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  1. Sunderland obviously don’t get many big days drawn to Trafalgar Square in their thousands last night.
  2. Tied to Apple by having got an Apple watch 6 months ago. Never look at the most recent or top of the range and always expect my tariff to increase by around £5-£6 a month but looking at a 64gb 8 or XR, even through third party retailers, it's going to cost me around an extra £13-£23 a month. I've looked at buying the phone outright and going SIM free or paying more towards the handset and the difference in overall cost is neither here or there. I very rarely stream anything unless I'm on WIFI so don't need that much data but there seems to be no real difference in cost between a 10gb and 50gb tariff
  3. Watching it now. I actually looked on Twitter this morning to see the outcome, season 8 has done that to me. Stunning production, very poorly written. If these writers had done the entire series it would have stretched to four seasons at most.
  4. Been listening to Deutschland the new Rammstein album over the weekend, quite impressed.
  5. Livid

    The Blues

    Watched a decent documentary/bio about him on Netflix yesterday.
  6. Was out last night and we ended up watching a band, the only thing they had on draught other than lager or cider was Worthington bitter. I ended up leaving half half of it and moved onto shots of Jameson.
  7. Livid


    Forest, there’s a couple of irritants in the remainder but nothing like the bile I reserve for that mob from Nottingham.
  8. I will have you know sir I wear nothing but the finest that Primark has to offer
  9. I think we could fill any additional seats but we have to pitch it right in respect of ticket prices, family/game packages etc.
  10. Villa have the backing so may do ok. That’s the reason I hope Derby beat them. The rest i’m not sure on. None have looked anywhere near as good as Wolves did last year. They say the gap is narrowing but a few years of picking up £100 million plus gives anyone an advantage.
  11. Blossoms at De Mont in June Rammstein in Milton Keynes on 6th July Paul Weller in Greenwich on 7th July
  12. Watford, but I don't really care. I just hope it's competitive.
  13. Have got myself a Season Ticket for next season, surely must be an improvement on the one just gone right ?? Last went regularly over 20 years ago, have been on a couple of corporate days in the last couple of years which were fantastic. I looked at buying a match ticket here and there but like the football on a individual ticket basis it's expensive. £320 half decent seat, interest free DD instalments.
  14. Portsmouth, the division's second highest scorers, being shut out for 180 minutes. Sunderland have done a number on them.
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