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  1. I used to dread transfer windows when we had a decent player or two. It really doesn’t worry me now, we’re in a great position as a club to deal with whatever happens and we would just refuse to sell anyway. We’re hard as nails and won’t be bullied.
  2. Eating food from the concourse is about as dangerous as you can get. Respect man.
  3. It’s one of the reason we stopped going as kids. When city were away we’d often go and watch tigers, however it was after one game too many of them cheering City losing that my dad decided he’d had enough of it and we didn’t go again.
  4. True, remember when they tried to organise a mass walkout against Ashley during one of their games. While a few hundred walked out thousands applauded them for making a stance, but remained seated.
  5. Well said Phil, laying into cameroon, they were a disgrace.
  6. If they aren't being given what's the point of var?
  7. Did I hear the England fans chanting v.a.r at the start of the second half
  8. I agree, though I honestly believe we were willing to let Drinkwater go, he’d struggled with injuries which continued at chelsea, we had silver lined up in the wings. I think we were ready to let him go believing we had better lined up. A bit like when we sold Piper to Sunderland knowing his knees were like glass.
  9. Is this the Bruno who when recently asked about man u’s interest spoke about how great liverpool and man city are and didn’t even mention man u.
  10. Thats some superb photoshopping there, it looks like Top is really there. Fooled me.
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