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  1. 10 days to get to 235 pages lads.
  2. No PC bullshit
  3. Poor from them imo. WATP
  4. Basically this. Not wishing injury on anyone but if circumstances are right there's a chance.
  5. Thing is, say we get to the later rounds of the FA Cup and we get a big draw at home, you know they'll use the same 'loyalty' system to determine who get tickets, why then don't cup games attended previously input into your chances of getting cup tickets this season?
  6. Squad looks quite strong actually written down like that.
  7. This is the thing that annoyed me the most.
  8. Most likely dropping out the scheme and just picking up what I can from here and there. Cheaper than buying from the club anyway
  9. Brackets released for the first 5 home games, get hoarding your points lads.
  10. "Seriously shut this down. And for those of you saying "just don't read it" - jog on. Some of us use the transfer section to get updates/info and opinions of the players involved in the transfer market. What is the point in posting bulls*** apart from making threads within Foxestalk a waste of space? Who gives a toss if this reaches 300 pages??" Still relevant over 6 years on.
  11. Under 2's membership is a disgrace. Who would be proud of coming up with that idea?
  12. Bored of this one now, not really bothered where he ends up.
  13. Struggling for revenue obviously. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. Meant to be seeing Blink 182 tonight, but they've just cancelled due to illness