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  1. Can't find it anywhere and I want to, because it's another way to ratchet up my hatred of Grealish
  2. It works much better without the involvement of 'economic hitmen' and CIA-backed 'rebel groups', manufactured instability and assassination What? General chat forum? Never heard of it
  3. UEFA - prefers that domestic seasons are seen to a conclusion Also UEFA - give us £300m compensation for concluding your leagues
  4. https://fosseposse.sbnation.com/2020/3/15/21180480/ricardo-pereira-injury-acl-leicester-city 'The Assassination of Ricardo Pereira's Knee By The Coward Jack Grealish'
  5. The amount they earn they bloody should be
  6. As a club and a fan base we have an opportunity here, to do the right thing and act as would like others to follow. By giving an honorary retrospective player of the year award we can finally give Colin Gibson the appreciation he deserves.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/51814887 Down with the virus You're going down with the virus Down with the viiiiiiiirus You're going down with the virus....
  8. At this rate we'll be playing Top on the left wing
  9. I'm getting on board with this. Because if I wasn't, the only alternative would be 'seriously concerned'
  10. Thank you so much for articulating this Edit: on James, he deserves his chance same as everybody else
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