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  1. Not a good thing to watch if you're on a diet. Even worse if you're trying to go vegan.
  2. Watched all 8 episodes of the American BBQ Showdown last week. Its basically the Gbbo format with a deep south twang. Very entertaining show and the final challenge is epic.
  3. Just finished watching The Speed Cubers. Never expected a 40 minute documentary about competitive rubiks cube solving would bring me to tears. Felix Zemdegs might be my new favourite person.
  4. I'm not going to be able to watch the final live, can you watch the YouTube stream back after the match has finished?
  5. 1. 2013 playoffs 2. 2010 playoffs 3. 2008 relegation 4. When Pearson got not-sacked before our great escape. 5. Pearson leaving at the end of the 09/10 season.
  6. Has there ever been a higher amount of betting sponsorship in the Premier League?
  7. I think my record for a single game is just over 17 days (~400 hours) in COD4. I couldn't even begin to calculate how much time I've put into the various Fifa, FM and F1 games.
  8. Outside of football: Mark Cavendish in his prime. If the stage was flat you knew he was either going to win or crash. Juan Pablo Montoya. Hugely quick from the get go in F1, was one of the few drivers to ruffle Schumacher's feathers. Asafa Powell. His sprinting technique was flawless. Such a shame he always bottled it on the biggest stages. Juan Martin del Potro. I'm not much of a Tennis fan but I've always enjoyed watching del Potro take it to the big boys when he's fit and healthy.
  9. The best game in the Bioshock series is Bioshock 2.
  10. I may need to shoehorn XCOM 2 into my list. I've been engrossed in it for the last 2 weeks and it's brilliant.
  11. Immediately after the Norwich game I was thinking 5th, now I'm thinking 3rd. This weekend just goes to show how shit the standard is below Liverpool/Man City and that will save us.
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