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  1. Dreadful finishing, individual errors again. Spurs didn’t beat us we beat ourselves.
  2. He wants to go and get the payoff doesn’t he?? I wasn’t caring but that team selection has me hacked off even before we’ve kicked off.
  3. Pretty much thrown in the towel on this season. I booked tickets for something in London on a Saturday in April the other day without even looking to see if we were at home (it's Arsenal but I'm not bothered) Will watch and hope we win but Claude's tactics/management and the players constantly reloading the gun to shoot themselves in the foot has just worn me down.
  4. I recommend reading this if you’re in London and looking for something a little different Secret London - An Unusual Guide (Jonglez Guides) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/236195110X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_comxCb7HW9M8Q The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons isn’t one for the squeamish apparently.
  5. Had an email from our fleet insurers just giving us the heads up about driving abroad if we get no deal. Green Cards from insurers and international driving permits required pretty much everywhere.
  6. Can we all just accept we'll be one down after 10 minutes and save ourselves the angst of posting "Oh FFS Leicester" in the match thread
  7. Honestly no idea first game would be somewhere around 1974. Mum and Dad were both STH's have vague memories of being left with my grandma on Saturday afternoons. Must have been around 5 or 6 when they started taking me with them.
  8. Yet another instantly forgettable home performance. We were ok but don’t have that much idea in the final third. De Gea had the one real save to make from the free kick everything else was pretty much straight at him. Barnes looked decent, Ghezzal looked ok when he came on for Maddison (took the wrong man off IMO). We looked solid at the back, 8th minute charity goal exempt. Midfield just can’t drive forward. It’s like we’re waiting for the opposition to slip up and give us a goal, which just doesn’t happen every week. They played like Man Utd do these days go one up and don’t move up the gears unless they have to.
  9. Agreed, I was on the verge of giving Sunday a miss until last night, but they’ve dragged me back from the edge. Good performance but i’m not expecting anything remotely recognisable to it on Sunday. Wolves aside it’s beginning to get to me seeing how we play away and then having to put up with the home performances we’ve had.
  10. Let’s all dress in red, be absolutely silent and have our phones out for the entire game. They might think it’s an away game and put in a performance.
  11. Kin 'ell! Didn't even have time to post my condescending let's try and keep it tight early on comment!!
  12. Only just realised we’re on BT, must have missed that. I can hardly wait
  13. Minor niggles all week at work and today has just followed suit.
  14. Those who refuse to join the A50 to A46 queue in the morning and cut in at the last minute, but those that encourage them to do it by easily letting them in are far far worse!!
  15. It's been some time since I've seen us "Leicester" a game like that. Obviously the club is on Catch 22, we can defend and not attack or attack and not defend. So much naivety from start to finish.
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