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  1. That may well be the law but in my experience they don't give a shit. I've decorated a few offices down on New Walk which the tenants pays for and sometimes there's leaking roofs, old sash windows which are ready to fall out. I patch them but really they need serious money spending on them. I've asked if the landlord would pay for this this and they just laugh. One said it took 3 years to get a scaffold up to fix a leaking gutter.
  2. Oh yeah I can imagine but I work for a few commercial landlords from time to time and they don't give a toss. As long as the buildings don't fall down then all is well. If a tenant brings up anything all you get is 'that's your responsibility '
  3. It breaks my heart looking up as well, even the beautiful buildings we have left are in disrepair. Stunning fascias and other carpentry slowly rotting away with paint peeling all over the place Greedy landlords won't take care of them even though they're rolling in it. The council should force them if you ask me but that won't happen. Disgusting really.
  4. Fed up of serious stuff so watching Ultimate Beastmaster. Similar to Ninja Warrior but better.
  5. Brand new Today. I've said it before but UK Jazz is on fire at the moment. This one is excellent, real ambient real to it.
  6. Just watched The Way Way Back on C4. Seen if a few times and it really is a great little film. Sam Rockfield is superb
  7. Hamburg cancelled in March and US trip at Easter also. I'm done booking anything else till we know exactly what's happening.
  8. Mikkeller New England Pale Ale.
  9. I try and speak like I'm from Baltimore with the missus. She doesn't see the funny side. For real!
  10. Yeah shocking stuff but as you say it's strangely fascinating. I went through a stage of reading up on most of the infamous American serial killers. The stories really are stranger than fiction. John Wayne Gacey for example, how the hell can anyone pretend to carry on a normal life with 30 odd bodies in the basement. Just bonkers.
  11. I presume this is Richard Ramirez? Might give this a watch as i read about this fella years ago. A proper random nut bag if I remember. Didn't he wear an AC/DC cap or something, don't know why I remember that
  12. Have you come across these @Dr Marco? Recently discovered them and what I've heard is really good.
  13. I know a few have said Season 2 is a drag but in all honesty It could be my favourite. I've watched it 3 or 4 times now and although it does take a while to get going it's excellent imo. Being set down on the docks gives the season a stand alone feel to the other ones. The final 2 episodes for me are the best of any season. Of course this is just my opinion and if it turns out your not a fan of season 2 it will not spoil what is the best peice of TV I've ever seen.
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