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  1. You know when you’re in for the tactical talk and Brendan says stuff like “ sit back for 70 minutes , miss your tackles , give the ball away at every opportunity and try to concede from a set piece then play like 1970s Brazil in the last 20 minutes” you should feel free to challenge him if you really feel that there are flaws in his game plan
  2. or going back a bit - Rivelino. Just remind me again which modern day colossus is drawing comparisons with these all time greats - oh yes Jessie "Fecking" Lingard
  3. I remember when we led the football world in scandals - fire extinguishers going off like the Bellagio fountains, bevies of prostitutes bringing criminal charges etc now we’re reduced to hiding under the stairs like naughty children fearing the disapproval of a parental authority figure . Where did it all go wrong?
  4. They have 2 or 3 players who are better and in better form than we have and that will make the difference . It’s going to be 2-0 to them
  5. Agree. The response was proportionate and a line has been drawn . Talk of sacking / cancelling contracts is ridiculous and I would also back BR that he has to show that actions can have consequences . I didn’t see any reference to playing golf so offer no view either way
  6. Absolutely . He answered the questions directly put to him on the subject . Confirmed he made the decision to can them for today’s game and confirmed they will now rejoin the squad and be available for selection for the weekend
  7. Ok by way of explanation I wasn’t referring to the round of golf I was referring to the party he attended and which BR has just confirmed was in breach of guidelines and considered sufficiently serious to justify being dropped ( which BR admitted was his decision) The reference “ I was doing it in my own time” is no defence to misconduct .
  8. What ? I assume that this was also a breach of Government guidelines too so there is the fall out from that and there is a requirement in any employer/ employee to abide by laws in or out of work . Also by extension if you take recreational drugs in your own time outside work then that doesn’t breach your terms of employment ?
  9. He is a vile little bitch - always diving and feigning injury
  10. Son is just an utter cheat but what was that whole nonsense about - not even worth a booking but ruled out a goal
  11. Right , which of these 2 sets of rancid c**ts do we want to win ? Probably Man U to torpedo spurs top 4 ambitions
  12. Probably wouldn’t have started if there was a credible alternative
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