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  1. That wasn't MK in 2018, was it? I did the HM there which was my first race of any distance (other than 1 parkrun) and it was horrible to run in. Pretty much everyone was walking at one point or another, numerous people needing medical attention. Like you say you never expect it to be that nice on a bank holiday haha. My first marathon should be Manchester at the start of April, which is possibly one of the least predictable times of year weather-wise. It could just as easily be high 20s and bright sunshine, or freezing cold and icy underfoot. Going to be interesting either way...
  2. I know too many people who missed out on the Leicester HM and - not wanting to waste their training - signed up last-minute for either the Great Eastern Run (cancelled, terrorism scare) or the Great Birmingham Run (shortened, 'flooding'/terrorism scare). Both turned out to be false alarms, I believe. Can't catch a break...
  3. Exactly. Belgium as a nation have really stepped up a level (or three) over the past few years, and we've positioned ourselves very well to try and take advantage of that. There's an awful lot of talent coming out of their leagues. Hopefully OH Leuven can get promoted and we can develop a clear pathway (mutually beneficial of course) to develop top talent in both countries, as well as being a strong candidate for any Belgian or Belgium-based players to come to in order to progress their careers. Exciting if it pays off.
  4. A friend of mine is back in the area for that one and suggested the 10k, but I've not ran a HM yet this year so I'm also looking at the longer distance. Definitely tempting.
  5. I was thinking the same, but on this occasion this is about Coleen's personal, private account which she controls and she mentions that she allows certain people to follow her - presumably on their own private accounts. IF that's the case, then there's no real reason for anyone else to access Rebekah's private account... Then on the other hand you can't rule out that Coleen's account itself has been hacked, or some other third party being involved in some way.
  6. The Phantom. What's it going to do, make noises in the dark and slam a few doors? I'll be fine I reckon...
  7. Congrats to her! My fella's just had a preliminary offer from a job he applied for almost 9 months ago (he was put on the reserve list at the time). Pay will work out about the same after travel, but its a way out of retail and it'll mean we'll actually have (at least part of) a weekend off together on a regular basis rather than working opposite days all the time. My work isn't quite as exciting as yours sounds though - I've been debugging the tiniest little glitches with a dashboard I've created and been getting absolutely nowhere
  8. Not much else they could do really. These races must be a nightmare to manage even when everything goes smoothly, so a last minute scramble to get everything ready was never going to work out. Unfortunate, but parts of the course are very prone to flooding so holding a race at this time of year is always going to be a risk, and it's been particularly heavy rain recently. People have a right to be annoyed at the situation, but anyone getting angry at the organisers need to grow up. They've given as much notice as they reasonably could and kept entrants pretty well informed.
  9. Pretty certain he'll play. They'll use the excuse that he's still recovering from injury (despite playing pain-free against Liverpool) so he misses the Czech Republic game and then it'll be a token 5 minutes at CDM at the end of the Bulgaria game when we're already 3-1 up, thus making him inelligible for RoI so he can't switch nations. Then he'll be forgotten about again in favour of Mount in n10 and Harry Winks at CM.
  10. I think a lot of the time that opinion is being based on how he left Celtic rather than his longevity there. He'd openly said it was his boyhood club and a dream to manage there, then when he's on track for a treble-treble/10-in-a-row he decides to jump ship mid-season as soon as another club comes calling. Obviously that's not quite the whole picture, but it was easily the overriding view of the Celtic fans and even some of the more reasonable ones were saying he's a bit fickle and not likely to show long-term loyalty. That viewpoint kinda stuck and now he's - rightly or wrongly - got a reputation as a mercenary.
  11. On past form he absolutely would leave us, although I imagine he'd stick around for at least this season and probably the start of the next depending on EL/CL qualification. However, we're in such a good position as a club that if we can fully realise our potential (i.e. finish top 4, and repeat that feat next year with a decent CL campaign thrown in) then he may be convinced to continue the project beyond the usual expectation. If we manage that then there aren't really many clubs that would be interested in him that he could consider a step up. The big foreign clubs - alongside Liverpool and Man City - are unlikely to be in for him which leaves Spurs, United, Arsenal and Chelsea. Spurs are in a similar position to us but a few years along the path, though its unclear right now whether their issues are going to hit them hard come the end of the season. United are in disarray and that job seems like a poisoned chalice. Arsenal could potentially tempt him but they've been indifferent for a while and I genuinely think we're the more exciting project. The only club I think he'd definitely leave us for is Chelsea who have been forced into a change in approach and have plenty of scope for progression and development. That obviously relies on Lampard getting the sack though, which I don't think will happen anytime soon. Maybe I'm being naive, but I think he'll stay here for at least a couple more seasons.
  12. Just had my physio appt. Typically, everything seems to have cleared up the day of the appointment so it was difficult to get a proper diagnosis, but I've been given some exercises to do and advised that a few more weeks rest is probably best so my ankle can fully heal up. Annoying - especially as the deadline for transfers for Leicester was yesterday - but needs must I suppose. Follow up is in 2 weeks, so we'll see how that goes. If anything, I'll be a lot lighter in my step (thanks to my wallet being notably thinner...)
  13. Thursday 7pm deadline for them to announce their decision. Makes sense to announce it early as there'll be people with travel plans who wouldn't necessarily want to travel for nothing, but the forecast is dry until then and very wet after, so I worry that they'll give the go-ahead and have to reverse the decision (unless they've found a new route). Either that or add in a cycling section and make it a triathlon...
  14. So your logic is that, if Maddison plays on the wing then it's better to have Fuchs behind him, on the basis that Fuchs would have the cover needed if Barnes or Albrighton (i.e. not Maddison) are on the wing in front of him? Is it just me or does that not contradict itself?
  15. Schmeichel Pereira - Evans - Soyuncu - Chilwell Ndidi Pérez - Tielemans - Praet - Albrighton Vardy Not a fan of having both Hamza and Ndidi starting together (although towards the end of a game, sure), so I'd go with Praet alongside Tielemans as he'll be slightly stronger defensively than Maddison is and after his performance against Newcastle he's earnt it. Could end up developing a very nice partnership alongside his fellow Belgian. Otherwise, the only change I'd make is to start Albrighton. I thought Chilwell and Barnes linked up a lot better against Newcastle, but Albrighton will provide a bit more defensive support up against TAA and Salah. Maddison, Barnes and Hamza to come on as subs.
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