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  1. Well then this is what happens each and every season we run out of steam , that’s why the top 6 will always be the top six
  2. We seem to struggle against sides that sit deep we don’t have the technical players to break them down , we seem to play better against sides we can counter attack against, sides that attack us
  3. I think this all comes back to the club not getting another playmaker in , YOURI has been burned out he had another very flat game again, but u just can’t keep playing him every week and expect 100% , is it Rodgers fault or the owners who knows but it is now two years in a row , maybe time for Rodgers to move on .
  4. This has been coming for weeks , this playing back and across the park just puts us under so much pressure. Also these players are pros but they can’t pass the ball 20 metres to a team mate , Rodgers has got it all wrong again at the pointy end of the season, we will miss the top four again .
  5. Bottom line he offers nothing in attack , as all he is doing is playing back , we need to be putting pressure on teams not letting reset , by playing back so much .
  6. Pathetic tonight , we were so slow to pass the ball around , also why the hell did we not try to take there fullbacks on , and try to open there defence up , very very poor tonight .
  7. I think we must win the next to games and take 3 points from the last 3 games, and I think that will get us home
  8. We looked so much better once Thomas went off , his failure to go forward and the way he always plays back really hurts us he is better than that .
  9. I can not believe that some on here want to drop EVANS from the starting 11 , he has been outstanding , the back 3 have been great , a good side is always built on a strong defense
  10. I think he is like so many others that we signed , who were never given a run of games to prove themselves, yes he needs to work on the defensive side of his game , but what we have seen he can be a very dangerous player and has a rocket in that left foot
  11. Thought he fell into the trap of going back to much , he is much better when he pushes forward , but he is a great talent
  12. He’s our gem , but i was disappointed that The manager didn’t give him and wilf a early mark today , we had the game rapped up , with the next game on Monday it would have been better to take them of at the 60 min mark and give some of the other players a hit out , u just don’t know when u will need others to step up.
  13. At least Thomas goes forward and just not backwards all the time , the kid is going to be a very good player .
  14. He’s the coach , manager he needs to send out a message if he’s not happy , I never seen that happen , but they came out a different team in the second half , THE BUCK STOPS with him
  15. If Rodgers keeps playing the way we played in the 1st half we will miss Europe all together , this playing back and not going forward is just shit , we came out 2nd half and went forward and nearly got a result
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