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  1. 12th is certainly not bottom 8, unless the league only has 19 teams.
  2. So that's about 100% then...
  3. This annoyed me. Took him on, two defenders in the box with two of ours running in, just slip it to the edge of the box. What does he do? Twists and turns and suddenly he has 5 Southampton players in front of him.
  4. Safe standing - time to act

    It is illegal to stand in a Premier League ground currently. Yes, a lot of away fans and SK1 stand but that is by choice. Stewards could tell them to sit down, or other fans. As well as being illegal it is also dangerous. I guess SK1 is regularly overfilled. I wouldn't trust the seats in front to hold people back safely which rail seating would. Safe standing will be around 10% of a ground where like-minded fans can get together and suppprt their team. The other 90% of the ground is for those who wish to sit in peace. Not sure why that is such an issue for people?
  5. Home Form - last win 20th January

    Open letters ALWAYS work. You have to post them on this forum first though.
  6. Can't disagree with that comment. I guess he's even boring in French, so translator or not will make little difference, just his personality unfortunately. Not everyone can have a Klopp or Claudio. Apart from that you do make good points, managers are always first in line these days and I think that's wrong. As someone else mentioned, Ranieri got the chop. Look at Conte - last season he was a hero and this season, with the same team he is struggling (for Chelsea standards). I think Puel always came in with the mentality to try different players/formations. Can't remember naming an unchanged team once this season. He maybe hoped we could push for Europe but maybe he had no targets but to build for the future. It would be harsh to not give him a summer to bring in his players and set up how he wants next season. Guardiola was average in City's first season, look what happened once he established himself. And he's had two full pre-season periods.
  7. Diabate has no fear, when he came on (and in other games) he takes people on. Gray, also does that in parts and i'm OK with him. Mahrez of course, but he's hardly involved in a game these days. Albrighton and Chilwell when on the wings just seem to stop when a defender turns up in front of them. They rarely try to beat the man (probably knowing they will lose the battle). And Albrighton's crossing is hardly lethal. Most of the last few games, we have got into crossing positions and either hit the first man or it's cleared or goes over everyone. Only about 10% of our crosses reach the target men and that isn't necessarily a goalscoring chance. This is something we really need to work on.
  8. Who is a top manager? Why can they do something with this club that Puel can't? It's not about throwing money at "big" names if they fail.
  9. Captain Morgan bottles

    Equally Rodriguez, he has been WBA's top scorer and done OK. I guess the team performances week in week out have been heavily considered. Bar Hendrick and Morgan, they're just shiite
  10. So who do you and others suggest we get in? Who will actually come here that will do a job?
  11. Wouldn't say again but the next game vs Palace I would start Diabate instead. The season is over so now is the time to build for next year. Diabate will be a good player and the more game time he gets the better.
  12. Adrien Silva

    He's probably the most skillful player we have in the squad (bar Mahrez). Very composed but he has not settled into the team completely. For starts he was out for 4 months not playing competitively and then when he could, he never really had a starting position. How many games (full or more than 60 mins) has he played consecutively? Give him the full pre-season to get ready. No-one moans at Ndidi for regularly playing shocking passes. And that happens a lot more than Silva. Apparently Ndidi is amazing though...
  13. Adrien Silva

    I'm glad people aren't judging him on a handful of games... Player comes in. Player does not set the world afire by the third game he plays. = bad signing
  14. Let's remember that Puel isn't the one on the pitch putting these lacklustre performances in, it's the players. Puel is trying a variety of formations which understandably has caused some inconsistencies. At the end of the day, the majority of this squad is unable to understand the manager and that is not the manager's fault but the fact that some of the players are Championship/lower PL material. Yesterday (and not just yesterday) highlighted the fact that we have a lack of players who take people on and are able to create something. Apart from Diabate, and sometimes Gray, I didn't see anyone having a go, trying to make something happen. If Puel gets a full pre-season I hope he chops out the likes of Morgan, Simpson, Albrighton, probably Fuchs. The odd one could be kept as a reserve but definitely not starting material. I would love to see Dragovic made a permanent signing, how many clean sheets have we kept with him in the team? Bring in a RB, CB and bolster our attacking options a little bit (I wouldn't mind a Slimani back or someone else similar that gives a Plan B). If we change manager again, we would need someone with a clear development plan that also integrates the youth players like Puel is trying to do. We now have 4 more games to try things out, competitive pre-season friendlies as such for Puel to try stuff.
  15. Safe standing - time to act

    The Government are the main blame here for being ignorant but you can also blame clubs (ours included) who are not really engaging with fans and doing much about it. Well done to WBA, Derby and those likes. If every club would engage with their supporters and make their voice heard, maybe the PL and Government would start to listen at least.