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  1. Both of whom are in the CL next season.. We might struggle to compete.
  2. As I see it, there's a 'Top 3' of Chelsea, Man City and Spurs, followed by a second tier of Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. Based on this season, Everton are all alone in their own tier at 7th, but I see us (and potentially Southampton) at a similar sort of level. If Everton lose Lukaku and Southampton lose Van Dijk (both likely) and we can strengthen well, we should be able to distance ourselves from them and claim a solid 7th, as Everton have done this year. With a good season, without European distractions, we could push up into that 'second tier' and maybe even claim that 4th spot. I wouldn't be too disappointed if we missed out though, but European football in 18/19 MUST be the minimum target. A few quality signings (e.g. Sigurdsson and a younger CB like Maguire) and we should be good to push on for top 6 or higher.
  3. Don't think he was suggesting that we sign him, but that if Barkley is worth 50 then Riyad is also.
  4. Think it's players who are currently 'under' 21 as per what Babylon said, *or* home-grown. So Schlupp & King both counted as home-grown this year, I believe? Not sure...
  5. Kasper, then Simpson, then Albrighton. Simpson is the only outfield player who didn't seem to get worse in the first half of the season. If anything, he improved from last year. He's unspectacular and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends his career without another MotM award, but he's as solid and reliable as they come.
  6. Didn't Pearson categorically deny the reports about Chris Wood signing for us, and then he was playing 2 weeks later in the New Year's fixture? Wouldn't rule this one out yet...
  7. Would've been a decent draw for us imo. Juve would have completely nullified us. We would have lost without having much to shout about at all. Monaco and Real would both be tough tests for different reasons, but I think we would have had a chance against both. Atletico - Juve final for me. Not sure who would come out on top there.
  8. Probably just as much to do with the fact that Kasper has just reached the 'prime' age for goalkeepers, and also the fact that his dad is... , well, you know who is dad is. No disrespect to Stowell, but whilst he has certainly contributed in some way to Kaspers improvement, he's not exactly had the same effect with Kaspers predecessors, or even his understudies.
  9. On the one hand, it's his boyhood club, he's obviously got links through his dad, he's from the area and - on paper - swapping Leicester for Man Utd is a no brainer. On the other hand, and maybe this is wishful thinking, he's always hated the comparisons to his dad and has said he wants to be known for his own merits not his dad's. He's a core part of one of the most 'together' squads in the UK (/Europe?), loves the club and is making a name for himself here, much in the same way that his dad did at Utd. If we keep Shakey and the majority of the squad remain through the summer, with a positive future ahead of us he may well want to see it out here. He's a very intelligent lad, very well spoken, and I don't think he'll be swayed at all by the extra money he'll get elsewhere. Perhaps Champions League football, but I think he might see it as a bigger achievement to get into the CL with Leicester again rather than helping another club to get past the groups. If Man U come in for him, it will probably be a decision purely based on sentiment, and I don't think anyone could complain about his decision either way. Similar story if someone like Real/Barca came in for him. I'd be disappointed if he went to anyone else. But again, he's been such a loyal servant to us and absolutely key to our successes in recent years that I could have no ill feeling towards him whatsoever.
  10. About bloody time! I genuinely can't remember the last time I looked on the club website, as I tend to avoid it wherever possible. It's an awful experience at the minute, hopefully they can muster up something a bit more bespoke and a bit more befitting of Champions (even if we won't be by the release date!). We've left the football league behind, hopefully for a long, long time, and finally we can leave behind the godawful template site that comes with it.
  11. Fair enough, didn't see that because it wouldn't load up on my phone. My bad.
  12. Everything I've seen states that that's exactly what he DIDNT do. He only placed bets on his own teams on a small percentage of occasions, and of those it was only ever matches that he wasn't in the matchday squad for. He argues that he had no influence over the result of his bet (which is slightly questionable, but still), but maintains he never placed a bet which he had the ability to influence the outcome of. The FA seems to agree, hence why that's not what he was charged with.
  13. There isn't even an AFCON next year...
  14. The main issue with this for me is that, whilst it could probably be used quite effectively after-the-fact (i.e. penalty awarded, red card given) etc., it's much, much harder to implement the other way. For instance, player gets fouled in the box but ref doesn't stop play. There's no way for the correct decision to be awarded through video reffing. Stopping the game 'in case' is never going to happen, and if they review it while play continues then it could be 2-3 phases of play later by the time we get a decision. Could you imagine your team scoring a goal on a counter, only for it to be ruled out and play brought back to an earlier penalty for the opposite team? I want it to work, I really do, but I just can't see it having the desired effect and not impacting the flow of a game and enjoyment for the fans. Something does have to be done to stop the howlers, but I'm not sure this is it. Not sure what would work though - multiples refs like in hockey? At the end of the day we just need (much) better refs.