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  1. He needs to start for ur every game, been comfortably our best player against Southampton, Man City, Birmingham
  2. Always thought valley parade looks massive for its capacity, looks like a mini old Trafford/Celtic park
  3. Half siblings? I don’t remember the quote tbf but that’s what it sounds like from that. Maybe he gets around abit
  4. They look like love island contestants who don’t make it back from casa amor
  5. He’s one of our own He’s one of our ooown unless he plays shit then every pass we groan
  6. Forza basamento Della famiglia ultras
  7. I’m sure this ones been sung a few times
  8. tbf Marxing is an important aspect of being a good defender
  9. That’s every club in the country though, I can’t think of one English club who has consistently good home atmospheres regardless of the score
  10. Would be happy with that 3 nothing clubs
  11. I think Grealish will single handedly keep villa up so Norwich Bournemouth and west ‘am
  12. Don’t forget wet broom, lids and bentford
  13. Today was weird, dead for first 15 but alright after that especially from our first till their 2nd
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