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  1. Yeah. So annoying that he always has one of his 5-6 decent performances a season against us.
  2. He didn't handle it in the best way but the club promised him a move to Sunderland and then went back on that because there was the slightest chance he could keep them up at our expense. He wasn't motivated by money. He just wanted to play.
  3. Trevor Sinclair suggested we go in for Lingard. Imagine paying double Maddison's wages for half the player.
  4. Any team with half decent wingers will be licking their lips, watching this.
  5. Is he the player we were linked with for about 6 years?
  6. Great save but Welbeck ran straight through us.
  7. It was good enough to beat Fulham and West Ham too. I know it's not an identical starting XI but the system and shape looks the same.
  8. Imagine having the audacity to rock up to a 'champions' league game if you'd finished bottom half/barely scraped top half of your domestic league. It would be an absolute farce.
  9. Let them piss off to their 'super league'. We'd have a good chance of competing for trophies year in, year out with a hugely competitive top flight league and we'd get to watch the charlatans Arsenal and Man U getting dicked every week. Revenues would go through a big correction period but in the end, we'd be in a better position overall.
  10. Why the fvck did I click?
  11. You'd think Rodgers would have lots of experience in these type of games from his time at Celtic.
  12. Bamba not goalside? Not like him...
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