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  1. My non Leicester related wish for this season is that Everton get flushed down to the championship - this could help that along
  2. “Jamie Varrdy, Jamie Varrdy your woif is no better’n she orta be”
  3. Probably a bit unfair but every time I watch Noble I can’t help wondering exactly what it is he is supposed to be doing .
  4. Ha ha . Just thinking that , playing tippy tappy short sideways passes and turn the ball over as soon as an opposition player comes within five yards
  5. Tierney is a walking sick note since he joined Arsenal
  6. Kelechi 2019 silencing the nacho knockers with every performance
  7. He’ll be off to Arsenal
  8. The psyche of a long term LCFC supporter. I’m exactly the same ,we could be playing the Dog and Trumpet pub 3rd XI and I could convince myself that we could lose an early goal and they could defend their lead for 80 minutes . Realistically we can be pretty secure in our expectation of beating these .
  9. The common theme ( I have an eye for such things)is that the detractors were never taught the difference between “their” and “there”
  10. I don’t dislike Harry but I harbour the suspicion that if OGS gets a few of his targets in and unloads the expensive and disruptive elements like Pogba he will make Man U a force again . If and when that happens I think he will need an upgrade on HM in defence based on his performances for them
  11. Right c’mon Brighton - let’s see you dick these
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