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  1. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/781277/Man-Utd-transfer-news-Youri-Tielemans-Harry-Maguire-Leicester-Monaco-Man-CIty-rumours/ Nothing new here really, but confirms what many think. Be some coup if we could keep both though!
  2. Think you've hit the nail on the head there. The more I think about it, the more it does make sense. You'd think he understands he's not a guaranteed starter now too. As long as his wages aren't insane, I'm all for it. Would love our wingers to learn from him.
  3. Interesting. What's the strategy then? Spend to try and break that glass ceiling to get into Europe/Top Six?
  4. Right, I've decided: it's got to be Neal Maupay. Rudkin, where are you mate, we need that cheque book. ...Rudders...?
  5. Ha! Didn't even see this before my last comment. Same feeling here.
  6. Sounds like Schlupp to me 🤔
  7. Same. They all keep freezing. Must be tons of people streaming the Liverpool and Man City games, so I blame them for taking up all the bandwidth 😉!
  8. Hmmmm. I guess let's just try to reserve judgement until the summer is done. Celtic fans seem very pleased.
  9. Incredible if there's truth to them. And he's talking about the calibre of player we're after being the likes of Ziyech and Neres. Wonder if that means we're back in for Bailey like before, or Ziyech (though I know he rejected us before)? I do think if we can secure Tielemans then it may set off a chain reaction. It sets out our intent and I think would make us look more attractive a proposition.
  10. He rejected us? Any idea why, out of curiosity? Would make sense that we approached him with all the talk flying about last summer in our quest to replace Mahrez. Guessing that's why we ended up with Ghezzal, who I doubt was our first choice.
  11. Some balance at last. Not surprised Monaco want rid 😉.
  12. Blimey, that's some praise considering we have Wilf! Great to see they can play together so well too.
  13. So proud of this team, that's got to be the best we've played for some time. Unreal stats against Arsenal. Really impressed with Rodgers tactics too - bringing on Harvey for Wilf at half time was exactly what was needed to take advantage. Also loved seeing this:
  14. Missed that - what did he say?
  15. Thanks @Lizhang, this post did make me chuckle! Very well put. I think you're spot on with us sending you the wrong sorts of players. In the future yes, we may work better as feeder clubs for one another, but for now sending young players like Kapustka and Hirst (not that we sent him, but you know what I mean) who still need development is not the answer. You need players that can hit the ground running. In the future if we do send you such players it should be players like* Iversen, Choudhury or Barnes - experienced players who at the start of the season are on the fringes of our first team. *obviously not the latter two now as they are important members of the first team squad.
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