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  1. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    Wonder if this means the Mahrez deal is almost done then too 🤔
  2. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    Are you aware of any in particular? I'm guessing Wes, Simmo and Slimani.
  3. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    Not what any of us were getting at I don't think - we all accept that he said something silly when he was young, and this was a Spurs fan's attempt to discredit him. I'm still not on board with people insulting other people's appearance, but I - and others - were just concerned is all. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    Sure, I'm not saying I'm an angel myself, but still not an okay thing to say. Couldn't agree more. It's an insult that I can't think of people just throwing around casually. As the others have said, he seems to have matured and I do believe in people being allowed to learn from their mistakes - especially when they're young. Just a bit disappointing, as you've suggested.
  5. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    Hm okay, well I still think it's an idiotic thing to post in a public forum like Twitter, but preferable to what it looks like out of context.
  6. CloudFox

    James Maddison

    "that monkey everyone's on about"...? What the **** was he on about? Please don't tell me this was a racist slur, **** sake.
  7. CloudFox

    Andros Townsend

    I don't think he's a bad player, but I wouldn't be remotely interested in him for our side. If we want direct wingers we need to give Diabaté and Gray a chance to develop. If we're looking for a player to add creativity in Riyad's absence (note: not 'replace' him), then we need to be identifying a creative winger/attacking mid instead. I don't see that Townsend offers that in the way we need it.
  8. CloudFox

    Exit Rumours

    Jesus, is this the thread people just gather in to bash our own players? It's all about context - maybe Wes is happy to take his wage sitting on the bench, or maybe he understands that his chances may be limited, but still cares about the team and club, so is willing to take a backseat. He may not be quite what he was, but you don't end up captain (of a title winning team to boot) for no reason.
  9. The Afobe situation makes me sad, but I guess if everyone is happy with the deal then oh well. Andre Silva is a decent prospect - no idea how he'd get on against PL defenders week in, week out, but with the right platform I'd expect him to shine. I'm very curious to see how Marco Silva fares at Everton. See if he lives up to the hype (which I have bought into, tbf).
  10. That keeper kit 😍
  11. CloudFox

    Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer + Jakupovic / Hamer

    Not really deserving of its own topic considering the source and tenuous nature, but we've been linked with Butland in the BBC Gossip column today: Stoke City value their England goalkeeper Jack Butland, 25, at £30m with Leicester City and promoted Wolves interested in signing him.(Sun)
  12. CloudFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Right, I'm bored again with all this lack of transfer updates. Here's how I'd quite like to see us line up next season. Don't think it's entirely unrealistic either. Would have to spend all of the money we get for Riyad though...
  13. CloudFox

    Eduardo Macia to West Ham?

    Ah I see, thank you. Seen some stuff around that now - that's a relief.
  14. CloudFox

    Eduardo Macia to West Ham?

    I am so confused. Has Macia left for West Ham or not? If he has, we need a replacement, and fast. This is not the window for us to be ****ing about with recruitment structures.
  15. CloudFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I'd love us to go for Bailey or Pulisic with the Mahrez money, but I know that's not realistic 😂 Doesn't seem to outlandish to target Ziyech and Neres though. Would love Thorgan Hazard too if affordable. Not convinced on Roberts, as good as it would be to help develop future England players.