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  1. Nailed on for top 4 https://www.90min.com/posts/6415520-leicester-city-how-the-foxes-are-set-to-defy-the-odds-again-break-into-the-top-4-next-season
  2. Happy with that. Great display, and I don't want Liverpool to win the title. It would ruin too many jokes.
  3. Kompany and Pep looking way too pally with Youri for my liking
  4. That was one of the best games of football I've seen all season. Absolute class from City. The future's bright.
  5. Well, that was it He's missed a ****ing sitter
  6. .... now if Nacho put one in.... But nah
  7. Not the point, there was a mixup between choudhury and the back line
  8. That is generally true, but the job he's doing on Sterling is plain for all to see
  9. Dean's having a great game to be fair. I think we'll start seeing cards soon
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