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  1. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    10th to 15th but i’m looking at nearer 15th than 10th.
  2. Foxes Reward Scheme

    Anyone tried using these online? Yesterdays programme said they would be allocated at the checkout. Not working for me
  3. Yes, I’ve never had a problem with them personally, We all have a few idiots!
  4. Not going to happen i’m afraid.
  5. Was that irony?, hard to tell on here sometimes. Those coming out of the Family stand on Tuesday night when a few scouse clowns went in swinging indiscriminately may disagree.
  6. Who do you want for Right back

    Someone who can play CM very well and stand in at right back if Simpson gets injured.
  7. Kasper

    I think you might get shot down but I've only seen the Huddersfield goal once, so can't really comment but the other two definitely. I honestly thought that one yesterday had hit the side netting (I'm in G1) as I didn't even contemplate him getting beaten from there.
  8. Yes we do because sooner or later someone will come in for him. Do we need to replace him because of his performances so far err...........NO!
  9. We've had four tough games, true, but given the fact we are an established Premier League side now, League winners or not, to get a return of zero points from those games isn't good enough. A point would have been disappointing, three or four would have been acceptable. Arsenal and Liverpool were awful defensively, Chelsea weren't at their best, we'll never know about Man Utd because we never got into the game. At least two of those to me have been lost due to poor tactics and substitutions. I hope to god we're not going down the route of the Great Escape season where we're talking about fine margins all the time.
  10. As soon as I saw the two teams I feared the worst. At two nil it looked like another Spurs result was in the pipeline. Very frustrating as their defence was awful and were there for the taking. Can’t fault the commitment of the players but the management decisions are questionable. Andy King didn’t do anything wrong, but he didn’t do anything. Kasper doesn’t seem to be in the best of form. Kante’s goal and their first today were saveable IMO.
  11. He’s an experienced football man. The fact that we went 4-4-2 against a team with quality midfielders but a defence of glass tells me he hasn’t got it.
  12. Fully expect Andy King to start through necessity rather than choice.
  13. I don't get why Shinji and Nacho were both on the bench tonight unless Vardy is touch and go for Saturday as he was considering pairing them up. One of them should have been starting tonight.
  14. Dragovic looks some player

    I thought he was one of the few who looked decent in both halves. Fitted in well enough but early days.
  15. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    I'm having a t-shirt made 'I was there when Slim scored a screamer'