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  1. Great, I've got time to eat each meal and then make my mind up.
  2. Got stuck up to my waste in a bog which took two people to haul me out. I can can remember one was an absolute killer, the one by the viaduct I think, climbing the flagstones, step after step after step after step.........
  3. Shit, this is tough. I'll need time to work through this.
  4. Many great memories as mentioned, Sevilla at home probably the on pitch highlight for me though I've enjoyed the cities we've visited, great friendly people. But my personal highlight was in Madrid on the Tuesday afternoon, we'd found a little Irish bar somewhere, there was no one in it apart from us and a few locals who would pop in for one before leaving after have a chat with us wishing us all the best. The sun was shining, it was hot, and I was at that warm fuzzy stage after a few beers, we were having such a good laugh, sang a couple of old City songs plus a couple of random old pop tunes when I just looked at all my friends, laughing happy and realised that we'd all had season tickets together for 27 years, and thought of all the good and bad over that time. Our trips to Wembley, cup semis, relegation, promotions, marriages, deaths, families, kids, our kids coming to the footy with us, our lives together had evolved around the City, we'd grown up together with the City as one stable backdrop. It was one of those moments were you suddenly find yourself glowing inside and find yourself just quietly watching with a great big smile on your face you're so happy. Absolutely belting afternoon.
  5. Oh yes, they're half an' half though so they also have atletico logo on.
  6. Shame as a Real fan we met in Madrid told us we'd beat atletico and he'd meet us for a beer in the same bar before the semi final. Also a double shame because we'd have absolutely smashed them.
  7. Wesley Morgan is another, they can't help themselves from correcting you.
  8. I'd also add the further point in that he's been an integral part of building the club up from its lowest point ever to its highest ever, he's all we have left from the team that built this modern day Leicester, it's philosophy and character has been shaped by him and there is more for this team to give, this golden era isn't over yet, don't end it early.
  9. What is their beef with eufa anyway?
  10. Yes, but Pearson couldn't have won the league if Cambiaso hadn't have kept us up.
  11. Great work Kushiro, very good. You can edit it with our winning YouTube clips added next week
  12. Ah yes, remember it well, with the fancy handclaps. I think we were the only club that did the fancy handclaps.
  13. Because we're leaving on a jet plane The only English team to remain So sing for the champions we are the champions champions of England we are the champions champions of England First part to the tune of 'leaving on a jet plane'
  14. I don't look beyond the next game, focus on matches one game at a time. Oh yeah, and we'll win em all, 12 points I say.