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  1. Ah the good old pub rumour, social media and itk's killed the bloke who knows someone down the training ground and would always be sat at the end of the bar. A bit like how mobile phones finished off the 'can mr smith make his way to the hospital after the match, your wife has gone into labour' (followed by a cheer) tannoy announcements.
  2. We should hire the stadium out over the summer for a sing song.
  3. Yes, maybe 'win' isn't quite the right word but their actions are fruitless, it won't change us as a people, we will continue as normal. It will however make us stronger and more determined to protect our freedoms and beliefs.
  4. This is it. The force of good is a far far stronger cause than evil and will always rise up in a crisis.
  5. This is why they will never win. The more they try the more we will pull together, joining different faiths and communities against these abhorrent people and actions. The voice of disgust will become louder, the support and friendships will become stronger and our freedoms and liberties will be more starkly defined and will shine even more brightly. Our society has been built on centuries of civilised progression, pushing bounderies and embracing new directions and cultures in an ever changing world. This is why the beliefs and actions of a few backwards looking mongrels scratching around with their medieval ideology will never win.
  6. The minecraft generation will love it.
  7. Disagree. I think it's evidence enough to ban fancy pitch designs. Straight lines only.
  8. I dug up a chunk of the pitch then took it on the piss. The next morning I planted it in my garden but within a week my mongrel soil had killed it That or the beer I was watering it with the Saturday evening.
  9. Yes the pens. I was in the family stand at the bottom of the old main stand for Cambridge but was in pen 4 for Oxford, only just got in after running round the ground in a panic as each stand filled. I can remember when west brom scored, there was a chap with a wireless who thought it had been disallowed so while the rest of the stadium was bouncing we were just stood there. Then he realised it was a goal so we joined in the celebrations. I can also remember the tension of the last 10 or so minutes when we knew the west brom game had finished and as it stood we were staying up but Oxford weren't laying down for us. And then the final whistle and the pitch invasion with police at the front of the pen helping us out onto the pitch, my mates and myself then spent time re-enacting Tony James goal
  11. Don't give eufa ideas.
  12. This Jim?
  13. 1 potato 2 potato 3 potato more 4 potato 5 potato 6 potato spurs are fvcking shit
  14. Swedens was shit and the bloke with long hair properly freaked me out.