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  1. I'm just waiting to hear that Brendan Rodgers is actually Maddisons real dad and has left the club due to a disagreement about how they have handles it.
  2. They hadn't trained with the team all week.... You can't just through them into arguably our biggest game of the season.
  3. Why would you assume they met up in the sun outside the club? Club statement clearly says "a breach of covid restrictions". Meeting each other outside wouldn't be breaching any such rules so we KNOW it was something else. Where have you saw that they are tested every day? Everything I have saw has stated twice a week.... However, regardless of whether they were tested the next day or not is beside the point. Covid can take up to a week after exposure to produce a positive test, during which time you can still be contagious. Let's say those three were allow
  4. Aren't Slavia top of their league and HAVE given some PL teams a game.
  5. Maddison, Perez and Hamza were there for sure. There is talk about Morgan and Barnes but I'm not sure if that's true or not....
  6. To be fair, it might be different in England bit I doubt it as restrictions up here have been tighter throughout.
  7. I can assure you it's not true. I'm LITERALLY going over the outline of my upcoming wedding that the registrar sent us as we speak and am currently looking at the line "you may now kiss the bride".
  8. Let's get this right... Maddison, Perez and Choudhury are idiots and let the whole club down but they are not the reason we are losing right now. If you want to blame 3 players, blame Fofana, Evans and Amartey but the truth is that the blame is on the lot of them. They have been shockingly bad.
  9. I don't actually think I've ever saw a team that were so bad at set pieces.... It's bonkers.
  10. Thats one way to look at it.... Three grown men not able/willing to follow simple instructions/laws, is another.
  11. I could be wrong but I think that was because he was repeatedly late for match days...
  12. So what? Just let them mix with the squad despite putting themselves at increased risk? So let's say we play them and one of them tests positive in a couple of days? That's potentially the whole first team out for isolation....
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