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  1. Oh I already know there will be lool Especially on here
  2. Sneaky sneaky feeling we’ll get 4 points... not sure who the win will come against though. One thing I do hope though is that we don’t go into meltdown if we lose both of them
  3. Tbh I don’t buy that we have a fan base like Bournemouth reading etc, just 4 years ago we were being hyped as the loudest in the league, even in 14/15 we were getting praise while being bottom for most of the season. The issue for me is that the title win has fully changed fans expectations and mentality, fans no longer can be arsed unless it’s a Man City or Liverpool coming to town, we EXPECT to roll over any of the lesser teams and wait for the players to give us something to shout about rather than roaring them on from the start. It’s a shame but we do have a decent amount who do contribute, they are just spread out and often not around likeminded fans
  4. Don’t understand the bin the diamond talk when we were just as off and uncreative in the 55 mins without it as the 40 with
  5. Glad I’m not the only one who picked up on this vibe
  6. He started quite well but I think got visibly rattled after the little scuffle and their fans booing him, after that had a couple of awful touches
  7. Both wingers had no creativity today, they looked frightened every time they got the ball and played the easy pass to Maddison/ric/chillwell etc every time
  8. I didn’t hear a single boo tbh, also they could’ve been booing the ref who was awful
  9. Unfortunately I think we have to play a more narrow formation and move the left winger more central
  10. If this happens it is the day I lose interest in top level football
  11. If you consider this guy was 17 in this pic you never know
  12. Few cavemen near where I sit tbf
  13. Tbh its the only possible explanation behind Man Utd being “the biggest club in the world” as is often claimed
  14. You’re right they have been, though they might have been seen as a fairly big club they had been awful on the pitch for decades, point is they were worlds away from being talked about alongside Man Utd and Liverpool, but football fans have short memories and a few top 6 finishes in row will have us being perceived as one of the “big 6” or however many it is by then
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