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  1. Sure I saw earlier only single tickets available.
  2. I remember getting off the supporter coach at Blackburn in a pub car park and the coppers basically told us to go in for a drink. I was too young and an anorak so went to the ground to read the programme and sample the atmosphere of an empty Ewood park
  3. I was speaking to someone about Middlesbrough the other night, said we were kept in for over an hour and all the borough fans were coming out the back gardens and alleys to get at the city fans.
  4. So it seems that famous people hang round services like Alan partridge then. someone should stay a famous people you've seen at a petrol station thread On our way back from the reading festival many years ago bumped into Jimmy Quinn in his full reading gear after training. Myself and the chap I was with went and had a chat with him, slagging pleat off, I think be tried to be diplomatic My mate bumped into Eddie the Eagle at a petrol station in Leicester somewhere. Said he was as mad as he appears in TV.
  5. Galloping knob Rot I really shouldn't have laughed as much as I did.
  6. True, crappy broadcasting rights. However I managed to listen to the Burnley match through my echo, tried today but just got that annoying recorded message you usually get. Not sure what happened v Burnley.
  7. Oh shit, I was looking forward to tomorrow as well.
  8. That was probably the manu u game. There was a good atmosphere there that night, and a good crowd, shame about the result.
  9. Apparently the club have made a change to the plans and the lake will no longer be drained.
  10. Frank Worthington celebrated my arrival in the world with a goal in a 2-0 win at Ipswich at the time I was born (my parents claimed they nearly called me Worthington ) Appaarently he got booked for removing his shirt revealing a t shirt that said ‘welcome to Leicester Vladimir the fox’.
  11. There is an lcfc women thread somewhere on here where @chieffox (have I done that right ) if I remember rightly explained the link. Lcfc ladies used to be the official team years ago but we cut ties with them some years back however recently we approached them to become linked with the club again but they declined choosing to stay independent so the Leicester city women were formed and linked to the club. I'm sure he'll explain better then me if he sees this thread. Leicester City also have the elite rtc girls academy which I don't think is linked to the women but only goes to u16. I've been to see the women a few times, even going to the league cup final at chesterfield last season and thoroughly enjoyed it, enjoying a beer and choosing where to sit or stand to watch the match, usually a few spots as the kids like to wander I'll add despite them being about mud table in the ws2 this season I haven't managed to see them ever win a game so they might not welcome my support for much longer.
  12. I'd say no, save it for his birthday. If it was repeated every gave it would lose its meaning and heart felt passion and just be something that we did. The song will still get regular airings anyway so the love will still be shown. After that game v man u, 'stand up if you love Leicester' never felt the same or caught on the same and became something only certain sections of the ground did. In fact the only time it felt anything near like it did back then was v Southampton in the Premier league winning season but just as it was catching on they had a dangerous attack and it died out.
  13. We had our own version with fancy hand clapping.
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