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  1. Forget the game, I'm so pleased with Kelechi, he's on fire at the moment, and long may it continue! He deserves to show how good he is. Completely agree. Gutting to say about Vardy, but if he was anyone else he'd be benched by now 😔
  2. I must have typed ten different things out and deleted them - from furious to upset. But honestly, I'm just flat. This may not be the end of our top 4 hopes, but it puts a massive dent in them. I don't see how we can come back now, they've completely played us and we've not even realised we're playing football yet.
  3. Ugh. Predictable We don't have much creativity today. Concerning.
  4. Did he really...interesting. Any idea what was discussed?
  5. Is it just me who thought the first goal was offside due to Pulisic interfering in play...?
  6. I was going to liken it to a dumpster fire, but sure, your analogy is much more poetic!
  7. Didn't Thorgan turn up to watch a Leuven game a year or so back? I remember everyone getting very excited then 😁
  8. Whelp, they've made us look a bit silly today. Fair enough, better team has won. ...and we move on.
  9. That's actually a great shout...we won't have just offered him a contract off the back of the last month. So pleased for the adorable Seniorman. Loving his interviews these days too. Hope he has a storming game later and puts Man City to the sword 💪🏿
  10. Are they playing at Leuven? Lovely goal by Dennis there!
  11. Weren't we interested in the last window too? Or did I imagine that?
  12. I completely agree, I just can't see it happening, despite the rumours.
  13. This is another point to consider. Thauvin is undoubtedly talented, but the last time we signed players over 25 on a permanent was the summer of 2019: Evans and Ghezzal. Since then, the oldest we have signed permanently is 25/26. That suggests signing Thauvin would be an unlikely break from our strategy, based on that approach.
  14. Really enjoying the 3-4-1-2 at the moment, definitely gets the most out of what we have. As others have said though, we need to be flexible with formations and our alternate is definitely 4-2-3-1. At the moment we don't have an week-in-week-out outstanding right winger to work in that formation. However, that doesn't mean it's a priority right now. 1) We need cover for Youri 2) We need an heir to Vardy, in addition to Kelechi 3) We probably need a left back still while JJ is out. Castagne looks much better on the right, for me. 4) We should look at a young, up-and-co
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