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  1. Fair play to him but he's still nowhere near our level. Hope he gets to give the PL another crack.
  2. That would mean Fofana leaving after 1 season or Cags leaving after a season with a heavy injury, neither of which will happen imo. Reckon we'll get this and 2021/22 out of them as a pair and then we may be struggling.
  3. This may seem tiresome to some but only a sustained campaign against PPV will put it in the grave where it belongs. Also notable that this wasn't signed by the "Official" Supporters Club, when given the opportunity.
  4. You're benching Fofana from what you've seen so far?
  5. Haha it's been mainly crap at our place the last 3/4 seasons.
  6. I wouldn't take someone very seriously that thinks we're playing in the Ukraine on Thursday.
  7. I think he gets questioned as it's not clear what he offers, because let's face it it's not goals or assists at the moment.
  8. 3 goals against Southampton was pure stat padding, take those away and the numbers look much weaker. He's another one that I want to like but he's not cutting it at the moment for me.
  9. Goals and assists from our 30 million pound attacker. Is that too much to ask?
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