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  1. The main issue with this for me is that, whilst it could probably be used quite effectively after-the-fact (i.e. penalty awarded, red card given) etc., it's much, much harder to implement the other way. For instance, player gets fouled in the box but ref doesn't stop play. There's no way for the correct decision to be awarded through video reffing. Stopping the game 'in case' is never going to happen, and if they review it while play continues then it could be 2-3 phases of play later by the time we get a decision. Could you imagine your team scoring a goal on a counter, only for it to be ruled out and play brought back to an earlier penalty for the opposite team? I want it to work, I really do, but I just can't see it having the desired effect and not impacting the flow of a game and enjoyment for the fans. Something does have to be done to stop the howlers, but I'm not sure this is it. Not sure what would work though - multiples refs like in hockey? At the end of the day we just need (much) better refs.
  2. Compressed air seemed to help mine a bit. Be careful with it though.
  3. That's great value right up until the point when I put money on it, at which point it becomes a guaranteed loss...
  4. I hear he had a team in to build it with him, but the foundations had already been laid by the previous bloke...
  5. A player's impact at a club is not limited to what they do on the field on matchdays. King's been here for years and established himself as a key part of the club. He's been a big part of the most successful season in our clubs history, an integral member of a very close-knit squad/staff and has a LOT of passion for the club. He may not be making loads of appearances, but he's worth a lot more to LCFC than just that. And I think he would see his role at the club as more than just playing staff. If he wants to leave to get more minutes and help his international career then I wish him all the best, but I think those of you who are wishing him gone are underestimating his value.
  6. We've got as good a chance as any of breaking into the 'top' group of clubs. Once there, anything can happen. Arsenal and Everton are both distinctly average without their star players, who are all linked with moves away. Liverpool aren't consistent enough. The two Manchester clubs are both missing little things to really challenge at the top. Chelsea and Spurs are the only two 'top' sides at the minute that I think are improving and will be realistically challenging every year. No one else seems to be in a position to push on enough to break that 7 apart from us. WBA having a great season but how far can they feasibly go? Southampton are not quite their old selves. The rest of the league are all much of a muchness. Smart recruitment, clear tactics and the right leadership in place and I can see us getting top 6 next year.
  7. If only we had a club psychologist who could help him deal with all that...
  8. I always sneeze twice in a row.. Can't control it, just happens that way. Once in a blue moon I'll do a solitary sneeze and it's honestly so unsettling...
  9. A back 3 without a single CB? Genius move, that...
  10. He left with Pearson to Hull, did he not? Or was that before Vardy joined? Might have got the dates mixed up...
  11. I'll do my usual thing of saying I'll do some designs soon then completely forgetting about it... We've had some decent efforts recently, the blue and white kits this year are both very nice indeed, hopefully we get a similar standard for next season. Wouldn't mind a switch away from Puma/Genesis though. Nike kits look decent but are boring, Adidas could be a decent option.
  12. Exactly this. We restricted one of the best club sides in the world to a dodgy penalty away from home, then were unlucky against their rock solid defence to only draw at our place. All of this while playing with untried CB pairings, missing our captain for 80% of the minutes. And the 2 away games were against sides who are in decent form at the minute, while we rotated personnel and played with a different game plan and intensity. Again, while missing key defenders. Shakespeare has done nothing so far which makes me question his ability to lead this squad long term. Recruitment remains to be seen, but otherwise it has to be him, for me.
  13. He'll be here next season. We're the ones who brought him into the football league, nurtured him, stuck with him through the tough times. He's had unimaginable success with us, is the embodiment of the team's ethos, all the players are like family. Not forgetting that - apart from a short break - Shakespeare has been here ever since Vardy joined, so if he gets the permanent job (as I expect he will) then that could also help.. I think he has a lot more affection for the club than he's being given credit for. The only way I can see him leaving is if a top European side came in for him. The only side I can think of which would play to his strengths is Atletico, so unless they come knocking I can't see him wanting to leave. I can't see it though.
  14. 2 subs at half time won't have time added on.
  15. Oh, pi55 off. You only had the 1-0 lead from the first leg because of a dodgy ref. Without that, you would have had to attack more in this match and there would have been more openings for us. It would have been a completely different game. I'm not even going to respond to that last point. Not worth the effort.