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  1. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    If you're going the game, collecting at the ground is not that frustrating? Or do you mean the KP?
  2. Swansea away, any help please??

    If you have ST's or memberships you should be fine, might even make general sale
  3. £10 on season card

    You still get 10% discount essentially, but it will only apply to the next purchase. Example, you buy the shirts for £125. Pay £125 now but your account is credited with 10% (i.e. £12.50). Say you go in and buy two more shirts for £100 at a later point. You can now use that £12.50 credit so you only pay £87.50. And again you get 10% credit (i.e. £8.75 or £10, not sure what value they use for the 10%). Quite clever from the club as it essentially tempts people to return to the shop and buy more stuff so they use their credits. If you used the £10 credit they offered you would actually be better off with this scheme (even though it is confusing).
  4. £10 on season card

  5. £10 on season card

    The £10 voucher thing was mentioned in an article on the LCFC website a few months back (Mid-July maybe?). The deadline was 23rd September (give or take a day).
  6. 4 Games In

    Shakespeare's substitutions baffle me, always seem negative to me. I think 11th to 13th is for us this year. Just hope we turn up for the League Cup (and FA Cup) as we have good chances to get somewhere.
  7. Penalty taker

    Purely Vardy vs Mahrez penalties. Vardy puts his foot through it (and it's not always down the middle). Either way even if the keeper guesses right he has a job to keep it out, in particular in a controlled way. Mahrez faffs about and places it, and rarely deep into a corner. If a keeper guesses right then they save it and may even hold on to it. In regards to other penalty takers, not sure anyone is better than Vardy. Iheanacho at some point maybe? Fuchs not sure he could do it consistently but he is definitely in the top 5
  8. Chelsea - 9th September

    Tickets are still available online, albeit in the padded seats area at £75 each
  9. Chelsea - 9th September

    It's basically a "Category A" (central location seats similar to B2 block). So for an extra £25 you get padded seats, HT refreshments (tea/coffee), a matchday programme and access to your own bar for food and drinks. Worth doing if other tickets are sold out, I think only other seats left are family stand for Chelsea.
  10. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Might sell out but there will be ample tickets available for general sale. Last season (Chelsea in cup) pretty much all blocks were green
  11. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Yes you would need as many memberships as tickets (in your case 4). The club hold back a number of tickets for international members which go to a ballot if demand exceeds availability. However, I doubt that unless it's prime holiday season (e.g. Christmas time) tickets will be oversubscribed. News article with details below. Looks like Everton ballot for internationals may be over. Best bet is to get in touch with the club around what you are looking for (i.e. Everton tickets) and how to best go about it. https://www.lcfc.com/news/436353
  12. Swansea Away

    Allocation is usually about 2,000 but rarely sells out. I went two years ago and it was a good away day
  13. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    A membership gets you access to tickets. Everton on a Sunday 16:00 will be easy to get tickets. There are still tickets for Chelsea (current champions) on a Saturday 15:00. Assuming you are in Norway, get a couple of the international memberships as they get you access to home match tickets.
  14. Another unsuccessful ballot , Liverpool

    By 50% they meant the 50% allocated to priority sales (with the other 50% coming from the ballot). By that logic, the game is sold out.