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  1. This feels like an open goal, but... ...surely it has to be the Fosse Way?
  2. What's he said? Not like him to be a fan of our's 😅
  3. For those who, like me, were a bit confused as to why Man City drawing had dropped us down to 3rd despite same points and same GD, it's because they have a higher goals scored. That's how tight it is right now!
  4. Bloody hell, really? That's a hell of a hit to their first team if so.
  5. Hmmm the more I see that replay of Guendouzi tugging back Cags, the more I think VAR has had a mare. What IS the bar for pens through VAR now??
  6. We're playing well, being patient. Keep playing and we'll get something. Not seen a ton of Barnes just yet, but him and Chilly are causing Bellerin problems down the left. Very confused why Toreirra hasn't been carded yet though.
  7. So average by these two. We're very fortunate to have the team we do.
  8. Wow, what a blast from the past! I don't even remember writing that...I'm going to take it as calling that one now 😉
  9. No. Sod off. Absolutely not. He might be going through a rough patch of form but he's still one of the best left backs in the league. Plus, he's from our academy. And he's 22. And... Do I need to keep going? Honestly, this forum sometimes.
  10. This would be my line up, agreed. From an attacking sense Barnes might be better exploiting the space in behind TAA, but possibly worth weathering the initial storm before pouncing. Praet has earned his spot alongside Youri, and I'd rather let Maddison heal up fully for the games ahead than rush him back. Off the bench works for me.
  11. Did anyone catch what Kaspar was saying to the ref as they came off? He was fuming! "Then why do you keep giving them then?!" was all I heard from him
  12. That Kane goal is gutting, but it was an incredible finish. Otherwise I think we've played pretty well, and really exciting at times. Barnes looks on the cusp of something brilliant, he and Chilwell are finally linking up and we're creating chances - just not clear cut enough. Perez losing the ball as often as he does is a shame, but he's putting a hell of a shift in.
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Like the look of that lineup. Have I missed something - is Lloris injured?
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