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  1. Haha it's amazing how the law book competely changes when a player is on a yellow card.
  2. Aurier is a fvcking yard behind Maddison, wtf
  3. We should kick up a fuss about Pawson like Liverpool did with the ref from the Everton game, see if he gets taken off our games. Guy is a disgrace.
  4. Don't think he would of been able to prevent our keeper chucking one in.
  5. It does amaze me what I see on social media regarding Fury and he's now suddenly considered as this huge puncher that is going to walk through Joshua and stop him whenever he wants. Lets get it right, before the Wilder fight he was widely considered as a incredible technical boxer with very little power for a top Heavyweight and I think the manner of the defeat against Wilder raises more questions about Wilder's level than anything rather than Fury suddenly having dynamite fists.
  6. We've got to be the worst side in World football at corners both attacking & defending.
  7. Unless I dreamt it did Brendan not say the plan was for Ricardo to get 75 minutes?
  8. The amount of misplaced passes is staggering, not even from 1 or 2 either it's the majority.
  9. Hard to come back when you quit like that, once you quit once it's always in you going forward. Also just read Dubois was up on one scorecard by EIGHT rounds, even by boxing judges standards that's staggering.
  10. Is it possible to bring in a different manager for when we come up against the better sides
  11. Evans did exactly the same from our last corner and the ref couldn't blow quick enough.
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