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  1. I saw that. Lucky not to be charged!
  2. He's a wonderkid on FM20 if that's anything to go by (it isn't).
  3. Foxy_Bear

    Luka Jovic

    Did he comment on him though? Something seems off about that article. Surely if they were quoting Rodgers they would put his words in quotation?
  4. Foxy_Bear

    Luka Jovic

    Or if we plan on playing 2 up top....
  5. Foxy_Bear

    Luka Jovic

    Fuch it, let's just go wild.... Jovic Bailey Demiral Lallana Dialo £120m and hope for the best!
  6. Foxy_Bear

    Luka Jovic

    His Mrs is unbelievable! Gerrimin!!!
  7. I dont know, Soyuncu has the pace too.... you could be onto something! I'm of to the bookies to whack a hundo on him for next years top goalscorer.
  8. I'm just wondering what your definition of "cheapish" is because I dont see him going for less than £30m.
  9. Kasper has been outstanding since the restart.
  10. Decent in the second half but we really missed Maddison. That wee bit of guile and intelligence in the final third.
  11. I completely agree injustice have a feeling he will, he seems fond of ot every now and again.
  12. Guys..... We ALL know that we are starting this game with two DM's. My guess would be Ndidi and Choudhury so we may as well bitch about it now and get it out our systems.
  13. Really? I knew they were offered but didn't know they signed. Thanks.
  14. I'd take both Ollie Watkins and Antonee Robinson as have been mentioned previously. Both should be relatively cheap and both improve the squad massively albeit NOT the starting 11. Like I've said before, the only position of the match day 11 that we need to improve is RW so the cheaper we fill those squad positions, the more money we will have to get the right man in that area. IN... Robinson (£3-5m) Malang Sarr (free) Lallana (free) Fraser (free) Watkins (£10m) A top quality RW. (£30m) OUT.... (if possible) Fuchs (free) Morgan (free) Amartey (£3-5m) Silva (£3-5m) Ghezzal (£2m) Diabate (£1m) Gray (£7-10m) Slimani (Take him a drive and leave home In wilderness and pray to fuch he doesn't find his way home) Admittedly the prices are just guess work but if I'm anywhere in the ballpark then that's a net spend of around £30m and a much stronger squad and team.
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