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  1. Verily thou resembleth dungge and ordure aaaaaahh !
  2. Agree esp Roberts and Kellard . Andy Lochhead and John Sjoberg were pretty tasty too
  3. there must be -especially if they're actually hoping to see them win something
  4. Always thought he was a bit of a”pseud” -always moaning about pop stardom and being held back from his full potential whilst Earning a fortune and playing up to his female following , but undoubtedly a great voice and some classic memorable 60s hit songs
  5. Had a feeling at the time there was a lot more to come out about this
  6. I love a laugh at Spurs and there’s much to laugh about but this stadium is seriously impressive
  7. United bid £75 mill last Summer (according to newspaper reports) prices aren’t going down so why would his value have dropped by 1/3 ? Spurs are looking for €180 million for Eriksen they almost certainly won’t get all that but they don’t sell cheap why should we ?
  8. “It’s not good enough to be funny all the time “ so Nacho is a bit of a joker , who knew ?
  9. I think Hull get a chunky sell on fee so I’m sure that is to be factored in to the price
  10. Yes the very same - very unreliable in Everton’s gaff prone defence . England selection for the likes of Dier and Trippier has devalued the currency
  11. 3 bullets dodged . Keane FFS
  12. Anyone identify the model of car to the left of the light coloured Anglia on the right of the picture ? An MGB perhaps.
  13. Doesn’t sound like your scouting set up is full of lemons Like they’ve been portrayed if he popped up on your radar and was available at that money !
  14. I’d be pretty surprised if he didn’t become Brendan’s talisman and leader . He seems to be an ambitious and confident guy and BR will know his game inside out . We’ve gone from something of a centre back shortage to an embarrassment of riches so there will likely be some outgoings but think FB will stay
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