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  1. And you would have to have scored extremely late in the game. And subs have only existed since the 70s or something?
  2. I think he is referring to the Union Jack in the top left of the England flag.
  3. Well, if the draw would have worked out the same with us in it (which I don't believe in, dynamics would have changed but let's assume it would have been the same), then we would have been knocked out by Man City anyway.
  4. Superb player for us over 7 years. Yes he is getting on a bit, and PL has caught up but he can still do a job as Saturday showed. Hopefully he'll be more off an off the pitch captain and influence and help bed newer, younger players in while getting a few games here and there. Created lots of great moments at this club. I remember bumping into him at Leamington pre-season 2014 I think. Top man.
  5. Only 7 teams from one country can take part in a European competition. Either 4 CL and 3 EL, or 5 CL and 2 EL.
  6. Phillip Lahm was moved in the end but he is probably an exception to the rule. I reckon he could have played in goal and still been superb. Ricardo is having a fantastic season, hopefully he can deliver these performances week in week out and every season. So far so good.
  7. Absolutely. Anyone but Middlesbrough to be promoted. Sheff Utd and Norwich I am happy with, want a local team back up as well, any of Derby, WBA or Villa. Or even Forest if they can push into the playoffs.
  8. Correct, and that's not a given. Wolves and Watford are in great positions. Both in the race for 7th and both in FA Cup semis.
  9. 7th doesn't mean Europe. However, we should always aim for as high a finish as possible and 7th is achievable. Either way, Rodgers will want to build for next season and get some momentum. Let's see what happens but next season is key
  10. I reckon we'll hang on at 0-0. Then 90+1 Crouch scores the winner
  11. Can we cancel all remaining games. Such a pointless season
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