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  1. Another wasted cup opportunity on bright side choudary was terrific, gray played well in second half and I thought caglar defended well (albeit his penalty was poor)
  2. 6 out of 11,both aguero and de Bruyne have only came back from injury, foden and Diaz are young kids. Talented but still young and inexperienced. (Foden might be slightly more experienced having played a bit now and again.)
  3. Were basically getting outplayed by a bunch of kids with a few senior players. Danny ward making the most passes of a leicester city player embarrassing.
  4. Why are we playing 3 defensive midfeilders at home? Were barely supporting nacho and he needs all the help he can get with how poor he's been.
  5. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2019

    Does anyone have any issues when loading up the game with it crash dumping? I've updated all drivers and my laptop can run the game so not sure what's going on. Done verify cache, reinstalled etc
  6. Lcfclad2013

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Not sure what he even offers? Hes so poor.
  7. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Weekend league is slower 100% the difference from playing weekend league on Sunday then rivals on Monday is noticeable. What are we all aiming for this weekend? I'm going to see if I can get 17+ wins this weekend, always find some games where I lose by a goal and it could of gone either way. Hoping Hagi can make all the difference.
  8. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    That's true although I think there will be more icon sbcs and haha I thought so! Its all about that pace.
  9. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    I had him before rafael he was pretty decent.
  10. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Might get munier pretty sure hes got an IF? But yeah since they downgraded Dani alves there all pretty garbage
  11. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Ain't sane and anderson got enough pace? I literally just brought hagi as wanted to try him out
  12. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Thoughts on team?
  13. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Ended up on 16 wins, last game for 17 I lost 5-4 in extra time, 2 corners, 2 kick offs and 1 pass across goal i conceded.
  14. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Currently on 11 wins 9 losses hopefully get 14 wins.
  15. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    I'll be using this team at weekend