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  1. No, at this stage in fifa with so many players with decent pace he will get done. Check you nepentgez video on it he lists other defenders which are upgradeable and worth around the same and are better.
  2. Heard it will be players from coutries which host carnivals and will be potentially 5 star skillers with massive upgrades. Could see Brazil, Argentina usa players etc getting the upgrades.
  3. Ethan was such a good player he should of beat preet tbh had he cleared the ball towards end when preet scored to level for golden goal.
  4. Same! I got beat by Zack 1st round lost 2-1 and 4-3. Settings were all wrong and I didn't put fitness on my players. My own fault always next year. Let's hope fifa is more playable.
  5. Got Antonio and Javi Martinez, might use Antonio as a sweaty sub but Javi will he sbc fodder.
  6. E-Sports is coming to King Power Stadium on Saturday afternoon as Leicester City plays host to its first-ever ePremier League FIFA 19 play-off, with the whole event to be streamed live. - Leicester City is hosting its first ePremier League play-offs on Saturday 2 March - The event will be streamed live on Facebook and Twitter from 12:55pm GMT - The Foxes will crown a PS4 and Xbox winner at the end of the tournament - Those winners will go on to represent LCFC at the grand final in late March With expert analysis, live in-game footage and reaction, the entire event will be available on Leicester City’s Facebook and Twitter pages from 12:55pm GMT on Saturday 2 March as the Foxes search for their PS4 and Xbox champions. Thousands of Foxes fans went head-to-head for the chance to represent Leicester City Football Club in the online stages late last year, with only the very best FIFA 19 competitors making it through to the play-offs. Those players will now battle it out on Saturday afternoon for the chance to represent Leicester City in the ePremier League Finals in late March, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports. From their view from The Gallery overlooking the pitch at King Power Stadium, the gamers must advance through three rounds two-legged fixtures for a chance to reach the final, which is due to take place at around 1700 GMT on Saturday afternoon. Watch LIVE on Facebook. Watch LIVE on Twitter.
  7. Anyone else felt that the gameplay hasn't felt very smooth? Been a bit laggy and button delay. Not had 1 smooth game out of 10 so far
  8. Only half decent goal I've saved is FIFA 16 Haha doubt this would count....
  9. Least you have some I don't save anything haha
  10. Everyone had their email from lcfc?
  11. On 5 wins so far along with a 7 kill winning game. Abserlouty loving this game at the moment and its so refreshing to play with random as a team! Crazy. Mirage is my favourite character although his special abilities aren't very team based more individual.
  12. Never liked Alisson was always prone to errors but different players act differently with different people. I don't rate de gea that massively either but I'm not going to turn down toty de gea haha
  13. Yay its a weekend! Looks like I don't need half a day holiday afterall. I don't mind prem players however I'd imagine everyone will have similar team, salah, fabinho, Pogba, vvd, Sanchez, de gea etc
  14. Does anybody use this? If so share your portfolio, and anybody had any enjoyment from it? What is the Football Index? Launched in 2015, Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where you can buy, sell and trade footballers with real money.
  15. Van dijk and Sanchez we will see then....
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