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  1. I never knew of this rule. I always thought that once you get 5, that's a ban. Didn't know it only counted for a ratio of games played.
  2. Exactly this, nailed on. Every time I have watched it he's saying the ref got it spot on, or VAR got it spot on for reversing a decision. He adds nothing to BT's coverage.
  3. The article just simply makes the point of what needs to happen for us to be guaranteed Champions League. I would also rather have a few teams that can hypothetically still catch us who are 6th/7th but instead be back in 3rd above Chelsea. I am not confident that we can stay in Top 4. Having said that, 5th would still be a massive achievement. Would just be a shame after the first half of the season we had. As I said before, just gotta take it match by match. Sheff Utd vs Chelsea, then us vs Bournemouth, then Man City decision, then Man U play Southampton. The race for 3rd/4th/5th is wide open, and even the other European places below are so tight. A very interesting end to the season bar the title race.
  4. If we want to finish Top 4, and forget Man City's ban for now, then we need minimum 7 points from the next 3 games. And even then, we might still need a result on the final day against Man U.
  5. It will be disappointing not to finish Top 4, even if Man City are banned. We can't afford any more slip ups otherwise we drop to 5th. Let's go to Bournemouth and get the 3 points. Then we reassess. Game by game.
  6. It's Mustafi (in front of Vardy) who is the deepest Arsenal player. It's a good job his leg was so wide otherwise Vardy would have been off. When I first saw it I thought they would overrule it. It was mega tight and I think they didn't seem to forensically examine it. Perez was clearly onside but what they were checking is if he touched the ball which would have meant Vardy was in a clearer offside position (new game situation and therefore new assessment of players being on/offside).
  7. Referees or linesman should not be reliant on VAR. They make their own decisions on the pitch and if VAR thinks it's a clear error, they will overrule. Yesterday was one of those, if it isn't given, I don't think VAR would overrule the goal and give a foul. But as it was flagged, VAR was never going to overrule unless it was a blatant dive and zero contact.
  8. The point is, I am not including Wolves because I think we have enough to hold them off and they will not catch up the gap... Chelsea and Man U won't go away, they are much too close to us and I doubt we will go on a 3/4 game winning run now.
  9. I was looking at the relegation battle earlier and the remaining fixtures. Norwich - a couple of big games against rivals but too much to do. DOWN (with 3 games to go) Bournemouth - not many favourable fixtures and a poor run in form. DOWN (with 2 games to go) Villa - Tough fixtures and doomed. DOWN (with 1 game to go) Watford - some big games starting tonight, more than capable of picking up a win or two. STAYING UP (with 1 game to go) West Ham - many simple fixtures and against rivals, will win a couple, decent side. STAYING UP (with 2 games to go) Brighton and anyone above are not worth mentioning.
  10. I still think it is between us, Chelsea and Man U to battle for 3rd/4th/5th. And I don't think anything will be decided until the last match. Even then, it might be a dead rubber if Man City's ban is confirmed. Only prize money to play for then (and pride of course!).
  11. That wasn't an equaliser, that was a potential 2-0 and game over for us. It got chalked off and we ended up turning the game and getting 3 points. We haven't been favoured by VAR and the majority has been about not having penalties given to us that were stonewall. On the other hand, we have benefitted from a fair few decisions. Without VAR, we would probably be about in the same boat.
  12. Realistically, 2 wins guarantees us 5th spot. Or 1 win and 3 draws (6 points basically). Getting 3rd/4th is a lot more complex and relying on Chelsea/Man U to drop enough points unless we win 4 matches (or beat Man U directly, in which case 3 wins are enough).
  13. I think come last game, Man U will have had one slip up (Villa away) but won every other game. We will be behind them but can go above by beating them. Chelsea are going to be tricky to predict. They could have stayed on our heels, they could have dropped off us. We will win 2, draw 1 and lose 1 in the next 4. Wolves will be out of sight. Last day bonanza incoming.
  14. The biggest shock would be Bournemouth winning, they are awful and doomed. No chance, Man U by at least 2 or 3 goals. We need to win today, I think we will scrape a 2-1 win. Chelsea will bounce back against an average/poor Watford side. Again 2 goal winning margin if not 3.
  15. The thing is, I can see us somehow manage to keep Chelsea at bay but United and Wolves will be a struggle unless we get a run of 2 or 3 wins. But completely agree, no way will we drop below 6th. As a few have said, I think 5th will be us.
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