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  1. Some changes to how VAR will be used. Still no use of the pitchside monitor though.
  2. Don't understand how they can argue Ozil v Maddison on the basis of their CVs, Ozil is 10 years older than Maddison of course he has a better CV. No surprise Kevin Campbell doesn't get regular pundit jobs, and that's saying something given the quality of pundits out there.
  3. Reckon Henderson, O'connell and Lundstram from Sheff United should have been called up. Joint best defence in the league and can't even get a look in, must be quite demoralising.
  4. Lost a 5 a side game 20-1 a couple years back, that was a painful one 😅
  5. Tielemans was a different player after his goal. Made a few wayward passes in the first half but seemed more composed after he scored. Hope his confidence is up and he can start playing at the same level as last season.
  6. Best way to play against Sheff United is to play through the middle. Their CBs don't deal great with direct runners and aren't great with their feet. They play quite wide so are often open in the middle. Think a narrow and direct style will serve us well.
  7. Just met Top and Rudkin in Kings College Chapel in Cambridge ?
  8. Interesting piece about Barnes from Sky Sports. His former managers rate him really highly. http://www.skysports.com/share/11742209
  9. I work for a summer school in Cambridge and I'm trying to convince them to let me take the students to the game ?
  10. I live with a Sheffield United fan so I've watched quite a lot of their games this season. They're fairly solid defensively with one of the midfielders sitting back when one of the centre backs overlaps, however this could leave them exposed in the Premier league. They'll need another striker as Sharps legs have gone and I don't think Mcgoldrick can cut it at this level. Will probably need some more reinforcements in defence and midfield too. If they sign the right players they can stay up. I'd also look out for Jack o'Connell who is a real talent and could feature for England if he has a good season (suggestions he may get better than Maguire)
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