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  1. Wouldn't take him here on a free transfer and no wages. Cancer to the dressing room.
  2. This actually raises a point in my head about FFP.... Surely this year should be wrote off as I dont think anyone will be posting a profit... would be slightly unfair to include this seasons figures.
  3. I'm not sure if it has been covered but what happens to the TV money if the season cant be completed? SKY and BT Sport pay for a certain number of games, if they are not provided with those games then the PL are in breach of contract. Surely they wouldnt need to pay for this season.....
  4. I dread to think of the damage this is going to do further down the leagues... ALOT of clubs rely on gate receipts week to week. With no TV money to fall back on, some clubs could be in serious financial trouble.
  5. What's easy about either of those? If the season is void then the league breaches contracts with TV companies worth billions of pounds. Teams get screwed out of promotion and harshly relegated costing them hundreds of millions of pounds. If its pushed back..... whennis it pushed back to? It cant be rescheduled as we dont know what's going to happen with this virus. It will mean rescheduling the start of their season, it will interfere with players contracts..... Nothing about it is simple.
  6. But being overly cautious is still better than doing nothing other than washing our hands and singing happy birthday....
  7. And what makes our nations top scientists any better than many other nations top scientists who have a different view?
  8. Same with the Old firm game. Apparently it's ok for 60,000 people to cram into a football stadium on Sunday but as of monday, no gatherings of over 500 people.
  9. The vast majority of folk who have had it experience mild symptoms and recover within two weeks. However, if everyone was to get it at the same time, it would not only reek havoc amongst our countries infrastructure but cripple the NHS and increase the chances of people who ARE a high risk priority to not get the medical attention they would need. Self isolation is not about stopping it but slowing the spread. Most of us will get it and most of us will be fine but if we all soldier on like you so naively suggest then we all get it at the same time and the fatality rate goes through the roof. The worring thing about your statement isn't your ignorance or lack of empathy but the simple fact that you seem to think you are speaking common sense.
  10. Most of us will get it, the government know this. What's important is that A, we dont all get it at the same time and B, we protect our vulnerable as they are more at risk for this being fatal.
  11. That's EXACYLY what they are doing. NOTHING will happen until its confirmed someone has it.
  12. You are probably right but I honestly can not wrap my head around how they are going to do this without totally screwing some teams over....
  13. Well it's either that or get all the managers together in an over the top rope royal rumble to determine the final league table.
  14. If the season was scrapped then I vote a 5 a side tournament involving all clubs playing their remaining games on the same day. Half hour games and be done with it.
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