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  1. Well, I'm turned on offended.
  2. You really can't read anything into preseason games. The teams are at different fitness levels, the motivation levels are different (one team might be gunning for it while the other are just after a settled 90 minutes). For the past 4 summers, Man U have had promising preseasons but then been disappointing when the competitive football starts.
  3. We used that for Cambiasso.
  4. Spectacularly camp! But let's wait until he signs first.
  5. *Misplaces a pass VS MK Dons* "He's shit! Get rid! Sell him to Cov!"
  6. I'm not embarrassed. Are you?
  7. Clubs that get relegated and then gamble all their parachute payments on one of the top performers from the Championship should surrender all further parachute payments. They clearly don't need the money. Let it go to the solidarity payments fund or grassroots football instead. It's gambling with the club's future and trying to kill the competitiveness of the Championship.
  8. Gonna get mine, this afternoon. I'm really torn between ruining it with a purple badge or not...
  9. Potential thread idea there. Did anyone go to the Brazil-Jamaica game at our ground when it opened? The goal Roberto Carlos scored in that game seemed to defy physics.
  10. Accidental 'like'
  11. It's gonna be the classic green and amber pinstripes and look amazing...until you see the pink sleeve sponsor.
  12. Bournemouth 'mighty'? Crystal Palace 'cool'? Huddersfield 'fancy'? That has to be sarcasm, surely?