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  1. Thought we wernt allowed to sign players for the league who are unmanaged? I.e mahrez to psg just gone through....
  2. What you guys think to my team? I got bored of the usual bpl,French,German etc
  3. You've loaned 2 defenders off me though which might help.
  4. No chance I ain't going down either!
  5. Don't have a clue who had man city originally but they did a poor job... I ain't lost since I took over.
  6. Have to say I'm disappointed in the dlc they have provided. Far harbour was a framerate mess but wasn't too bad. The workshops don't interest me and we only have nuka cola world left? Seems like they have shafted us in content. The mechanist one was very bare. Fallout 3 and new Vegas had much better story dlc content and new weapons and armour etc. I guess as I'm on ps4 ill have wait for the mods to come (if they come at all due to problems).
  7. Getting 3 seats on same bus on lcfc is like winning the lottery. No I don't want my young nephew on a totally different bus.
  8. Won't even allow you on it, before you could get celtic travel. Must be having problems as usual.
  9. Anyone been able to get travel tickets on website?
  10. I've just requested to manage a club, just got back into this and found this so defo interested.
  11. Not had any long shot goals against me so far, I've tried a few and hit the bar with inler. Still seems near post is still the one.
  12. Got fifa today... Leicester are pretty darn beasty on seasons... Ultimate team is full of bs. Gameplay definitely feels a lot slower but seem to have more shots/chances. Keepers also seem alot better as well but still near post op. Oh yeah defending seems a lot harder but better in my opinion. people online tend to not know how to defend either at the moment.
  13. Cheapest I've found it is on the gamecollection
  14. Leicester players are pretty expensive on ultimate team at the moment! Also mahrez inform card dosent look no where as good as his 77 on fifa 15 he's just filth on it. (I'm sure he will get another and be similar rating in his 2nd inform)
  15. He use to do some assembleys at school back in the day. #risetofame