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  1. I really wish people would stop claiming any footballer who is willing to be a bit-part player should be moved on, or effectively doesn't deserve to be earning the money they do. We are very lucky that lately our squad has players like Kingy who are willing to work hard and wait for their chance. Yes, he could be playing more regularly for another club, but he wants to play for OUR club. Isn't that what we want from our players? For it not to be about the money, but about wanting to play for our club, above all others? I agree that we need better back-up/competition for Drinkwater, but model pros like Kingy (and as another example, Benny) are players that help keep the squad knitted together so well. Not everyone can play, so some need to be prepared to wait, train hard, and take their chance.
  2. Nice little stat in there...
  3. Oh please let's sing this at Arsenal...
  4. So looks like they've adjusted their team shape. Never thought of Griezmann or Carrasco as strikers myself, so we'd better close that space down.
  5. Mind dropping me a message too please mate? Streams are a nightmare today
  6. This is a ridiculous game. Some lovely goals, but **** me are we only playing with Kaspar, two wingers and two forwards? The defence and midfield have been diabolical. Amartey looks really nervous especially.
  7. Last season that got you 8th. Previous four seasons: 8th, 7th, 8th and 8th.
  8. You've got to be Josh King with me.
  9. Wow. Can't remember the last time Wes missed a Prem game.
  10. Jesus, is there nothing N'Golo won't intercept?
  11. This makes me so happy. As much as I felt bitter at first, you can't help but love N'Golo😍 As others have said, I think this shows the respect he has for his former teammates.
  12. Ditto. I don't believe he just left for money anymore either. I think he just wanted to play for Conte, and at a higher level. Will never forget the title he helped deliver for us before he left.
  13. That's a shame. Not a great attitude then, unless Poch has said that to him. Otherwise I don't think he should have expected to be getting ahead of Kane or even Son so quickly.