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  1. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Everyone had their email from lcfc?
  2. Lcfclad2013

    Apex Legends

    On 5 wins so far along with a 7 kill winning game. Abserlouty loving this game at the moment and its so refreshing to play with random as a team! Crazy. Mirage is my favourite character although his special abilities aren't very team based more individual.
  3. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Never liked Alisson was always prone to errors but different players act differently with different people. I don't rate de gea that massively either but I'm not going to turn down toty de gea haha
  4. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Yay its a weekend! Looks like I don't need half a day holiday afterall. I don't mind prem players however I'd imagine everyone will have similar team, salah, fabinho, Pogba, vvd, Sanchez, de gea etc
  5. Lcfclad2013

    Football Index

    Does anybody use this? If so share your portfolio, and anybody had any enjoyment from it? What is the Football Index? Launched in 2015, Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where you can buy, sell and trade footballers with real money.
  6. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Van dijk and Sanchez we will see then....
  7. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    I can get a half day if I cancel half day before I go on holiday to prague! Still they should of done all clubs at weekend as its more accessible for everyone
  8. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Anyone seen when the club play offs is.... Its on a Tuesday 5pm-11pm who in their right mind decides midweek is good especially at 5? Nobody finishes work by then.....
  9. Lcfclad2013

    FIFA 19

    Why don't you get that french centre back from future stars? Gets everyone on full chem
  10. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    How it go? Or it was tonight? I wonder if the other leagues have as much lack of interest as ours?
  11. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Fingers crossed think 1,300 will be enough unless people decide to start playing some games again.
  12. Lcfclad2013

    ePremier League

    Not played a game in 2 weeks no need too as got enough points, 1 week left lads!
  13. Lcfclad2013

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    We need a ball playing midfeilders someone who drives the midfeild no point in 2 of the same players who offer no attacking or creative threat nor can do there jobs at helping the defense.
  14. Lcfclad2013

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    So its Puels fault that professional players can't do the basics? I don't think Choudary would of make a difference today when morgan, Simpson, ndidi, chilwell, maguire, Evans etc can't defend and do the basics.
  15. Lcfclad2013

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    To come from behind twice and still lose is pathetic, its not Puels fault for Individual errors. Poor poor showing from some of the players today, especially the defense. Mendy and ndidi should be defensive midfeilders who protect the defense, they aren't doing it so what are they doing? I feel sorry for Puel the players are letting him down time and time again. Granted some things Puel does is debatable but not to hold out for 3 mins is pathetic.