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  1. Robertson signed for Hull in 2014 who were then relegated (twice!), so not really all that recent and nor was it a particularly spectacular transfer...
  2. At Luton he was a LB primarily (31 games in 18/19) who sometimes filled in at RB, so I don't think there'd be any worry about how well he does on the left for us. Might even do better on that side when Ricardo is back.
  3. Judging by this the club seem confident of using it for preseason, so I doubt fixing the junction is critical before they can use it. That'll follow shortly after, I imagine. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/brief-pause--leicester-city-4380934
  4. Nail on the head. Congerton may yet prove to be a bad choice but so far there's been little to judge him on, and what there has been seems to broadly be positive or at the very least, sensible. The Demiral situation was unfortunate (assuming we were indeed after him), but as a club we didn't panic and try to buy someone else last-minute for a ridiculous sum. Maybe there's an argument that we should've had a backup option of a similar level, but we all know January is a difficult time to buy so maybe we wanted to avoid 'settling' for someone else, or they might've already been snapped up. It'll be interesting to see how we handle the CB position in this window, whether we go back in for Demiral or if we've used the time to fully scout a more long-term alternative. Not much else to level at him really; if he had involvement in the Justin deal then that's looking positive and a bargain, Perez was expensive but has been reasonable if not spectacular, and similar can be said for Praet who has been reliable and fit in well to the squad. The scouting work will no doubt already have been done for the most part, so it'll be interesting to see how things unfold over the next couple of months and if missing out on CL will have a significant impact on our shopping list and ability to bring in players. And of course, Covid throws everything up in the air anyway.
  5. If you specifically want someone with LCFC links, former keeper Carl Muggleton is a driving instructor now and taught my brother (Birstall area) - not sure if he's still doing it or if he's even in the area, but worth a look.
  6. Xen

    Dingbats !

    Back on top? Butt = Back, A = Top (grade). Slightly tenuous
  7. Normally get these things wildly wrong, so pretty happy with that all in all! That Sheffield Utd shout, though...
  8. Bailey was just a random name I could come up with who would cost around that figure. He (like Coutinho) probably wouldn't come - although stranger things have happened - but the point was that his ability is similar to that of Coutinho but he would come at half the cost AND we'd see a return on that investment AND we could sign someone else who is also a similar level. Net spend is slightly disingenuous as most transfers nowadays are paid in instalments and even for FFP (as if that matters anymore...) player value is amortised over the duration of the players' contracts, so signing Coutinho would 'cost' us the same as buying both Bailey and Demiral, for instance. I know which one(s) I'd rather have in the squad. Again, those names are just people we've been linked with in that 'tier' of value - we could just as easily buy a couple 26-28 year olds who have similar ability, but more value to the squad/club than Coutinho would in 12 months.
  9. 18mil for a single year with zero chance of recouping any of that investment, though. To pluck a random name out, suppose we signed someone like Bailey for 40m instead. He'd be with us for 3-4 years (costing ~60m total incl. wages, so 15m per year) and we'd be able to sell him on afterwards for a similar fee to what we bought him for. Given that the loan fee + wages of PC would be almost double that for a single year we'd be far better off by going for a pair of very good permanent signings rather than waste it on a short term deal.
  10. If so, that's not a bad thing. I think if we can have a similar season to the one we just had (without the collapse in the second half...) then he'll be one of the players most likely to stay long-term. He seems to genuinely love it here. But if he does leave then it'll be because its the best thing for both parties and we'll be getting one hell of a wedge in return. Mahrez was the better player but Maddison is an English international and less likely to throw a strop to force a transfer, so it'd be likely an even larger fee and possibly our record sale.
  11. Winnable. By the time the group stages start we'll be close to having a fully fit squad and will have added in a few players who can hopefully take us to the next level. If we do and we manage to get back to our early 2019/20 form, then there's no reason why we can't be one of the strongest sides in the competition. Lets do this.
  12. Haven't been this nervous for a game in a long, long while. Lineup is positive though, so fingers crossed our lads can put in one hell of a performance and end the season on a high note.
  13. Xen

    Merih Demiral

    Cags was our only Turkish speaker when he arrived, so understandably it took him a while to settle without being able to communicate with any of his teammates. If we get Demiral then he'll have a CB partner who he can speak fluently with and presumably he'll know some Italian, so may even be able to communicate with a few of the lads like Praet as well. And if we were close to signing him in January (with indication of following up in the summer) then he may well have spent the last 6 months learning some english on the side whilst he's been recovering. He would be into the first XI a lot quicker than Soyuncu, for sure.
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