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  1. Sorry another question which may have been answered earlier, can I book tickets as a group? If so what information do I need book them? We all sit together as a group of 6 but live in different households.
  2. I may have missed this question but does anyone know where the 3 priced seats are in the west stand? Different tiers or all in lower?
  3. If the carabao cup final is anything to go by they have allocated 8,000 tickets, 4,000 to local residents and NHS staff and 2,000 to each club. For Man City fans you have to specify how you plan to travel, by club coach, train or car. If I was a guessing man I would expect the FA Cup final to double the numbers so 4,000 to each club. If you are priority one on the points system you will probably get a ticket, anyone else will be struggling.
  4. I’ve had my ST refund and Chelsea tickets back but not my sons ST refund. Was I supposed to apply separately for him? it all comes out as DD from the same bank account and I’m the lead client. He is 19 years old
  5. Looks like it came in during the 2012/13 season.
  6. Re 10% family discount, it was offered 5 or 6 years ago and has applied ever since. We sit in the East stand.
  7. I’ve had a reply from Jim on the 10% discounted season tickets for families, they stop when the child reaches 18 which unfortunately for us is next season
  8. In previous seasons me and my son got a 10% father and son season ticket discount, does anyone know if it’s carrying on next season? i don’t believe you can apply for it any longer but if you had it originally it continued up to and including last season.
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