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  1. I can watch non league football with three men and a dog in attendance because that’s what it is. The Premier League is different. Health reasons aside, I’m being careful but not hiding away, I’m not that bothered about sitting amongst 10000 socially distanced in a 30000 seat stadium. It won’t be anything close to a normal match day experience. I’m more than willing to pay a fractional or nominal rate for my season ticket and just sit it out until we get somewhere near normality.
  2. Livid

    David Brooks

    I would have him here in an instant. I liked him at Sheffield United and thought we had missed out when he went to Bournemouth.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53556072 Doesn't sound too good. Like it says in the article unless there is a mass vaccination in the near future I can't see anything like a full attendance in the ground for next season. I've had my first February gig at Rock City kicked back to December 2021 this morning. I wanted us to qualify for the Champions League just for the status of it all, the income it would bring to the club and to avoid to feeling of the season going Spursy. CL or EL, home or away. I'm expecting an experience nothing like 2016/17.
  4. I didn’t understand the pre match optimism of many. It’s one game, come on lads etc. There have been numerous games over the past few weeks where they could have made a stand but have produced performances riddled with mistakes, errors and the odd total mind feck of a poor individual decision both on the pitch and off it. They simply weren’t up to it on so many levels. Today’s errors aside we didn’t play that badly, never looked like really scoring but with our record of late all United had to do was make sure they didn’t concede before we handed them the opportunity to. The Champions League spot was officially lost today but it should have been already confirmed in so many games earlier in the season.
  5. Well at least we got a corner.
  6. As Demarai lined up that free kick for some strange reason I thought we’re going to do this and then he took the free kick
  7. We’ve played some loose passes prior to that it’s just Hamza’s has cost us.
  8. That was ok. If Kelechi is the answer today , I’m not sure what is the question?
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