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  1. The proposal on time makes no sense to me for example 30 minutes each way with the ref stopping his watch for every corner, free kick, substitution etc would surely mean that there would be almost 45 minutes between the whistle for the start of the hall and the end so why not keep it as it is. What do they want to achieve with the rule change on time is it to cut down on time wasting because I can't see this change making any difference.
  2. Just read this article and it throws up some interesting ideas. The most common sense one for me is the scoreboard linked to the ref watch.
  3. The price is a bit steep in my opinion for what they are offering. I mean there will be people paying £60 to simply enter a ballot.
  4. Just looked at a email the club sent me saying that I was unsuccessful in the ballot and that they received over 900 applications.
  5. I would have thought it would be the other way around. I know the club like to keep things under wraps and do their business behind closed doors. But if they have decided that they want to go down a different path they would have put a press release out by now.
  6. Thanks for your efforts Riyad in the 2015-16 season you gave us some of the greatest memories of our lives but 2016-17 was just a average season
  7. The owners at the beginning of the season were talking about success I found this article on the clubs website in which Top talks about how the owners want to bring success to the club and what they were or are doing to make it happen.
  8. No regrets he is a good man but we can not let the fact that we were on a downward spiral with him charge go unnoticed. And if anyone could honestly say they saw anything in recent performances to say he was turning it around then yes he might have saved his job. I am sure the owners did not sit there sharpening their knives waiting for the opportunity to sack him. They gave it as much time as they could before they felt they had to make a decision. There is still a chance of us going down but there was more of a chance if C.R stayed in charge. And if we are to go down who's to say how long it would take us to get back up again I don't think the owners or even us the fans want a extended period back in the championship.
  9. It is quite clear that there was player unrest the question is how did we go from a band of brothers to a team that doesn't seem to have that sprit anymore. The talks between the manager and the players and amongst the players themselves did not sort the problems. We will never know what started the problems off but if the players and if it is correct what we are led to believe some of his backroom staff have no confidence in the manager which appears to be the case then something had to change. Just heard on Radio Leicester that the players stabbed C.R in the back after last nights match but as I said we will never know the truth.
  10. I just wonder what was the straw that broke the camels back because this is strange timing for me why not after milwall which would have made sense to me. Was it because they did not want any adverse publicity before last nights match. In his press conference on Tuesday C.R said that if we lost on Wednesday nothing would change but if we were to win it could be the start of something well I'm afraid a loss has cost him his job.
  11. I am sorry that it has come to this I don't like seeing anyone loose their job but it was coming to a point where the owners had to make a decision and they now have. I personally didn't think C.R was going to sort it out, the result last night was not a disaster but it could have been and the owners decided they could not let their investment in the club go down without doing anything to stop the rot.
  12. So C.R picks virtually the same 11 as he has done for most of the season and so far the same result. At least he showing us he can sort this problem out
  13. How many of the first team are on their game? And those who are not should they still get to wear the shirt or should someone else be given the opportunity to prove that they can do the job? After the Derby match I thought Benny might be given a run out in the next game against Swansea but C.R thought otherwise and he is just going about his job virtually picking the same 11 each time hoping that something clicks. And giving players a run out in a cup match is hardly going to keep them happy, when those who play in the league week in week out and probably tomorrow night are not producing the results or even a level of performance worthy of the shirt.
  14. i actually think we might come away with a result tomorrow probably a draw but I can see it happening. Of course we could continue to play the way we have been doing and let Sevilla rip us apart but I think that tomorrow we will see a team effort which would make a change.
  15. Another day another defeat. I'm not sure how we move on from this at the moment there were only a couple of moments in the second half were we looked like scoring against 10 men and the fact that we conceded a late goal like that just rubs salt into the already gaping wounds of this season. I am dreading Wednesday night because I can not bare seeing this happen to the club who were putting in place the structure for long term success and if it carry on the way it is going now there can only be one outcome relegation.