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  1. Ahmed Musa going back to Nigeria. Still only 28, do wonder what our scouts saw in him (unless they'd been playing Fifa)
  2. Not saying he is directly responsible for the goals just that he has an overall negative affect on our other defenders. Ricardo for example is much more limited in an attacking sense because he has to cover for Amartey more. You don't have to make an overt mistake or be directly responsible for a goal to come in for criticism.
  3. The back 5 with Amartey just does not work. Negatively affects every other player in the defence because they're having to compensate for his lack of ability on the ball and lack of positional awareness.
  4. Mike Dean ref as well... Haven't we had enough controversy already?
  5. Only one able to go in the shop and buy alcohol. Cactus Jack's and Smirnoff Ice all round
  6. So braindead. Imagine being paid tens of thousands a week to do your dream job and you still mess it up by breaking covid restrictions the week leading up to one of the biggest games of the season. Absolute stupidity by all of them.
  7. Looking at the original cover I didn't realise Harry Maguire starred in Green Street
  8. Arsenal's leaked home kit looking very Ajax
  9. Wilf absolutely adores this guy. A happy and in form Kelechi who wants to stay at the club is huge in keeping Wilf here long term as well.
  10. In all fairness she could have been directing the prat towards me rather than saying that's how it's pronounced
  11. I asked a Belgian person how it should be pronounced when he first signed for us and she said it was 'Prat' so I'm sticking with that
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