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  1. So this top 6 finish everyone’s talking about
  2. It seems weeks or months since the last round of county championship games . I’m not sure how the selectors can assess form based on an endless cycle of vitality matches most of which are being rained off in any case .
  3. Someone had to do it with 1/3 of the side banned for cheating
  4. Well Root is one of the few world class players we have we just need to get him batting in the slot that suits him best and relieve him of the captaincy . Roy can get in the bin until the next 20/20 or 50 over game
  5. Agree . Captain and batting 3 Root is not a great captain in any case - we can’t afford to have our best batsman over burdened with too much to worry about , but who to give it to ?
  6. FFS- Roy and Root - absolute nonsense
  7. This . I would have been happy just with YT but Justin and Pérez are very shrewd signings too
  8. Hopefully gets the movements wrong and plants his nut in Lingard’s face
  9. no great loss- always wondered why we signed him
  10. how is that allowed- change the ball because you don't like bowling with it ?
  11. wouldn't surprise me if Arsenal lose patience - they were dismal at the end of last season
  12. Its so important in test cricket to take time out of game but in the right way. You need to occupy the crease for at least 2 days in the first innings but not become of a " block it " mindset which feeds the bowlers energy. We should be rotating the strike by running singles and tire the attack. These are supposedly (in part) World Champions and the best in the English game. The game is scheduled for 5 days and looks like lasting nowhere that long. I'm not sure that there are too many obvious alternative choices in County cricket who are making a massive case although Sibley would have been worth a look on his home ground where he has scored prolifically all season.
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