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  1. Sol thewall Bamba

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Just seen their 4th. What the actual fvck. Puel has a right to be livid, what the fvck are they playing at. Brain dead.
  2. Sol thewall Bamba

    Midfield leader

    Ah yes, really pulled his Sevilla team mates into line in the last 16 against us didnt he
  3. Sol thewall Bamba

    Midfield leader

    Too bad he's crap
  4. Sol thewall Bamba

    Keeping an interest in the season when we hit 45 points.

    Would put us 5th ffs No one will ever be good enough for this fanbase anymore. Winning the league has killed us.
  5. Sol thewall Bamba

    Mendy and ndidi

    Never known us to have so many centre midfielders, and yet we still haven't got a good partnership. My top to bottom of those here at the start of the season would go: Ndidi - still our best but has got worse since he arrived Mendy - tidy but doesn't pull up trees Hamza - future captain but needs introducing gradually imo Iborra - gone Silva - worst pound for pound signing in the history of the club King - my man, but he's gone James - abhorrent since his injury We won League 1 with 2 CMs all season, and went through 2 seasons in the Champ with King, Oakley and Wellens as the only options. How can we have so many options yet none are doing the business.
  6. Sol thewall Bamba

    Players not good enough to take us forward under any manager.

    A lot of the 'winning edges' put in place under NFP (sports science, psychologists, pastoral care to name a few), have been slowly eroded since he left. That's for me one of the biggest reasons why we're not getting the best from what we have, we've lost the backroom set up.
  7. Sol thewall Bamba

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    Everton are shit. Silva another overrated manager.
  8. Sol thewall Bamba

    Players not good enough to take us forward under any manager.

    Our players in the main are slightly above average.
  9. Sol thewall Bamba

    Free speech

    True though
  10. Sol thewall Bamba

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    11 points from 22. "Get him in" Haahhahaaahaahaahahahahaha
  11. Sol thewall Bamba

    Who then......

    The majority of the suggestions in here are laughable. Arteta and Sol Campbell? **** me. Then the usual overrated dross like Howe, Benitez. Everyone gone off Wagner now? We were all crying out for him last summer
  12. Sol thewall Bamba

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Eddie Howe takes another pasting. He'd be welcomed here with open arms apparently
  13. Sol thewall Bamba

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    If they're serious about it, they could start by: - Reconfigurating the ground when they expand to get all the singers in one spot, not strung across the back of the Kop and in L1 - Provide rail seats in those areas, which they can do legally now - Lower the horrific matchday ticket prices for under 22s - Bin the clappers But hey, it's much easier just to get Ben Chilwell to put a tweet out saying "fans were class as always".
  14. Sol thewall Bamba

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    No one joins in with Hey Jude anyway so what's the point. Atmosphere recently proves again what a myth clappers are. What a huge waste of time and resources. The club bang on about the "fantastic support" but do fvck all to facilitate genuine atmosphere.
  15. Sol thewall Bamba

    Free speech

    If you think that's bad you should see the contents of the infamous "good behaviour" agreement!