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  1. Mahrez has asked to leave

    Shit anyway.
  2. Ulloa - new contract?

    Presume the news will break at some point soon... mum's friend has shown him a new house to rent today. Don't know if it's wholly Shakespeare's decision so don't know if that affects it. Maybe another Rudkin masterstroke.
  3. Ulloa - new contract?

    From now on I break the news.
  4. Ulloa - new contract?

    Here until 2019 apparently. Not amazing news. Could be worse.
  5. England team to play Russia

    Hart Clyne Smalling Dier Rose Drinkwater Drinkwater Townsend Alli Kane Vardy
  6. Players From Relegated Clubs

    I probably wouldn't take him. It's not like Newcastle have improved greatly. Compared with Taylor and Coloccini, I'm sure even Liam Moore would be looking quite solid. Lascelles wasn't even being started by Forest for the second part of last season. They obviously didn't think he was that good. Mclaren didn't fancy him (though that doesn't say a lot). He's no brick wall like Huth/Morgan. Better options out there for me...
  7. I'd have to partially disagree with this... Think it's hard to comment on these things without being influenced by the feeling one may have towards Nigel Pearson as a man. I am obviously a big fan and think he did endless good things for our club. Some of which are much clearer this season than last. Based on the end of season under NP I think it looked like we would be much more of a success throughout this season as opposed to most of last. Obviously much of last season was spent tweaking tactics and we would have probably attacked this season with a 3 at the back - Who knows where that would have got us? Probably not 5 points clear at the top of the league with 25 games played, admittedly. Whilst I agree that Simpson, Albrighton, Drinkwater etc. weren't viewed as integral players for most of last season, it cannot be overlooked that NP was the man to bring them in,with the belief that they could be useful players for us in this division. On many occasions He stated that they were constantly building for us to be a force in the Prem. After Danny Drinkwater had a decent first half of his first full season, he (arguably) lost form and we just about scraped a play-off place on the last day of the season - There was speculation of him leaving that summer, think the Leicester Mercury had him down as available to leave? Yet the following season we ran away with the league, with Danny Drinkwater leading the charge and getting player of the season. NP also had faith in Wes Morgan to perform at this level and brought in Robert Huth to partner him (look how that ended up). NP put a lot of focus on signing the right 'characters' for the club. Not the most exciting thing for the fans to hear, and got criticism at times for not being able to (want to) work with the so called 'big name players' i.e. Beckford pffft. I think now we are reaping the dividends of this, we have 11 players willing to die for the cause out there every week. That didn't happen by chance. Admittedly, Kramaric can probably be called a flop. Though he was brought in as a last hope, and we didn't need him in the end. Could potentially get some money back for him IF he moves on. Obviously Ranieri has had his ideas on who to bring in, Benalouane, Inler... Benalouane who's already been returned, and Inler, who couldn't be further away from what we're trying to do.. Agreed? In my opinion Kante is the difference this season (Steve Walsh reccommendation). I don't think we'd be anywhere near the force we are without him in the side. Mahrez or Vardy couldn't be performing anywhere near the levels they are without him, in my opinion. He is the heartbeat. Been evident since his first cameo appearance. Drinkwater is having a great season; though I do think he'd struggle in a team where things aren't going his way. When confident, he's as good a midfielder as there is around. Not quite on Kante levels though, whom just defies nature. Ranieri has no doubt put his spin on things. We have clearly improved a lot defensively. Attacking and defending set peices improvement has also been a big part in winning us a lot of points, which we needed... And didn't really have under NP. Just to confirm, yes, I should be considered a Pearsonality. Love Ranieri as well. Very hard to compare the two. I dont think it's one nor the other, they both contributed to where we are now, undoubtedly.
  8. Tunnel cam

  9. Leonardo Ulloa (Brighton) - Bid accepted

    See it there. Get McCormack in.
  10. GTF gets his extended..

    Agree with this. We were promoted 6 games ago which was before GTF would have played enough to earn his extension, yet NP still played him. He wasn't oblivious to the fact that he'd get the extra year like some are suggesting. GTF's done a good job this year called upon and could be a decent option to have in the the Prem. If it turns out he's well out of his depth then I've no doubts that NP will drop him like he has done with Bakayoko, Wellens, Gallagher etc. in the past. Give us another dimension to play - definitely much better than Wood at controlling and holding the ball up.
  11. Signed him on Football Manager 2014 as Leicester about 7/8 years in. Never used him though as I already had better options; just loaned him out and then sold him on for a profit at the end of the season. I'm that good a manager. Seriously though, they have him down as an attacking midfielder/striker so similar sort of role to what Nugent's played this season. He would be coming from South America though which is probably a risk as he's likely to be quite lightweight, and possibly lacking in work-rate. Though I'm sure with NP about that might change. To be honest I doubt that NP really is in for him. Think he'd be looking more at the European leagues. Though I'd love to be proved wrong Would be a very exciting signing. Some real bargains to be had in South American leagues. Think it was allegedly Martin O'Neill who got offered Falcao for £7m at Villa and then signed Heskey instead. We could definitely do with replacing Nugent IMO. Or at least give him some good competition.
  12. Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    http://sportz-hd.eu/ Fairly perfect