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  1. I love the guy but to bisect three blue shirts to find an Arsenal player was er.......
  2. Agreed that Bournemouth game was self inflicted this looks like being a death of a thousand cuts.
  3. We just look tired physically and mentally. Are any of our injured looking like they might be ready to return anytime soon?
  4. 1-0 up but I’m not enjoying this. Need to put them on the back foot a bit more.
  5. Paying for delivery or at least paying over the odds for delivery. That usually kills off any impulse purchases. Buying something for £20 and them wanting to charge £5 delivery Alternatively, and ASOS I’m looking at you, subscribing to annual next day delivery and then them not being able to fulfill it.
  6. Work with someone from Latvia, she’s given me quite a few Eastern European chocolates which were very nice.
  7. It wasn't great or even close but I think we have to give them some credit. Looking past their hysterics and the questionable refereeing decisions in the first leg they had our number. Eights points clear at the top, undefeated after 20 games into their season makes them a decent side. They have belief and momentum. I keep hearing about how we should have got another attacking midfielder or recalled KDH, but how deep do you really think our squad can go with the level of quality to just step into the first team and do the job ? We had some injur
  8. Every time I see Amartey get the ball in space I visualise him going on that FC Copenhagen rampaging YouTube run........and then he lays it off short
  9. Leicester City are that film Heroine who smacks the bad guy around the head with the plank of wood and instead of making sure he doesn’t ever get up again walks away only for him to turn up 30 minutes later seriously hacked off. I’m glad we got three points but they were on their knees at 2-0 and we should have made sure that an inspirational half time team talk, an early second half goal and ending the game on the back foot with three defensive midfielders were all irrelevant. I know we’re racking up the games, I know we have injuries, I know we need to rotate but being a
  10. Looking to hold what we’ve got or get one on the break then.
  11. I enjoyed this game until we went two nil up and took our foot of the gas and got casual. We really should have put them to the sword in the first half. We’re now 2-1 up, swapped an attacking midfielder for a defensive one and it’s all a bit edgy.
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