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  1. What?! Can't you see that's reasonable? That kind of talk won't wash here CL qualification and a domestic cup or I'll be raging
  2. I just hope that the collapse of global travel retail doesn't totally destroy King Power, because we could do with £100m spending
  3. A tackle, within a tackle, within a tackle?!
  4. Or tattoo 'knee over the ball' on his eyelids
  5. I can't agree with getting rid of one of the greatest ball-winners in the world, but f*** me am I sick of seeing him blast quality chances over the f****ng bar
  6. Wortho The Dog director of football
  7. Watford rolling over for Aubameyang
  8. 'Leicester aren't capable of beating Man United' Do one Keane, you bellend
  9. Having gone to school and lived in Nottingham for many years, I'll settle for popping a pair of wellies on and wading to the shops through a river of salty red tears
  10. Just head over to the Nottinghamshire Live website. Beautiful.
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