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  1. Agreed. Muzzy was a complete midfielder who was plagued by niggling injuries. He should've been picked for England, not Turkey. Gary McAllister was another great midfielder for us.
  2. I'm not saying he's as good as Youri, but I would've loved to see Muzzy in this current team.
  3. Councillor Adam Clarke drinks in my local and he's always reminded me of Avon from Blake's 7.
  4. There was a fire in one of the floodlights.
  5. I grabbed a chunk of the centre circle before the security got there.
  6. I wish the Premier League had pitches like that. Really enjoyable watch.
  7. Tranmere are streaming it on their website but it'll cost you a tenner. https://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/matches/first-team-fixtures/first-team/202021/january/tranmere-rovers-vs-leicester-city-u21-on-13-jan-21/
  8. Boy George Andrew Neil Angela Merkel Lester Piggott Kenny Dalglish Under 40: Anne Hathaway
  9. Apparently, she's from Asfordby, which is in the Melton Borough of Leicestershire.
  10. I watched an Undr The Cosh podcast today with Neil Trotman who is now a qualified therapist as well as a football agent. He said that he had helped a Premier League footballer overcome some personal issues. I wonder.
  11. The chances of him being contracted to Alvechurch especially in the current circumstances I should think are virtually nil. If a six-figure fee is correct that is a substantial gesture of goodwill.
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