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  1. Robin JD Popley


    Tbf I do doubt that he is in the frame but the club needs to clarify its position. If Puel is to be given the summer, that's that but if there are any doubts..
  2. Robin JD Popley


    I know its The Daily Star but they suggest Marco Silva is tipped to join us over Everton. Whatever the hell is going on, it needs resolving before we start buying players. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/702890/Marco-Silva-Leicester-Everton-news-gossip
  3. Robin JD Popley

    Jack Wilshere

    On his day, easily one of the best creative midfielders in this league. Would be very pleased to see him join us.
  4. Robin JD Popley

    Puel 'sounded out" by St Etienne.

    Would certainly solve a potentially difficult issue.
  5. Robin JD Popley


    I've mentioned I'd like to see Gibson elsewhere on here. If Boro don't go up, I'm sure he'd jump at the opportunity to play in the Premier League again. Evans, Maguire and Gibson allows for long term planning.
  6. Robin JD Popley

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Gibson and Evans for me are two no brainers for defence. I'd also make Harry Maguire our Captain next season. Shaquiri as a playmaker replacement for Mahrez. Also think Thorgan Hazard is another player we should look at properly this close season. Maddison, I think would be able to make the step up. I'd try and get another keeper in too. RB looks to be sorted with that lad from Porto. And we need another tall striker assuming that Leo and Slimani leave on a permanent basis too. See Rondon has been mentioned. Jay Rodriguez is another striker I think could do well with us.
  7. Robin JD Popley


    Hopefully the first one to move to the King Power this close season.
  8. Robin JD Popley

    End of season Puel poll

    Like a good lot of us, I've been really disappointed at times how we have played this season. I've often said before my preferred style of football is a passing game and when it is executed well, it is a joy to watch. Notwithstanding, it needs to be played at pace and not this dull, one tone type lethargy. Winning the league in 2015/16 was without doubt the best season our club has ever had and all of us will always be able to smile when we think about what we achieved. However, we missed a trick that close season with our recruitment and it ultimately was one of the downfalls of Claudio. He was his own worst enemy at times that following season but he will forever be King Claudio and have a special place in our hearts. Puel however has inherited much of that same squad and has sucked the life out of their fast game. He has continued to chop and change the team every week and in the case of Dragovic, dropped a man in form, to put our Club Captain back in the team. A hard decision perhaps but the person who has earned the shirt should keep it. I was willing him (Puel) to do well when he started as I felt he was harshly treated at Southampton but now I know why they did what they did. A major overhaul is needed this summer. A new manager with some pedigree or a growing reputation, Rudkin needs to be reminded he doesn't run the ship but above all else, that defence of ours has got to be the first priority when it comes to recruitment. Get it right and we can push for Europe again next season with confidence. Get it wrong and on the basis of the majority of games since late December and we will be in a relegation scrap.
  9. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    No I'm not actually - I'm actually quite a down to earth guy when people get to know me but one suggestion of supporting a potential name in the hat and there we go. I'm not rude to any of you so please don't be rude to me.
  10. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    Facts are facts. I was laughed at for saying Claudio Ranieri was a good appointment and I said at length why I felt he was. Now I am not rude to you and I respect most of you won't agree with me but I'd far rather us pick Ryan Giggs than the ex Southampton Manager or even Sean Dyche. Dyche will probably go to Everton now anyway but I don't see him being successful there. I think he'd probably make them more steely as an outfit but he won't push them to the level their owners now demand.
  11. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    As I say, I was right about Claudio and others laughed at me then. I just have a feeling - whoever he ends up managing - he will win silverware.
  12. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    I will have to agree to disagree with you; in the long term he will be a very successful manager and I hope that is with us.
  13. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    There is, but I do think he'd be a very good manager. Also, how on earth does anyone get chance to prove themselves unless they're given a chance? Goes for anything in life - course there will be a need to iron out tactics etc but in the long run, he'd be a bloody good manager for us. I'm certain.
  14. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    Most people belittled Claudio because of Greece and other things in his past but I said he'd built the core of some great teams. I honestly think Giggs would be a great choice - he is a natural born winner. As I've just said, once a winner, always a winner.
  15. Robin JD Popley

    Next City Manager?

    Delighted Giggs has come out and said he'd like the job. I know I mentioned his name a few days ago and I got a bit of a mixed reaction to the suggestion but I honestly think the guy would be a fantastic appointment. Much like I did when Claudio was made manager. The man is a natural born winner; you don't forget how to win once you have it in your psyche.