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  1. I mean no offence whatsoever but with the you will all see comment at the end it sounds like you're gonna kidnap him and force him to sign.
  2. So potentially if we do sign him and he does well enough for us that we could be getting £54 million. I'll take that all day. GERRIMINNN.
  3. Absolutely loved the foo fighters set even liked the cover of under pressure and nice to see dave back on drums for that.
  4. Regardless of the buy back clause he still could say no to the deal to go back. It's highly unlikely that he will but if he feels valued here and gets games there is every chance that he could. It's definitely worth the risk if you ask me.
  5. Ok I'll bite. Your question is what exactly?
  6. I don't mind the player leaving the field anywhere instead of the halfway line for a substitution and the clearer definition of handball but other then that majority of them just seem stupid
  7. Don't be sad cause 2 outta 3 ain't bad....
  8. I think we can take them 3-1. Crazy score to predict given how solid they can be defensively but I think we can do it. As long as we hold up our end and make the atmosphere better than the Sevilla game anything is possible. Come on!!!
  9. Best thing we can do is crank up the atmosphere like we did against Sevilla instead of booing the champions league music.
  10. All sorted thanks folks
  11. From Leicester and it says out of stock when i try to check out but thanks
  12. Anyone traveling down to swansea have room for 2 more willing to give £30 in petrol money each been let down by our ride and there's no coach tickets left failing that selling coach tickets? Thanks in advance.
  13. With everything happening at the minute and for a while now I'm scratching and clawing at straws for anything to give any glimmer of hope. Can anyone at all at least find something positive at this point please post it here.
  14. Their helicopter picked somebody up from the ground landed as I was talking to a mate outside the ground and left pretty swiftly as they were gone before i got to my car on saffron lane.
  15. Only song i can remember being played just before the players came out was underdog by kasabian other then that not a clue.