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  1. Toone did it the last time I went in
  2. Agree on BBC sounds. It was much better before they revamped it.
  3. Tunnel 29 is excellent..In depth story about one of the many tunnels tug under the Berlin wall in the 60's.
  4. Missed it last night but will give it a watch definitely.
  5. Simon's town does look nice, we could split the accommodation. We will be spending time there so might make sense to do that. Will pass the restaurant recommendation on to the missus as she's already looking at where to eat and drink. Cheers.
  6. Good to know thanks. The value for money around there looks great.
  7. Flights for Cape Town booked. Really looking forward to this trip. Looking at accommodation now and edging towards the V&A waterfront area.
  8. Thanks for the advice. The more I look the more I fancy it. Just about got the missus on board so hopefully will get it booked up soon.
  9. Yeah unfortunately May is the only available month for us next year but looks like there's loads to do. Getting to see Penguins on the beach would be so cool.
  10. Looking at getting away for a week next May. Fancy somewhere we've not been before and thinking maybe Cape Town. Looks great value when you get there. Anyone been before and would you recommend?
  11. Levante do over Barca again. Good stuff
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