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  1. I do agree. Man City are beatable and I was being a bit OTT. They should beat Tottenham but PSG in the CL and Chelsea in the FA Cup will be challenging. Like you I think if we were to play them in the final, we could give them a good go. With the amount of games and the short turnarounds there have been many strange results already.
  2. He helped shape Red Bull (both clubs) as a sporting director. His name has been linked to everything from Schalke to Germany and now Frankfurt. Seems to have declined all. I seem to recall that he has wanted to make a move to PL so maybe this is his chance.
  3. Yes, I think that is the key thing. Tye team size. And how many times do you see a red card in rugby and it makes little difference due to the large amount of players. However once a team is down to 12/13 then big gaps appear. Maybe they could introduce severity levels of offences. Some red cards remain as they are and some just punish the player but the team can replace after say 20 mins. Maybe also apply the 20 min rule (or 10 min rule) for second yellow cards. Again player is off for good (2 yellows being a red) but team can replace after 10/20 mins.
  4. Arsenal comfortably winning tonight was never in doubt. Slavia have been overachieving through the rounds. Arsenal will get to the final.
  5. This happens in a lot of sports where the player is sent off but the team can replace them after a sin bin (e.g. oce hockey and handball). Feels strange in football but I think it can work in rugby as there are a lot of red cards for marginal things. One of those you could argue for/against.
  6. I know, it was in combination with all of the other scenarios. As I said, extremely unlikely!
  7. Let's be honest, Man City will win everything anyway and we can forget about that scenario. Would be freak.
  8. Not all do it but those that don't is obviously a gamble as you might have to walk miles to find one with space or stand in a queue for hours.
  9. While I was running earlier I was thinking about the whole European qualification scenario and it occured to me that we could finish 5th and actually not qualify for any European competition (I have a lot of time to think when running so apologies). If Southampton win the FA Cup, Tottenham the League Cup and Arsenal the EL, then 5th would miss out on European football altogether. Imagine that! However, you will get some ridiculous odds if you put that treble on with the bookmakers today (in fact you could make it a quadruple with Leicester finishing outside of the Top 4).
  10. Yes that's the one. Should have been more specific...
  11. Correct. Out of all of the positive cases from a PCR test, just over 80% were confirmed with another test afterwards.
  12. Looks like a training top. Or a polo top if it had a collar.
  13. Out of the 4 teams left, assuming no late drama, I don't want any to win the CL. Is that possible?
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