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  1. Oh my god the negativity in here is crushing. All we can do is try to win our remaining games. See you all on Sunday.
  2. I was furious that they were trying to justify Nketiah's 'challenge'. It was a high foot, nowhere near the ball and looked like was looking straight at Justin. Studs were up, straight into a leg. Looked like Justin even tried to turn away from the challenge because he could see it coming! I mean, there was almost no suggestion by the commentators that it was the right call. At all.
  3. Agreed. I am convinced Ricky P would have scored a worldy if he'd been taking that shot rather than Praet at the end. Nothing against Praet. It's just a Ricky P thing 😍
  4. A good point in the end, although I'm gutted we didn't score at the death. No way should Nacho's goal have been disallowed though. We're looking better. Bring on Bournemouth!
  5. Okay please smash them now boys, how ****ing dare Sky not even take a look at our disallowed goal? What the hell.
  6. Yeah that's a point, why was that not even mentioned???
  7. Getting so fed up of the commentary and pundits being Arsenal centric. There are two teams in this game ffs. Ceballos is running the show - we shut him down, we stop Arsenal playing. Fuchs on for Albrighton at half time. Barnes on soon if we can't find a way through.
  8. Add Diallo into that as DM back up and I think you've got it spot on.
  9. If it was any other journalist, I would agree. However, as it's Percy I tend to take what he says on us as gospel. But yeah, nothing in there we all didn't already know.
  10. TL;DR: We want a striker and a winger, especially with Europe on the horizon. Rodgers prefers to work with a smaller squad, so don't expect a huge influx of players.
  11. I'd forgotten how good a win felt! Much, much better. Youri, Wilf, Harvey and Vardy all looked back on it. Yessssss! Bring on Arsenal.
  12. Because you support the Leicester, the Leicester, the Leicester! ...and that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it... Whoooooa-ohhhhh-ohhhhhhhh!
  13. Ha! Very true. I think if we hadn't conceded the penalty we probably would have gone on to win that game. We are improving, just hopefully it all clicks today!
  14. Not sure if this has been shared yet, but a good read: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/03/leicester-unravelled-and-desperate-owing-to-small-squads-broken-belief I think it's basically our young squad got spooked by poor results against Man City and Liverpool. It brought them crashing down to earth when they felt invincible, and now they're playing inside themselves. You can see it in the way we delay passes when we should release the ball to Vards. And without service, he gets rusty and is now snatching at chances. I also genuinely believe that Vardy is struggling without the crowd. Kaspar has said before that he's like a different player in training scenarios - he just turns it on for games. We're in such an odd position - Vardy clearly still has 'it', but we need to take the pressure off him...but he probably needs to feel that pressure to get back in form...
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