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  1. Is he going to get it better than he has it here though? Say he makes 30 apps this year in the league and the Cups for a team that is pressing for Champions league, is he going to get that elsewhere? Either he'll go to an Everton/West Ham type where he'll get similar game time but not be pressing for Europe, if he'll go to a duffer like Palace and be playing regular but fighting relegation for the rest of his career.
  2. Fair enough, I wrote him off earlier in the season but he's looked good recently and if Brendan trusts him we should as well.
  3. Jonny Evans is a Blue, Playing at the back with Soyuncu, He came to Leicester the best in the land, He put Harry Kane in the fvcking stand, Woooaaaaaahhhh Woooaaaaaahhhh The boy from Belfast he is here to stay, He wins every header on a Saturday Still can't find the tune for it but this will be done eventually.
  4. Don't believe the article? It's full of first hand quotes from him? "For me, it’s clear that I lost two years at the highest level" Or are you saying they made the quotes up?
  5. As long as we play our best team for every competitive game I don't care. If we chuck either of the Cups I'd be livid.
  6. The club look at FT, CONFIRMED
  7. Man City are going through a shit period relatively and we're going through a fantastic one. We're one point ahead of them. To declare ourselves favourites even for 2nd makes us look a bit silly imo.
  8. Ridiculous to think he's not able to break into our first 11. He's so good.
  9. Well done for summing up the start of every new song ever devised. The Ulloa song was terrible for ages before it got going in a concourse at an away game, then everyone loved it.
  10. They did set off a smoke bomb for their disallowed goal tbf.
  11. Sorry that wasn't clear. This is the tune: For 90 minutes long We'll sing a song for Maddison Running past defenders Try and stop him if you can
  12. Really started to pick up yesterday. Felt great to sing we're on our way again too.
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