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  1. Unfortunately the only wood being slotted in today plays for Burnley😔
  2. Kelechi loves playing with his knob before coming on
  3. The same reason they thought the only reason chilwell isn’t playing is due to transfer reasons, not his 0/10 performances lately
  4. Any chance of some Burnley vs Leicester coverage on sky?
  5. Sean from enderby is defo some staff member taking the piss
  6. Shouldn’t it be manager: Cambiasso
  7. Big up Sean still going after all these years
  8. These kinda videos can be so much better done, I used to watch davobirmingham all the time, the adebola bloke videos are top tier entertainment
  9. Exactly there’s maybe 50-60 clubs bigger than Bournemouth in English football, compared to maybe 5-6 than Everton. Comparing them is like comparing us to Mansfield
  10. He’s a Leicester legend no matter what’s happened since
  11. Maybe, but he was at direct fault for their first as well as wasting many good chances, that surely one of will have led to a goal with the likes of vardy running onto it
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