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  1. Fair. Should be fairly comfortable for member sales on Tuesday though. Still over 200 left plus last block to open plus restricted view seats to be sold.
  2. They've done it. Well done to them. There could be a few surprises such as Kosovo. I guess UEFA have allowed strange qualification with the Nations League and expanding to 24 teams.
  3. This has a good chance of making general sale, at the very least members (if you have a membership).
  4. Unlikely I think but who knows. Weekends usually allow for sales to continue at a good rate. If there are any left it'll be a handful so be quick.
  5. Sounds a lot but in reality it is 6 matches (not saying that 6 matches isn't a lot by the way). If this was in the PL it would cover about 10 matches with the crazy December schedule.
  6. He addressed the incident in the post-match incident and basically played it down. He's quite a funny character anyway. He said Abraham came and apologised to him already and basically that's it for him, case closed, he accepted the apology and went on to say that emotions are part of the game. He didn't make any sort of deal out of it.
  7. Yes, plenty left and fairly slow sales. It will make members as well but doubt they will release this for general sale.
  8. Still 350 left. I think there will be 150-200 left for tomorrow. Make sure you get online for the 08:00 start if you can.
  9. I know, it's ridiculous. It already says some lines have no service, others reduced. So where it says reduced, that means check a couple of days before. Safe to say it will be chaos.
  10. Block M2 has now also been released to home fans. Overall 700 tickets still available between blocks M1 and M2. Watford fans really can't be bothered with this one!
  11. That changed years ago. Doesn't matter whether you finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The only difference is a little more prize money the higher we finish. CL group stages are guaranteed for the Top 4.
  12. About 700 tickets left. Sales will probably slow down a bit now so I think Friday is possible. Don't think it will get past that though.
  13. Worst case, I think there will be a few STH's selling their tickets. The KO time is going to put a few off.
  14. Not sold out yet, currently on sale to members of the club. From Thursday 14th it goes on sale to season ticket holders. Best chance is to find someone with 4 memberships or season tickets on here to buy for you. However, it will be very difficult to get 4 tickets together. Another option is to hope that Norwich do not sell their full allocation and return a block of tickets. These are generally put on sale about 3 weeks before the match and sometimes go to general sale.
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