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  1. The words ‘that’s so Leicester’ came out. Followed by ‘We’re screwed now’ referring to extra time with the defensive line up we had on the pitch. ‘It had to be that pr*ck’ when they announced the scorer on the scoreboard. Almost lining up to kick off when it was announced VAR were looking at it ‘Please Please Please Please.......’ Michael Oliver pointed for offside before the scoreboard put anything up ‘Arrrrrrggggghhhhh Hahahahah I love VAR!!’ with more breaking of current government guidelines on social distancing.
  2. Got one at Wembley which is just as well as there’s still no sign of the pre ordered one.
  3. Emotional, about to watch the whole thing on record, have the tissues at hand (and not for that!)
  4. Pretty Flippin’ fantastic even if I am stuck in a coach in North London with no chance of getting back home until around midnight.
  5. Anyone remember that time we won the cup after Chelsea had that goal disallowed by VAR in the 88th minute.
  6. Better now I’m on the coach and on the M1.
  7. My Dad passed away 22 years ago this week. He went to all three 60’s finals, my mum joined him for the Man Utd game in ‘63. She would have gone to the ‘69 final if she didn’t have a 6 month old baby to look after (Me!). He probably came away thinking we’ll be back, well we took our time!! Season ticket holders for years, both of them, I was passed to my grandparents for baby sitting until I was old enough to join them. It’s personal, my dad never saw us win it, my mum is in her 80’s now, she’s going to be watching tomorrow with one of my scarves around her neck.
  8. I’m grateful for the opportunity to go, I never expected tickets to reach my priority. When taking the bus was the only option I thought fair enough. Given the choice I would have driven to Stanmore and took the tube just for convenience and the fact I wouldn’t have to wear a face mask for two hours each way. I know people do shifts wearing masks and I get it but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing one for any length of time without a break. I’m growing a pair because it’s the FA Cup final! What does bug me is the scarcity and vagueness of the details they have released
  9. Belfast ? Saw them at Milton Keynes couple of years ago they were superb. Hopefully at the Ricoh next year.
  10. Surely Rammstein is going to be on in 2022!
  11. Nothing today which means it won’t be received until after I’ve left for the game. Fired off an email, not sure what good that’s actually going to do (very little I expect). Ordered on the 28th April and not getting delivered before match day is a really poor show.
  12. https://help.wembleystadium.com/support/solutions/articles/7000028401-are-flags-and-banners-allowed-into-the-stadium-
  13. No bigger than A4 size. Their own merchandise is in clear bag which remains sealed until inside stadium. https://www.wembleystadium.com/news/2018/sep/07/wembley-restricted-bag-policy
  14. So the weather on Saturday doesn’t look that great. We’re not allowed in anywhere and you can’t even go shopping due to Wembley’s bag policy, what are we all planning to do for those 3 to 4 hours before kick off? Leave at 11 and I would expect to be there for 1-1.30. Stand around drinking in the rain? Stand around drinking on the concourse? Tube it somewhere to stand around drinking in the rain?
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