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  1. BEAT ME TO IT Can't stand people moaning about the heat, no such thing as "too warm".
  2. BUT WHAT IF HE'S THE NEXT VARDY!!!111!1111111111!111
  3. So you think any bloke off the street would score as many as Kane?
  4. Round and round and round we go
  5. You're pissing into the wind.
  6. Middlesborough will be no better equipped to get out that league than Leeds next season imo, strange one if he goes there. Palace is a shout.
  7. Are you trying to kill Wilfred or what?
  8. Why would he leave Newcastle?
  9. Would sort you right out if you give him the time and the board's backing. Also tells people to fvck off in press conferences which is great.
  10. I think people need to adjust their expectations in regards to our new manager. In the words of NFP, I think delusions of grandeur are creeping in to our fanbase...
  11. To be fair he has been spending a lot of time with Riyad this season, the 'apprentice and the master' type thing. Obviously it's rubbing off on him.
  12. They were shite We were wasteful Slim was crap Kingy was tidy Why not put Wasyl on for 5 minutes See you in August.
  13. Forget the PL and the Championship, we might not have ever got out of League 1 without him.
  14. I was going to make a joke about how many free beers people have managed to get in the past but that might upset some people