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  1. I'd say Ederson's the best, the little he has to do during games he does well & what makes him so good is his distribution which is ridiculous. After that I don't know who is the next best, I think you could make an argument for Kasper being the second best. He messed up on the second goal yesterday but apart from that I'm struggling to remember his last mistake. He's just a very very solid goalkeeper who makes very little mistakes.
  2. Haha books a player for time wasting in stoppage time then dosen't add time on. The Mike Dean show
  3. They are poor. Spent a hell of a lot of money and they are an absolute disgrace to watch. The way they set up against us at their place will live long in my memory, possibly the most negative home display you will ever see in the Premier League.
  4. I think calling them a decent side is the biggest understatement of all time, they are the best side in the world. Don't think we played like it was a free hit, they just didn't let us do anything they pressed the life out of us & suffocated us.
  5. From what I've watched this season & in particular tonight Borthwick has installed real grit & determination into them. Maybe too much with the amount of penalties they give away but I guess you would rather have the fully committed performances than what has been put out over the last couple of seasons. Think getting fans back in will give them a huge boost aswell as the faithful will love this kind of team and really get behind them. Wiese is unbelievable, what a player.
  6. Oh he is, incredibly petulant if an opposition player dares to put a tackle in on him
  7. Taylor is so intimidated by De Bruyne, it's uncomfortable to watch
  8. Fair play, never given us a sniff, they are the best team in the world by some way.
  9. That's disgraceful, he's purely given that from De Bruyne's reaction
  10. If only it was that easy, they are so good at suffocating sides
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