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  1. Thanks, I should see if it does it on my phone which is a Samsung. I’m not on Twitter so could be that I suppose.
  2. How do I get to see these links that people put up on my iPad? When I tap on them they just disappear
  3. If we finish in the top 4 and liverpool finish in 5th they’ll find a way to dock how ever many points is needed to get them in the champions league regardless of whoever is in Wembley. It’ll be Barry the west ham fan who once snook in the Leicester home end for a match fault.
  4. Yes, they skipped out the door singing “villaaaaaa paaaaaark, villaaaaaa paaaaaaaark we’re the famous.........” I was bloody livid
  5. As for the original dilemma, take the ticket and skip out the door singing “wemberleeeee, wemberleeeee, we’re the famous Leicester city and we’re going to wemberleeee” My parents went in 82 and left me at home with a baby sitter, I’ve only just forgiven them
  6. We’ve been well conditioned in how to behave during this pandemic, and despite the news stories of students parties in the park in nottingham the vast majority of people are behaving. Most fans who would be lucky enough to have a ticket will be aware of the situation and I’d be surprised if they went out their way to cause trouble. 8000 in Wembley will be very subduing anyway. There’s also the lessons that need to be learned from dealing with fans arriving in cars. Wembley can deal with up to 90,000 fans, 8000 will be fairly routine and easy to police, especially has all details of fa
  7. I personally think they’ll be fine next season, we’ve got some very good players, add some strength to them and we’ll be even better. As the the home grown players we’ve done well to get them, especially Plumbtre, whose arrival coincided with the teams upturn in form and by no coincidence, her organisation and experience coupled with her ability had an immediate impact and a team that struggled to defend suddenly looked more solid, the women’s Robert Huth signing if you want.
  8. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/2093548/title-celebrations-at-farley-way Surprised there’s not a few more injuries now, seemed to be a few falling off shoulders backs etc
  9. Hadn't been since in my teens but started up again last summer as my kids wanted to start going. One of my lads had an incredible day where he caught 20 carp on a candle float and he was hooked Went for the first time this year good Friday and I managed to catch 1 small carp and a 2" dace, foul hooked them both Didn't put my lad off though, he's still keen but maybe I'll wait until it's a bit warmer.
  10. Can’t be many teams offering the facilities that we can, surely will help with bringing in players.
  11. Next seasons going to be exciting down there, I think we’ll be good enough to do well and avoid any trouble. Hopefully we’ll be allowed back in by then as well, it would have been great to have had fans in there today. Bumper crowd enjoying the footy in the sun.
  12. Well done, this is massive for the women’s team. Record breaking 12 wins on the run. Throughly deserved.
  13. Do they get presented with the trophy today?
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