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  1. And they do 99.9% of the time, but they cannot do everything themselves. VAR is there to help in those tricky situations. It is there to help the game become fairer and has already been doing that everywhere it is used. It absolutely needs to be fine tuned and sped up, but I think that will come with time. There have been many rule changes over the years and some have taken time to bed in.
  2. The only way anyone saves that is if they are hit by it. No one would have been able to move and react to it. By the time the keeper saw it, it had already hit the back of the net.
  3. Or we give them our full share (or a larger share) anyway, as they need it more than we do.
  4. For a cup match against a PL team, £25 is very reasonable. I don't get why cup games have to be cheaper. They're paying up to £30 to watch a game in the Championship, so £25 to watch the former Champions of England of the PL is not too bad. It's a small (ish) club who still need the gate receipt money. On the other hand, if this was Leicester vs Luton, I would expect tickets to be cheap so that the King Power could be decently full. Luton should be selling this game out no questions asked. If they don't, then good for us.
  5. Managed to get mine this morning in the nick of time, on at 8 and using best available selection. This was always going to be a very popular fixture. Shame we didn't get more tickets as I don't think the home end is very full yet. We could have easily taken 4-5,000.
  6. Yh, it's a bit of a mystery in how the club handle tickets, where they go, which ones make it online etc etc
  7. And obviously, one day, they may decide to change it.
  8. Points started in 14/15 (when we returned to the PL). 50 points per season where you had a season ticket, and one point for every away game. So 50 points for a season ticket in 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 gets you 300 points without even attending an away game.
  9. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! Although, phone/in store sales not started yet (well, 9/10 normally). Also, 394 were available yesterday morning, by the evening it was just over 400? Maybe they hold back a number for in store/phone sales every day?
  10. Yes, happens quite regularly, especially closer to the game. Returns from staff, players, maybe away scheme, who knows what the club do.
  11. Yes, looks like 360+ will be the limit. Should be a fair few people in that bracket.
  12. Obviously only 2 contenders here. For me, Vardy's finish was superb, great technique but helped by poor goalkeeping and he had a bit of time to think about it. The Barnes one, that was unstoppable and the way he picked that out of the air was incredible. He gets it for me on the basis that it was harder to score from that chance than Vardy's.
  13. I think they sometimes hold back sections for ticket office sales too, but I could be wrong.
  14. When we were drawn Wolves last year it seemed like a nice local game but it still took me 2 hours to get there. I think going to Luton will actually be quicker than Wolves. It's about as local a game as we are used to recently, I mean I have been treating Watford as a local game the last couple of years!
  15. Well the club have only gone as low as 315+ and from 320+ they break into 5 points difference. They must expect this to not make it that far. I would think maybe 320+ if not 340+. Certainly will not survive the weekend (14th/15th).
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