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  1. Hahahaha. Behave. You weren't good enough on the night to beat Scotland at Wembley. That's the stone cold fact. If you want to bury your head in the sand by telling yourself that getting the point was the gameplan then fine but trying to convince others of that is absolutely pathetic.
  2. I don't agree with this highlighted part at all. We were the better team and were more deserving of the 3 points but thinking back on the game, I just can't see anything more that we could have done to win. Our midfield were excellent and we couldn't have asked more of them. Our defence worked tirelessly and we were much better there with Tierney and Mctominay making up part of the 3. Our wingbacks were never going to have great games going forward due to England's strength being on the wings. Strikers are our weakest position. If we had a top quality strik
  3. He was apparently trying to make Scotland win tonight.
  4. Alot of folk asking why we Scotland fans are so happy with the draw... We went to our biggest rivals home turf and matched a side who are 40 ranks above us. If you had have said to me before the tournament that we would be in with a chance of qualifying as we K/O the last game, I would have torn your arm off. We know were we are as a footballing nation and to be in the position we are despite not scoring a single goal isn't going to be sniffed at. Will we beat Croatia? Probably not but can we? Absolutely. They've been average at best this tournament and I
  5. Lineup from Scotland tonight. Marshall Mctominay Hanley Tierney O'Donnell Robertson Mcgregor Gilmour Mcginn Adams Dykes
  6. I don't doubt it, not for a second... ...What other reason would there be not to have saw that poor, sober pedestrian?!
  7. This is the best apart about a Scotland game. Hours before kick off when there is still excitement and reality kicks in.
  8. I would imagine (and this is just speculation) that the hold up will be the sell on fee. Celtic usually do good business. They took a chance with putting this 30% sell on fee, hoping they would get a massive fee but contractual issues have prevented that so they won't make too much in this deal. I would imagine that they will try and make more down the road by insisting on a similar fee on future sales and we are not keen.
  9. I think I would be excited. I think it's fair to day that we all have reservations on 532/3412. No doubting it's gotten us some good results but it can be fairly dire to watch but signings like Soumare, Daka, Eddy, Bertrand and a left footed CB would showa real intent to making the system work by putting the right players in key positions. The only confusion for me would be where Barnes fits into that... Or possibly, a 433... Maddison may drop deeper into the #8 role and rotate with Soumare depending on opposition with Barnes playing on the left of a narr
  10. I'm happy with that. Decent start and decent finish. Gets a little sticky in December but if we can start and finish strong, we will be there or there abouts...
  11. Let's get this right, there is most CERTAINLY a disparity in how much more we want you to fail than you do us when it comes to sport. There is no denying that in any way shape or form. I myself have spent the last 23 years worth of tournaments picking a team in England's group section to support but like you say, that's purely down to the gulf in levels both teams are at. I would liken it to Forrest or Derby fans probably taking more enjoyment from us getting beat than we do from their failures. However, I do want to stress that football is where this disparity ends. I wouldn't sa
  12. Absolute nonsense. You do realise that there is a massive English following within one of Scotlands biggest football teams, right? I would say at LEAST half of Rangers' fan base follow England over Scotland.... I'm not saying you won't get the odd comment but let's not forget, I'm scottish and I've spent enough time in England to know that your claim about no one taking any notice is utter bollocks. My accent alone has been enough to get me some abuse in England.
  13. Mate, you have to understand. We are not ashamed of that stereotypical, clichéd look of full tartan dress with the hat and face paint. We like it. At the end of the day, it's a far cry from the drunken, beer bellied lout throwing chairs around a fan zone in front of terrified locals stereotype that certain nations have.
  14. You're FAR to reasonable. I'm starting to have serious doubts as to wether or not you are actually English.....
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