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  1. Any idea where he's buried?
  2. Had the date and time of this game not been announced because it could potentially be behind closed doors?
  3. No urgency from goal kicks and set-pieces. Can't change pass pass game plan. Lose ball within 20 yards of goal.
  4. Desperately needed along with an increase in pace, aggression and intensity.
  5. Exactly, but we don't take risks changing plan A
  6. They wouldn't be looking if they knew they've been told not to play that way
  7. Do we ever score from a corner from Maddison?
  8. And when we give it away on the edge of the area
  9. Did that tonight, makes the attitude and desire seem non existent
  10. Pretty sure we fail to break through the press more times than do
  11. totally wrong approach for today's game bar first 15 mins
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