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  1. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    The problem isn't just single match tickets though, it's getting season tickets. If we expanded we could sell another 5-6,000 season tickets and I think the demand would be there for them. Last season there was something like 300 season tickets that went to a ballot with a potential of 6,000 applying, and that was only the top tier members. So before match tickets are even sold on a game by game basis we would have 30,000 (assuming everyone turns up who has a ST). Then as you say, it would also be easier to get tickets together rather than single seats once tickets to go on sale to Members/general sale. I think if we upgraded we would regularly get 35-36,000 even for average games. Big games would sell out most weeks.
  2. Man City - League Cup

    Where I sit there is no chanting, just moaning. I need to move next season...
  3. Man City - League Cup

    5 chants? You're lucky!
  4. West Ham Away

    There's a shopping centre next to Stratford station with loads of food and drink places, depends what you like. Otherwise it would have to be a few stops away as there is nothing else around the ground.
  5. Southampton away - Weds 13 December 7.45pm

    On general sale today
  6. West Ham Away

    Not many left now, heading for a sell out
  7. West Ham Away

    Depends on the selling club (West Ham in this case). There will be tickets left but whether they open a sales counter on the night is the question. LCFC will stop sales about 14:00 the day before the match probably.
  8. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    Sounds like you'll be OK holding out for general sale. Doubt there'll be much more than 2,000 at this game
  9. West Ham Away

    There's loads left....
  10. West Ham Away

    There are still at least 3-400 to go on sale, the way LCFC have opened up the top tier blocks has been very random and confusing to follow. Still, 2,500 sold so far (roughly) which is not bad.
  11. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    Can't see this sell out, pre-Christmas, TV game, long drive.
  12. West Ham Away

    130 left on sale but there are several hundred still to be put on sale (back half of Block 219 and 220).
  13. West Ham Away

    Plus the 300 odd tickets at the top of the block that is currently on sale (not been made available yet). Probably around 5-600 left to sell still.
  14. West Ham Away

    Still a few left and odd ones keep reappearing too.