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  1. Our first game of next season will be at home so 19/1 is right.
  2. You could either go to the hassle of upgrading every game or just Mrs Doubtfire it. Pics if you go for the second option, please.
  3. It'd be pointless to know at this stage since the renewal deadline is over a week away and most people will get paid next week so there will still be a fair few who haven't renewed but intend to.
  4. What a guy. He will go down as a cult hero. I tried to find a picture of the Wasilewski/Vaughan incident from our promotion season but there isn't one. I found this one though, from the immediate aftermath. He looks like he wants to scrap Wasyl. Lynch probably saved his life by holding him back.
  5. I'd recommend going a slightly different route. ✊💦🍜
  6. "There's always one and it's always you!" I don't think I've ever witnessed a closer relationship between player and manager than the one between Vardy and Pearson. It took a lot of guts for Pearson to stick with him. 99% of managers would have binned him as soon as we signed Wood. His improvement over the past five years has been unbelievable. He seems to be driven to prove people wrong whether it's us writing him off after three months or other fans calling him a one season wonder after last season. Imagine if we spent the summer calling him shit and telling him to fvck off to FC Ibiza... he'd be up there with Messi and Ronaldo in the scoring charts .
  7. Remember last year when those pictures went up and Mahrez wasn't up there because we'd already sold him to Arsenal? That was fun.
  8. That shit pen was seven years ago! That's mad. Makes me feel old as fvck!
  9. A couple of years ago, I saw Snoop Dogg hanging around outside looking very confused and disappointed.
  10. I'm surprised they haven't gone with a pinstripe design after how well this season's away kit has sold. I loved the old Alliance Leicester pinstripe shirt and the retro Ind Coope one as well. Oh and I might be in the minority but all blue done right just looks cleaner.
  11. His first touch is fine, it's his second touch that let us down today...
  12. Fvck Arsenal, I'll buy him for my Sunday league team for that price.
  13. And if that isn't enough of a slap in the face, we'll still have to pay Mahrez his loyalty bonus as he never technically asked for a transfer.
  14. He'd be more suited to Real Madrid. He'd have the freedom to play the same way he played here instead of being a spoiler for Chelsea or Barcelona.