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  1. Burnley Away 14/04/2018 - Pre-Match Discussion

    Burnley have the same number of victories/defeats at home as we do and are the lowest scores at home in the league with just 12 goals. So it is still a possibility that we can claim the converted 7th place with victory today. We need to be creating chances today and if we do I think we will have enough to beat them today. Team selection is going to be key to our chances except for centre midfield which basically picks it self Puel has some big decisions to make.
  2. For me Mahrez does not walk back into the team it would not be a great message to send out to the rest of the team or the likes of the development squad etc. He has to put in a hard weeks training and show Puel that he is ready to play and if he does he can start next week in the cup.
  3. Everton (A) pre-match

    If today's news is correct and Mahrez has put in another transfer request and according to ssn he has not traveled with the squad today it is very poor timing from him. The team just need to focus on the game and make sure that they are completely focused on what we are trying to achieve which is another 3 points. This wasn't going to be a easy game in the first place and this is the kind of crap the team could do without, I will be interested to see who Puel puts into to start this match to replace Mahrez.
  4. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Superb finish from a glorious crossπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  5. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Looking so good today going forward it's great to seeπŸ˜€
  6. Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    A strong team just need to back it up with a strong performance and goals
  7. Leicester v Fleetwood - FA Cup Replay Pre-match Thread

    It's surely about saying that you've won something that you were the best in that competition. Even though finishing 7th in the premier league would be good and it would be great to have European football it would surely be even better to say we actually won something.
  8. Tottenham (H) pre-match

    After the disappointment of Friday performance where we really didn't create any real opportunities it will be interesting to see the teams reaction. Two shots on target against a poor West Ham was simply not good enough and we will need to have a more creative and energetic performance tonight. All the the team need to step it up and deliver a performance, we need to be putting points on the board because we are not pulling away from the relegation zone as quickly as I thought we would have been after the Everton match. So fingers crossed for a 2-1 victory and more good times to follow because we have the players to climb up the table and be challenging for the top 8.
  9. Iheanacho

    I completely agree it took ages to get this transfer done. Players have a pre season to both gain fitness but also some sharpness so just like Iborra and even Silva when ever that deal gets over the line they are playing catch up with the rest of the squad who managed a proper pre season. in time Kelichi will be a hit I'm sure
  10. Expensive Transfers

    As I said in a previous thread King is only starting because Iborra is not yet fit enough to start a premier league match. If Iborra had a full pre-season he would be starting ahead of King but it's going to take time for him to get fully up to speed and to get use to the league. Gray on the other hand is a complete mystery to me he did well in the cup match and I was disappointed with him not getting a start yesterday but surely his time will come soon if not this coming weekend.
  11. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Time will tell. The fact that he has not had a fully fit squad to choose from has been the major issue as I can not honestly think he would choose king over the likes of Iborra or even Silva and who knows when that deal will be sorted. Don't get me wrong it's been a frustrating start to the season and I would have liked more points on the board but Shakespeare can only work with the players he has. The only one I would actually consider starting is Gray as the likes of Iborra and Kelichi need time to gain match sharpness and as I said the Silva situation needs to be sorted and then he will need time to gain his fitness.
  12. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    It would be great to get the 3 points and a performance today and calm people nerves down with some describing today as a must win. The club have had one or two horror moments in the transfer window with the Silva signing the biggest one of them but that's all done know and shakey has to pick from the squad that he has got. As people have being saying we need to take the shackles off and have a go and believe in our attacking side of the game. We have more match winners in our side than the opposition have in theirs and we need to go out and express ourselves while being switched on at the back for the full 90 minutes.
  13. Rule changes up for discussion

    The proposal on time makes no sense to me for example 30 minutes each way with the ref stopping his watch for every corner, free kick, substitution etc would surely mean that there would be almost 45 minutes between the whistle for the start of the hall and the end so why not keep it as it is. What do they want to achieve with the rule change on time is it to cut down on time wasting because I can't see this change making any difference.
  14. Rule changes up for discussion

    Just read this article and it throws up some interesting ideas. The most common sense one for me is the scoreboard linked to the ref watch. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40311889
  15. Membership 17/18

    The price is a bit steep in my opinion for what they are offering. I mean there will be people paying Β£60 to simply enter a ballot.