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  1. It’s unreal isn’t it ? Possibly the worst 2 full backs in the top half of the table and dozy , tactically poor and slow centre backs -
  2. What about the “hundreds of millions” watching around the world
  3. Colossal weirdo but his “wall of sound” production was the soundtrack to the early 60s
  4. They are unrecognisable from their first season back in the prem when they were so competitive and hard to beat . It just shows how fragile factors like confidence and team spirit are
  5. Well as much as I’d love that to happen , it won’t if they continue to defend corners like a bunch of traffic cones
  6. Even in League 1 Leeds clung to the notion of a rivalry with Man U
  7. Our present model appears to be, as you've described, maximise value from younger players . As an aside I wonder how many of the many quality free agents available in the Summer ended up in the EPL and how many of those did anything much?
  8. If anything I think Silva was worse . Whatever did any one at the club think we were getting with him ?
  9. Brilliant . Thanks a lot . I now have to watch it again ( for the umpteenth time ) and I’ve got some important s *** to take care of
  10. Hard to think of a less likely or suitable signing for city
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