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  1. Liking these fixtures so far. Looks like we've learnt our lessons from when we jetted about all over the place in the International Champions Cup. One decent team at home towards the end of July and that'll be decent.
  2. Couple of them off for a quick round of golf before the wedding or what?
  3. Yes, but without consistent European football we don't play enough games to keep 18 (or more) first team standard players happy. It's a fine line to tread really.
  4. Doesn't say anywhere that getting in touch is mandatory? It's for people that want to get closer to the group and to get involved, we'll provide seat numbers to try and help people out.
  5. Correct. Hamza and Barnes are the two players that I'm most excited to see more of next season.
  6. Nige looks so well at the moment. People go on about him not managing at the moment but fvck it, if he's happy who cares. Those that were there know how much he contributed to our success and those that weren't don't matter.
  7. Yeah don't get the fear of empty seats, would rather have it for when we need it than not.
  8. https://www.givemesport.com/1476685-cardiff-metropolitan-university-fc-have-qualified-for-the-201920-europa-league Scenes
  9. Not good enough to start week in week out at Man City, Man Utd won't be a significant step up for him to risk it imo.
  10. Correct. But usually when people try to "make a stand", they just get ignored/laughed at or whatever. It won't stop until our schedule is like Spain, games back to back with no one playing simultaneously and every game on TV.
  11. It's probably because gate money is small fry for us now. 10 or so years back when it made a difference they'd bang the drum and rightly so, I remember them calling you directly asking if you fancied going. Now with the money floating around, having 1000 seats returned by the away side going unsold makes so little difference to the bottom line they just won't bother.
  12. This. Season ticket prices are pretty good but match by match tickets are bad. We won't tell 10K tickets in an extended East stand if we're charging £40 to watch Bournemouth and Palace.
  13. This. We're not as rich as we think we are.
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