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  1. To be fair, I made no reference to yesterday's game. I have been like many underwhelmed by him at times and at on other occasions in awe of what he is capable of considering his age. I'm hoping that Brendan can bring more of that to the forefront as I feel that he has a tendency to be a bit too inconsistent and his set pieces need work.
  2. If he spent less time being a poser on the pitch, he'd be a damn sight more effective. Everything has to be a Hollywood pass and he takes way too long to release the ball when he'd be better off getting it moved quickly.
  3. It's the fact that he's the most static striker I've ever seen that concerns me more; someone who spends most of his game waiting to score tap ins should be assessed on actually scoring IMO.
  4. Anyone that puts Nacho in their preferred eleven should be put on a register.
  5. Nathan Ellington and Jason Roberts.
  6. Naturally, I'm disappointed with the result as defeat was unavoidable as United were largely poor. The real concern still is the lack of conviction up front and then having to resort to brining on Shinji and Nacho to remedy that is bloody terrifying. Home form is getting a bit worrying but given the atmosphere at times, it's hardly that surprising!
  7. Playing 16 league games in three and a half years meant his chances were slim. Would've been sent off away to Burton pre-season 17/18 but Shakey just dragged him
  8. Not as well as I hoped. The game just has an air of predictability about it that's all!
  9. Money's on Southampton catching us out with a goal out of nothing, sitting back for the rest of the game and watching us struggle to come up with an answer. I hope I'm very wrong.
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