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  1. 6th December and only one team in the top four divisions has a single figure in the goals against column. December and Leicester City have only conceded 9 goals!
  2. Certainly not going to be a walk over. They seem to turn up every week, not get rolled over by anyone and if they do lose it’s usually by the odd goal.
  3. It wasn’t spectacular but I think some people think we’re going to be putting nine past teams every week. James Justin looked really comfortable when he came on. Going to slot right in when the time comes. Pawson really doesn’t like Vardy does he?
  4. I see the muppet on Dominion Road who had the Everton flag hanging out of the bedroom window had took it down by the time I drove home. Didn’t think we were that bad today, may have got a little desperate after they scored but I always thought if we could get level we would win it. I particularly enjoyed the pre/post VAR double celebration at the end!
  5. I always thought his problem was going to be that he came here and we didn’t have the quality of Manchester City’s players around. We have quality out there now and a manager and coaching team who are bringing out the best in players.
  6. Totally in control for the first 30 minutes then lost our grip. Would have been nice for Vardy to have put that away just before the break.
  7. Good win at the weekend although I believe Pau made 14 changes to the side that won in the Pro 14 the previous week. How good were the Tigers with their returning internationals, who knows? The general atmosphere down there is the complete opposite of the upbeat feel at the KP. I know the money involved in the two leagues is massively different but they desperately need an overhaul of some sort.
  8. Lightweight, pipe cleaners for legs and would have probably wasted his entire career in Europe’s lower leagues if we hadn’t of taken a chance on him.
  9. The lack of cover for Vardy seems to be the main issue but is it that much of an issue? He seems to be getting plenty of chances coming his way and is being very clinical, Perez looked quite decent at finishing against Southampton, maybe just move him in off the wing if we have to.
  10. Defensively they're not quite there are they. I know Liverpool had the rub of the green yet again but Man City aren't balanced and today it showed.
  11. Mane may get away without having to throw himself to the floor for a penalty at this rate.
  12. I thought it was excellent yesterday but I watched the recorded game this morning and it didn’t really come through. I am currently watching Wolves v Villa and that sounds dreadful in comparison though so who knows.
  13. I get it from Sing a song for Maddison but what’s the first line?
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