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  1. Do you really expect anyone to be positive tonight?
  2. Is this the most embarrassing result of the season? We don't deserve top 4.
  3. Why does it feel like they always show that table during our games? Oh yeah, cause we always start like shit.
  4. The latest series of Last Chance U that released last weekend was the best one yet imo. A change of sport from American Football to Basketball but still following a junior college team full of talented but down-on-their-luck high school graduates and college dropouts dreaming of making it to the top of the college game and the NBA beyond that. The one thing that sticks with me over all 6 series is the tradegy of trying to make it as a professional sportsmen. All of the guys in this show would've been the best in their age group, from elementary school all the way through to the en
  5. Not a good thing to watch if you're on a diet. Even worse if you're trying to go vegan.
  6. Watched all 8 episodes of the American BBQ Showdown last week. Its basically the Gbbo format with a deep south twang. Very entertaining show and the final challenge is epic.
  7. Just finished watching The Speed Cubers. Never expected a 40 minute documentary about competitive rubiks cube solving would bring me to tears. Felix Zemdegs might be my new favourite person.
  8. I'm not going to be able to watch the final live, can you watch the YouTube stream back after the match has finished?
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