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  1. This is embarrassing for Man City and their fans... Pep calling fans out for not turning up to the Fulham game.
  2. Can anyone share the lyrics to the Ricardo song? Tried to find it on here with no luck. Thanks.
  3. Just hope their fans don't cause Unnecessary Trouble
  4. Excellent again tonight with his control under pressure and a few flicks around the defenders. Would be great if he could get a bit quicker and gain more confidence shooting with his right foot. So many times he could have shot with his right but kept the ball to work it onto his left/lay it off to someone.
  5. Thought the atmosphere was much better tonight. One of the best I've heard this season.
  6. Reckon he'll be back tonight... Rodgers saying he could have played a few days ago if it was an FA cup final type game. Sounds to me like he's fully fit again and ready to go.
  7. The same with my 6 year old brother. He's disappointed Vardy isn't playing as his favourite chant is 'Jamie Vardy' s having a party, bring your uncle and your friend Charlie'. He's in for a shock when he finds out the real chant
  8. Seen a few of these knocking around on Twitter so I thought I'd ask here. What's your team of the decade made up of Leicester players? Think I'd go for: Schmeichel Ricardo Huth Morgan Fuchs Drinkwater N'didi Kante Mahrez Vardy Knockaert Thoughts?
  9. Not sure why everyone is suggesting we drop our wingers. They were poor against Man City but Liverpools threat is their fullbacks and wingers. We can't leave Chilwell isolated against Trent AA and Salah, or Ricardo isolated against Robertson and Mane. We need our wingers on the pitch and to put in a defensive shift against Liverpools wide players.
  10. Anyone else notice Chris Kamara mentioning something about balls being warm? Lots of stifled laughter after that too?
  11. Can confirm I have seen this happen. She tried to balance the cake on her chair and it ended up all over the floor. It was deserved.
  12. Needs to stretch the defence better - too often we had no one out wide because he was moving into the middle where everyone else was. At one point he followed Vardy's run exactly which cut them both off. Needs to make much better runs.
  13. I wonder what the deal is regarding giving him a new contract without the clause? Guessing it has to be included in any contract up to a certain date? Obviously Man City won't buy him back on the basis of two good performances but something to consider if his form carries on for the rest of the season.
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