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  1. Soup

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Agree 100%. Watched it on the cinema without knowing anything about the fiim, so wasn't looking for 'the twist '. Best ending line as well.
  2. Soup

    Best opening lines

    Sector 5 used to play them loads in the early 90's. Good times but makes me feel old now
  3. For me it's the only station worth listening to for music. All the rest are so.repetitive. The Huey Morgan show is class.
  4. Soup

    Best opening lines

    BBC sounds have a series of podcasts about Rubin Carter called 'The Hurricane Tapes'. Loads of unreleased interviews with all the people iinvolved in the case behind this song. Really interesting.
  5. Soup

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    I'm exactly the same. There's so many different shows but most of them I can't get in to. If a new series is described as 'edgy' or 'slick' I won't even give it a watch because to me that means crap storyline. I've probably missed a few things that are ok but I can live with that 😂
  6. Soup

    Best opening lines

    Been caught stealing Once when I was 5... I enjoy stealing It's just as simple as that
  7. Soup

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Yes. Started off really well but lost it's direction due to the manager completely screwing it up.
  8. Soup

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Sounds interesting. Hopefully it'll be a success.
  9. Soup

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Main part of the Old Horse is closed for 4/5 weeks for a refurb, side bar is open with a large poraloo out front. New bar on Queens Rd is thankfully not going to be a cocktail bar as rumoured. Will be called 100&six. No idea what it will be like though.
  10. Soup

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    LA was my very first overseas holiday back in 94. Such great memories. Love the beaches out there, Newport and Huntington beach are great for surfing.