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  1. I’m struggling to give a **** about JV and England ; City have benefited enormously from his commitment to the Club and in the Southgate era England caps are massively devalued . I’m sure if JV could be bothered he’d be selected
  2. Bye bye Adrien you total clown shoe - don’t let the door hit you on the way out
  3. Keep up we’re already up to 25 crap chants for him
  4. I’m not sure he could be trusted not to do those shite handshake routines if he came here - Maddison likes one of those too
  5. I still hate seeing N’golo In Chelsea colours and to a lesser extent Mahrez in MCFC. Chilwell in Chelsea kit leaves me totally unmoved
  6. Palace are looking at him at 60 mill .take Zaha out and their entire squad wouldn’t be worth that
  7. Yes he is a bit of a tit but I enjoy him baiting Savage all the time
  8. If Jonny Evans has let the club know he won’t sign a new deal then that would be a strong argument for Tarkowski .would be surprising though
  9. I remember a quote from Vichai that part of the clubs strategy to compete was to extract value from player deals and to produce our own stars and help them grow. That sounds brilliant and in keeping with his business acumen that makes The signing of Wes F a better fit for the club although Brendan would have a say in what is needed . it seems a better model than the Everton / W Ham one of buying ageing and expensive players and assisting their decline
  10. They’re welcome to him - typical mediocre and lack lustre Everton signing
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