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  1. He's a team player, patient, and most importantly he comes up with the goods when he's needed. Not easy when you don't get a solid rhythm of starts. He's an unsung hero and he deserves some love.
  2. Hunts Hill is steep That jacket is CRIMINAL You could get 2 Martin O'Neill jumpers and a pint for that
  3. Can't get excited? Remember what's at stake CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, MAN!
  4. It is a concern this close to Christmas
  5. He's like if Maddison had been smacked about by his dad
  6. Nah he's just so Leicester his arse is royal blue
  7. That shorts-pulling just lays it bare, they're an ugly, fearful team of below-par talent with one hero
  8. Watching Ayoze and Mendy snuff that opportunity out between them was depressing
  9. That's taken about a minute to set up and it's lovely and stable, English commentary, top boy cheers
  10. For no reason here is a picture of a stream
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