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  1. What a fabulous record. Testimonial well deserved.
  2. The pen is mightier than the (s)word!
  3. Biggus


    Played really well yesterday. He spotted that ball over the top to Perez was working really well and kept doing it, and Perez did really well on the receiving end. Top player this season
  4. So, on top of all these troubles Lingard has the prospect of trying to manage all this from the Hilton Hotel Junction 21 !? ......that'll take his mind off things hahahah
  5. "With all due respect to Leicester, I don't think they can"
  6. This was one of my favourite moments from 2015/16 season. We seemed to use it after we had 40 points and nothing to worry about. It freaked out the opposition. Made them pull players back and thwarted any set piece plans they had I'm sure.
  7. fwiw heard from source ITK that Man City are going to press Chilwell and Ricardo more than the centre backs. Maybe no surprises but expect a lot of balls spilled from tackles on those two picked up just inside and then runs down the wings and lots of crosses.
  8. Sherwood "nobody knew about Perreira and now he's a player" - just shows he has hardly watched a Leicester game and why he would have the Arsenal squad man-for-man over Leicester. Shearer got it right.
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