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  1. I'd say he's worth it. Would have him here in a heartbeat, although not sure where he'd fit in our current squad. Always saw him as a bit of a poacher. Perfect for them though.
  2. Sooooo nothing's happened. At all. With any possible signings. Guess I'll be back in a few hours to check again then...
  3. It's likely based off demographic data collected as you browse the Web. It's not always spot on with its targeting...
  4. See, it's pulling this kind of **** that gives modern football such a sour aftertaste. Bah.
  5. This thread is far too much fun
  6. Completely agree. Until one of the decent sources we're aware of says otherwise, this is all just speculation. So can everybody please stop getting their knickers in a twist, and instead head over to the Gibson thread in Transfer Talk to stare at pictures of Rudders on his hollybobs.
  7. Well he doesn't have to maintain a family life, right...?
  8. It's threads like this that make the transfer window worth all the rubbish you have to wade through Well done, Agent @TaggertvsWise. Probably should have added a note on a napkin to slice you some of the agent's fees and all
  9. Assuming you're joking here, as he left on a free to Rangers I believe?
  10. Ridiculously cheap. I don't rate him and even I think that's a steal.
  11. Back on topic, I really want teams in this league to sign Aubamayang, Lewandowski and Morata. That'd be one hell of a clash for the golden boot.
  12. This is such a huge problem for our national set-up. World and Euro winning nations like Spain and Germany send their best youngsters to these things, even if they've already made the Seniors. It's all about experience and developing a winning mentality. Clubs shouldn't have anywhere near as much influence on how often their youngsters play as they currently do.
  13. Doesn't look too shabby once he gets into gear. Anyone have a clue where he plays in defence?
  14. I'd also say it's just a lot less awkward when trying to tackle a player that's trying to run past you. A lot easier to tackle with your dominant foot/leg when side on to the goal. E.g. If you're playing in the left slot and the opposition forward is running towards/past you on the outside, it's a more controlled tackle if you go to ground with your left foot outstretched, and vice versa if you're in the right CB slot. That might make a lot of sense...or none at all. I blame the heat addling my brain.
  15. Ah well, I've always seen Foxes as more nocturnal creatures anyway.