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  1. Good game, it was quite hard to break you down tbh. Khedira with an abserloute banger top corner 😂 I'd say I just edged it i felt pretty comfortable but I can never hold onto a lead I've gone ahead in all 3 games and ended with 1 point. Anyway good game!
  2. That's fine just drop me a message on ps4
  3. I'm on now till 9 ish.
  4. Ill be back on Sunday as coming back home today off holiday
  5. Yeah I think I had 2 at end. You battered me pretty much after I scored up till ur last goal. You retain ball well it's hard to get it off you.
  6. Me v @Swarles Barkley Juventus 1-2 real Madrid Dybala 18" Benzema 68" Ronaldo 80" Well played your very decent player. I got ahead again in my game but end up losing 😂
  7. That's cool ill be back on then
  8. Me v anorak 1 Real Madrid v arsenal 2 Ronaldo 2" Koscielny 45" Navas og 79" Well played @Anorak
  9. I'm free now if anyone wants a game. I've added everyone in my group as well on psn.
  10. I'd get naingolan prefer him over hamsik or even try inform bonneventura or brozorvic both very good. I also don't like koulibaly because of his high attacking work rate goes far up pitch too much leaving space inbehind. Movember barzagli or chellini are decent. Rest is decent fut birthday candreva is godly too.
  11. Levi-porter is my psn 😂
  12. I'd be down for this but on holiday next Saturday for a week
  13. Thought we wernt allowed to sign players for the league who are unmanaged? I.e mahrez to psg just gone through....
  14. What you guys think to my team? I got bored of the usual bpl,French,German etc
  15. You've loaned 2 defenders off me though which might help.