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  1. I'd say that's harsh, but rules are rules.
  2. CloudFox


    I'd like to know how you drink hop scotch, tbh.
  3. Yeah that's 7th gone. Challenge for 9th and learn as much as we can in the remaining games. Brendan has a lot to work on with this aide - game management and penetration in the final third especially.
  4. Love Wes, but I don't think he works in a 3. He works alongside Evans in a 2 and that's it. You could tell Watford were targeting an early goal, as we're so vulnerable to it, and then they can sit back to absorb any possession based attacks we try to craft, and prevents us counter-attacking. We need to score early in the second half and get some confidence back, or it's going to drain.
  5. Maguire and Chilwell aren't clicking at the moment. Very frustrating.
  6. Not looking very threatening right now. Stray passes all over the shop.
  7. Blimey. Would love him but the injury record does concern me. Any of Wilson, Che Adams or Mitrovic for me this summer please.
  8. There's always space to make runs...it's a bloody great football pitch! Joking aside, I understand what you're saying - I think we've just been too static up front at times. Vardy especially. It's funny to think that if we had a target man up front we might actually be doing better now with all those crosses coming in...but as Vardy is our main striker it has to be about all forward players constantly looking at ways to stretch play.
  9. Is Lopetegui worth a shout? Wonder what he'd do with our squad. Personally I think Rodgers is the best fit. Reckon we'll get Appleton or Wagner until the summer though (the latter less likely, but just have a funny feeling after Rudkin's past interest in him).
  10. I don't want to suggest that is the case, but that seems so out of character for Kaspar. Lot of pace on the ball though.
  11. I really hope you're right Suzie. We looked good but I haven't felt like we could score for a few games now. Fingers crossed that changes in the second half.
  12. Yeah I do think he's become more serious of late. Still really enjoy it, but more for Jim and Pete these days. On the Continent is good though. Big fan of Brassell and Horncastle.
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