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  1. At the Kasabian gigs the higher rows of the stadium were netted off, I assume this was connected to them not wanting the stadium falling down.
  2. Calling out Kingy as "soaking up wages" ahead of Slimani and Silva. Okay
  3. I wonder when the self imposed deadline that Brendan mentioned kicks in? Tick tock....
  4. But seriously why try and tell a supporter's group that you're not involved in what they should and shouldn't be doing. Goes for the Foxestrust, DSA etc as well.
  5. Agreed, we seem unbelievably calm in all of this, absolutely no chinks in our armor at all. Not too fussed right now whether he stays or goes but really pleased about how we've conducted ourselves, there's a price, pay it or piss off.
  6. Had the name of the guy that wrote it but lost it when they took the article down. Anyone else get it?
  7. "Following a trail of a 48-hour exclusive window allowing Away Scheme members to purchase their tickets for Premier League away fixtures, the Club will continue to implement the same system for the 2019/20 season, however with a 24-hour exclusive window on the Sunday and over the counter and on the phone on the Monday with the top criteria" Can anyone understand any of this?
  8. I still can't believe they're actually believing Sean It's like the office bullshitter talking to the new guy and everyone else trying to figure out if he's buying it or not
  9. Sums us up as a club from when we got promoted until when we got knocked out the CL. Punched above his weight, not blessed with tremendous skill but more than made up for it with heart and work ethic. Forever immortal.
  10. I mean I might be completely wrong but it kind of makes sense
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