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  1. Valencia and Barcelona ultras with a bit of chair throwing yesterday. Didn't think they had it in them
  2. Here's one not to watch. In the Tall Grass. Simply awful, -1/10
  3. Will catch it at the cinema I reckon. Got a few Phoenix vouchers for Xmas and not used them yet, cheers though.
  4. Soup


    When was that ? Must of missed this
  5. Soup


    £3 Strawberries or Bart Simpson's and away you went. Mental
  6. Soup


    Acid is way better!
  7. That's cool, I think if they were playing a Friday or Saturday somewhere I'd of gone to.see them.myself. They played Leicester on the last tour but looks like they've swerved us this time.
  8. Is this on general release yet? Thought it was the end of the month. Looks really good
  9. Really like these Spanish lasses
  10. The bloke I'm working for at the minute has just got back from Tenerife. He reckons he had 20 degrees most days. Can't fault that for January.
  11. Finally watched BlacKKKlansman and was a bit disappointed really. It wasn't shit but was expecting more having read the reviews. 6.5 / 10
  12. Booked a few nights in July at a place called Montanejos. It's about 90 km from Valencia. Only a small village but has a beautiful river that cuts through a mini canyon..Crystal clear waters and some high diving spots apparently. Did a bit of this last summer at another location and was such a buzz. Felt like a kid again.
  13. We hired a car last time and found that to be the best way around. Sicily is massive and there's stuff all over the place so a car came in really handy. We flew to Palermo and out of Catania but looking back I'd now pick the car up when we were ready to leave Palermo as driving in that place is mental. Looking back it's funny thinking about it but at the time I've never been as scared in a car. The rest of the trip was fine so don't let that put you off. The history there is everywhere. The Greek ruins of Agrigento are stunning and definitely should be on anyones list when in Sicily. Went to Piazza Armerina, really cool ancient Roman mosaics. The Greek Amphitheatre in Taormina is also a great place to visit,.it looks down over the bay which adds to the beauty of it. Taormina is also a cool.place to.spend a few nights as well. Smallish town perched up in the hills. Obviously loads more and I'm betting others on here could go into more depth. But 100% have lunch at Catania fish market
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