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  1. I'd rather have had Maddison from the start than Sharkey at the end
  2. I bet they can't wait for reopening down at the pub, they must have missed you
  3. I've wanted to watch Lenny Glover ever since I saw a GLOVER IS GOD sign on an old VHS retrospective. Also Rowley - 16 hat tricks at Leicester, I'd love to see what that kind of dominance looked like today.
  4. I don't know what that means but if it's to do with turning up to business meetings, lunches and the like in full kit including boots then I am 99% of the way there
  5. There has quite simply never been a better time to strut about Nottingham
  6. Very noble, and of course you are correct. I, however, live in Nottingham and I'd kill everyone in my local area if it meant we reached the knockout stages
  7. I'm pretty sure that the owners and the club have this covered, and the current setup is best. We are talking kindergarten-level football club ownership here, given everything else they've done I'm pretty sure the chances of FT coming up with a valuable fresh take on the shirt sponsor situation are negligible
  8. Watching the highlights, I don't actually think he was trying to score for the 5th. He gives the eyes but he's definitely squaring it for Kelechi the way I see it - even though you might interpret his body language afterwards as rueful. Wonderful, mature play - today he decimated them in a different fashion.
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