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  1. Lcfclad2013

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Has nacho even touched the ball since he's been on?
  2. Lcfclad2013

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Make that 3-0 we've been abserloute dogshit.
  3. Lcfclad2013

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    I'd take maguire off one more poor tackle and he's off. Defensively were been far too naive pushing to far forward and getting done on the counter twice! Where's ndidi and mendy? Need more protection them. Maguires been poor today.
  4. Lcfclad2013

    Thank you Riyad

    Imagine if we still had riyad with maddison... So much creativity.
  5. Lcfclad2013

    Buying Games

    Ganecollection for pre orders then usually Amazon or ebay for pre-owned/games I can't get on gamecollection
  6. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    Ended up winning the league with vaduz easily, then got approach by Everton or palace (they just went down) fancied a rebuilding job and more finances so went palace and ended my vaduz adventure with what could of been in the division higher. I ended up signing bruun larsen for palace and he's still a monster. I'd recommend anyone getting him on loan or permanent if you can. Also signed jovic marcovic some romainian 18 year old who's got lots of potential. Currently top with palace in January and vaduz currently lies bottom of swiss top league, the new manager signed some right dross, there lucky they still have Steven madividi and Toni Martinez as well as Marcus Edwards who I all got on loan for 2 years else I'd doubt they would have any points on the table at all!
  7. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    So first season is over with fc vaduz! After looking optimistic of going up we ended up losing a game (with 3 games to go) and coming 2nd in end. We've managed to get all the loans back again for another season so fingers crossed we can go up next season! Jacob bruun Larsen got challenge player of year, hes been Abserloutly immense and to have him for another season is going to be quality. Hes worth 1.2m atm with that sure to only go up and up! (Shame he's on loan)
  8. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    So few games in after the winter break with vaduz, Jacob bruun Larsen got player of the year (strange they do it half way through season) has been terrific for me same with Toni Martinez on loan from west ham. Currently still top but only by 2 points ended up losing 4 games on trot just before winter break. Managed to sign demitri Mitchell from man u on a free when his contract expires. Fingers crossed I can win the league amount of injuries I get every week 1 or 2 players is a joke!
  9. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    1st season, my 2 loans have been quality 1 from Dortmund b team winger and Toni Martinez from west ham. I signed a fair few freebies but now I'm selling them on for money half way through season to help build money up
  10. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    Wow didn't realize my grammar was so poor when typing all that haha currently!
  11. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    Icelandic league? I'm currently top with vaduz currently in end of september sold a few players who are on a bit but I don't play. Got a few loans in and a few freebies. Its a really enjoyable save
  12. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    I've seen cardif met uni is a decent challenge in welsh league
  13. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    Ahhh I enjoyed reading your updates on vaduz! Shame.
  14. Lcfclad2013

    Football Manager 2018

    I had fiorentina last qualifying round with vaduz they were far too good for me. Just started out with them its very interesting and fun!
  15. Lcfclad2013

    Betting Thread

    Well Brazil are terrible haha! Shit me.