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  1. Klopp gets a lot of stick. However, as a player you would have respect for him. Players getting to spend a week with their families is a massive bonus and he has protected them. Respecting a competition or not.
  2. Surely it will still be a full house, Liverpool fans can't normally get tickets to games. I agree, not the same, but they really have a chance to take it to them and get through now. Liverpool don't care about anything but the league and secondary, CL.
  3. Shrewsbury still go to Anfield though and now have an even better chance of progressing to what could be an even bigger tie in the next round and maybe even beyond.
  4. Let's be honest, Liverpool couldn't care less about this cup. This season is all about winning the PL for the first time.
  5. I can also recommend the Pint Shop on Bennets Hill, also about 5 min walk from New St. Large selection of beers of all types.
  6. What about the Mahrez to Vardy at West Brom, that was a great ball. Or Ndidi to Mahrez who then set up Vardy against Manure. We have been spoilt recently but Praet's definitely makes the Top 5. Ridiculous ball. It split/overplayed both the midfield and defence.
  7. So Coventry and Birmingham have their replay. Ridiculous.
  8. Other than a marketing ploy of course!
  9. They were excellent, really good show. The energy they bring is fantastic, obviously with 9 members there is a lot going on. Good mix of songs from all albums. Very sore neck now and faint hearing. They are back in August at MK's Bowl bringing their own festival Knotfest. Tempted to go to that now as well.
  10. Quite possible, less people using trains/public transport to get to games, less inclined to drink in the week etc. We are just so successful right now everyone wants to show us! Rather that than Saturday 15:00 KO's because we are mooching around 13th place. Safe to say that most gamedays now see 5-6 games moved. Rare to see a good array of Saturday 15:00 games which is a shame. If you play Super 6 you'll know the dilemma of having to play with a couple of Championship fixtures most weeks.
  11. I would think over the whole season we will have a lot more games on TV than in 15/16. The TV companies only started to put our games on from about February that season. So far 13 games have been televised, with February and March that total will become 20 matches (depending on what happens with the Norwich game). We then still have 7 games left in April/May of which at least a couple would be on TV. We have benefitted from all games on a matchday being televised on 3 occasions which may skew the total slightly, but you could argue the Liverpool game would have been on as a minimum anyway (Boxing Day).
  12. I don't think it really matters too much. The Blues bar for example is always at capacity before any match. Probably better to be fair. You'd imagine they have normal trade on a Saturday anyway so by giving them a Sunday/Monday, it gives those normally completely quiet days a bit of a boost. Certainly doesn't change my spending, Saturday, Monday or Wednesday, if I fancy a beer or two pre-match I will still have one. I can see your concern though but not sure if it really has that much of an effect.
  13. It's tonight so I will let you know. Heard good reviews of the tour so far.
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