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  1. Vlad the Fox

    Season Ticket

    The other half sacked off hers and the kids memberships this season, basically an expensive queuing system and they still couldn’t always get seats together. Lost out in the season ticket ballot the last few seasons too hopefully when the stadiums expanded seats are more easily available.
  2. Vlad the Fox

    Also in the news

    You know you’re getting old when you look at an item of clothing and your first thoughts are ‘ooh that looks comfy’ or ‘mmm yes, that will keep me warm’ and ‘feel the quality of that, at this price as well’.
  3. Vlad the Fox

    LCFC Women

    Ouch!!! Decent crowd there tonight, individual errors cost us though.
  4. Vlad the Fox

    Also in the news

    I’m scared of black hoodies, screamed the place down the other day when I found one on my washing line.
  5. Vlad the Fox

    LCFC Women

    Went down yesterday, it was a good match especially coming from two goals behind and looked like we were going on to win it, unfortunately palace snatched it. My lad and daughter went on the pitch at the end to get some autographs, they stood shyly at the side and one of the players told them to come on and helped them out. Beer sat in the stand, sunshine, hot dogs, good footy and I managed to somehow do a likely lads and avoid the City result and watched that when I got home. Hopefully down for the man u game this Wednesday.
  6. Vlad the Fox


    Berlin is on my list, bought it my dad a few Christmases back with the intention of having it off him once he'd finished. I need to get it off him.
  7. Frank worthington scored as I was popping out in a 1-0 win at Ipswich, my mum said I was nearly called Worthington, it Was probably my dad who stopped her, Just for the record, I’d have been ok with it if they had.
  8. Vlad the Fox


    This is also a great listen, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0309psk ww2 war and words, it uses footage from bbc reports at the time, there’s 7 episodes, the one linked is d day.
  9. Vlad the Fox


    I’ve read Stalingrad, a great account of the battle, but truly horrific. It did, the away changing rooms I think but it didn’t go off.
  10. Vlad the Fox


    Was going to mention voices of the First World War myself. Fantastic podcast giving first hand experiences of many aspects of the war. If you like radio drama then tommies is a good listen as well, dramatising real days in WWI. I think what makes these wars so fascinating is the total nature of it, not only were the soldiers mobilised but the home front that became vital in supporting the war effort and the changing world that evolved from all this.
  11. Vlad the Fox


    It’s a subject that fascinates me too, also the home front, I’ve loved listening to stories of those that lived through it. My dad telling me about his Mickey Mouse gas mask that had a tongue that came out and made a rasberry noise when he breathed out, also how all the kids in his village marched around banging dustbin lids like cymbals as the church bells rang celebrating victory. He also told me about how he remembers his mum baking cakes for the street party after victory. I can can also remember an old wren telling me how she looked down on the boats leaving for France on d day, they’d known for days what was happening due to troop movements and the arrival of hardware for the attack but were sworn to secrecy, she said as she looked down on the boats leaving she could hear all the soldiers singing land of hope and glory. Also in a field near where my mum lived, ab kettlby, a German bomber dropped a bomb, shedding its load on the way home. The bomb unexploded but after it had been removed the locals didn’t miss a trick as at the village fate they charged people to go down the 'bomb hole' My my dad also told me how he could see Coventry burning from his bedroom window in Coalville, Said the sky glowed orange. Fascinating stories of how the war affected those at home, amusing, moving and tragic.
  12. Vlad the Fox

    Songs at KP - the classics?

    Also dusty needs to pick up again, seems to be fading away.
  13. Vlad the Fox

    Songs at KP - the classics?

    All them, and would definitely like to see ‘those were the days’ revived, tha5 would be brilliant. And the bananarama one goodbye is it? Reminds me of walking to the ground when I was a kid.
  14. Vlad the Fox

    Filbert Street Pitch.

    i remember ripping up a great big chunk of the turf and took it on the lash afterwards with me. Laid it in my garden the next day but my toxic soil killed it.
  15. Vlad the Fox

    Pearson sacking that was rescinded

    I’d heard from someone who works at the KP that he wasn’t sacked, reporters overheard Vichai (I think) having a bit of a rant after the defeat saying words to the effect that he’s going, however he calmed down and it was just a rant. The reporter ran with the story catching them cold has they hadn’t got a clue where the story had come from when it exploded into the media.