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  1. It's great knowing that we have 3 players of about the same quality at full back, and that 2 of them are as good LB as RB. Very lucky but now hard to find the perfect combination.
  2. That was the first Leicester scarf I got. Must have been 1998 when I moved over here. Still going strong.
  3. It was his hip for weeks now it's his groin that's the issue. Well which one Brendan? Either way, if it is the surgery I think it is, he could be back in 2 weeks. However, by them saying a few weeks rather than a couple means it must be longer. So maybe back in time for the first leg of EL with a shorter appearance off the bench against Liverpool.
  4. I feel like because we had so many injuries at the start (and coped really well) that those players coming back now are yet to peak. Maddison is really hitting form now, Ricardo/Soyuncu are yet to get going. So if someone like Justin/Evans/Fofana get tired/injured, we have a fresh replacement waiting. Midfield we have cover and Ndidi is only just getting going again but Tielemans is my only concern. He is irreplaceable especially now Praet is also out. Another problem is with Vardy, he needs to be managed so we need someone to step up for him. If
  5. He needs to get some praise for coming on and pressing. At one point in stoppage time Southampton had the ball near halfway and his press resulted in them having to go back to keeper and hastily getting rid of the ball. He does stray offside a lot though. He tries to play on the line but doesn't really move with the defenders when they push up.
  6. Villa actually have to win all 3 catch up games now to level points. So not too much to worry. However, if we lost to both Chelsea and Everton next 2 games we could easily find ourselves down in 7th. It might be looking good right now but it's so tight that it can go either way. On the contrary, if we win the next game or two and results go our way, we are top. Just glad we are in the mix in three competitions. A spot in Europe with two good cup runs would be incredible. I expected us to finish around 8th to 10th before the season started. Must say we have done better t
  7. With the choice of 'No FA Cup' or 'FA Cup in these circumstances' every time. Of course it's not the same and there is no real celebrate later but the cup is missing in our collection. Then when things are more normal we can go amd win it again!
  8. Southampton had a penalty cancelled out for offside too. VAR were busy that day.
  9. 4th Round Chorley Home 5th Round winner of Blackpool/Plymouth
  10. Home game against a very good side. Tough one, could go either way but I think we will play into their cards. We'll struggle to break them down. Leicester 1-2 Southampton
  11. Isn't the red button basically the iPlayer now? Sure it takes you there. Don't think I have used the red button in about 10 years!
  12. Exactly. Covid is here to stay and will continue to disrupt. What happens to these games if a 2 week break was announced. It'd be 3/4 games a week by April. With the EUROs there is no extendable season. All that would happen is teams break for 2 weeks and then cancellations keep happening anyway. Just gotta do what they can. Players need to follow the rules more religiously like the public (in principle). Vaccines were mentioned somewhere else. These are not for professional footballers, they are for vulnerable people.
  13. Yes it's called the British winter!
  14. Absolutely, especially that extremely tight angle finish, not the first time. Man City hattrick goal 4 years ago was very similar and there have been others. He knows where the goal is for sure.
  15. Man U know how to turn 0 points into 1 and 1 point into 3. Even when not playing well. Unfortunately, that is not something we are capable of and hence why we cannot close the gap to the top teams in the league. You could say Man U are lucky at times but not every time. Pretty sure without Fernandes they would be lost though. Everything goes through him.
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