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  1. leicesterisme

    College Football

    College Football was really what got me into American Football, I tried over the years to watch NFL but as I didn't know what was going on it was hard for me to get into as I got easily put off by the constannt stoppages. Started watching College a couple of years ago and the tempo they play at just got me hooked and as I've gradually learnt how the game works and the rules to it I am now fixed on the NFL aswell.
  2. leicesterisme

    Alexis Sanchez

    Just wish Huth wasn't already on a booking when he went charging over to him in stoppage time.
  3. leicesterisme

    Non-League Football 2016/17

    Barwell and Coalville play at the highest level out of the teams in Leicestershire, both in the Evo Stik Premier and both are mid table ish so will be at that level again next season.
  4. leicesterisme

    West Ham away - Sat 18 March

    Was all casual about getting my ticket not thinking it would sell so quick so I'm after 1 ticket if anyone has one going.
  5. leicesterisme

    Do goalkeepers really do their homework?

    I vaguely remember Paul Henderson being good at saving penalties, could have dreamt that though. Don't really like to think too much about that era.