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  1. Either it's not happening, or it happens behind closed doors.
  2. Well the FA have been alerted by Huddersfield's new kit anyway: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49026053
  3. I believe they should be announcing a London show for the 13th June. Otherwise the Warsaw show had availability still. I saw them in MK and it was amazing. Didn't think they could top their previous shows. Rammstein in 2005 was my first ever concert. I also have Feuerzone for Cov next year. Looking forward to it already.
  4. You're missing the point. No one is saying a price increase is unreasonable. What is unreasonable is that ticket prices "remain the same" but instead we'll charge you on top. If Season tickets went up by 3% and matchday tickets increased by £1 on each category then fair enough. It's the slyness that has quite rightly annoyed people who can see through it. Regards to freebies, I would rather be disappointed to not get something that is free than be disappointed I now have to pay an extra £1 per ticket as a fee.
  5. Be interesting to see the formation/lineup second half. Should be 11 out, 11 in.
  6. Agreed, but they have now lost their goals in the team and need to be clever. However, Fredi Bobic and Adi Hutter are well equipped to make good decisions.
  7. I believe he was injured a fair bit last season as well. Plus, they spent so much energy in the Europa League that some of their performances in the Bundesliga were mediocre. Very good signing for West Ham, proven goalscorer who can give them the edge they need, especially now Arnautovic has departed.
  8. Is Dunk a good player? Yes, I think we all agree. Is he PL proven? Yes, again, I think we all agree. Is he worth £45m? In today's market, possibly. Should we pay that much for him? No. We have two young players, one who has barely played for us and was with us last year. One who was on loan and is coming back. Why should we wait to bed them in, we have to start at some point. And this situation (Maguire leaving, if it does happen) means that the time has come. We have Evans as a starter and Wes as a back up. Have Evans and Benkovic/Soyuncu start and the other one on the bench with Wes. Wes has another year left and this period should be used to bed the young players in. Obviously risky as we are two injured centre backs away from being thin on the ground but the young guys need to start playing in this team now. Imagine if we would have waited with Chilwell and Maddison, they've benefitted from game time and getting the manager's backing. Don't blow the majority of Maguire's money on one player. As an Italian former Leicester manager once said, "Slowly, slowly."
  9. It only makes sense in Olympics, unless they want to award two bronze medals (like they do in Judo and Table Tennis I think).
  10. Let's look at it this way, as a STH, I have paid for my ticket, 19 home games. If I am a member/or just a general sale buyer and I want to buy a ticket to every game, I'll be paying an extra £19 on top of the ticket prices. So how is this fair, if I as a STH don't pay that extra portion but members who want to go to every game as they can't get a ST have to pay a fee on top of ticket prices? As many have said on here, if the club really need the money, why not get it elsewhere? Stop producing clappers that add nothing except for those 15 people in the ground who collect them. If the admin fee was per order then you can sort of make sense of it, but to do it per ticket is ridiculous, it's the same effort. It's like adding a £1 admin fee in the shop for every item you buy, not per complete order. Just makes little sense and is harsh on those people who spend £100s and even £1000s every season.
  11. U21s join back up today I believe. So doubt they'll see any action tomorrow.
  12. Essentially becomes a T20 match for India and they regularly approach a score of 200.
  13. Cricket has some pathetic rules, ridiculous sport. The weather and other factors of luck should not be influencing games this much, especially at a World Championship/Cup level.
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