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  1. As a Scotsman, it's quite amusing to watch you all bitch and moan about this team selection. You guys have no idea how good you've got it. Lol.
  2. If a bid comes in for £65m, you could prob just toss a coin for it.... Either you've pulled of a cracking piece of business or we keep him and we've got one of the leagues better CB's. I would probably be inclined to take the cash, enhancing our chances of keeping Chilwell which I'd argue is the more important player for us considering the rest of the squad.
  3. There probably IS better options but let's say we do sign him on 90k a week. That's cover for 2 positions that we obviously need. LB which goes without saying and for Tielemans (who hopefully signs). That's the job of two players on 45k a week each.... Hes an international and proven at this level AND offers experience to a young team. You could argue its LESS risky than signing two separate players on half the wages and hoping they both hit the ground running. It's certainly not a bad option.
  4. 90k a week has on. We could match that. Would certainly get more game time for us over City and would be invaluable to have in the dressing room. It might not be up to him whether he moves or not. If pep tells him he's surplus (which isn't inconceivable) then there really isn't a choice.
  5. To be competing for 7th. Finishing 9th a couple of points off it? Acceptable but I would like to be a serious contender for that "best of the rest" spot and make it ours over the next couple of years and I don't think we are a million miles away from that to be honest. A decent cup run would be nice too.
  6. You think he's unrealistic or just not good enough?
  7. Ryan Fraser RW/LW Mitrovic ST Tielemans CM Delph CM/LB
  8. Don't they play Utd in the cup tonight?
  9. What a fuching win. We were battered for most of the game because of the numerical advantage but Rodgers changes kept us in it and the lads pushed for one last chance. Outstanding win. Ugly win but an outstanding one.
  10. Good. Hopefully we go for them good and early. If we already know who we want, there's no point in waiting around.
  11. He HAS played there, he's also played CB for Scotland but it's quite obvious he's neither a CB or a RB. It's more a case of us (Scotland) trying to shoe horn him and Robertson into the same team. (Apparently, playing Tierney at CB/RB is a more obvious choice than playing Robertson LM with Tierney behind him)
  12. He's a cracking player. Could easily be better than Robertson. 21 years old, Plenty of European experience, captained club and country and in comparison to Chilwell... Probably edges it. His end product is superior for sure. No point in having him AND Chilwell though so would pass as it is but if the opportunity came up to sell Chilly and replace him with KT for half the price, we would be mad not to.
  13. Honestly think we would be mad if we didn't try and get Ryan Fasier. The guys stats are unreal this year.
  14. Being Scottish I've obviously saw quite a bit of him. He's a really good player. Box to box. Has goals in him but will roll up his sleeves and put a shift in. Having said that, I'd only like to see him in a 3 man midfield. Him and Ndidi would maybe be too defensive and him and Tielemans maybe too attacking but him in alongside those two? Perfect balance.
  15. 9 players have more assists than Maddison this season. Of those 9, only 2 play outwith the top 6. 5 players have created more big chances this year, again only 2 play out with the top 6. He playes more key passes per game than Eden Hazard yet there are people here critisicing him for how quickly he goes to take corners and the fact that a young guy like him is a bit of a poser.... He's a young guy who has alot of room for improvement but he doesn't deserve anywhere near the stick he gets on here. (Also, having a look at the stats, we should DEFINATELY sign Ryan Frasier)
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