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  1. My Mrs' best friend is a really close personal friend of the Weirs.
  2. Is it Thistle or Ayr you follow as I have a slight connection to both?
  3. I COULD see the old firm in this scenario as there is a president set by the likes of Cardiff and Swansea but I think it dilutes the integrity of it. No chance of anyone outside of the UK though.
  4. There should be no half measures. None of this, a team here and a team in a European league, they want to get, go. The TV money would be less but we would be left with a really competitive league that pretty much anyone could win and the quality would still ne quiet high. If we did go that route, my only concern would be that I could see the old firm being invited in.
  5. I would allow them to do it on the condition that they make up the difference in any lost TV money. So if we end up getting a deal with sky that's 100m or so less, they pay that to the other clubs.
  6. Rangers fans are just as bad. The old firm are rotten to the core.
  7. Absolutely appreciate that we have different views on it. Like I said, I just think it's relevant given that nothing has changed. We cant play the same formation and style under the same manager with pretty much the same squad and expect massively different results.
  8. Solid counter argument. You should be a lawyer.
  9. Yeah, you are right. We wont drastically change our squad, we wont change the way we play, we wont change our tactics and everything will get better. Makes perfect sense.
  10. That's were our opinion differs, you seem to think last seasons form doesn't matter and if we had went out and signed 5/6 players and started playing a completely different style, I would agree but as it is..... We have the same squad give or take than the one who bottles CL places and we play in the EXACT same way we have since xmas day but yeah, your right..... Its not relevant at all.
  11. Ok, add Villa, west ham and Newcastle to that list and you've named every premier league team we've beaten in the last 25 games....
  12. They are but absolutely NOTHING has changed this season from the end of last so the run of dreadful form seems relevant.
  13. But our run of vmbad form pre dates our injury crisis. We've been poor for the last 25 games. The injuries are an excuse.
  14. We could have maldini, Zidane and Messi but if you cant get the team playing in a way that suits them it makes no differance. We have better players now but we are no where near the better team.
  15. No doubt about that put play them against our title winning team and they wouldnt stand a chance. You have to question why that is ..
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