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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Dependent on any clauses in the contract, he is an employee of LCFC. That isn't up for debate. There is no employment law that comes into play. The only thing that is being contended is his registration, which is a football issue. We could easily have chosen not to register Musa, for instance, but still would be liable for his wages. The 'right to ply his trade' that others have mentioned is also missing the point. He isn't being restricted from being a professional footballer. He's being restricted from playing in competitive matches for us, which is no different than if we just chose not to pick him if he was rubbish. There may be nuances due to the unusual nature of the industry, but I doubt anything is going to affect this transfer on a legal basis.
  2. England Number 1 (poll added)

    Butland, Heaton, Pickford, Forster and Foster. All first choice keepers for PL sides, and you can all but guarantee at least one of them is in good form at any given moment. Meanwhile Hart falls out of favour at Man City, goes on a pretty uninspiring loan to Italy, and ends up at West Ham where he's conceded 10 goals in 3 games for the side who are currently propping up the table. And yet Hart is favoured over every one of them for England. It's baffling.
  3. What is our best team?

    For me, there's two options. Either a 3-4-1-2/3-4-3 Schmeichel Simpson - Maguire - Huth Albrighton - NDidi - Silva - Fuchs Mahrez Slimani - Vardy Let Mahrez have a free role to do basically whatever he pleases, Slimani should link up well with Riyad and Silva, and the balls into the box from the two wingbacks should be perfect for Slimani to get a head on or Jamie to make a run behind. When Maguire goes on one of his runs the wingbacks could drop back for cover if needed, but there's still plenty of options ahead of him. The other 2 CBs could easily have been changed for Morgan and Dragovic, but Morgan seems to be feeling the effects of his age with his back injuries and Dragovic is currently a bit of an unknown. OR a 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 similar to what we play currently Schmeichel Simpson - Maguire - Huth - Fuchs Ndidi - Iborra Mahrez - Iheanacho - Albrighton Vardy From what I've read, Iborra is a bit more defensive than Silva so I've swapped those, and otherwise its more or less what we play currently, with Kelechi in the Okazaki role.
  4. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    https://www.premierleague.com/news/465277 He's listed on the official PL squad list.
  5. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    How the hell are we a feeder club for Chelsea? We've sold TWO players to them in two seasons - they're not exactly raiding us like Liverpool did to Southampton. One of those players we were going to lose regardless, and Chelsea did us a favour by paying more than we would have got otherwise. And in Drinkys case, I'd hardly say we've weakened ourselves seeing as we've replaced him with the captains of two strong Europa League level clubs (pending Silva) for roughly the same cost. And as for strengthening Chelsea? Well, they've got a bit more depth now but that's about it. Ridiculous thread...
  6. I imagine this may get deleted but.......

    Totally agree with you on that Rumble, not sure how any of what Thrac said can be taken the 'wrong' way. It's pretty clear what he thinks of people like myself, and the fact that morons like this still exist in 2017 is a painful reminder that whilst things have certainly progressed there's still a long way to go... What REALLY gets me in that post is that last line, though. 'Perhaps the gay community could start attending to their own responsibilities' THIS IS IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER MY RESPONSIBILITY TO DEAL WITH. By saying it's my (/the LGBT community) responsibility he's basically saying that we're to blame for the vile paedophilia which has been going on for decades. I'm genuinely struggling to comprehend how anyone can even begin to hold a view like that in this day and age. Funnily enough, a lot of the culprits are/were straight married family men from his generation... As a side note, I refrained from posting in the thread earlier as by the time I was out of work and able to, Thrac's post had gone up and I was genuinely far too angry to type coherently. I'd like to say thank you to the rest of the posters who VERY quickly shot him down and other hateful speech in that thread, and were more or less positive and supportive of the LGBT community throughout. Some of what was discussed falls into a very grey area that I myself don't know where I sit on some of the issues, but the discussion was for the most part civil and well reasoned. A particular thanks to the Foxes Pride group who, although I've had no personal dealings with, do a fantastic job for the community.
  7. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    @UPinCarolina, was it not?
  8. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Shinji scored. WTF.
  9. Mahrez is our best player and although he's asked to leave, he's still contributing to the team and had a decent preseason, without kicking up a fuss like others often do (Sanchez etc.). ESPECIALLY with the game against Arsenal, who are essentially his only real suitors, he'll probably put in a top rate performance. It may be with the intention of prompting Wenger to splash the cash (ha!) but regardless, its good for us, He has his moments but he's no drama queen like a lot of the big players at big sides. As a club we'll have sat him down and said to him that, in our eyes (and his) he's one of the best players in the league, and certainly a cut above the likes of Barkley and Siggurdson. So if they're rated at £40-50m, then he's worth AT LEAST that and we wont sell for less. I may be wrong but I think he'll accept that, and if no offers come in that we agree with, he'll stay. I'd start him, for sure. Schmeichel Simpson - Morgan - Maguire - Fuchs Mahrez - Iborra - N'didi- Albrighton Iheanacho - Vardy
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    By the time the window closes, he could easily have spent almost half a BILLION in his three windows so far. That's half a billion in little over a year. On a squad which already included the likes of Aguero et al. Madness.
  11. The ones who got away

    Oriel Romeu at Sot'n was close to coming here, wasn't he? Can't remember if that was 2 summers ago instead of Kanté or as his replacement last year.
  12. Group G is essentially the exact opposite of what you'd expect from those sides... Not that I'm complaining, mind!