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  1. Wouldn't quite be true to form, as an early penalty/goal/sending off etc can completely change the outlook of a game, so without it actually playing out it's impossible to say how it would affect the league table. Take the Southampton home game - suppose their first goal had been ruled out by VAR for whatever reason, then they couldn't have sat back as much as they did and we might have been able to break them down. Instead they went ultra-defensive and held on. It'd still be very interesting if they released a list of all the decisions which would have been overturned though, as well as a nice breakdown of which officials were involved and which teams benefitted/suffered from the lack of VAR. I imagine the outcome would be somewhat skewed towards certain teams and certain officials... Won't happen, but would love to see it.
  2. Polo has always been their main sport, so you're probably not far wrong here. I'm sure I've seen pictures of Top playing polo alongside the royals, so it's not like the interest in horses was solely down to Vichai.
  3. Happy with how he's played, slightly dissapointed with his output, but that'll come with time and experience. Once he breaks his duck it'll lift a weight off his shoulders and he can push on. Almost feels like - sometimes - he's trying a bit too hard to make it happen. Still seems like its not quite clicking between him and Chilwell, but when it does it's great to watch.
  4. GW5: Tubize vs OHL (Friday 19th, 19:30) Lommel vs Roeselare (Sunday 21st, 15:00) GW6: OHL vs Lommel (Friday 26th, 19:30) Roeselare vs Tubize (Friday 26th, 19:30)
  5. If we're planning on selling Maguire it's in our best interests to play him to keep his price up. If we let him languish on the bench for the next month then clubs won't be willing to offer as much. Harsh on Soyuncu not to at least make the bench ahead of Evans, but Rodgers will have his reasons.
  6. I'm sure I'll get arguments saying 'you can only beat whats in front of you', but they're title challengers and two of those wins were against Fulham (thanks to a late penalty) and Burnley. Against Spurs fair enough, but they also drew to their much weaker local rivals. Decent results, sure, but its hardly a showing of managerial excellence. Managerial competence, maybe... They were fully expected to get those results, if not more. The win against Bayern probably swayed it for him, even though its not the PL.
  7. If Sarri is still there and Hazard isn't, Chelsea could well struggle next season. Solskjaer had a great start but it's already looking like that won't work long term, so they may also struggle Spurs... if (big if) they lose key figures like Kane/Pochettino then I can't see them maintaining their current status. Arsenal are a bit of a mixed bag. The top 6 could be wide open next year. Chances are at least two of those will be alright and ManCity/Liverpool will continue to dominate so Top 4 is probably out of reach, but I reckon we'll see at least one of LCFC/Wolves finishing 6th or better.
  8. If I remember right all 3 of those - as well as some of the current u23 prospects - played under that foreign youth coach, Idiakez, I think, before he left us (forced out?). Chilwell certainly mentioned that period very positively in an interview a while back, in contrast to time spent playing under Beaglehole in the higher age groups. From various snippets I've read on here from those more in the know, the academy's success is in spite of Beaglehole, not because of him.
  9. I'd take those stats with a huge pinch of salt, as its comparing Puel's last 5 games (including United, Spurs and Liverpool) against Rodger's 5 games against bottom-half opposition. All season long we've seen huge swings in possession stats against big-6/bottom-half sides, which in turn obviously means lower/higher pass numbers respectively. The way we're passing is certainly different, as you point out, but its one of those cases where the numbers don't really illustrate the true picture.
  10. Ranieri's charisma deflected any pressure off our players and made the club intensely likeable to all except a small portion of North London. We had support from the nation because of Ranieri and the players benefitted from that, enjoying their football and getting results because of it. Shakespeare kept it simple when it needed to be, and was great at keeping the squad cohesive. He was a limited tactictian which proved his downfall, but he was exactly what we needed to recover from Ranieri's capitulation in the CL season. Puel had good vision and did a fantastic job rebuilding the team after a few disastrous windows. He'd make a great DoF, but he just couldn't build a relationship with the players. I was Puel In for a long time (changed in the last few weeks before his sacking), and still maintain that he was exactly what we needed for that period, but he hit his limit here. If he continues as a manager he'd probably suit Ligue 1. Rodgers (so far) is striking a pretty good balance between the three that preceded him. He's charismatic like Ranieri, but doesn't seem the type to tinker too much. He's bringing the team together again like Shakey (and Big Nige) did, but he's more tactically astute than Shakey and less stubborn than Nige. He seems to have a vision and has bought into the foundations that Puel laid, but is getting that across to the players better than the Frenchman ever did. It's still early days (we've only played a handful of pretty poor sides so far), but it's looking optimistic that he'll suit our club down to a t.
  11. Not sure if anyone else on here is still playing, but Tetris 99 is having another free event this weekend to win £9.99. Unlike last time which was top 999 players by #wins in the US and random (once qualified) in the EU, this one is points-based, with more points each game for higher finishes. Going to be a pretty grind-y weekend, but I've got a pretty decent win ratio now so fancy my chances of finishing top 1k
  12. Xen

    The gym

    Never feel the need to qualify or downplay your achievements. Every single person running longer distances started at the exact same point, and if anything those first few times doing 'shorter' runs are immeasurably harder than churning out longer runs once you're more used to it. Great job. With the weather starting to get a bit nicer, see if you can give running outdoors a go at some point. It's perhaps a little harder than treadmill running, but so much more enjoyable (in my opinion), especially if you go somewhere a bit more scenic like Bradgate park. Or you could give parkrun a go - no need to race it, just enjoy running with other people around, if that's your thing.
  13. Feel sorry for him, at least in regards to his career. Clearly had the talent and wanted to test himself at a higher level, and noone could really begrudge him his move to Chelsea. The lack of playing time since then, though, has completely derailed his career and he'll be wondering why he bothered. Messed up his chance of any more England caps in the process. Yes he's much richer for it (although he was already ludicrously wealthy at Leicester) but he'll still have plenty of regrets. He'll end up on loan at a promoted side next season, probably. That being said, anyone drink-driving is a prize c*nt. No excuses.
  14. Seems to be growing in confidence lately and certainly had a pretty good game against Huddersfield. His workrate (both offensive and defensive) definitely seems to have gone up. Rodgers could be the manager Gray needed to really kick on. Still not as excited about him as I am with Barnes/Maddison, but replacing him with some of the names mentioned would be a risk and may go disastrously, which would leave us with Ghezzal as first choice on the right. Probably shouldn't underestimate the value of team cohesion, though. Particularly so with the young players; Maddison/Gray/Chilwell are all close to each other and if we can keep them together they will further support each others' development. It's been said in previous years, but I'd give him one more season to impress and go from there. Something feels different under Rodgers and I'm optimistic for Gray.
  15. To be fair, we had that dodgy period in the Championship after we got relegated where for ~4/5 years nothing at all of note happened and we scraped by in lower-mid-table with Craig Levein as manager. Before/after that, though, it's been ridiculous. There's not many clubs out there who have had so many (extreme) highs and lows in such a short space of time as we have.
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