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  1. The fact that next season has not started and so carries little impact, it would be ridiculous and wrong to void the current season. For starts, scrap the league cup next season. Reduce the pre-season or even just go straight into next season from the old (maybe a week or two to adjust). Allow short term player contracts to tie until the new season. Play up to 3 games a week (depending on cup/European involvement) to finish the season, it's not like players can't handle short turnarounds. Scrap Nations League, reduce international breaks from 3 to 2 (scrap the one in October). No FA Cup replays. If football can restart end of June/July this can work. Any later and next season needs to be shortened.
  2. We'll be lucky if the game even goes ahead. I am not buying my ticket.
  3. Season will not be finished, no way. No idea what they are going to do though. EURO's will be moved. Complete chaos.
  4. Only reason I want Wolves and Sheff Utd to keep winning is so they beat man U and Chelsea to 4th/5th. We are fine as long as Man U and Chelsea keep dropping points. Sheff Utd and Wolves won't catch us, and if they do fair play as long as we stay top 4/5.
  5. Ideal results for me would be Man U draw at best, Chelsea lose, and Sheff Utd and Wolves win.
  6. Watford 2-1 Leicester. Nailed on. Always is. Justin must keep his spot, swap Vardy in for Iheanacho and we have a good side I think. Maybe drop Perez back in for Albrighton. Would be a cracking result if we get the 3 points here. Would really set us up for the run-in.
  7. His performance last night just made it even clearer how bang average Chilwell is. I hope Justin keeps his place and continues to impress. Every game he played this season, whether from the start or off the bench he has been impressive. When a RB plays better at LB than the actual LB, it says a lot.
  8. Must say, Brendan got his game plan spot on for this. Completely killed any of Villa's attacking threat.
  9. Exactly, he took a risk by making a stupid dive and he was only ever going to handball it, missed his head by a fair way. Haven't seen the replay but I sat with the perfect view, looked very dubious so to me it was always a penalty.
  10. And people moaned about £20. I think £20-25 for this one would have been fair enough. As has been said often, it's not a big income for the club.
  11. Poor Chelsea with a short turnaround. Absolutely no excuse for us not reaching the semi finals. It would be extremely disappointing not to go through.
  12. There are benefits to self isolating. You won't get hit by a bus and die. Unless the bus drives into your front room.
  13. So the elderly have no choice but to be out and about but 99% of other people should stay inside? OK. You do know that governments in places like China deliver goods to houses. Is that not a solution for those vulnerable? Stay inside and get everything they need. Rather than drag 99% of people who aren't in serious danger into self isolating and bringing the economy down further than it needs to be.
  14. Fully get that, but if people are comfortable catching, let them be out and about. It's not deadly unless you are vulnerable and old. If that's you, don't leave the house. Otherwise crack on if you are willing to be ill for a week or two. I'm not gonna stop living and panicking just for the sake of the virus spreading, which it will anyway. Once they work a bit harder on the cure, things will become much more manageable. Won't be much lonher to endure. Maybe the media will move back onto Brexit when this blows over.
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