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  1. Don't know if you were planning on getting on a treadmill or running outside, but if the latter then just make sure you're careful. The ice is particularly bad at the moment and a couple of my club runners have slipped the last few days, so if you're already a bit unsure on your leg its best to be extra cautious.
  2. Similar for me, though not quite as high up! Was about 60k and going steady, then one thing after another seems to have gone against me, despite on the face of it being fairly sensible choices. Bringing in Gazzaniga before they started conceding in all their easy games, bringing in Kane over Christmas and swapping TAA for Robertson at the start of December all caused my rank to crash. Thankfully its still pretty tight so a couple of good weeks and that should reverse pretty quickly...
  3. Couch to 5k worked brilliantly for me, both times I did it. There's a lot of subtly different plans in different apps, but by and large they all do the same thing so as long as you pick one and stick with it you should be good to go. Make sure you respect the rest days as thats when your body is recovering and getting stronger, and dont worry if you need to repeat a run a few times before moving on. Good luck!
  4. Krul got booked for timewasting in the 93rd minute when they played us in December, but only after he'd been persistently doing it for the entire game. It definitely doesn't get punished enough, and there's no way a keeper would ever get a second yellow for time-wasting, which makes it a bit redundant to say the least.
  5. If they're walking backwards then they won't see it as quickly, buying you more time to take it down before they notice
  6. To be fair, FM genuinely has about as much predictive power as the vast majority of these 'super computer' predictions. They're all based on pretty basic statistical models which have been fed into a machine learning algorithm and allowed to run for a few cycles, but the input data is a (relatively) limited datasource and there's only so much model training/refinement that can go on before its just pure guesswork. Even then, a lot of the models tend to err on the side of caution more often than not - the SAM model that the BBC used a couple seasons ago (alongside Lawrenson's predictions) had a proclivity for predicting draws and wins by single-goal-margins, because that's all that its algorithm could account for. Basically just ignore them. They're no better than guessing based on a small amount of contextual knowledge.
  7. They may only be playing 1-2 competitive matches a week, but that week also includes: Physical Training 3-4 times per week Mental/tactical coaching, including research on opposition teams/players Travelling to/from games, including hotel stays for long away journeys. Some players will also have to travel long(er) distance for training, as well. Media/Community outreach duties For national-team players they will have additional commitments related to that which take up a lot of time/energy Plus outside of work they'll have plenty of other commitments: Language courses or other university degrees (like Soyuncu and Ndidi are doing, respectively) Keeping on top of nutrition (which requires a lot more effort than it does for you and I) Many players have young families which take up a lot of their time and energy They may also be 'walking the dog' or 'surprising the missus' - that's not something that disappears for them. Their own social lives, which they're entitled to. Of course, there's also huge amounts of mental fatigue and stresses that these players go through which are a world apart from those of us on this forum, so that will impact them in different ways as well. And on a slightly separate note to all of that: as laymen we have very different definitions of what constitutes for 'tired'. This is an industry which is all about maximising every last bit of performance and really working the percentages, so whilst I might only consider myself to be tired when my energy dips below a hypothetical 70%, for instance, the sports science guys at LCFC may well have data that shows that anything less than 95% is "tired" and will cause significant drops in performance. All it takes is one relatively minor (or indeed major) trigger point in their personal lives and the very finely balanced system which governs them during their career can fall out of sync and leave them under-rested for high-level performance sport.
  8. He didnt do too well at Derby, either. It's clear he works best when he's got Shakey alongside him, but I think he's also one of those managers who needs the players to really buy into not just his philosophy but him as well. At Derby/Leuven the fans/players never really warmed to him at all, and it showed. At Watford he's got Deeney who I think is a perfect match for him in terms of establishing that link between management and playing staff. Deeney is exactly the sort of hard-working grafter with a slight edge to him that Pearson has worked so well with before (Vardy, for instance), and they're obviously well-acquainted from time as Championship rivals. It's given the players a kick up the backside, won him instant buy-in and the early performances (results are a bonus) have got the fans on his side. Pearson has consistently struggled in the past when his sides are hit with a rough patch of form and the tide turns against him, so it'll be interesting to see how he handles it when that inevitably happens at Watford.
  9. As you well should! I used to watch it with my flatmates - 5 chemists - at uni, with me the lone mathematician in the house. Felt so smug whenever that one question I could answer (but they couldn't) would appear... 10 points from an entire episode is a pretty good return, right?! The missing vowels is definitely easiest of the lot, but I've found that I'm quite good at the sequences, and especially when they're more logical/puzzly rather than trivia and pop culture. I basically stop paying attention for the music question each time as I never have a chance...
  10. Really? I mean, the odd one, sure, but by-and-large Only Connect is far more accessible I think. I binge-watched a few of the older series on youtube last week whilst I had the flu and its often not particularly hard to outscore the teams, whereas getting a single question in University Challenge is often cause for celebration... The intros/outtros aren't the pinnacle of comedic entertainment, sure, but I think they fit pretty well with the theme and style of the show.
  11. Last week was my first 'proper' week of marathon training according to my plan. Did the speedwork session on Tuesday which went well, finished work on Thursday to head home for my tempo run and by the time I was home the flu had hit and I was completely out of it. Missed the rest of the week, and though I'm better now I'm not sure I'm quite right for running again just yet. Nightmare start to marathon training. Already not feeling particularly confident about the race...
  12. Villa (relegation zone) brought in a couple loan players. Norwich (relegation zone) brought in a couple - one on loan. Palace (injuries) brought in a loan player. Sheffield Utd got Jack Rodwell on a free. Liverpool brought in a ridiculously undervalued player. Thats it. So a few teams who are desperate for players, and a couple good-value squad players for teams with less immediate need. Its not like we're stood still while the rest of the league is flying past, ffs. And why do people always seem to insist that what they see in the media is all thats happening? We might well have a list of a dozen acceptable CBs, Demiral might've been #1 on that but he could just as easily have been #3, or not on the list at all and the rumours might've been completely baseless. Wouldn't be the first time. We'll have several other options on the go, and IF any of them are good enough and the right price then we'll make a move. If not, we wont. The club doesn't broadcast its every step in the transfer market. Chill out.
  13. Their (new) manager Warren Feeney is also Northern Irish, so its not like we're dropping him in the middle of nowhere with literally zero support. And iirc part of the 'partnership' between the two clubs was that we'd support their training facilities and staff, so it may be that a youth coach goes over with him for a few months? From one of FoxesHub's other articles on the subject it looks like they might be appointing Radostin Kishishev as assistant manager, so another English-speaker who could help him settle. Will be interesting to see how he gets on at a more senior level, even if the standard isn't the best.
  14. Someone mentioned that UnionFS bought a load of balloons but opted not to take them after the club announced the pre-match light show, as it would've ruined the effect when releasing 2k+ balloons in the dark...
  15. Thing is under Puel we were playing with 2 out-and-out CDMs in Mendy and Ndidi, with neither of them wanting to be the ball-player so they'd win it back and not much else. Now, though, both Ndidi and Hamza are much more comfortable with the ball at their feet and - especially in Hamza's case - look to play the ball forward and kick off an attacking phase, which is what lead to the equaliser against Villa. I still wouldn't pair Mendy with Ndidi as they both operate in a similar space between the lines, but Hamza is definitely capable of stepping up into a box-to-box role and dictating play a bit more. It'd be a very different system playing with a single pivot (rather than Puel's double pivot) and I think it'd give us a bit more aggression further up the field to win the ball back sooner and catch them out with an early attack.
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