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  1. Sammy Lee and Chrissy P would work for me. Be great to have Chrissy P back! Would love Berner to come back some day too. Think he would want to build up his managerial experience first though, so should watch his progress for now.
  2. Thanks both. Sounds like he'd fit in pretty darn well then. Haven't we been linked with him properly in the past? You never know...
  3. Cuco Martina from Southampton, maybe?
  4. I know you've both mentioned him before, but what do you base it on? Has he been consistently great for Ajax then?
  5. I always thought everyone knew that Drinky has 1 bad season, then a great one, followed by a bad season and then another good one. He'll be great again next year. Foxestalk narrative tropes dictates it!
  6. Now this is the kind of stat I can get on board with! 🤔
  7. True. He seemed a little spindly though. More of a Mahrez build, and I wonder if that position would be a struggle for him at first, coming up against some of the PL defensive midfield and CB beasts we have?
  8. Ziyech looked fairly creative for Ajax tonight, although seems to play a deeper role for them. 17 year old defender de Ligt also looked fairly impressive I thought. Would love Smalling too. Don't understand why Mourinho doesn't like him.
  9. That makes much more sense! 100% agree with you there then!
  10. Aside from the fact that UCL football is always a pretty big draw, I think it's the presence of Pochettino there that is most important. Under him, Trippier is playing the best football of his career, and would probably be first choice should Walker leave. I'd love to think he might come to us, but that would only really happen if Walker stays I think.
  11. I would say yes to all of these, but with Walker likely to leave Spurs, apparently the ol' bottlers are going to sign Adam Smith to compete with Trippier for their right back spot. Trippier has been excellent this season anyway. Be shocked if they let him go. Is Byram playing much at West Ham these days?
  12. Adrien Silva Gylfi Sigurdsson Ben Gibson/Harry Maguire A right back to compete with Simpson Any suggestions on a suitable right back...?
  13. I'd like to see Amartey used at CB, but I'm not sure that this is the best game...hopefully Huth is alright to start, or we don't have many options other than the back 3 that's been suggested. Maybe: Schmeichel Fuchs Benny Simpson Chilwell King Ndidi Albrighton Okazaki/Gray Vardy Mahrez
  14. Wonder why Kanté wasn't playing tonight? Injured?