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  1. They did this one back in November.
  2. After Choudary was nearly sold in January, it seemed like Brendan was willing to give him a second chance which he looked like taking. What a way to throw it back in the manager's face. Never been sold on Perez. Always thought he wasn't good enough. Maddison as well. Should have had laser focus during this most crucial stage of the season. An absolute embarrassment to the club.
  3. I love where we are now but, in a weird way, watching Newcastle's celebrations against Burnley made me miss Spring 2015 when every 3 points felt like a massive achievement rather than just expecting to win and feeling relieved when we do. Anyone else?
  4. A best, it's not a good look for the club, at worst it directly goes against PL protocol. Either way, it's the only decision.
  5. I forgot how awful his accent was in that film.
  6. A Leicester game? On a Saturday? No way! You're lying.
  7. Exact same thing happened to me yesterday. I thought she was taking the piss...then it registered. We're massive
  8. You can't disagree with me. I've been to the Michael Owen school of football analysis.
  9. How amateurish was it to bring on 4 subs in one go. Anyone who's played or indeed watched football knows you need a bit of time to find your rhythm. Having more than a third of your team finding their way into the game is a recipe for disaster. It's definitely cosy them.
  10. Are Man United paying in installments and we took a loan to access it up front. The same way we did with the Mahrez money?
  11. Pep just doesn't fancy him and a good run of form won't change that so even if it doesn't expire, it will never be activated.
  12. https://versus.uk.com/2021/03/mason-holgate-demarai-gray-ivan-toney-soon-join-jamaicas-national-team/ Jamaica are making a play for a few English players with Jamaican heritage including Liam Moore and Demarai Gray. They will both surely look at how much Morgan enjoyed playing for them and think it's something they want to get involved in. I know I would.
  13. Loved that slow motion shot of Vardy looking at the goal, then at Iheanacho and deciding what to do and executing it all in less than a second.
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