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  1. Fair, mine is much smaller and the capacity of the weights room is only about 20 ish, and it's full every night. The cardio area is much less populated. Crazy how much better I feel after just a few sessions. Got a swim at the weekend I'm really looking forward to as well
  2. As long as he's happy with the role he's playing then whatever.
  3. Col was down there this morning shouting at Amartey.
  4. So when we get back in the grounds and have to take lfts to gain access, there's a chance that you'll just get a false positive and then have to isolate for two weeks. Brilliant.
  5. Should have banned him for a couple of seasons, make a proper example. Useless twats.
  6. How busy are the gyms up there? Here they're much busier than when they reopened last summer, I guess people have absolutely had enough of Covid and want to crack on. Also, only being able to shift literally half of my personal best on chest and shoulder press was an absolute killer It's a long way back!
  7. Or just press the Stop button top left whilst it's still loading. Works for The Athletic too
  8. I saw an interview that NP did after they lost the other weekend and he was fuming. Openly calling out the players' commitment and hinting he had a tough decision to make whether he'd even stay on if offered. It's a massive job for him there, as big if not bigger clear out needed than us when we went down.
  9. Needs to go and see Uncle Nige at Bristol next season.
  10. Given most of my childhood mates are Southampton fans, this is a biggy for me. Would have loved to have been on the train to London travelling from behind enemy lines.
  11. Mate if you voted for Perez it's fine, just own up and admit your mistake, the Kelechi Master Race may forgive you in time
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