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  1. If anything it went on for too long. The time spent developing gray could have been spent on other signings or bringing in youth players. That was probably clear 18 months ago and not a lot changed since then. Good luck to him and I hope he finds regular first team football at his next club.
  2. Errrrr yeah.... about that.......
  3. Coronavirus is scared of catching Nigel Pearson.
  4. He's available for selection against man city, right?
  5. Thanks. Was fun thinking it up.
  6. Wonder if man city dug up and leaked the hamza tweets ahead of this weekend's game just to unsettle him, and knowing Brendan will probably look to start the game with a similar midfield - just like the magic link to Maguire surfacing a few days ago. Sub Leeds spying tactics if so.
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