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  1. Sol thewall Bamba

    New chants and songs

    That tune
  2. Sol thewall Bamba

    Your last Pint?

    As an aside I really don't like those 660ml bottles especially when you get them at restaurants etc. They always get flat and warm by the time you get to the dregs in my experience, maybe I just drink too slow
  3. Sol thewall Bamba

    Your last Pint?

  4. Sol thewall Bamba

    Your last Pint?

    Open Gate Pilsner too, was alright but not as nice as Hop House.
  5. Sol thewall Bamba

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

  6. Sol thewall Bamba

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    When will the moaners concede that Amartey is actually decent.
  7. Sol thewall Bamba

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Mate we smashed them. Even at 0-1 we were the only team playing football.
  8. Sol thewall Bamba

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Smahsed 'em. They should never have scored and we could have had 6. Happy days.
  9. Sol thewall Bamba

    Do you remember...

    The noise for the 4th my fvcking god.
  10. Sol thewall Bamba

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Same with Söyüncü, yes he was doing well in Germany but not incredible, lads there say they can't seeing coming straight into the starting line up yet. HBHM, Morgan and Evans will make up 95% of our CB pairing until at least January imo.
  11. Sol thewall Bamba

    Huddersfield U18

    Tbf that's under face value. We have the worst U18 pricing in the league, something Union FS took up with the club at a recent FCC. They're "looking into it". Edit, £26 for a 17 year old in the Kop for a category B game.
  12. Sol thewall Bamba

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I like the idea of a sports complex but I wouldn't want to be sharing the facilities with the City's other sports teams. If the Football, Rugby, Basketball etc teams were all part of the same Sports Club like they are in other countries then it would make sense but seeing as they're all separate entities I don't think it would work.
  13. Sol thewall Bamba

    Personalised Scarves

    That's exactly wot am satin,we as it up Barnsley a couple of years ago,me mate banged a lad in stone island,the fact he was wearing some nike air max trainers told me he weren't a lad,but if he wants to bounce about dressed like he is a lad(even though he weren't) he gonna draw attention to himself,which he did???
  14. Sol thewall Bamba

    puel chant - or lack of

    Ahh I see. Trust you to have the stats 9th. Again then if we replicate that over the course of this season. I really don't know what people expect of this club.
  15. Sol thewall Bamba

    puel chant - or lack of

    54 points this season then, I'll take that. 7th and another European tour.