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  1. BBC commentator saying both managers desperate to avoid a replay . Why? Not like they’ve got anything else to worry about . Spurs don’t play in CL until lateFeb.
  2. Hopefully we will play a more representative side in the next round as we’ll be on a game a week by then so not bothered who we get but would like a home tie
  3. Christian is a real man , a proper grown -up . Don’t let him retire
  4. BBC must be delighted with their choice of match - looking forward to seeing the pundits polish this turd
  5. Love the 3 defenders standing still and watching
  6. Definite draw and replay during the warm weather break opportunity! Probably 1-1
  7. Puel brought in Ricardo . Best player in the Prem for me , won’t hear a word said against him
  8. who knows. the place seems to be run by a bunch of lunatics who make it up as they go along
  9. I really thought he would make it and was surprised that a young guy would have so many fitness issues . Looks like he is another who tried and failed to make a career in the game
  10. I feel sick at the prospect of spending £20 mill of our transfer kitty on this donkey
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