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  1. Chelsea are all over the place defensively. Need to remember there's 60 minutes to go and not to over committ
  2. When our third went in there were the craziest celebrations I've ever seen at a city match. Everyone I know who was there say they ended up rows away from where they were sitting. Then got stuck on the Wembley car park surrounded by gloating Swindon fans.
  3. Choice of four today, three on the way home. The DPD driver ignoring the no entry sign to get off our industrial estate and pushing in front of an ambulance with its blues on just so he didn't get caught at the wrong end of a one way. The boy racer in his second hand merc on Abbey Park Road undertaking everyone and then cutting back in at speed due to a parked car. The unmarked blue lorry driver who was driving it like he had stolen it. Swapping lanes at random, driving up the central reservation to get into the right hand filter and then going through a red light. Finally the UK Waste driver coming off the A46 at the A50 island who saw me coming, waited, waited, waited and eventually came out at snails pace forcing me to brake. No danger of hitting him but I hit the horn just to make a point. I don't mind people making honest mistakes on the road but there are some dicks out there.
  4. Come on Rudkin get your finger out, the season ended 20 hours ago, I would expect some pre-signing announcement by now! Just thought I'd get the first Rudkin abuse of the close season in.
  5. Glad it's over. That was our season in 90 minutes. Started badly, didn't improve until after halfway, rallied and then fell away at the end. Left me disappointed and frustrated.
  6. They announced the opening times on Thursday night, the issue is with the website not the shop.
  7. I kind of get some sad gits knicked all the Champions freebies last year but if anyone knicks a programme from a pretty much meaningless end of season game then we have sunk to a new low. I'm assuming none are going to be on sale, might have been a nice gesture to give the away fans a copy. Of course if L1 are being entrusted with the freebies they may get one anyway
  8. I'm not his biggest fan. He did however, with our owners, turn this club around and took us from league one to the premier league. Aside from his personality and how he handles the media, I question him tactically. We had two horror runs where he didn't seem to have a clue how to get us back on track. In the Championship we went from challenging for automatic promotion to scraping into the play offs with a last minute winner at Forest on the last day. Our great escape season started well and then just fell away. It's not like Ranieri who just persisted with the same tactics week after week, Pearson seemed to be constantly changing it trying to randomly find the magic formula. He might have signed Vardy, but he also played him on the wing.
  9. I can't be bothered to do a player by player rating as I'm on a tablet and it would be painful to do. If at the start of the season you had offered me a top half finish, yes I know we need to win tomorrow, and a Champions League Quarter Final, I would have took it. I'm nowhere near happy though our league campaign has been one monumental clusteref**k before we finally got our act together to rescue some kind of form and dignity. Our recruitment process looks a joke, we got a Udinese reserve CB in the January window, Ndidi aside our signings have been awful. Pre-season was a nice jolly which in no way prepared us for the season. I Ranieri, to whom I will be eternally grateful, got it wrong in trying to evolve this team and just persisted. We've been humiliated not just the away games at Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd but at Hull, Swansea and Sunderland. I just want this season to be put to bed. We have one massive pre season ahead of us. Right now I honestly couldn't give you a prediction for next season we could be top six or we could be battling relegation. Champions League B+ - The Porto performance drops it a couple of points. Premier League D - Must do better.
  10. And so modest
  11. But a morale victory with a 1-1 draw in the second half. Had to put up with Lindisfarne playing behind us pre kick off. St James Park was just about to be redeveloped. Remrmber Sheffield Wednesday away as well.
  12. It has been that kind of season.
  13. Free Beer and a Programme Andy King is training which normally wouldn't be a plus point for me but after last night.........................
  14. I really am undecided, but thinking if not him, then who? He obviously has the respect of this group of players and has guided us to safety. He has made some tactical mistakes IMO, we were too cautious against Arsenal and Man City and Injuries aside we were far too Gung-Ho last night. If he does get the job hopefully he will learn from those mistakes.
  15. Now I'm thinking o I wouldn't cancel the DD, you would default on the June payment, which could cause issues. If you're looking for a single seat I don't think there should be much of a problem. I moved from SK1 to right behind the goal in SK2 a couple of years ago, I'm now thinking of moving to the East Stand. I assume they will just adjust your DD payments if you move.