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  1. Danizen

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    Here's a novel idea (which is what I'm guessing you meant) not all Leicester fans stayed in Leicester. I used to be a season ticket holder up until I moved away. Now I go very rarely and I miss it so much that when I'm home, I'd rather get myself down the City than see family /friends. What am I meant to do for the other 15 or so home games?
  2. Danizen

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    I can't quite remember the last time I saw a defensive line that shambolic.
  3. Danizen

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Morgan out. Can we get Benkovic back? Need an upgrade on Simpson as well. Wolves targeted those pair from start to finish and it's cost us the game.
  4. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Need to get Benkovic back and bin Morgan out of the squad
  5. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Play him up front with Vardy!
  6. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    The state of that defensive line
  7. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    They're clearly targeting Morgan and Simpson as weaknesses.
  8. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

  9. Danizen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    What a finish! Great play by Vardy as well!
  10. Danizen

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    How? Albrighton is a much better player than King and plugs a massive hole in the squad. I get that it isn't the most exciting news but I can't believe you're moaning about it.
  11. Danizen

    “Nothing to play for now”

    I meant us as fans. As long as we're not in trouble, I couldn't care less about the club's bottom line.
  12. Danizen

    “Nothing to play for now”

    Prize money means absolutely nothing to us and the thought of celebrating an extra £3m in the club's bank account leaves me cold. I'll be very happy if we qualify for Europe but only if we make a proper go of it. It's more likely that it'll be seen as a distraction and we'll be out before the transfer window closes.
  13. Sounds a bit soppy but there's nothing like that first walk out of the concourse.
  14. I saw GTF as an unnecessary, unfit luxury player but I'll gladly admit I was wrong. Seeing him turn players half the size of him, effortlessly like some fat, bald Messi was something I'll never forget as a Leicester fan.