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  1. Safe Standing Survey Results

  2. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    All this talk of members missing out, I still think, even when selling to all members at the same time, that everyone will get a ticket. It might even get to general sale. A lot of STH's don't bother with extra games (outside of PL home games) especially when the game is on TV. The club could introduce priority selling arrangements but this would not have been needed/possible due to tight turnaround for previous matches.
  3. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Arsenal did not play Champions League and I think a player can play Europa League and then Champions League. FA Cup Arsenal played one game, losing to Forest with a team full of youngsters. There were only about three regular first teamers and Giroud was not one of them.
  4. FA Cup 2018

    Clearly I have done half a job trying to figure that stuff out, I'll just wait til they confirm it... Also, I missed the fact Man U play Tuesday CL so a Saturday game is no problem for them.
  5. FA Cup 2018

    Just noticed Sky have a Friday night Prem game and BT a Saturday evening Prem game. May limit the FA Cup to be 12:30 Saturday, 2 Sunday and 1 Monday. Depends if Sky/BT allow clashes of fixtures with Prem and FA Cup. Highly doubt that.
  6. FA Cup 2018

    Not necessarily, Most likely is 2 Saturday (12:30 and 17:30) and 2 Sunday (13:00 and 16:00?) or 1 Sunday (16:00) and 1 Monday (19:55). As someone said, us and Utd will be Sunday/Monday games with the other two probably Saturday. Then again, I'm just having an educated guess. Would love us to play 12:30 Saturday after Chelsea played Barca on the Wednesday but it really isn't likely. My prediction: Wigan vs Southampton 12:30 Saturday Swansea/Sheff Wed vs Tottenham/Rochdale 17:30 Saturday Man Utd vs Brighton 13:00 Sunday Leicester vs Chelsea 16:00 Sunday
  7. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    STH's should have the right to buy their own seats (or even relocate their seat) before anyone else gets a chance to buy. STH's have paid for 19 league games. Second priority should be members (there should be a minimum of 4,000 tickets available, usually this is more like 8-10,000). This should service every member wanting a ticket. What the club could do is sell to members based on priority points to ensure those who have forked out for 10+ games so far this season get a ticket and those who have only been to 1 or 2 have to wait. There is no argument that members should get priority over STH's, what a daft comment to make.
  8. Dragovic

    Him and Maguire are our two best defenders and from the start of the season I was calling for this. No disrespect to Morgan but he has seen his time and it might be wise to either move on or accept a reserve role. I feel he doesn't suit the way Puel is shaping the team. Back to Saturday, not sure Dragovic could do much more. First goal - Albrighton gets bullied, second goal - Maguire was just short of the ball but it was a great ball in, third goal - can't remember, fourth goal - Schmeichel, fifth goal - who cares. I remember him putting a block in to prevent Sterling scoring for 2-1 in the first half. Fantastic defending.
  9. People are entitled to sit, be it because they're old, frail or just don't like standing. However, people who want to stand have no dedicated area, standing doesn't exist in the PL unfortunately. This is where things need to change. Personally, I like to stand at away games where possible.
  10. Policing abroad

    Due to the birth of my child I was unable to make Sevilla and I couldn't get transport sorted for Madrid so ended up missing out on Spain. Sounds like I missed the horrible policing so my survey results are very positive. Personally, I thought the police in Copenhagen were the best.
  11. Well done the Thais

    We sell him in the summer for £399,999. Not that hard...
  12. Who cares when he comes back. Be happy he's back and things can get back to normal. Maybe this was a trick played on Man City. Say he's not playing, then he comes back on the Friday but then Saturday night he is not even in the squad. I think he'll be back in the squad for the FA Cup. I'd rather he trained today than waste more days of uncertainty over the weekend, affecting us and him wasting valuable team training time.
  13. tickets for Sheffield

    Every cup game has been like this for the past few years. Most STH's just go to the PL home games which is what they paid for. A lot of them never attend an away fixture and don't bother with cup games. However, we have sold out every cup game (bar Fleetwood). This weekend will see a big shift and by Tuesday/Wednesday we will be down to single seats. I expect this to sell out. Just remember that 4,000 went to Peterborough. That is less than 14% of our home fans. I am sure the majority of those will be at the ground. You can't compare away following to home following, apples and pears.
  14. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    I think we're going to get a result on Saturday and then progress to the FA Cup Quarters and you'll be wrong. In 2 weeks time no one will even know who Mahrez is and Diabate is King of England.
  15. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    If my thoughts are right then there is a free for all on scheme holders and a selling arrangement for the normal folk. I guess only someone on the away scheme could explain if they get to choose where to sit or are allocated seats by the club.