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  1. To be fair, that is accurate. He is rotated with Defoe but I reckon he would definitely be considered their main striker.
  2. I see the same old (questionable) rumours have started about Alfredo Morelos again. I must say, my opinion has changed about him since the summer. Last year, he was undisciplined and had a questionable attitude but he really seems to have screwed the nut this season. I've saw games were he has been kicked up and down the pitch but he's just getting on with it were last year he would have kicked out. I've saw players taunt him, last year he would have taken the bait but he's just walking away. Add all this to his young age and undoubted natural goalscoring ability and I really do think he could be worth the 20m gamble. The only reservation I have is how he would react to playing second fiddle to Vardy....
  3. Definitely would be putting my name in there if that's the case, or possibly even inquiring about Shaqiri if that's the case and he does go there.
  4. Nacho from Madrid Bowen from Hull Fraser from Bournmouth ....All out of contract in the summer so you would think they would all be available for relatively cheap.
  5. Ake is better than 2 of our 4 defenders, soon to be 3 as Evan's will start to decline with age. Fraser was one of the highest creative players for assists in all 5 top european leagues and is out of contract in the summer so will be relatively cheap in january. Gray has always shown flashes of potential but he's never been able to produce it consistently. Even in the last few games were he's had a hand in goals he has still proven he has no football intelligence whatsoever up until the point hes created something. The funny thing about gray is hes always managed to do enough to make people out with the club think hes one of our better players so we could still demand a decent fee and replace him with Fraser who is not much older, far more consistent and appears to have a better work rate/ attitude.
  6. Offer Bournmouth £55m for Ake and Fraser. Throw Gray in and a year long loan of Benkovic.
  7. Rather nervous about this game. Ofcourse, we've looked good this year but so have Palace. Very well drilled and good on the counter, you can never discount that bam Zaha from a dive either. Hopefully I'm wrong but I see a draw here.
  8. Is the semi's a draw as well or are we now in brackets?
  9. My team would be.... Kasper Justin Benkovic Soyuncu Chilwell Praet Choudhury Maddison Albrighton Perez Barnes
  10. It's definitely the one are that we could go and improve. I quite like Perez. I like how he holds the ball up and his link up play. I like his work rate but he's clearly not a winger. Certainly not one at the level we should be playing at. For me, he should he back up to Vardy. Yes, it's an expensive replacement but that's what I see him as. One thing that's worked out well for us is that our net spend is still pretty low for this season so if we are still in the top 4 come january and a top quality winger becomes available, there is no reason we shouldn't be all over it. I agree with others here though that Fraser should be a definite target. Relatively cheap given his contract and would 100% improve us. Him on the left and move Barnes only the right and I feel we could see out this season in the top 6 if not the top 4.
  11. Kasper Justin Evan's Soyuncu Chilly Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Ricardo Albighton Vardy Their full backs are a serious issue. They are the reason that their front three have so much space. Playing more defensive minded wingers would nullify that and also allow for a more creative midfield of Maddison AND Youri. Just a thought.
  12. Every single game this season has been the same. Starts Maddison wide, wonders why we are playing poorly, puts Maddison central and we play better..... Now, I know this is radical and a bit out there but.... What if.... We start Maddison central? Ya know.... in his actual position?
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