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  1. They also bought Schulz who is another highly rated player in Germany and exactly what Dortmund needed. Dortmund are really stocking up and along with RB Leipzig pushing themselves, next season could be very interesting.
  2. Announce Rail Seats in the Kop.
  3. 3 years ago was obviously the bigger thing, but 4 years ago today Leicester secured PL status with a 0-0 draw at Sunderland and completed the greatest ever escape with 1 game to go. 3 years ago was only possible because of this.
  4. Exactly this, mainly for the Man U part. Anyone voting for Man City has to be asked why? Ridiculous unless you support them (or Utd or Wolves).
  5. There's lots of boxing on free to air in Germany, it's good. Although DAZN is slowly taking over.
  6. It's on free to air...in Germany. So anyone with German TV (probably not too many on here) it is on MDR. Might try and stay up to watch this. Although with it being in Vegas it will be stupid o'clock.
  7. Another local team in the PL next year, superb. Don't really mind which of the two but I think I might prefer Derby. That would have a bit more about it in regards to being an East Midlands derby.
  8. Well done Wolves, a superb run football club who listen to the fans. They are showing most clubs up, including us (on and off the pitch).
  9. I think this is brilliant. Referee or not, he is a football fan just like all of us on here. Not like it affects his refereeing.
  10. Who cares, the club are just showing respect to the owners. So you think if the Queen finally gives in and a new King is crowned there will be nothing said in the PL? For me, as weird as it is, I just don't really let it bother me. I'll sit there and listen but not gonna moan about it. As long as the football delivers, that's all I care about.
  11. I know we should have beat them in the FA Cup but their not as cr4p as they were made out, especially at their place. Be a massive achievement for them to get promotion. Good luck to them.
  12. Probably because it is rare these days. That must have been when Hertha were in 2.Bundesliga. The only time Hertha sell out now is when Bayern or Dortmund play there, and that's because 20,000 are away fans.
  13. It's been terrible for a long time, at least 5 or so years ago there was still more than one car pushing for the championship. They should really do something about making it harder to be dominant. Adding weight onto cars every time they win etc. Who knows. Can't believe people still waste hours of their life every other weekend to watch it. There is certainly more exciting and cheaper motorsport around.
  14. EDIT: Initial post was rubbish. If you buy a 2019/20 membership and you then get a ST, you do not get the cost of your season ticket reduced by £40 (or whatever you paid). However, at some later stage you will get the refund for your membership for the £40 (or whatever you paid). So you do get a refund and the membership cost is not on top of the season ticket cost. I would assume you will require around 55-60 points this year to get a ST. Last year was 42 or something?
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