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  1. Being optimistic, Man City 6-0 Leicester. Realistically I think we might see something similar to Liverpool away last year. A decent performance but ultimately not good enough resulting in 0 points. Man City 2-1 Leicester.
  2. It's scheduled for Wednesday 23rd September 18:00 KO. Although it looks like this has not been 100% confirmed. Would make sense if it is that date.
  3. There is a massive 2 day gap, not one. Not that it changes the intent of lineup for this match. Play the benchwarmers/reserves/youth players so everyone has been involved early on.
  4. In answer to 2, I think all qualifiers are one-legged, so it would be three games for Spurs. Fully get your point though! Bulgaria, and I think Romania potentially in the 3rd Qualifying round for them too. In answer to 3, it's completely up in the air bar the top few teams. There are so many possibilities of teams that could still qualify (drop down from CL qualifiers, get through EL qualifiers etc.). The more qualifying rounds that are completed, the more of an idea of pots we will get. By the time we get to final playoff round, pots should be fairly stable.
  5. It really is important that the squad shake off the awful second half of last season and get close to the start of last season. Something in between would be very acceptable. However, we must be wary that other teams are doing their homework and recruiting and improving. For me, the Top 4 this year is a closed shop. Then it's for Arsenal, Tottenham, Wolves, us, Everton, maybe Southampton (surprise result for me yesterday), Newcastle at a push to scrap for 5th and 6th. Not sure if anyone else could challenge and spring another surprise like Sheff Utd last year. Beyond th
  6. I think a lot of people are just being realistic. Of course you get those few who go OTT. Last season we were fantastic for 5 months but then the wheels well and truly came off and post restart, we have shown very little to be hopeful. We have injuries/suspensions and so far done very little to bolster the squad, in fact nothing. It just shows how far we have come that with a season in mid table mediocrity looming, most people are unhappy. We all want us to regularly challenge for Europe now which has always been a club ambition. I just feel very flat about this season but let's see. The start
  7. We'll dominate possession first 15 minutes but lack any quality. Then West Brom get on top and score 1-0. Second half, come out firing for 20 minutes, again lack of quality, miss one sitter. Then game dies off. West Brom score 2-0 in last 10 mins.
  8. If anything, Wolves were worse after COVID. They had already got to the Last 16 of EL and were doing OK in the PL before.
  9. He was on loan at Bayern for a year or maybe even two. I watched a fair few games and there were glimpses of quality but overall, bit of a flop. Never really broke into the Starting XI. Similar story to Coutinho this year. Both players had an option to buy at the end of the loan, neither was activated. Appreciate Bayern, Real/Barca and Everton are different calibers but still. Can't see him pulling up any trees at Everton.
  10. I was waiting for the signing of Supafat and Supaslow to bolster our ranks.
  11. I think it made sense when the season restarted as teams were playing every 3 or 4 days for a 1 to 2 month period. However, now that the season is back to normal length (albeit a slight shortening), I don't see why 5 subs are needed. The likes of Burnley are playing one game a week with the odd midweek games scheduled.
  12. RB Leipzig have been given the green light from local authorities to allow fans in for their first game of the season against Mainz. 8,500 have been allowed.
  13. Yes, everyone until end of October. Then it has to be a squeaky clean concept to be proposed to the leaders to show it can be safe, otherwise it is at least end of the year. So realistically, most clubs will be without fans until 2021. Currently up to 300 fans are allowed at smaller grounds. And I think this varies by state too.
  14. This is who I thought of as Wesley Fofana
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