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  1. Lot of Everton fans laughing at this one
  2. I live with a Sheffield United fan so I've watched quite a lot of their games this season. They're fairly solid defensively with one of the midfielders sitting back when one of the centre backs overlaps, however this could leave them exposed in the Premier league. They'll need another striker as Sharps legs have gone and I don't think Mcgoldrick can cut it at this level. Will probably need some more reinforcements in defence and midfield too. If they sign the right players they can stay up. I'd also look out for Jack o'Connell who is a real talent and could feature for England if he has a good season (suggestions he may get better than Maguire)
  3. one of sky sports top football whispers... whatever that means.
  4. Not vouching for how reliable the source is but this sounds pretty promising - at least seems he wants to stay?
  5. Better to have a closer, more competitive league full of clubs who can directly challenge each other rather than clubs that really struggle to keep up like Huddersfield have this season. Of course it's a great story to have an unfavoured 'smaller' team getting promoted, but if the league is full of clubs capable of challenging each other it'll make for a more interesting season and will challenge us to be better.
  6. Sure his wife is an investment banker or something similar in New York so I don't think they're strapped for cash. With her salary and what he has already earned I reckon they could have a fairly comfortable life.
  7. What happened to Cheese's Dinosaur?
  8. Wasn't he in talks with Blackburn? Never heard him linked with us.
  9. Surely got to be #YouriWelcome
  10. They are, but is it not an abuse of his position to report those opinions as facts without any justification? I understand he isn't going to quote his source, but as I said above until he justifies what he is saying then all he writes is an unsubstantiated rumour th at suits his agenda and gains him clicks.
  11. Even if he is speaking to players the things he writes are still not evidenced. I understand he isn't going to quote certain players (if that is where he gets his information) but until he can back up what he is writing then why write it? All it seems to do is help him gain clicks and further anti-Puel rhetoric. It's unhelpful, unsubstantiated and suits his personal agenda.
  12. I know he's usually a good source for information about the club but Percy's agenda against Puel is so clear it seems forced. Lots of comments that aren't backed up by any quotes or evidence.
  13. Did he not do enough of that on community service? 🤔
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