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  1. Robin JD Popley

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    If we can make this happen before Summer, let's pay the compensation to Celtic. Puel is just not the right fit for our club. In three games time, there is a very distinct possibility we will be in the bottom half of the table, without any cups to play for and no likelihood of bringing any new faces in this January because he has no intention of doing so. I felt for him at the end today but the first half proved the writing is on the wall. The defending was atrocious and if you look at his tenure overall, these problems keep occurring. Palace away, twice and at home, Bournemouth away, Cardiff and Southampton at home. Newport in the cup, too. I hate to say it but at the moment I expect a loss before every match because of how we have been playing. I haven't felt like that in years.
  2. Robin JD Popley

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    We were crap. No need to sugar coat it. No one I spoke to at any point of this afternoon had a good word to say for Puel. We're all fed up of this dire football.
  3. Robin JD Popley

    Free speech

    I won't lie, I was appalled at how we played again. Like many people, I vented my frustrations but the key thing I noted was, almost every single person I have come to know at the ground didn't have a good word to say about Puel. The atmosphere was toxic for most of it and the boos at the end summed it up.
  4. Robin JD Popley

    Free speech

    Quite sad really that that lady cannot express her feelings in a peaceful vein of form. I also concur with the sentiment on her banner. Although I wasn't as polite about it at full time.
  5. Robin JD Popley

    Worst FA Cup Defeat?

    Wycombe was the worst one for me. That season really was our big chance to get to at least the semi-finals. That said, Brown went and ended about 3 of our players careers that day too, and only got sent off for taking his shirt off...
  6. Robin JD Popley

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Well at least should cheer me up at 9pm... thanks BBC.
  7. Robin JD Popley

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Absolutely no qualms, Newport deserved that. I just hope Top is brave enough and now gets rid of him. PUEL OUT!!!
  8. Robin JD Popley

    Everton (A)...pre match thread.

    Everton's my brother in law's side and we were talking about this yesterday at their New Year's do. He said, 'You'll clearly walk it. We have a habit of letting people who need three points get them'. I then said, 'Have you not seen the highlights from our Cardiff game, yet?' Clearly going to be a game for the neutrals... (If I were to stick my neck out, best result I can see is a 2-1 win to us but thinking it might be a draw).
  9. Robin JD Popley

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Today summed up why I still think it's only a matter of time before he gets sacked. How can we go from winning against two of the best teams in the country to then putting up a woeful display against a side who've only just come up? The first half showed signs of promise but yet again, we took our foot off the gas and when Maddison missed, the whole team were deflated. The last ten minutes we just invited pressure. Sooner he goes the better. I'm fed up of his constant excuses and bad tactics.
  10. Robin JD Popley


    Utter dross. The moments before their goal, he got tackled, waved his arms aside as if 'What can I do?' and watched on.
  11. Robin JD Popley

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    The problem every manager we have now coming in is that we've won the League and want to win other cups. We want to be challenging for European football, albeit most likely the Europa league. The amount of money that has been injected into our side, the way we are playing, simply is not good enough. He's been here a year and most of that tenure we have not played anywhere near good enough. Lose the next couple, others around us win, and we are so easily dragged into the relegation battle. Then we hear reports behind the scenes it isn't working... Michael Appleton going in the summer was sign enough there were problems. There are fundamental problems and if we take Southampton fans at their word, they saw this coming too. Let's not end up the same way and try to do something before it is too late.
  12. Robin JD Popley

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Well I personally would be very happy if Brendan Rodgers took over from Puel (should he go in the next few days/weeks). I know Scottish football is not the greatest standard but he's been at some very big clubs and with Liverpool, bar Klopp, took them within reach of winning the top flight for the first time in years.
  13. Robin JD Popley

    Should Claude Puel be sacked or backed? Poll

    The other thing I have to say is it isn't even necessarily his ideal of passing football I am anti. It's always been my preferred way to see the game played. But we don't play it with enough speed and awareness. Cloughie got players from all sorts of backgrounds executing it very well during his tenures at Derby and Forest. Wenger evolved the philosophy again in the English game and Pep and others since. If we want to really compete with the best, we've got to be a lot more composed on the ball playing this way. What is disappointing after a year we haven't even ironed out the creases yet and anyone coming in (should that happen) needs to be a lot more stern where that sort of thing is concerned. One or two mistakes per game, we accept, but not every 3rd or 4th pass.
  14. Robin JD Popley

    Should Claude Puel be sacked or backed? Poll

    I honestly think he is not the right fit for our club. And it is not even passing football because I like that when executed well, but how we play it under Puel, it is so one paced. Then comments like he probably won't strengthen much in January, if at all.
  15. Robin JD Popley

    Should Claude Puel be sacked or backed? Poll

    I'd love nothing more than stability but we need someone who we can all rally behind. There is a clear disconnect and he's been here for over a year now and it still has not got any better. Claudio, Nigel - from day one, both of them were trying to strike that bond with us as fans. The whole thing feels wrong. He is probably a very nice man but he is not a good fit for our club.