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  1. You've forgotten to add the 500+ lads that are out on the piss that also make absolutely no.noise in the ground. Also the large chunk of geezers that apparently used to rip up away terraces in the 80's that make absolutely no noise.
  2. Yeah the final season is class and the last episode is perfect like you said. Watched the whole lot 3 times but it's been about 5 years since the last time. Purposely giving it a long break so I can forget as much as I can.
  3. It ruined TV for me. Absolutely amazing. Season 3 is the best, no season 4. No hold on, probably season 1. Saying that season 2 had a Steve Earle song to finish the season so that probably makes it the best. Oh **** it they're all just so good 😂😂
  4. Valencia is a fantastic city. I'm here at the moment and genuinely don't want to go home. El Carmen in the center of the city is the biggest old town in Spain and filled with back streets and plazas. In fact there are different areas within the district and each have a different feel to them. The central food market in Carmen is amazing, the biggest indoor market in Europe apparently with over 1000 stalls. There's a great little bar inside but getting a seat is hard as people queue for ages but sometimes you can get lucky. The amount of restaurants and bars is mad, literally everywhere. Personally I prefer the old tapas joints that have been there for years but tbh you'll be spoilt for choice. All sorts of bars as well. Craft beer is taking off big time if you like that but pretty much everything you can think of from wine, gin cocktail, vermouth bars. You'll never go thirsty anyway. Outside of Carmen there are some great neighbourhood's/ barrios to explore. Colon, El Cabanyal, Benimeclet and many more and they all have a more local feel to them. Probably the best neighbourhood in the city is Russafa/Ruzafa. A 20 minute walk from Carmen and just behind the train station. Evening's are best with road side bars and restaurants all over the place and the intersections especially good. Carrer Cadis and Sueca are the main streets but the whole area is really cool. The main beach in the city is called Malvarossa and is stunning. It starts at the Marina and goes on for miles. It has a California feel to it and great just to walk along. Malvarrossa to Patacona takes about 35 minutes and filled with places to eat and drink. September will be great for a swim as well. The jewel of Valencia is Turia Gardens. A 7km long park which cuts through the city. It's the old river which was tured in to a park in the 50's due to it flooding all the time. As you walk or cycle through the scenery changes all the time, it's absolutely beautiful. Cycling is the best way of getting round the city, cycle lanes everywhere and more being added all the time. Loads of cycle hire places or Boris bikes dotted all over the place. Public transport is great as well with the buses and metro very cheap and very reliable. Sorry if I've gone on a bit but it's a great place 😂😂
  5. Been drinking Zeta Hell out here in Valencia. Decent enough and the brewery are local to the city. Off out to a few microbrewies tonight which I can tell the missus is really looking forward to 😂😂
  6. Not sure as it was before I moved up there. From what I've heard though it probably dId
  7. Haha well my Gran was a legend with her Sunday dinners. Obviously yours wasn't 😊
  8. Rumour has it that Grounded Kitchen is set to move in to the old Salvador Deli unit next to Bar Dos. Would make sense as they're so busy and it's a bigger space and has outside space.
  9. The Salmon do one for £5.50. It's fine and looks and tastes like your gran made it.
  10. New England IPA in Tonne last night. I think it was called Irish Hog or something like that. Really good
  11. He played 65 minutes. Played well I thought and won their penalty.
  12. Try and get to Cafe Roma on Halford Street once a month. Good food no bling and reasonably priced. 3 courses with drinks and coffee is between £40 and £50 for 2 with a tip.
  13. Yes remember those. Don't think they gave the night a name when I went. So long ago
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