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  1. Yeah we do this as well, you just don't notice it when it's us.
  2. This season is the best chance in the CLUB'S RECENT HISTORY to win the FA Cup. - We have a banging squad, possibly the best ever - We have a manager who values the cups and has experience winning them - We have no European football to clog our fixture list - League status is safe, and top 4 is all but safe barring a total collapse in form - Next season we'll have at least 6 European games to fit in, so as stated above those will take precedent - The traditional "big 6" are terrible other than 2 of them No more "the league takes precedent". No more "we'll have a better chance next year". Let's do it NOW.
  3. If he can make another 100 appearances for us (quite likely), he'll be the 3rd most capped player in the club's history.
  4. If you like it then fair enough, I just don't But as always you can't have an opinion that criticises the club! Unless it's the players, then criticise all you want
  5. Is it not a memento if it doesn't have the date and the opponents written on it?
  6. Gunna get stick for this but whatever, no one is immune from criticism. These are horrid. Why on earth have we printed what is, in honesty, a half and half scarf? Also I get the idea of linking them with the kit that we're likely to wear on the day but making a sea of blue and white instead of black would have been much more fitting imo. What's worse is that the club will have had to have made 4000 of them, in case every single person who is entitled to one went to pick theirs up. I'd guess that a big proportion of them went uncollected but given the circumstances there's not much they could do about that. But becasue they've got the date on them and they're not in traditional club colours, who's going to wear them again after next week? I'd guess at tiny numbers of them making an appearance at any subsequent matches. So we've made 4000 scarves, 50% of which will go straight in the bin at the KP having never been used and the vast majority of the ones that were collected being used once and then being stuck in a drawer. Then the club have the cheek to put an article on the website about how they're tacking single use plastic. If it were just a simple blue and white bar scarf or something similar, they would look more fitting in the away end, and would be used more than once. I get the sentiment but people within the marketing team get these kind of thing so wrong so often. Just my two cents, like I say I'll get stick for "moaning" and "being ungrateful" but it's all about opinions aint it.
  7. Would also suggest that Benko isn't seen as a viable option.
  8. Quite. L1 and SK1 are a catalyst for the rest of the ground, they can't do it alone.
  9. I didn't say that haven't done well or that they don't deserve credit. All I said was that Dyche doesn't have the ability to play anything other than hard graft, organised, numbers based football.
  10. Rodgers is a miracle worker helping to turn Nacho around. Like a £20 Million new signing.
  11. Spot on. They keep playing that way because Dyche doesn't know how to do anything better.
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