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  1. I can't find a link but Jim Holden is showing The Expess's usual bile and bitterness towards us in his column this morning.
  2. Just immensely proud of them all. They gave everything they had. A better ref in the first leg and a bit of luck tonight and the dream would have continued.
  3. Fourth story in on Talksport this morning, total non event. It's a bit chilly, I might just give it a miss.
  4. I like Ndidi but Drinkwater seems to have been out of form for months. King and Amartey are bit players and Mendy when fit doesn't seem to be the answer. If we can get one quality experienced central midfielder in this summer I think we could see a big difference. We need to stop looking for the next big thing though and look a bit higher up the pecking order.
  5. Not at the expense of Spurs winning it wouldn't.
  6. I just think that whilst Chelsea have been good enough for most teams this season it just seems like they don't have the ability to mix it or step it up when it's needed recently.
  7. Could you imagine the eggs on faces at the ICC cup if by some miracle we actually won the Champions League and hadn't been invited.
  8. Unfortunately I feel the same. The scoreline says we're still in this but I just feel it may be a step too far. I hope I'm wrong. Having said that I will be screaming like a loon and waving an imaginary card at every opportunity on Tuesday.
  9. Mainly because of either three games in a week or some rotation I can't see us getting much today. I would snatch your hand off for a point.
  10. I'm from the north of the county so never got the Cov hate. I've been to the Ricoh for a non football event and notice they have a small rememberance garden a bit like ours. To think that fans set that up and some may have scattered ashes around there. For them to have moved to Northampton was bad enough let alone them upping sticks again to share the rugby ground. Shocking way to run a football club.
  11. All four countries where due to those levels of violence policing of football is more 'full on' and 'direct'. They go in hard, fast and early. We have a more PC approach. We had an officer in Leicester sacked for spraying a guy in handcuffs who was giving him racial abuse. You think any of those who lashed out on Wednesday are even contemplating facing any form of disciplinary action ? Not a chance. A video of our police doing that and the PCC would be all over it. I'm not condoning their tactics but it should be expected. Different rules and different standards, we need to wise up and get wary.
  12. 20 years ago we experienced the hospitality of the Spanish police, caged outside Madrid, no food nothing to drink. We saw it to a lesser degree in Seville. I've watched that video and what I can't understand is why anyone not looking for trouble would even consider hanging around in that square as soon as they turned up mob handed and bottles and flares we're starting to be thrown. Maybe we've had it too soft over here, where the lads down Burnmoor Street just get ushered away after a game, where there's just a firm 'Move on lads' 'Keep Walking' . Maybe we've raised a generation of whiners where it's always someone elses fault. Maybe we're just incredibly naive. We have some dross following this club, think back to the Everton game where rows of freebie souvenirs disappeared.
  13. Individually King didn't offer much but him coming on tightened up the entire midfield.
  14. I said earlier we had to calm down I now think we have to get more instinctive
  15. Do you think anyone would notice??