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  1. Once again spent most of the game yesterday on the bones of his rear end.
  2. I'd be interested to know just how many season tickets were bought by people that jumped on the bandwagon after we won the league.
  3. 20 apparently, highest in the team 🙄
  4. Very disappointing from start to finish, we were fortunate to take the lead but did nothing to build on it. Three or four players well off the mark again. We've had a fantastic season but I think we've massively punched above our weight considering we spend most games carrying the likes of Barnes and Perez.
  5. Well and truly gone off the boil recently. Looks as if he's got his head in the clouds a bit.
  6. Definitely had a decent game, not world beating as it is being portrayed. As you say, seems to be on the floor a lot; think he revels in being something of a pantomime
  7. Safe to say it won't be nine nil. Just got to keep Ings quiet!
  8. I think for me he is just a frustrating figure at times, no denying his ability but it seems to always have to be about the spectacular and the stylish when sometimes you could do with a more straightforward and gritty approach, almost like a Grealish (sorry to bring him up again!) type.
  9. Yeah I saw that, but I still personally didn't see him battling a bit more when we needed it or making one or two questionable decisions. Just an opinion.
  10. That Vardy booking was beyond ridiculous! I didn't see any malice or intent in it, just desire to go for the ball and not the man. Don't recall any actual contact!
  11. Bit of a wet fart of a performance in the end. All the possession and shots we had don't really tell the story as Villa did plenty to stay in the game. Chilwell didn't go down the line once, confirming that he is most definitely a fullback, Maddison did his normal trick of going missing in an important game and Tielemans was lucky to last eighty minutes as he was well off the pace. Good to see Hamza come on and stand out above his midfield counterparts and I never thought I'd say this but thank god for Nacho coming on and saving us. Should make for a much better second leg all round though!
  12. Fvck them, won a mickey mouse competition anyway. We can't be going into this game with our heads bowed.
  13. I'd rather take the 40 mil on its own.
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