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  1. Just seen a brand new car on Auto trader with over 6 grand off the 24 grand list price. Second hand prices seem to have held up OK from what I keep an eye on.
  2. Let's not pretend that the current ownership haven't made mistakes.
  3. Very drab first half for Bochum, made worse by the empty ground.
  4. Yeah. We used to have a hardcore of 10k, which over time grew to be about 20k when we were in League 1. People don't become "hardcore" without dipping a toe in first. Also the obsession with avoiding empty seats in England is bizzare, does anyone genuinely care if there are a few hundred empties for a game against Palace?
  5. Just need to get on with it, do a pro-rata refund for STs and full refunds on away tickets ASAP. It's really not hard, the games are clearly going to be behind closed doors. Then provide a link to donate your refunds to a range of charities if you'd like. Get it done.
  6. I want to know who the club asked to come to the conclusion that light shows and playing The Greatest Showman was what people wanted. In no other line of business that I can think of would a company do absolutely zero market research when trying to design an "experience". On balance I should say that the stadium expansion survey was decent but time will tell if that actually comes to anything.
  7. Gray is ahead of this bloke which tells you all you need to know. Would be sad to see big Dan go though, he was doing well before his injury.
  8. Lee Hendrie on Harry's heroes talking about his battle with depression and bankruptcy. Sounded really serious.
  9. Using Nike Run to track mine at the moment otherwise I'd be onboard. Running with the Mrs at the moment so most times/distances are up to her, but I did manage to get a 5k in on my own last weekend in 25.32 that I was reasonably happy with. Still a minute and a half or so to come out of that I think. Running on Bournemouth beach in the evening at the moment is blissful, perfectly clear and not too hot.
  10. Cracking BBQ at the back of the away end 😎
  11. What's Bielefeld? Also Bochum don't hate Bayern at all!
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