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  1. You've answered your own question there
  2. Info released... https://www.lcfc.com/news/2129978/important-ticket-information-emirates-fa-cup-final
  3. Rodgers clearly instructs the players to play with patience. I think the players confuse slowing the game down and playing without intensity with patience. Rodgers needs to tweak this thinking.
  4. Rubbish - badly put together list
  5. Because, as I listed in my first post, he isn't just one of the boys. If he wanted girls, as a Premier League football he wouldn't have trouble getting what he wants without jeopardising his future. Still doesn't make sense.
  6. The weirdest part is Morgan being involved when he is the Premier League-winning captain, a legend; is being considered for a role when he retires. He is also up for a PFA role and is on the Premier League’s players advisory group. Doesn't make sense.
  7. Thanks for the link re being at Leicester. Isn't he injured now?
  8. Is there any reference to him being with us before being released? Can't find anything. Also, apparently he didn't sign for Wolves because of an undisclosed medical issue - any ideas?
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