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  1. All you need is one successful ballot
  2. That would be too simple, think they changed it last year (although it was a one-off successful season). It really depends how the brackets fill out. You would imagine they would split something like this: P1 = Top 800? (at whatever the cut-off is, say 250+ for the sake of an example) P2 = 800-1,300 P3 = 1,300-1,700 P4 = 1,700 - 2,000 P5 = 2,000 - 2,300 etc etc I would think that anyone with 230+ would be in with a chance of most games (bar maybe Bournemouth).
  3. I think back in the Championship days there were different memberships. More expensive ones had like 4 games included for £99 or something (don't remember exact pricing). Maybe they should have sold 15,000 memberships (or however many) that for a price of £80 guarantee you two home tickets (the £80 is the entry fee for the two games). You can then specify all the games you can attend and if demand does not outstrip availability, you are allocated top two choices. Where matches are oversubscribed (Man U etc) then there is a ballot and you may end up with choice 4 and 5 for example. Or a membership for £120 that guarantee two category A games and an £80 membership that gurantees two Category B games if you want to split. Hope I make some sense here, I know what I mean...
  4. Snap. I don't understand how they announce things but don't have details. They should have everything ironed out in May/June
  5. Agreed but at least they can't buy up every ticket as half go into a ballot. However, I think most games will be easy to get a ticket for. Say Burnley at home in December, 90% of people in the ballot can get tickets (at a guess). Also, with the ST resale platform, that should eliminate around a 1,000 empty seats or so at some of the games and therefore giving 1,000 more tickets to members/general sale (however they sell those).
  6. Surely by now operating a ballot, they have removed an element of P1/P2 buying all the tickets up? Surely that is fairer than before based on that
  7. I used it for Chelsea cup game last season. Was similar pricing, worth £5 extra but wouldn't pay £65 on a normal matchday. Padded seats, matchday programme (not sure about this friendly), private bar (with proper glasses) and I think tea/coffee at HT.
  8. A good example is Holger Badstuber. Released by Bayern after a year loan at Schalke. He has picked up a lot of injuries but when fit is one of the best defenders around. Very solid and lots of experience. He wouldn't have cost a lot and has said he wants to start a new career in a foreign league.
  9. It will not sell out so tickets will be easily accessible via a general sale.
  10. There's a Family Stand
  11. Last season you could have got tickets for most of the home games even if you were a City Fox member. That means that come the start of the season, if you had a membership last year, you will have priority over any newcomers this season. Therefore it should be fairly comfortable to get tickets for at least half the games. If you didn't attend any games last season, for whatever reason (and it may be a good one) then you will likely miss out on a fair few games. However, no doubt there will be opportunities to go watch some home games and build up your points tally. At the end of the day this is the fairest way for the majority of fans. Of course, if it doesn't apply to someone and gives them a disadvantage, that automatically makes the scheme unfair! The club have actually put some thought and effort into this and listened to the fans. If you didn't give any input into those sessions then it really is your own fault for not making your voice heard. Bottom line, I am sure if you have a membership this season (2017/18) then you will get to see a fair amount of games. Fair enough if you are only bothered about Man U, Chelsea and the likes then you may be in for a tough one. If you just want to go to any game then I am sure opportunities will arise. Demand is currently outstripping supply and the club are tied down by that. Ground expansion sounds like the simple answer and I am sure that is mentioned regularly but it is not an easy business decision and equally hard to approve and get done.
  12. And a Mahrez missed penalty in 90+2. I would also say a Mahrez OG but he never gets close enough to his own box for that
  13. Home game. I am going for Tottenham.
  14. Probably difficult giving that Bochum will have a league game that weekend. Their season starts end of July. So the only friendly dates for them would be when Leicester are in Far East
  15. I know what you are saying but it can't be based on the travel you make. Otherwise, people who live in Oz or Canada (sure i've seen some on here) would get tickets to every game they can attend. SO if they turn up for Man United and Chelsea at home then they get tickets over those who have been all 17 other games. As said, can't please everyone but basing it on games attended in a season is the fairest, no matter where you live. If you attend 8-10 games then it's probably still more than even a lot of "locals".