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  1. Call Of Duty : WW2

    I've used the svt I don't like the recoil it's worse than the garand but you get a bigger magazine side which helps I'd imagine if you leveled it up and have attachments it be pretty decent. It's also 2 hit kill similar to garand
  2. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Tried mp40 other night wasn't that impressed it's pretty balanced gun. Found out that the Bar is best weapon in the game literally kills people in 2-3 bullets with really good accuracy. It's a joke.
  3. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Stg is the best weapon is game seems that everyone is using it tbh. Type 100 is fairly decent too
  4. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Apart from the server issues and when finishing a game it freezes, the game itself is actaully really decent probably one of the best cods since we had on the old generation. Campaign is great so far, haven't played zombies yet but that looks good also. The game isn't as good as cod 4 etc but atleast there getting in the right direction for once.
  5. FIFA 18

    If anyone wants someone sweaty try zaha inform striker card, really good dribbling with plenty of pace and not bad finishing. Have him, antonio and kane swap between the 3.
  6. Ex-Leicester City player news

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4542049/ex-premiership-footballer-kerrea-gilbert-raped-drugged-drunk-teen/ Anyone remember this fella?
  7. FIFA 18

    Yeah has decent dribbling, pace and strength. Shooting ain't too bad either. Prefer him over Musa for sweatyness
  8. FIFA 18

    Antonio although he's like 9-10k.
  9. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Will someone be able to accept me tomorrow?
  10. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Ill play again, I'm free tomorrow pretty much all day. I need to request a transfer in though, also did anyone have to remake their pro again? I swear last year the character just transferred over.
  11. PS4 Fifa 17 pro clubs

    Sounds good to me
  12. PS4 Fifa 17 pro clubs

    Anyone up for some games before leicester game? Can play for few hours
  13. FIFA 18

    I got Danny drinkwater for my starter squad....great.
  14. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Looked one of your better players for when I watched against Oxford but then again it was just pre season and against his old side maybe wanted to impress. Also you wernt playing a full strength side either.
  15. The Iborra Thread

    He wasn't fit you could tell, it will come in time when he gets a few games. Looks like hes a decent player though