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  1. URGENT - A50 speed limit reduction - have your say

    It would help, what they have at the moment is totally pointless. Everyone only slows down for the two fixed camera's on the City bound carriage way and when the mobile traps are deployed they are always in the same place, Just down from the Field Head Island, City bound and just after the brow of the hill coming up from Groby the other way. To get people to slow down they really do need the average speed cameras or need to mix it up a bit. Just a question on front facing camera's how do they ever get anyone speeding on a bike with no front reg plate?
  2. The "do they mean us?" thread

    A lot of them seem to have that chip on their shoulder from living in the shadow of their near neighbours for decades. Man City, Everton, Spurs all seem a little screwed up to me.
  3. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    We cannot let them get a foothold in the game, get a goal up and the atmosphere should turn toxic. Half expect us to turn up as historical charitable selves when teams are there for the taking and gift them three points.
  4. Iheanacho

    That’s what worried me when we signed him but I just haven’t seen enough to write him off.
  5. Iheanacho

    You saw how they played yesterday, the chances they created. This what he has come from, we are miles away from that. He came on yesterday and got put on the wing. I’m not even close to writing him off.
  6. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    They're a far better side than us and probably the rest of the division. If Kompany had walked, we would have had a chance, If Maguire had scored, they would have just stepped it up I think. Our tactic of pressing their back four wasn't working they just swatted us away like an annoying fly.
  7. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    No sign of Iborra in the little training video they have put up online. Has Claude done the press thing yet?
  8. LCFC.com

    Pain in the backside when they first changed over, seems to be fine now.
  9. Premier League Saturday night football

    Not for me. I'm already 50/50 on whether to bother with the Man Utd game on the 23rd December. Preferable to a Monday night but behind any of the other kick off times available. I think it's alright if you want to go out with the lads and have a good session (expect more projectile vomiting in the gents ) but dragging myself out from the county into town on a Saturday evening isn't for me.
  10. Now there's just me and I take the interest free DD option and it's £33 a month, I can't complain as I get two home games a month for that, close season exempt obviously. The PL clubs problem is that they are paying the best player wages in the world due to the FFP rules they have to get as much revenue as they can.
  11. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    Not exactly on of the lads but I had it planned ages ago, my only problem when it was a 3pm kick off and not guaranteed a ticket with my priority points. Now thanks to BT it looks like I can get a ticket but the price of a Saturday night hotel in Newcastle with lord knows how many Christmas Parties going on is
  12. How to Check Seat Availability

    I believe we're still just in inside the STH buying period and if you're a STH I think only your specific seat is reserved for you so there's no need for the seat availability option to be working at the moment. Should change when they go on sale to members.
  13. Busy Christmas - 4 games in 213 hours

    What nothing on Christmas Eve??? It’s a disgrace, Sky need to get their act together
  14. How Was Your Day?

    I honestly think that the bad guys are just always one step ahead and the IT world is permanently playing catch up.
  15. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Feels like a loss. We should have been out of sight by half time. Switched off defensively twice and got punished.