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  1. Yep, people are all for faux outrage and meaningless social media campaigns but suddenly aren’t so supportive as soon as they are slightly inconvenienced.
  2. What is it about St Mary’s and scrappy football? It’s not even raining this time
  3. Stupid challenge tbf but not sure it’s a red
  4. This would suggest the 5 at the back is here to stay
  5. Wilf is being outmuscled, and that’s not something you say every week
  6. Worryingly we look like there’s another defensive error in us tonight
  7. This is the one for me too, would be one hell of an entertaining team to watch Maybe Huth for soyuncu
  8. I could see Barnes working well in the “Vardy role” of the front 2, not too much pressure to be the main goal scorer and plenty of freedom to drift wide as Vardy did often yesterday.
  9. I think he’s one who does better with a winger in front of him, solid enough defensively though
  10. We will go through on penalties, Chelsea to surprise Man City with a late winner.
  11. Big Dan did the job last time against these
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