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  1. He's right though isn't he. If we're in for the same transfer target later in the summer for example, they've just won the EL and have CL football next season, they would likely be seen as the more attractive proposition.
  2. Just solidifies my opinion that we should prioritise the EL next season.
  3. Surely this is his agent getting him a new contract.
  4. Looking at the full line up, and taking into account our horrific form for the second half of the season and the fact we're in Europe again, I think it's going to be a tough, tough domestic season for us.
  5. You have to be one of the two or three best keepers in the world to be number 1 for Utd and I don't think Kasper is at that level.
  6. No excuses here. Go and get him.
  7. Office for National Statistics. Not sure why their numbers differ so much from PHE but the have trended below PHE's numbers for a long time.
  8. Not a clue who he is but GEERRIIIMMMIINNN
  9. People are still trying to peddle that the PHE number is being artificially lowered to make the situation look better than it actually is.
  10. I agree that our recent track record of signing defenders is excellent, I'd have relative confidence that we could sign someone 99% as good as Chilwell and make a profit from the process if he were to go.
  11. Awkward that Maddison has now just put up a post in front of a private jet as well Not quite as ostentatious but still.
  12. That's a smart colour to be fair. Partial to a wavy 3rd kit.
  13. Drawing them would be one of the worst trips possible. Village team basically, nothing to do anywhere near the ground and barely any home fans. Plus like you say Kramaric would probably get a hat trick.
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