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  1. I heard some singing "Can we sack you every week".
  2. About 5 minutes before he had grabbed a hold of Hazard's arm as he was breaking free. The ref played an advantage although they didn't really get one and then booked Mendy the next time play stopped. It was a good foul actually as it was a dangerous break.
  3. Just about to head to Owen St. C'mon the Ravens! Glory awaits you.
  4. I'm not sure he does. Showed plenty of strength to hold off the first challenge for the goal.
  5. True. I was talking to someone the other day about infamous Leicester capitulations. Bolton, Middlesbrough and Wolves away came immediately to mid.
  6. Wasn't it just! I tried my best to enjoy it and be laid back about it but it consumed my every waking minute. It wasn't until we lost at Arsenal that I truly believed we would be in the race until the conclusion and as Kingcarr21 said above, it wasn't until WBA drew at Spurs that I knew we'd win it. Then I could relax and enjoy it.
  7. I was a mascot when I was 9 and it was free as long as you were a Junior Fox. I'm sure it's still a great experience today but £600 is extortionate.
  8. I hate the club's website. Anyone know of an alternative stream?
  9. I'll just fu**ing google his name then!
  10. If the phone's are anything to go by should be better. I was only on hold for about 5 minutes.
  11. Even if it did it's not going to be this season. People just love a panic. In saying that I've just relocated from the East Stand.
  12. The sales centre might be frustrating to reach on phone but I do like the new hold menu. Commentary from our CL campaign is a massive improvement on terrible hold music!
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