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  1. I loved the original but it feels a bit wrong paying £35 for a 20 year old game with better graphics. I'll pick it up at some point, though
  2. Quite clever, really. Pay out on the odd novelty bet and probably get 100 times more bets on those markets.
  3. It looks like the account has been taken down so that's good
  4. I had a dream that the stadium had moving chairs that pick you up from the concourse and took you into the stands (a bit like the moving chairs in Wall-E). Also, the exterior of the stadium was ours but pitchside it was similar to the Maracan√£. I was so annoyed when I woke up and realised that I'd have to climb all those steps myself.
  5. They would. They just wouldn't put it on the books.
  6. I think that's just the Man U fans hoping. There wouldn't be talk of that if it were De Gea or...shit I can't think of another Man U player they'd be desperate to keep!
  7. Agree 100%. Amazing player on his day but we've all seen first hand how ineffective he is when he's having a strop. Well we'd be treated to a season-long strop.
  8. God I hope not. Arsenal and Hull do them which is all that needs to be said about that!
  9. Unrelated but you should probably get that looked at by a doctor.
  10. The West Ham chief scout obviously hasn't hit refresh on the BBC Sport Transfer Rumour page yet, or they'd be all over this as well.
  11. What kind of midfielder is he?
  12. Looks like Lampard will be the next Chelsea manager... We could genuinely have a better manager than two of the biggest clubs in the country, this season! Until they're inevitably sacked, of course.
  13. Being on the 7th floor at work and the lift taking ages because the lazy cvnts on 1st and 2nd can't walk up one flight of stairs.
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