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  1. It is a bit damning really, isn't it? Oh Demarai 😔
  2. Alternatively, perhaps he's pairing two different types of players with each other - ball playing CB and defensively-minded CB. Just a thought, eh?
  3. Neither Maguire nor Soyüncü looked 100% comfortable in that LCB slot. Ndukwu disappointed, Fitzhugh surprised. Albrighton, Vardy and Youri looked sharp, as did Mendy. Riccy P was unusually quiet.
  4. Can I have next week's winning lottery numbers then too while you're at it? 😉
  5. Also can we give Nacho a bit of a break in pre-season at least? a) as Geoff and others have mentioned friendly results really don't matter, much as we may all take them to heart b) he had very little service aside from the cracking crosses from Elder. Those aren't easy goals to score
  6. I mean he is right to a degree - the goal was a case in point. Campbell was a bit naive and got bullied off it by veteran striker Varney, for example. They're also defending deep as a unit against a forward line of what, a 20, 22 and 19 years old I think? Ability does play a part, but don't underestimate nous and experience.
  7. Very meh, everyone looks pretty rusty to be fair. Understandable that it's disjointed since most of that side would never play together normally. Thomas looks okay, Morgan solid as you'd expect, and Campbell is getting up and down the right nicely. Most of our good work has come through him (yes yes, I know there's not been much of it!) 2nd half should be much better. Looking forward to seeing Evans and Soyüncü together again.
  8. Forgot João Mario was still at Inter! Praet is at Sampdoria though, and I don't think they're under any FFP pressure.
  9. CloudFox


    Ffs I wanted to give him a chance again and again...but this is just awful behaviour. Huge moment for your team and country and you act like a nob. Just why? Vardy vs Slim stories make so much sense now. Such a shame.
  10. Interesting...this screams 'Perisic from Inter' to me 🤔 EDIT: Çalhanoğlu from Milan might be one too, since we've been linked recently... Thanks for this kind of info - looking forward to seeing those 2 or 3 signings! Guessing they'll be for midfield cover, a winger and an attacking mid as Rodgers suggested.
  11. I don't want to see him go, but if he goes because Man City gazump United at the last minute and Harry chooses them over United...I think I'm okay with that. Partly because selling to United feels like strengthening a rival when we're intending to overtake them. A rival. How time's have changed, eh?
  12. How's the squad shaping up for this year? Great to see some of the older youth over with the first team squad in Evian. Hopefully the likes of Tavares and Dewsbury-Hall shine in the U23s this season, but be curious to hear if any of them are expected out on loan instead.
  13. Didn't one or the ITKs say something about a French player being looked at? With Pepe out of reach, Thauvin would make sense. Great season, at his peak, has Prem experience...
  14. Just occasionally close ups of white trainers and ostrich reaction GIFs as replies.
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