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  1. Every single game this season has been the same. Starts Maddison wide, wonders why we are playing poorly, puts Maddison central and we play better..... Now, I know this is radical and a bit out there but.... What if.... We start Maddison central? Ya know.... in his actual position?
  2. World class striker? No. World class finisher? Yes.
  3. Yeah, any time I've saw him, he looked almost bored. Never seems to panic and I think that's down to not being caught out of position too often. We have a huge luxury in that we dont need to heap pressure on him to be first team ready whilst Evan's is fit as he's still (probably) first defender on the team sheet but slowly introducing Big Ben in his place makes sense long term.
  4. He definitely still looks like he's got the odd howler of a mistake in him but over all, I feel rather silly worrying about whether or not he would be able to take the step up. It would be topped off nicely if, over the course of the season Benkovic steps up and forces Evans out the team with good performances.
  5. The difference between the two halfs was insane. The worst part about it is I'm not really sure what changed.... Tactically we seemed to be set out the same in both 45's. Has to be said, I feel silly for doubting big Soyuncu.
  6. This is the worst I've saw Wilf play. He's been awful.
  7. That had nothing to do with VAR and EVERYTHING to do with the new handball rule that says any handball, accidental or not in the lead up to a goal see's it ruled out. VAR just reinforces the rules.
  8. Where we will finish? 7th Top goalscorer? Vardy (21) Player of the season? Tielemans Young player of the season? Maddison How well will we do in the Cups? Semi final of both. Surprise of the season? Nacho (11) Game you are most looking forward to? UTD at home Premier League Top 7 Man city, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea, Leicester Cup Winners FA, Liverpool, League, Wolves Relegation from PL Norwich, Newcastle, Sheff Promotion from Championship Leeds, Boro, WBA Winners of CL Real Madrid
  9. Ok guys, now that's that done with, let's agree to meet back on the Tielemans thread exactly a year from now to share screen shots of the D!ckheads over on the Red Cafě as they balk at our £100m price tag for young player of the years, youri Tilemans.
  10. Part one complete. Now just add, Tielemans, McGregor, Bowen and Adam's and we are good to go!
  11. This feels like one of those low key signings that turn out to be a great piece of business.. And I say that having saw next to nothing of him. He just meets all the criteria of a good addition.
  12. As long as they make it to the final qualifying round, they will be playing on the Thursday.
  13. Not sure if it's already been posted but a few rule changes for next season. https://www.goal.com/en/news/football-rule-changes-what-are-the-new-additions-to-2019-20/1nt8llqwfqkje1qe1qbwdct06a
  14. You're talking like our defensive record is particularly bad. The top 4 have all conceded significantly less than us but apart from that..... Wolves and Everton have let in 2 fewer and that's it.
  15. So there are five players you'd swap then? I excluded the top two because it's fairly obvious.
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