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  1. Elvis Hammond. I turned my ankle coming down a ladder and it’s still playing up
  2. Someone send Mane a copy of the laws of the game
  3. But but but it’s Liverpool . The whole world is against them , they are the victims of a massive conspiracy - keep up Suzie
  4. The sort of stuff you’d expect to read from a league 2 side drawn against them in a cup competition
  5. you would think so wouldn't you ? Unfortunately the political establishment there is too blinded by fear and loathing to recognise the opportunity presented
  6. Tactical genius and inspirational leader and motivator
  7. Slappergate has made most of the morning papers too - looks like it’ll be at around for a while 😩
  8. Yes I bet it’s being scrupulously observed and enforced in the other 27
  9. Err - it says we are owed part of the £74 million that their audited accounts are showing as a provision for amounts due to clubs for add ins in transfer deals . That seems pretty unambiguous but if you don’t think so well fair enough I guess
  10. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/manchester-united-facing-potential-74m-bill-for-transfer-add-ons-lh3t8cfth
  11. There are definitely contingency payments Which if triggered in full take the fee beyond £80 mill . That was definitely reported at the time
  12. Neither side were keen on disclosing the final fee but it was widely reported that a sticking point in the negotiations was the balance between cash up front and the proportion of the fee payable on future contingencies such as getting into Europe , winning the prem or simply on a player’s stats ; appearances in the prem , England caps etc. Rudkin was (justifiably) unhappy with the proportion of fee deferred to MU FC future results during the negotiations. All this is pretty common. My post flagged that we look unlikely to recoup much of the unpaid fee by way of MU performance
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