lost its edge for me at the minute.