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  1. Nice to my my X for Jamie Vardy has been counted.
  2. I must admit, I was relieved when the sixth goal went in.
  3. ****ing state of that sunderland lib dem candidate.
  4. If true this will hopefully see off Corbyn and the labour shit show can end.
  5. The club should start photo shopping their reporters interviewing league 2 players on quest.
  6. Didn’t this rear it’s head earlier in the year and the premier league clubs were against it???
  7. That looks like one of those ghost photos. The lad in the blue jacket is a ghost. Those fans on it are now on here looking at the picture thinking, who’s that, he wasn’t next to me.
  8. I’m sure a lot don’t bother with it away from training and playing and barely watch any football or just watch the big games/teams and form their opinions from watching man city dominate a team and assume that’s how that team plays, sitting deep trying to hit the front man. Or when a team has a bit of success just assume that’s how they are playing seasons after. I remember after O’Neil left we were still ‘dangerous from set pieces’ though we hadn’t caused anyone any significant problems for years.
  9. This is were tv producers need to start getting on at these pundits. shef united had it early in the season with them being accused of being a long ball team. They do zero research and just peddle out generic crap and commonly held perceptions. They’re paid good money as experts to come on these shows and give expert opinion, yet they are doing neither. It seems to be only football that gets away with it, imagine the election run in if political commentators were constantly referring to the parties old manifestos from previous elections as if they were current. It’s lazy, disrespectful and taking their employers and viewers for mugs.
  10. when I was a kid, a few years after my childhood hero Lineker had left, I put my Lineker VHS in and realised what a player he was and mourned that I’d probably never see the like again in a Leicester shirt. It took some time but Vardy eventually turned up. It took time not because of the club or it’s struggles, it took time because strikers like Vardy come along once in a generation or two, not for us but for any club, Vardy will go down not only as a legend for us but due to a cult following amongst other clubs fans he’ll go down as a premier league great. And lets not not forget Vardy is a big game player, not some flat track bully. And he’s all ours. oooh Jamie Vardy.
  11. I don’t care much for sliding door analogies either but It’s the follow on from that season, it gave them a resolve. The promotion season that followed gave us the strength of character to sustain a title run, as people were waiting for us to lose our nerve a few pointed out that we had already shown we could deal with the pressure. Similarly the great great escape also helped us deal with the pressure of closing out the title, Albrighton referred to the pressure of the great escape during the title run in. We weren’t some green, weak at the knees chancers, and while recruiting a certain type of character helped those experiences fortified a strong mentality within the squad that is still evident today.
  12. and the great escape, and holding our nerve to win the premier league.
  13. Walked into a local shop I do a job for today, the owner and and a member of staff (both arsenal fans) were in the back watching arse ftv and sadly discussing the woes of the club, I walked in pointed at the tv commented ‘comedy gold’ and then and then dropped the bombshell that big Sam had been offered the job. I went to the toilet and when I came out you’d have thought I’d just told them a family member had died, the colour washed from their faces, they were nervously fidgeting, stammering and begging me to tell them it was bullshit.
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