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  1. Xen

    Corona Virus

    Having zero access to internet/TV right now would mean zero access to any news, any government advice etc. Could also be extremely limiting if you're unable to leave the house as you wouldn't even be able to get online delivery. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances so I wouldn't be surprised if they could be carrying this work out in a safer manner than currently, but it is an essential service and one that needs to continue (albeit under strict conditions for the safety of both workers and customers).
  2. Xen

    Corona Virus

    It'll still look pretty similar - the scale is logarithmic so 100 in a day at our current position will be a similar gradient to what it has been the last few days. Still not good, but it wont look much worse than at present.
  3. If you want to play with your mates, get whatever they've got. If you're not bothered, look at the list of exclusive games for each console and see if you would prefer one over the other. Otherwise they're more or less the same. The switch is a great option too, although a very different kind of gaming experience and the available games on the switch differs a bit more from the Xbox/Playstation.
  4. Xen

    Corona Virus

    Thought, but not confirmed. There are lots of things which are 'widely thought' which have later proved to be demonstrably false. The last thing we need is for everyone to think they're safe because they've had it, then a new strain to mutate or re-infection to be a possibility and we'll have the same problems all over again. Even if the majority of people have already had it without knowing about it, this lockdown will need to continue beyond that point so we can develop a proper vaccine for it so that the vulnerable who haven't been infected yet will still be safe. Convincing people to stay inside over the summer months when they think they (and everyone else) are safe is going to be incredibly difficult...
  5. Xen

    Corona Virus

    One of those things that I doubt we'll ever know for sure. There's just far too many correlated factors that you can't separate out a small enough range of variables for proper statistical analysis (that won't stop clickbait articles, of course). Ultimately though you're right - this global change of behaviour has been phenomenal (USA exempted) and long overdue given how fast society has moved on in the last few decades. Hopefully a lot of these habits become commonplace after the event and we can extend it to other crises like climate change. Its also shown just how easy it could be to solve a lot of ongoing problems in the world (like student debt in the states) with a shift in focus from those in power. That's probably (read: definitely) wishful thinking, though.
  6. Xen

    Corona Virus

    True - had a glance at the news after posting and seems he's been isolating for a few days already and this is just confirmation. On the one hand its reassuring that lots of celebrities are testing positive but otherwise mostly unaffected . On the other hand its infuriating that they're even able to get tests given that key workers as well as at-risk people with severe symptoms are being completely overlooked and can't get tested.
  7. Xen

    Corona Virus

    Yikes. He's 71 so certainly in the at risk category. If he's (or indeed, any of the staff) had any recent contact with the Queen/Philip then that could be worrying as well.
  8. Xen

    Corona Virus

    Interesting. I wonder if all the lockdown measures and increased hygiene that have been a key theme of the battle against coronavirus is reducing the number of unrelated deaths by more than the coronavirus itself is causing (for now). There are obviously going to be other contributing factors, but for instance A&E is far less overwhelmed because non-emergencies aren't using it when they shouldnt, significantly fewer people on the roads will mean fewer severe incidents/fatalities etc...
  9. Xen

    Corona Virus

    As they should. Ridiculous that its taken this long for them to confirm it, in all honesty.
  10. Xen

    Corona Virus

    It will come back, that's unavoidable. The point is that when cases are kept below a certain threshold the healthcare systems can cope. They put in the immediate lockdown so the number of new cases slows and now that it has (and they've had time to increase the healthcare capacity) they can partially 'release' the lockdown and allow cases to happen again whilst they're able to deal with them, because they've 'flattened the curve'. Chances are we'll have multiple lockdowns as we keep increasing capacity and working through the population at a manageable rate, rather than everyone at once. A full lockdown from now until a vaccine is developed/tested/produced/administered would be ideal, but that could be 2021 and even in authoritarian countries it would be impossible to impose such severe restrictions for that length of time (plus the economic damage that would do would be ridiculous). Lock things down, clear the 'backlog' and raise capacity for next time, then go again but be better prepared for it each time (with hopefully more responsible behaviour from the public in the interim).
  11. Awesome - let us know how you get on I've seen some from the bigger brands which are the best part of £100, but honestly for the price of that decathlon one I really don't have any complaints at all. Worst case scenario - its not a lot of cash and you can use it as a regular pack anyway
  12. Me dropping from 40+miles to 6 probably had a bit of an impact Don't think I'll be back up in the 40s for a while (you never know), but planning to switch to a run streak now so I can make sure I get some fresh air every day. Some shorter, faster stuff as regular training and a single mile on the 'rest' days to keep the streak ticking over. No other life obligations to get in the way, and WFH means I can do something a bit more productive on my lunch break instead. We'll see how long that lasts... There are some great handheld bottles you can use or - if like me you're not keen on carrying things whilst running - you could get a cheap hydration bladder. Decathlon sells some super cheap ones - I picked up a 5L one (actual water bladder is 1L) for about £12 - and it'll be more than enough for anything up to around half marathon distance. I thought itd be bulky and awkward, but its actually really comfortable and I barely notice its there. Bonus - you could probably fit your phone in one of the front pockets if you wanted to lose the armband.
  13. Xen

    Corona Virus

    Exactly. Think of it as a big hill you have to walk up and over. It's going to get steeper and tougher at first until you're about 2/3rds up, then the gradient will start to lessen (although you're still going up). This is the 'tide turning' point when the growth of the pandemic starts to slow. You've then got the last 3rd to get to the peak, then the same length of time again for everything to come back down to ground level. That'd be 12*3=36weeks. 24 weeks if you want to consider the 'tide turning' point as the absolute peak instead. Both of which we'll need to keep up social distancing and higher levels of hygiene/care for the duration of, plus extra at the end as a buffer. That gets us up to the half/three-quarter year range, at least, before things start to seem somewhat normal again. And thats all assuming the growth and decay of the virus will follow a normal-ish-distribution, which is far from a given. The two statements can and do make sense in tandem - but a lot of people will take them at face value and think either Boris is lying and incompetent, or these other authorities are overstating the impact. I'm not a fan of Boris at all and I do think there's a lot of room for improvement in the government's handling of this, but he's absolutely on to a no-win scenario here and whatever he says is going to get criticised from all different directions for all different reasons. I don't envy his job one bit.
  14. They might. There had been talk of the PL setting up its own streaming service in the future (possibly outside the UK only) and Amazon have proven that that sort of provision is definitely possible Now with Sky/BT seemingly biting the hand that feeds them the PL may be convinced to cut ties after this round of TV rights comes to a close. I doubt it will ever happen, of course, but it sure would be brilliant if it did.
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