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  1. I seem to recall reading in the rule that it shouldn't be given if the ball cannons on to the player's hand from the player's own leg Just seen Bert answered this first, I really should read the whole thread before hitting reply
  2. At least it looks like Soumare's a Choux-in
  3. Take off those sh|t-tinted glasses, son!
  4. Significant injuries to key players. All season long. I'm happy to look ahead to next year at this point with a big FA Cup smile on my face.
  5. There's a lot to agree with here, there comes a point where your mentality has to change and I think that's true of the whole club. Why not us? Why shouldn't we rip into the top 4? We are right to look at the results that have cost us 9-12 points this season and not be happy. Must remember though, when it comes to fine margins and having the endurance to stay the course there's nothing like a couple of hundred million quid to tip the balance. With our injury list this season, you can just as easily put a 5th-place finish and our late-season lethargy down to
  6. Genuinely, I've given him a lot of stick this season so I wanted to check the numbers, but you have to have more than that from your 'second striker'/attacking midfield/number 10 candidate
  7. It's alright I've heard he does a lot of running, excellent work rate...
  8. Tell me again what Perez contributes
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