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  1. The more I think about this one, the more I'd like to see it happen. I can't really think of anyone who would be happy to play second fiddle to Vardy that could legitimately have an impact coming off the bench who is also affordable. He fits the bill to be honest. Saving transfer funds for Tielemans and that top RW we need would also be a bonus.
  2. If Utd are willing to pay £45m for Wan fuching Bassaka, a RB who can't go forward and has had one decent season then they can pay £80m for Maguire.
  3. In Paisley? It's more likely to be a hut made from empty Tennants lager cans, roofed with Domino's pizza boxes and insulated with heroin stained tinfoil! (Just joking Rumble)
  4. Theres definitely logic in that but I just cant see them earning less than 50k a week. Maybe Fuchs on 40 but wes in particular. He's our Captain. If I was him, I'd be pointing at guys like Nacho and saying "I'll take 50k or whatever he's on, thanks".
  5. I think Spurs could be tempted, if any. Simply because they saw what happened with Delle, first hand. No one thought he was ready when they signed him. Granted, it was for a fraction of the price that Maddison cost, significantly lowering the risk. It could still tempt them into going for it because they got lucky before.
  6. You could argue that given them another year indicates we're not so flush because the £100/£120k a week for the pair is far cheaper than going out and buying a better LB and CB.
  7. How do you know their name was Scott?
  8. What you mean this one?..... It isn't really applicable though, is it? You've completely changed your argument from your original post. You've went from.... The only decent player they've had in 20 years to the only world class player in their prime they've had in the last 20 years..... Two completely different things.
  9. I have read what you said, your exact words were.... "henrik Larsson is arguably the only decent player anyone really remembers they’ve had for the last 20 years" every player I mentioned was at the very least "decent". I dont know what you're getting at with regards to Van Dijk. I never said anyone knew who he was. I made him an example because the only player you conceive Celtic have had who is worth mentioning in the last 20 years is Larsson. you made a point and when I contested it, you completely changed your argument. I can only assume it's because you know it doesn't stand up to scrutiny..... Unless you try again to condone what you said, I'll remind you of what that was.... "Henrik Larsson is arguably the only decent player anyone really remembers they’ve had for the last 20 years"
  10. Oh no, Rumble!!! Not St. Midden??!! (I'm from Greenock so Morton are my hometown team) So, of someone offered you the chance to have Van Dijk at Leicester, you wouldn't take it because you don't think he's decent?! Wanyama? He's not decent either? Lennon wasn't decent? Sutton or Hartson? No? Petrov? Not decent enough? Nakamura not decent in his prime? I'm supposing you dont think Guppy was decent either? As for Larsson himself being "decent"... Mate, that's laughable. The guy was world class in his prime and even past his prime, he was good enough for Man Utd and Barcelona. I, in no way shape or form have any love for Celtic but to say they've only had one decent player in the last 20 years (who are memorable) is either ignorant or arrogant.... or both. Mind sets like that are exactly why fans of clubs like Leiceter, dislike the likes of Utd and Liverpool. To be fair, I don't care about Celtic and would prefer not to discuss them on a Leicester forum but arrogance like that boils ma pish.
  11. My point was that, them being full internationals has zero relevance when talking about whether or not they are ready for our first team. You used their international experience like it was proof they are ready, I was pointing out that it's not.
  12. Ihneacho and Ghezzal are full internationals too.....
  13. My point wasn't with regards to players being highly rated in Scotland. My point was that you stated that Hearts were a TOP team in Scotland. Also..... Rab Douglas has always been a laughing stock. He was never rated.
  14. I'm 33 years old, I've been watching Scottish football in some degree for probably about 25 years...... In that time, Hearts have never been a "Top" team. I think they may have won the Scottish cup in 97/98 or somewhere around that but they've never been a top team. Even when Rangers died and started again in the 3rd division, Hearts still weren't in the top 2 teams un the league. Comparing Hearts to Celtic is like comparing Man City and Everton.
  15. You are thinking of Mahrez on his day, and on that day, we would agree with you. We would love that Mahrez back but we as Leicester fans know full well that, that Mahrez doesn't always show up. If he's in a huff, he goes missing and what we are worried about is, Mahrez on loan for a year could mean Mahrez in a huff for a year. I think many of us are hoping for truth in it because £65m seems low and we are hoping that there is something else to the deal. Even if it is blatantly fake, as you've said.
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