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  1. Foxy_Bear

    James Maddison

    Will Defo be announced before 6pm...... Possibly after 6pm..... Maybe even tomorrow but DEFINITELY this week. ITK.
  2. Foxy_Bear

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    You're right in terms of how FFP works but I don' see our wage bill being massively more than last year. Mahrez is on What? £100k a week? Huth on about £65k ish Hamer on about £30k? That's £195k free to begin with.... Evans is on around £65k I'm assuming Pereira will be on similar, Maddison and this Georgian lad I would prob guess will get around £50-55k..... So that's probably around a £50k increase on last year after Mahrez goes.... (of ourse these numbers are hearsay and guesswork but I doubt they are a million miles away) When you consider we're likely to get rid of at east some of Benny,King,Slimani, ulloa, James, Mendy, Morgan? Amartey?...... That's prob around £250k worth on wages ..... I reckon we are fine in that regard
  3. Foxy_Bear

    James Maddison

    I agree. Vardy/nacho leading the line. Albrighton/gray/Diabate fighting out for LW. Okazaki/maddison/Barnes in the 10 role For the RW,I think we need two. Roberts I think will be one and then someone a little more seasoned. I agree with the target man idea bit reckon it will be tricky getting someone who would come knowing they are a special teams player, in essence.
  4. Foxy_Bear

    James Maddison

    I don' see us playing two up top as we're not really being linked with strikers. If we planned on playing with two, we would need a striker or two....
  5. Foxy_Bear

    James Maddison

    If we get this and the CB, I would like two right wingers and that' it. Roberts being one and someone a bit more proven. I think Gray, Albrighton and Diabate all play better on the left, maddison, Barnes and Okazaki would have the no.10 covered and Nacho and vardy for the 9 role so for me..... two RW once Mahrez goes and we look really strong.
  6. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    Every chance she's there by merit as She's by far and away the beat pundit there..... I'd have her present the fucher when Lineker is having the day off.
  7. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    Tell you something, if take Hegazi. He's decent enough for 3rd choice. Nothing fancy, clears his line. A cheap option in ase something happens to Evans or Maguire. Have Wes and Hughes after him in line.
  8. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    Should be a good game just now. I fancy Uruguay to do well this year.
  9. Foxy_Bear

    Adrien Silva - Galatasaray

    Nah. That's another Turkish mob.
  10. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    I stopped watching about the 85th minute. Didn' even know they scored another two.
  11. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    That we dink over the two defenders for the second goal was the only bit of real quality.
  12. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    It' been poor in terms of quality.
  13. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    I don't bother with any of the guff in the general chat section. There is enough guff in the Leiceter forum/transfer talk to keep me entertained.
  14. Foxy_Bear

    World Cup watch list!

    Now it's the world cup, we can all let our inner football scout run wild. Thought I'd start a wee thread about players that catch our eye, current LCFC players and how they get on and just general nonsense chat, seeing as I've saw certain folk get annoyed that individual player threads gets hijacked with shenanigans. Anyway, obviously LCFC will have people looking for stand out performers this month, thought we would give it a go too.
  15. Foxy_Bear

    Jack Grealish

    SS reporting that Spuds have bid £15m for him.....