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  1. Don't forget it's not just the lack of CL but we are no longer PL champions. So technically, two degrading factors. However, I think demand will still be there for the games. Wouldn't be surprised if Memberships weren't announced until late-June/early-July
  2. Memberships have only become a hot topic since demand has hit the roof. I agree the club are trying to make as much money as possible but they are a business afterall. Clubs in England are out and out businesses and do very ittle for fans. Compare that to a lot of European Leagues and it is a fine balance between being profitable and keeping the fans happy. As has been said elsewhere, there was a forum with club reps on memberships a couple of months ago. I am sure the views were made and the club will try to adjust membership schemes accordingly for next season. You can't keep everyone happy at the end of the day. I think the scheme this year was fair, you knew what you got with your membership. Gold/Silver were expensive but guaranteed ticket allocation for each match. City was cheap but no guarantee tickets were available. I think City Fox was great value for money as it got you to at least half the home games.
  3. I don't think we can really moan about ticket pricing for games compared to other PL clubs (and probably even most Championship/League 1 clubs). They could have raised them by a lot after we won the league last year but they kept them the same. At the end of the day it is last game of the season and demand is high as has been proven. So I think they have priced it right. Of course, in an ideal world we would pay £20 a ticket bu that just isn't possible any time soon. If safe standing was ever passed through parliament then we might see some cheap tickets.
  4. Seem to be more available again. Just checked, was just the one ticket. For those still looking and if you are on 160+ points, I would keep checking lcfcdirect
  5. Bayern (the club) have filed a complaint about the Spanish Police with UEFA on the back of this. Let's see what happens.
  6. A handful back online now (assuming returns)
  7. Just have one membership and a free for all on tickets, on sale on day x at 9 am. When gone they're gone. That's another option. I think the current one is fairer as gold and silver (who pay a fair bit just for membership privileges) have a reserved allocation. As said above, during Silver member priority, it is fair that Gold members don't dip in. I am sure it gets opened up again when it drops to other members (City/International). At the end of the day the rules are fairly clear and if you want to go to a game then you have to be there when tickets go on sale (usually it's around a week for a sales period). Unfortunately Leicester are currently in demand so people wanting tickets need to be switched on
  8. I think Atletico are exactly where they want to be, in the lead. As good as we are at home, we have to score and that involves some kind of attacking style (at least at some point). This will give Atletico plenty of counter attacks and I can't see us keep a clean sheet. I am not sure we can get 3 against them. It is like us going up 1-0 in a game last season, as much as we were up against it, 9 times out of 10 we came through and won or at least picked up points. Let's hope Tuesday is the 1 out of 10 scenario where we beat them. Either way, whatever happens, we have not embarrassed ourselves at any point in the CL so far (forget Porto away as that was a dead rubber game for us with 10 changes). In summary, I still believe.
  9. I don't always get mail daily, sometimes I go days without mail. And I have never received a story in the mail either.
  10. The people working for the police are no doubt doing a good job but I feel they get no protection from the state. I've seen it no end of times in town on a Saturday night when pissed up people are going at them non-stop. Abuse on top levels, yet they take it without any punishment. You did that abroad and you would get locked up for the night and pay a fine (that's to a certain extent not saying one word to them, talking of the extreme situations). Police seem a lot more intimidating abroad. Then of course there is the other extreme like some/most countries in Africa where the police control everything and show no respect.
  11. British police are a joke anyway, the amount people can get away with in this country is beyond anything. They are not firm in any way.
  12. We'll see if we are intelligent or not. Good mind readers at least
  13. Three at the back maybe, Fuchs, Benalouane and Simpson. Otherwise potentially try Fuchs as a central defender but not sure Chilwell is cut to cope with Atletico
  14. As it stands you can't. It's a matter of finding people to take your ticket (in person) for the match
  15. This is heading for general sale. I think Champions League has killed the interest in Premier League games. No one can complain about ticket availability this season, even members had chances to go to 90% home games and probably 30-40% away games.