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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/vandals-target-ambulances-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/ar-BB11zO3T
  2. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    Good advice . You just despair that with medics , virologists, logistics workers ,delivery drivers public sector employees , farmers and shop staff doing their best in the situation to make a difference all that is required is for the rest of us is not to be utter c***s and so many can’t even manage that
  3. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    I think the demographics might be different . I’ve no evidence to support this but the population of London that are out and about tend to be younger and the older Londoners may have cashed in their property and moved out of town . Also Londoners are an insular lot and you don’t tend to get 3/4 generations living in a dwelling like Southern Europe
  4. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    Branson and his catchpenny operations have made fortunes out of bidding for NHS contracts then suing when they don’t get them and receive an out of court settlement
  5. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    Feckin greedy ignorant tw@ts . My son and daughter in law ( paramedic and GP) working mental hours then driving around looking for somewhere to get food for them and their kids . Saw a picture of some stupid bitch posing beside 2 pallet loads of rice , pasta and tinned tomatoes she’s piled up
  6. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    apparently this happened all over - the stores point out that they have a dedicated check out line for "the vulnerable"
  7. Did you go to a special school ? i know I shouldn’t but that gets me every time
  8. surrifox

    Corona Virus

    This is how natural selection sorts stuff out
  9. Denis Law and Geoff Boycott
  10. He might not kick a ball for a year - surely should take the contract and bank the additional quids . I doubt the club would hold him to a contract if an acceptable offer was incoming
  11. Did you bother checking to see if your question was answered ?😆
  12. Terry Mancini was the “ Irish” player
  13. Yes ! I conflated the two players . Both played for Wales but Kryzwicki wasn’t a keeper and he played in the 60s/ early 70s
  14. Dick kyzwicki IIRC - 1980s West Brom
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