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  1. Danizen

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    Yeah. Almost all of the big names got £80-100,000/week, 4-year contracts so it's not surprising.
  2. The problem people had with Guardiola's Barcelona wasn't so much the style of play (Messi and Iniesta in particular were responsible for some beautiful moments). It was that there was a lack of competitiveness in 90% of their matches. A 5-0 win full of beautiful, attacking football is great to watch every now and again but unless it's your team, if it happens every week, it soon becomes tedious.
  3. Danizen

    Lap of honour

    I had a season ticket until 2017 when I moved away from the city. I've missed it ever since but that feeling of homesickness has increased 1000 times since seeing the reaction to this tragedy and in particular, this video. I really wish I was there for what looked like an unbelievably emotional day. That was a perfect way to say goodbye to an amazing man. Well done to everyone involved.
  4. Danizen

    celebration music

    Alright! Calm down, Shakespeare
  5. Danizen

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Sounds like it will be a statue.
  6. I like that. The club's charitable arm should be named after a man who was almost as famous for his generosity as he was for owning a football club.
  7. Danizen

    Helicopter crash

    Where was this?
  8. Danizen

    5 Years Ago

    You can't train that kind of instinctive finish.
  9. Danizen

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    He's been nominated for WBA's player of the month and is pretty much nailed on according to my Baggie mate. I think we've got a gem here.
  10. If there is to be a statue, that has to be engraved on the plinth. Lovely words from a lovely man.
  11. Danizen

    Helicopter crash

    Really wish I hadn't watched that. I feel ill.
  12. Danizen

    New chants and songs

    It'll be a good way to get our song to proper anthemic status. Dedicating it to Vichai. It's fitting that the lyrics speak of how to deal with highs and lows as this man has been the cause of our highest high and our lowest low in the space of two and a half years.
  13. Danizen

    Helicopter crash

    Kasper's statement hit the nail on the head. He's a one of a kind.
  14. Danizen

    Helicopter crash

    I know it's meant well but it might be seen as a little inappropriate since the man himself followed a very different belief system.
  15. Danizen

    Helicopter crash

    The title in 2016 would never have happened without this great, kind, compassionate, level-headed, down-to-earth amazing man. He's personally responsible for an unbelievable, euphoric, crazy but brief period of all of our lives. Every cheer, every look of awe, every drunken song, every impromptu celebratory night out, every laugh, every new friendship formed by bonding over something that just did not make sense to us is largely down to him. It's not a stretch to say he's responsible for millions of happy memories and that he never truly understood the positive effect he had on our city in spring 2016. This will be his legacy. That a whole city show this much love to a man they've never met when the majority of owners either attract hatred or apathy. Thanks for everything, Vichai. 💙 I've just had a pang of pain thinking about Top right now. I can't imagine how hard this will be for him and his siblings. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a some time away from the club to grieve. It might even be too hard for him to ever come back.