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  1. As most posts state above, you cannot just transfer a season ticket to a different person which makes sense, otherwise Season Tickets become a closed shop (like Liverpool where season tickets still exist for people who have passed away and it is kept in the family). I understand you are paying for both. Just keep the tickets as they are and give your dad's season ticket to your wife, does the job (only the name would not match but no one at the club cares so as long as you and your wife don't mind). Alternatively, and I am not sure this is possible, you could keep the season ticket against your dad's account and just change all of the details on his account to be your wife's (name, address, email etc). Nothing to stop you as far as I am aware, sure people change names (e.g. get married) so it must be reflected somehow.
  2. I don't think that is something we can find out. Wait and see until the club make an official announcement I guess. Even if you asked someone at the ticket office, you would not get a definitive answer.
  3. Was the Bournemouth game always a 15:00 kick-off? I was convinced it was 14:00 until today
  4. No Gold/Silver/City Fox segregation. Just one level of membership
  5. We will still sell all 23,500 season tickets by Silver at the latest. And every game will still be sold out
  6. This is what the majority of people wanted so the club have listened to the fans and acted. As has been said many times before, can't please everyone.
  7. As a last resort I would call the club in the morning. You never know there may be returns etc
  8. Without the CL, we would not be discussing relegation. We were lucky to experience CL football and we will stay up. We have 3 home games left, of which two are Watford and Bournemouth at home. I expect 6 points at home and 1-3 points away. We will be safe and can start to build for next season where a mid-table finish would be good.
  9. I think this will make all members, the last two blocks on sale are huge.
  10. At a guess, I would say they will announce ST details after the West Brom game (not immediately but around that weekend or week after). Then the first DD payment will be end of May. However, that is pure guessing. Either way, can't be long. I think they are waiting for us to be safe (or more or less there).
  11. I never go near the stadium at any London grounds. For this one I park at Cockfosters and get a tube in, 20 minutes.
  12. Availability this morning is very good. I managed to get a ticket easily for a Silver member.
  13. 2 seasons ago, which means the end of our first season back in the Prem (start of 2015/16 season). Obviously there was only 16/17,000 STH before we went back up to the Prem where it was then capped at 23,000.
  14. OK just checked, there are 4,000 Gold Members. Two seasons ago, 3,000 STH did not renew. I would expect at least 1,000 to not renew this year (now things are back to "normal"). So I think on that basis (all guess work) they will just have a sale to Gold members, not ballot. We will find out in about a month.