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  1. Off to Spain at Easter but pretty much written that off.
  2. Had to tell someone today that I'm not taking on any new customers (I'm a decorator ) due to the fact I'm so busy. Also I'm planning on boggy off abroad at the end of the year. I.just want to concentrate on my regulars that have been so good to me over the last 14 years I've been self employed. When I said that last bit to the lady on the phone I felt a little lump in my throat. Quite strange as I really hate my job.
  3. Some really exciting Jazz coming out of the UK at the minute.
  4. Obvious choice but probably my favourite remix ever.
  5. I lived in.town 2005 to.2010 and the Salmon was as close as I got to having a local. Loved it in the winter with the fire on. As for Tonne it's the music more than anything else. Once upon a time you'd have a stack of gaffs playing decent tunes at a good volume. Not so much now though. Saying all that I've not been in at all so far this year.
  6. Yeah I think I've heard that. The Stuff that used to go on in various pubs around the city is so interesting.
  7. Yeah agree.. However it was a better pub before it started showing live football and rugby. That was a while ago mind and if I remember correctly it used to.close at 7 or 8pm which was strange to say the least
  8. This is a pretty interesting thread. Finding out what different people like about certain pubs etc. Lots of folk go on about the beer which is fair enough but as I said in my post that is way down the list for me. A good chat with people and a general buzz for me is what a good pub/bar should be. If the beer is good then that's a bonus but the main reason is social interaction.
  9. Salmon for me but like TTL and Tonne. The music they play in Tonne is pretty good which floats my boat more than beer selection..Unfortunately Leicester is dogshit for pubs /bars with a good soundtrack in the background.( My taste anyway) The Lansdowne used to be great for music but since the new owners it's gone downhill. I use Babalas on Queens Rd 2 or 3 times a week. Easy vibe and a good local bar.
  10. Krombacher Weizen -alcohol free on Queens Rd Saturday night. Don't no what's going on in my life that I'm now drinking alcohol free beer but it was decent.
  11. Finally got to.see Richard Jewell..Excellent film, had a lot of flack due to the sex for stories part but overall a good account of what happened to the poor bloke. New Mark Ruffalo film Dark.Waters looks interesting.
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