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  1. Anyone voting for Gray needs to be sectioned.
  2. You heard the way he talks? Seems rather fitting that he can't spit like your everyday sort of person.
  3. Wasn't that the game where City had about 30 corners and basically every time United had a shot, they scored?
  4. David Oldfield away at Bradford on the 10th of Feb 1990 apparently...
  5. Largely, he's useless and any confidence he may have had seems to have disappeared. He needed a six month loan in the championship but my guess is that his attitude may have dictated whether or not that happened. It's a shame because he had/has a lot of time on his side so it wasn't a ridiculous gamble but the statistics don't lie; we can't carry a bloke with such an appalling return and seeing the lack of effort we get in from him for me means he's destined for the scrapheap. Will anyone want to take him off of us though?
  6. To be fair, I made no reference to yesterday's game. I have been like many underwhelmed by him at times and at on other occasions in awe of what he is capable of considering his age. I'm hoping that Brendan can bring more of that to the forefront as I feel that he has a tendency to be a bit too inconsistent and his set pieces need work.
  7. If he spent less time being a poser on the pitch, he'd be a damn sight more effective. Everything has to be a Hollywood pass and he takes way too long to release the ball when he'd be better off getting it moved quickly.
  8. It's the fact that he's the most static striker I've ever seen that concerns me more; someone who spends most of his game waiting to score tap ins should be assessed on actually scoring IMO.
  9. Anyone that puts Nacho in their preferred eleven should be put on a register.
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