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  1. Just out of curiosity, who in your opinion what players currently in the EPL are top 6 level wingers?
  2. Never heard of him until today, watched a YT vid and he is now bang top of my wishlist. He looks unreal.
  3. At absolute maximum we will sign a winger and CB. One will prob be on loan. So, I mean there is plenty of time and no guarantees that we are not close already and it's just been kept quiet. Admittedly, its probably wishful thinking on my part but that's what I hope is happening.
  4. Looks like a week off from this site for me. Poor performance and bad result but some of you are acting like Craig Levein has just rolled up with Mo Sylla in the front seat, De Vries and Rab Douglas in the back with Sol Bamba in the boot.
  5. Some really poor performances tonight. Chilwell was poor. Perez was non existent. Maddison was frustrated. Tielemans was dreadful. All credit to villa though, they defended brilliantly and got what they came for, the tie is still alive.
  6. I'd take the chance on french Eddy. Morelos can get to Fuch. Hes a man-child.
  7. Just to note, Juve fans don't like Emre Can either and I'd take him in a heartbeat.
  8. I would be surprised if we weren't interested. Proven at this level and will be relatively cheap. The only issue I see with it is his preferred side is the left, were we play Barnes so one of them would have to play on the right but I'd be all over it.
  9. My first thought was Chilwell on the wing but a back 3 makes sense too. Either way, it's a good line up. I'm pretty sure Newcastle play a back 3 so 2 strikers is the only real option but I 5hink this is good for Ian. His confidence is coming back and i think he will respond well to a run in the team.
  10. My first thought was Chilwell on the wing but a back 3 makes sense too. Either way, it's a good line up.
  11. Oh, 100%. You don't pass up on a players like this because you're not looking. Can't argue with that.
  12. I agree that we need a squad CB of good quality but I don't think its priority. RW needs sorted. Perez isn't effective there and Gray is unreliable. Absolute number one issue for me.
  13. We did but are you gonna sit there and say you were comfortable the last 5 minutes?
  14. Fair play. I didn't give us much of a chance when I saw the team sheet but we got away with it and managed to rest some players too. It worked out but was a huge call from BR.
  15. You're actually gonna question the loyalty of fans who sh@t it when we put out one of the worst teams we have available to us when we only JUST managed to get away with it against a team near the foot of the table who rested 7 players themselves? Get a grip.
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