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  1. Cole Ashley can’t even get the players ‘ names right
  2. We aren’t getting much v Sheff U are we?
  3. the old trades are "guilds" (I dont think antique dealers are) so maybe something around that
  4. Much as I loathe Liverpool I’d take them winning stuff every time over these loathsome cvnts
  5. I hope that bloke that brought the horse with him paid twice
  6. Spurs , Everton ,Newcastle West Ham all “big clubs” all “utter shite”
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-53320424 so not only a drunken thug and bully but a paedophile too
  8. I think it’s the reflexive posting for transfer news now; edging out “gerriminn” and “ West Ham and Everton” references
  9. Shocking first touch tonight , looked like he was wearing boots fashioned out of wood but conditions were pretty grisly
  10. Did you miss the bit where Everton were mentioned?
  11. Credit to Brendan , sorted the line up and could have got us all the points
  12. Jeez - is always like that ? Seems like a total mentalist
  13. Arsenal at home seeing the game out like a League 2 side defending against a prem side in the FA cup
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