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  1. Yeah agree. El Capitan is truly awe inspiring. I remember seeing little dots on the face and then someone pointing out they were climbers. Mad!
  2. Can of Roadie in Duffy's last night. Craft session IPA, not bad at all.
  3. There's not much in between LA and Vegas really but if you head out a little further in to Utah there's some amazing places. Zion National park is only a few hours away and Bryce canyon only a little bit further. Both are stunning especially Bryce Canyon which is like being on Mars. IMO better than the Grand Canyon.
  4. Based on true events as well which always makes these dramas a little more interesting.
  5. Unbelievable on Netflix is very good.
  6. I actually think they like it like that.
  7. Stadium is on its last legs..They don't use the much of the lower tier.
  8. Agree about the buildings. Stunning architecture of all different styles. They make a lovely backdrop when enjoying a beer or two. I'll check that restaurant out as well next time I'm over there. Sounds nice.
  9. Glad you had a good time, sounds like you did plenty. I've not done anything at the Arts and Sciences yet so it's good to.hear you enjoyed that. I do cycle around there a lot though and just looking at it all is pretty amazing. The restaurant you mentioned sounds interesting, do you remember the name of it?
  10. Soup

    2019 In Music

    Love this song. In my top 3 of the year so far. Ridiculously good.
  11. Soup


    Not seen this video in a while but it still makes me feel funny.
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