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  1. Went out nice and early today before work. Makes a nice change running when its not baking hot outside, for once Congrats on the PBs! I'd give the same advice - gradually reduce the proportion of time spent walking until you're able to run the distance all the way through at a steady/comfortable pace (which is exactly the same as how couch to 5k works). You might have to slow down a little bit to be able to go further, but thats absolutely fine. Over time that extra endurance from the distance running will help you get quicker when you attempt shorter/faster runs. I could go down a whole rabbit-hole of training methods and the like, but I think the '80-20 rule' covers it fairly well. The idea being that 80% of your running should be easy and 20% harder efforts. The actual percentages are broadly irrelevant, but if you keep the majority of your runs at a conversational pace and throw in the odd fartlek session (unstructured intervals) each week and a time trial/PB attempts every 2-3 weeks, then you can't go far wrong.
  2. Top work, especially in those conditions. Keep up the good work and you'll comfortably be beating that time once the weather cools down
  3. Left it late 😅 Certainly haven't made it easy for ourselves so far - losing the first game and having to come from behind in this one...
  4. Might want to check that again... left it late for an extra 22k on my total
  5. I really liked the training log, and the segment leader boards were kinda nice (although always filled with cyclists marking activities incorrectly, or runners with bad GPS data). Not nice enough to convince me to pay though, so I'll keep using the free version for now. All my data is in Garmin Connect anyway which does a lot of the same things, and I sync to smashrun for some extra detail that's nice-to-have. Strava does the social side well so I'll keep using it, but the rest I'm not fussed about. My job is literally to build MI dashboards and do data analysis, so I'll probably just build my own version of the training log as a personal project. Something to keep me busy over lockdown...
  6. Early contender for goal of the tournament, surely? And the assist for the second was pure filth.
  7. That's more like it! Those goals were something else. Jeeeez.
  8. If you're looking at ultras, then Equinox24 is a great intro to it imo. I did it last year (and was set to do their new race Solstice24, also at Belvoir castle, this year). Rather than point-to-point its lap-based, so you can do as much or as little as you like/are capable of. I didn't really train for it (few injuries, but had an OK base of 20-30mpw) and managed to get 50miles over the 24hrs, with a nice long sleep in our tent before the last couple laps . Could definitely do more than that now I've added more volume to my training, though. I've been chatting with a few friends and toying with the idea of a couple straight-through trail ultras, 100k/100mi territory. Sounds like good fun. Obviously waiting til lockdown restrictions are lifted first, so likely not until 2021 Nothing quite beats the shorter competitive races though. Time trials and virtual parkruns/relays are scratching that itch for now, but its not quite the same.
  9. Training plan called for my first-ever session of hill sprints today. Only 4x15sec so nothing too bad, but bloody hell the heat made it so much worse. The only hill near me which is steep enough for that sorta thing happens to be right out in the open by a few farmers fields with zero shade - I don't cope well with the sun directly on me like that so I was already feeling rough on the way to the hill before I'd even done the hard part Adding in a bit of speedwork is definitely helping with motivation to keep the streak (day60 today) going - mostly easy-effort running was starting to get a bit repetitive so its nice mixing things up. Hopefully get that 5k time down a bit more over the next few weeks, too.
  10. Might be wrong but that second one looks like someone's just stuck the badge/sponsor/supplier on a pre-existing template (is that bird the old supplier logo?) and the third kit is literally just the germany adidas template we have as our pink kit The rainbow kit is something different and would actually stand out, and you've actually made it yourself. Oh, and its the only one which is actually clearly supporting the NHS (rainbow and logo, neither of the others have any reference at all). Easy vote, good effort. Looks like you're just edging it...
  11. Xen


    Same boat here - could probably afford to move now but won't even consider going down that road under the current circumstances. I'm WFH so saving a boatload on travel/lunches, and my OH is getting plenty of double-time at work so we've been able to add a fair chunk to the deposit already. Keep looking online at houses in the areas we're interested in, but wouldn't dream of actually viewing in person for a fair while yet anyway (especially as we don't have a car and would have to take public transport to see anything), so it makes sense to hold fire. If (when) there's a slump in the market it isn't likely to bounce back so quickly that we 'miss out'. I'd like to think we'd be able to start seriously looking from August and be settled somewhere before Christmas. Gonna have to play it by ear though, of course.
  12. Your 10k PB being only 4 seconds more than your 5k PB doubled is remarkably consistent, nice running! Keep that up and you'll easily get sub30, and sub 1h will follow soon as well. Particularly if you've managed those time after not being 100% in the buildup. You've earned that takeaway, enjoy
  13. Oops, skipped over that, my bad Judging by the comment on the Accrington Stanley bit, the 'overall score' is just approval rating, so really it should be added to all the other measures and averaged to give an actual overall score. But as its not it ends up pretty meaningless... And in any case, who on earth are the 2% of people who don't approve of Top's (and Vichai's) ownership?
  14. Well deserved. Seems like they put all those stats in, but they're irrelevant as its only 'approval rating' which is used for the overall score. Comparing us against Accrington Stanley, for instance... Top vs Holt Overall rating: 98.0 - 98.5 Communication: 8.2 - 7.66 Finance: 8.9 - 7.71 Football Operations: 8.8 - 7.34 Stadium Development/Upkeep: 8.3 - 7.68 Treatment of fans: 9.0 - 7.68 Transparency: 8.4 - 7.53 It's not even close Ultimately it doesn't matter one bit, as everyone on that list is a good owner and comparing one to another isnt going to change anything, but still seems a bit strange...
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