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  1. UFS have been pushing the Caglar song to the tune of Kingston Town since the Wolves game
  2. Where's it going? Looks very big?...
  3. Knee jerk central over here hahahahaha
  4. Boringly predictable. They could field a team of 10 year olds and we still wouldn't win there.
  5. Finished here. The whole dropping him and then re-introducing him on the big stage was an obvious ploy to get him going and it just hasn't worked. Cut our losses, put all our faith in Barnes from here on in.
  6. Painfully predictable given the confidence heading into this.
  7. Who cares, it's not like it's a major tournament anyway. Another example of our fans getting the hump when anything other than total praise and admiration are shown towards our players.
  8. Bochum truly are the German Leicester, it's just unfortunate that at the moment they're emulating 2005/6/7 Leicester.
  9. What a waste. Feels to me he misses someone like NFP who kept him focussed. Maybe old Gravel Throat will provide a similar level of guidance, I guess time will tell.
  10. Plenty of representation in Punta Cana at the moment. MASSIVE.
  11. This has been suggested over and over at the various fan consultations, there were rumours that it was going to change to a collection system at the start of last season but we're still in the same place with clappers everywhere other than L1 and beneath Union FS' banner. If nothing else they're a hideous waste of resources, over half a million produced every season for league games and I bet less than 5% make it further than the bin by the end of a match day.
  12. Fair points raised, agree with most of this. There aren't clappers in UFS' immediate vicinity anymore though, asked for them to not be put out. May not be everyone's cup of tea but a drum is needed for most of the songs that are sung. The oldschool ones not as much of course which is why it isn't used for them. Not sure why you're bothered about being able to hear the away fans though, being stood in P1 like a lemon while 3000 Villa fans belt out Holte Enders in the Sky doesn't sound attractive to me!
  13. Tentative discussions in line with stadium expansion.
  14. Hope it doesn't die today if/when we're not winning after 10 minutes. We all know these are the kind of games that has costed us dearly recently, need to keep the energy up and not start moaning when we're not immediately winning!
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