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  1. Express are reporting we've made a bid: https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1386418/Arsenal-Leicester-City-transfer-Porto-Otavio-SNT
  2. Get it done, Rudders. Would be a good deal for all parties. Surprised Leverkusen are in the market for a winger though.
  3. Errr are you okay? Why are you attacking Strider...? And for the record, many of us enjoy his 'shitty half-arse tactics threads', thank you very much. Whatever disagreement you two may have had, put it to bed. We're top of the ****ing league, friend. Enjoy.
  4. That pass for Vardy's chance too 🤤 Timmy, you filthy boy.
  5. He's also playing against CL and UEL teams each season. Just because the SPL is top heavy doesn't mean it's not a competitive league too.
  6. You rate him then Ric? I'd never heard of him before today!
  7. Obligatory YouTube video you say? Looks pretty deft with his feet, as @Gerardsays, looks like he comes quite central, so more of an AM/Maddison style winger on the left. Ball sticks to his feet nicely in that video.
  8. Fuchs was a free agent too, but I get your point if we're looking post-title win.
  9. I'm not surprised! Oh well, at least he's doing well in our first team now 🥳 Certainly a lesson for us to learn though - KDH deserves to stay at Luton until the end of the season. If we really need someone, Tavares should be fast tracked or we go out and get someone. I'm in favour of the former, as it feels like the ideal solution to all the shenanigans going on at the mo.
  10. CloudFox


    Different type of player. KDH is being touted for use as a back up to Youri, while Hamza unfortunately doesn't really have that clear place in the team right now. He's still very useful as an option - hence Brendan not keen on just letting him go - but he's not going to get regular game time with us. He's at a different stage of his career to KDH now.
  11. Hope your players, manager and staff don't have it too bad! I'd be surprised if it gets bumped too much further along the calendar, as our Europa League commitments start up again on 18th February. Hopefully it can happen on the day it's scheduled for and you don't have to play the B team.
  12. Interesting mini-thread of thoughts from Dean Hammond on our U23s...
  13. Oh Dennis ☹️ He's so good in that false RW position. Links play so nicely. Gutted, hope he gets well soon!
  14. That's a shame, hoped he'd kick on with you. Still plenty of season yet to go though! But never mind that, congrats on the win against Anderlecht! Lovely ol' result!! What's the news around players coming in at all? Hopefully King will be a good acquisition and if Benkovic can get (and stay) fit, that should bolster your back line.
  15. At this point, that'll kind of feel like they have paid a fee once he's gone 😅
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