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  1. There's a lad we bought from Portugal, he's magical, Ricardo Bombing down the wing in royal blue, scores belters too, Ricardo
  2. Sell sell sell at that price
  3. You know it's bad when Everton are more bothered about it than we are
  4. Correct, if the club really want a good, organically loud stadium they need to have the balls to piss some people off and clear out an area for people to band together. UFS ask over and over again but it just falls on deaf ears unfortunately.
  5. August bank holiday, so they should have been. It was good though
  6. I don't think he's nervous, he's just awkward.
  7. Very slow though, two episodes in and I've fallen asleep both times
  8. Who would drop out of the top 6 to let us in, out of interest?
  9. Bentley's Roof raised a lot of money for this but were struggling to speak with the club about how to give it to the foundation, so good that this has been sorted.
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