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  1. I'm straight and married, and we have no idea what his opinion on the whole thing would be, but if it keeps him here I'll do it
  2. I mean if they were, they'd be very very hard to play against
  3. It feels more like a parade lap than a race. What I'm enjoying is that three years ago we were saying, 'this is the greatest Leicester City team we'll see in our lifetimes' and we're actually watching an even better side now. Titles are one part quality, two parts magic. But seeing our club build, progress, improve the way it is - that's concrete. Enjoy it.
  4. What a whining, cheating, diving, spineless bellend Grealish is. He could be decent if he concentrated on playing football.
  5. I'd have bought him a pasty while I washed the blood off the Lexus
  6. Nige almost ran me over in the car park at Gloucester services a few weeks ago, then just gave me a death stare as he rolled past
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/09/24/chris-sutton-flattened-sliding-tackle-live-bt-sport-coverage/
  8. I can't help but resent the idea of paying multiple subscriptions just to be able to watch the games you want. I think the Premier League needs a 21st Century approach, and to bring coverage in-house. TV is digital data, the most steal-able thing on Earth. The majority of City games I watch are streamed - sometimes because I don't subscribe to the right service, mostly because nobody is showing the game I want. A possible model for the future is a central Premier League app, a subscription to which allows you to choose say 6 matches per month for a flat rate then add other games pay-per-view as you wish.
  9. Easy, tiger. That's the first thing I've ever said about Lebedev's smug, sanctimonious rag... My point, pursuant to the subject of the thread, was that The Guardian shoehorned a reference to little Leicester having a 'brief' crack at the top 4, supporting this tired notion of a Top 6 that we have no right to usurp.
  10. The Guardian unable to resist a little dig https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/dec/02/amazon-prime-premier-league-football-arrival-tv-hefty-price
  11. Injuries is a great point Back when Pearson was in charge of us in the Championship we were hosting Premier League sides at the BASES conference. Our sports science has been top notch for years, and it pays off massively by keeping our first team by and large off the treatment table
  12. Yep - easy formula Step 1 - speculate based on no information at all, or an opinion you pulled out of your a*se Step 2 - amplify speculation as other outlets report on your report Step 3 - Report views of people on Twitter, who are responding to reports of your a*se-originated speculation Step 4 - report that speculation is causing unrest. Use the opinion of clapped-out former players to throw petrol on the fire Step 5 - subject of speculation is forced to make an announcement. Report on announcement, dissect every word You can get a week of web content out of that
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