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  1. Absolute dross. Poor game all round but Villa still deserve it more than us.
  2. I reckon they should give Irvine the job and tell Moyes to stay on permanent bed rest.
  3. Well that Instagram video was by far the most repugnant thing I've seen from anyone in this squad. The bloke is about as useful an ashtray on a motorbike.
  4. How do we go from tactically on the money last we to completely clueless the next? Madness.
  5. Need to bin off the three at the back plan quickly.
  6. Take the money and fvcking run!
  7. Jesse Fvcking Lingard. Edit: Aware that he already has; but let's face it, wasn't exactly a memorable spell was it?
  8. Once again spent most of the game yesterday on the bones of his rear end.
  9. I'd be interested to know just how many season tickets were bought by people that jumped on the bandwagon after we won the league.
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