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  1. Amin

    F1 2017

    I've loved F1 2017, agree with stix that it is the best F1 game I've ever played. I've pretty much played it every week since release, looking forward to the next edition.
  2. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    Agreed, I think it would be best for Norris to have a second season in Formula 2. George Russell is ready to make the step up, if there is a place available.
  3. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    I wonder what the plan is for Williams next season? No Martini sponsorship money, no Stroll money, they might be the next team to struggle financially.
  4. Why the **** is Amartey playing?
  5. Amin

    2018 Deathlist

    Really sad news. I had the privilege to meet the brothers twice when I was younger and appeared on a segment on Look North with them after one of their shows. It's hard to judge people when your younger but they were two of nicest guys I've ever met. RIP Barry and best wishes to Paul and the rest of his family.
  6. I've always liked the Turkey team that achieved 3rd at the 2002 World Cup. Gave Brazil two tough tests that tournament.
  7. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    We'd have been in the same grandstand for Qualifying. There is no better place to watch an F1 car in the world.
  8. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    I hope everyone on here who went to the GP had a great time. It was a bit tense being a Kimi fan surrounded by Hamilton fans in the Copse grandstand! It was an incredible weekend though, first time I've attended all 4 days at Silverstone and I was very impressed with the organisation of the weekend, it is so much better than Spa.
  9. Mexico were brilliant in the first 20 minutes but the better team won. Belgium will be the biggest test that this Brazil team has faced since Tite took over but they are slowly starting to show why they were the pre-tournament favourites. Could really do without the Neymar histrionics though, even if Layun should have been booked.
  10. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    Scratch that, I just got an email a few minutes a go saying that some extra passes have become available and I've won some!
  11. Amin

    Formula 1 2018

    Unfortunately didn't win the pit walk passes but I hope you both have a great time. I'm just waiting for the weather forecast to turn to downpours!
  12. Amin

    2018 World Cup Knockout Stages

    It's a shame the Brazil/Mexico match is at 3pm on a Monday. We should see some great football in that one and maybe an upset.
  13. It'll also mean I'll have to struggle through the shite ITV hub.
  14. Amin

    Serbia v Brazil match thread

    Out of the traditional big teams, Brazil have looked marginally the best. However, I think we may see a first time winner this year, maybe even a second time winner...
  15. Amin

    Serbia v Brazil match thread

    After what just happened to Germany, I'm half expecting Brazil to go out tonight.