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  1. It’s a pity he doesn’t extend that courtesy to the likes of Beardsley and Shilton with whom he disagreed in a twitter spat , urging them to confine their comments to football matters
  2. Well he’s never short of opinions - a lengthy period of silence from him is more than overdue
  3. Typical Pawson - books Rose and ignores Llorente ludicrous dive
  4. Spurs look really shite. No doubt back on top form by the time we play them
  5. surrifox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Changing to Rodgers (or indeed Dyche who seems to be mentioned on other sites) strikes me as change for the sake of it . Neither seems to Have much of a “vision” . CP seems to at least have a view of where he wants to takes the club based on phasing out the old guard and bringing in youth but seems to be meeting resistance to change and this is is causing the poor performances and results just of late .we may well change manager but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers isn’t the man
  6. surrifox

    Matt Piper

    What’s his take on this whole Brexit situation?
  7. surrifox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Tend to agree -though it would help his cause to at least avoid defeat against teams that everyone else in the division find ways of beating
  8. surrifox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Close run thing - KS might just shade it
  9. surrifox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Or pristine white trainers
  10. surrifox

    Barnes coming back

    Feels like a new signing . Thanks due to WBA for continuing his development hope he plays against them next season
  11. surrifox

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    All true - I just wish I had more confidence in our ability to recruit anything close to a decent replacement
  12. surrifox


    I think he scored at SJP too - jumped to head the ball and it flew off his chin