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  1. Anyone in Leicestershire has to get a coach, for some that is a detour. Man City fans had trains and cars as options for the final a few weeks ago, even those from Manchester. So something is different this time.
  2. For comparison at the Carabao Cup final Man city fans were given a choice of train (750 at £80), coach (750 at £50) or car travel (250), so I'm not sure why our options are so limited. Also £50 to get to Manchester seems quite a deal compared to £45 for us!
  3. Looks like they only book a week in advance
  4. For those of us out in the county public transport won't be an option, they want people to drive to Enderby park and ride. Would be interested to know what time these coaches will set off!
  5. Qualifying Leicester City supporters that do not live in Leicester (i.e., those who do not have an LE postcode) will be permitted to purchase a match ticket and participate in the ERP, while making their own travel arrangements (by selecting the option for train or car). This part of the arrangements seems to suggest all LE postcodes are in Leicester....driving to Enderby (and more importantly back again!) and sitting on a dry coach doesn't sound like much fun tbh, but if they are part of the regulations then I guess theres nothing than can be done.
  6. Anyone any idea if they will play at Quorn next season, I think the pitch is still allowed in WSL but isn't ideal in my opinion.
  7. Our turn for a very detailed financial summary by Swiss Ramble
  8. I thought the leaks might stop with the new training ground. Guess it wasn't someone peering over the fence.
  9. This is what I was asking in the Vardy thread. Wasn't there a match we tried this fairly unsuccessfully last season? Might allow Under to play on the left.
  10. Probably knows them from his time in Denmark??
  11. Can someone remind me wasn't there a game last season when we tried Barnes up front and it didn't really work?? Just wondering because for me Under was impressive today and it might allow him in the team with Vardy out.
  12. Think Morgans back plays up too much for him to be considered. See he is still in the dressing room on match days though.
  13. Yes, quite surprising given Evans is out. Thought Thomas would play.
  14. 4 at the back would be Albrighton off surely. Justin to right back
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