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  1. Even Huddersfield should be able to rebuild the playing strength with that sort of dosh and further parachute payments to come
  2. The fees for Kasper andJV were considered pretty large of their time and at the stage of the club’s development
  3. That FA cup appearance was v Millwall IIRC
  4. Both terrific players although Glover can be disruptive in his day . Both would cost less though especially Jackie on account of him being dead these past 10 years
  5. We were linked before - January I believe . Probably a development squad signing if true
  6. Everton spent around £160 mill acquiring a bunch of misfits and failures they are now trying to unload
  7. Amazed that some people think that disposing of 2/11 of our first choice (and England’s first choice ) side would not weaken ( indeed might even strengthen ) the club
  8. There is absolutely nothing “classy” about Man City
  9. What about the apostrophe used to indicate a shortened form of a word or an omitted letter ”Aston Villa’s a pile of crap” said Tom . “I’ve given my season ticket away “.
  10. If he goes I’ll really miss Hodgson ‘s press confs. Warning refs to give him greater protection and to let Wilf’s Talent flourish
  11. The bag of crisps on the handlebars certainly adds a touch of class ! very nice effort though
  12. That hoo-ha with the fan trying to get on is the highlight of the evening so far
  13. how many penalties has he won with his diving routine though?
  14. Spurs to buy at that price and then sell for over £100 mill in a couple of years - I can just see it
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