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  1. I mean, his strength is one of his best attributes but I would hardly have Morelos down as a target man. Eddy is better in the air. I would say Eddie's hold up play is better too. He's not as strong but his passing and ball control is better superior. Morelos is more like Vardy in regards to aggression and work rate were Eduoard has the composure and coolness in front of goal. It's not even a debate between the two in my eyes and with French Eddy being more reliable in big games, younger and probably cheaper.... it's a no brainer.
  2. Mate.... I mean this with the utmost respect but if you are suggesting Morelos over Eduord then it's an absolute certainty that you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about in regards to Scottish football. You've also missed a fair few good SPFL exports although on purpose or not I'm not sure.
  3. I'm not entirely sure there is even this kind of agreement in the Ünder deal. It might very well be a straight up option to buy. I was just saying that I've saw more and more of these deals recently so that could explain why folk are speculating. I think each of these deals have their own parameters. It can be 15 games that trigger it, could be 25.... all depends on the two clubs and what they have agreed.
  4. To be in the CL year in year out is the ultimate goal for Celtic. They've let that slip recently but it should get easier now that Scotland have a second CL place. I think this one is more centred around the boards failures, rather than about Rodgers leaving. Its essentially saying, if the board properly replaced outgoing players with quality and invested in a training complex that the last few managers have wanted then they would be more likely to hold on to the likes of Rodgers. It's actually pretty mental to think that, if they had spent HALF of wha
  5. Would be interesting to see Frank Lampard get the Celtic job, setting up a Lampard Vs Gerrard for the SPFL title next year.
  6. That Mateta lad that Palace have just signed has a similar contract. There was someone else recently too...
  7. I think what has people wondering also is that these options to buy becoming obligations to buy after X appearance are quite popular in loan deals these days....
  8. I can actually see him doing well at palace. Him, that Mateta lad, Eze and Zaha.
  9. It's like asking me what nut I'd rather have chopped off!
  10. With Vardy out, he needs to start. Regardless of wether its Nacho or Perez up top, they are not going to score loads so sacrificing Albrightons organisation and graft for Ûnder, maling a 3 behind the striker of him Maddison and Barnes would compensate for that I feel.
  11. Right.... Where is the fella who was demanding 4 week fines for some of our players at half time?! Show yourself!
  12. Musa has a medical scheduled for WBA apparently.
  13. I've saw a fair amount of him and I like him. Quick, strong, calm in front of goal, good link up and good control of the ball (although he somehow looks clumsy). Can sometimes look lazy but I think it might be down to him being a bit savvy. He knows he doesn't have to sprint around the pitch for 90 minutes but rather pich his moments.
  14. As far as who the player would want to come to, I don't see WH being much competition but the problem we DO have with clubs like this being interested is it could push the price up. Last thing we want is a bidding war. Celtic's problems won't be solved by keeping hold of Eduoard. Their season is over and they know it. Only thing they can do is to try and get as much money as possible for him and if they can, that will be done this month as his valuation will likely be less in a few months time.
  15. I think it's just that he seems to have all the makings of a star. He's quick, 6'2, strong, not shy too shoot and seems very intelligent for a young player. Very willing and able to bring others into the game. He plays very much like a young Cavanni. Wether he fulfills his potential is really down to wether or not he has the mentality to make it which I really couldn't say but he certainly has all the physical attributes to be a top top striker. It's irrelevant though, he's not coming here. He would cost about £70m.
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