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  1. Good news but I would loved to have seen a bang in form Ndidi go toe to toe with Kante. Reckon we can get something here, I'd absolutely back Brendan to out think Fat Frank and we're in decent form. Would still take a draw mind.
  2. Sorry? I've been almost totally positive in this thread for months
  3. Oh absolutely. But by the same measure the public should be praised for a good level of uptake of the vaccine so far, compared to say, France.
  4. Yeah absolutely, get every adult vaccinated by the summer and they'll never let us forget it.
  5. Yeah it's really refreshing to have a clear route out of the whole thing. I think the government know that a quick vaccine roll out is the only chance they have to save face after the absolute clusterfvck of the last 10 months, and they're throwing everything at it.
  6. The Mars paedophile colony will never fail to make me crack up every time I see something about it. Epstein not killing himself is the highest up that chart I can go.
  7. Imagine this thread if he had said this about us https://twitter.com/ATNCAST/status/1350925438214938632?s=19
  8. The Army are setting up 10 vaccine hubs in Scotland as their rollout has been too slow so far. Genuinely excited to see what numbers we can hit by the end of this week.
  9. Southampton was 400 competitive appearances.
  10. No one was expecting Sheff Utd to get anything here surely?
  11. End of this season he'll likely be 6th behind Walshy. 500 is doable which would put him 3rd. I think anything beyond that may be a bit too much.
  12. I hope they were taking the piss out of the whole thing tbh.
  13. It was tongue in cheek to be honest. The stick I took as a 15 year old at a Southampton supporting secondary school when we went down and they stayed up in 2008, I think I've earned the right to gloat a bit when we beat them.
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