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  1. ‘Er Andy, in my office please la’ ’ok boss, done something wrong?’ ’er, oh no, our kid, just wondered like, you know, we’ll its like this la, what’s it like?’ ’what boss’ ‘To win the league kid, was the trophy heavy like? what did it feel like? Was it Shiny? I like shiny things, did it smell? Did you lick it?’ ’kin loser’
  2. The offside definitely needs sorting, maybe judge it on the players feet and allow for a margin of error.
  3. **** it I give up, I know the face, hair and tash but can’t put a name to it, I have forgotten what spearing looked like mauchlen Before he was ginger
  4. Yep, Lloyd, loyd will tear you apart again. Used to love that, used to love Lloyd. Lloyd loves Leicester, Lloyds kids love Leicester.
  5. What happened to retrospective punishment for this kind of thing? That seems to have died a death, was it ever used in the championship? But for me he should receive a three game ban, the same as what the player he was trying to get sent off would have received (obviously before being overturned).
  6. Thought this was class from atleti fans, heard this Leicester chant start and looked across at the atleti fans only yards from me and they were all giving it full pelt. In fact I found the Spanish fans sporting as a couple of minutes after the final whistle the Seville fans gave us a round of applause.
  7. Yes, I’d enjoy an 87-86 penalty shootout win for one of them.
  8. As much as I’d like to stand and have a beer I could see this causing problems with people getting up and down to fetch drinks etc. Especially if you sit near a boozy group. Remember standing was allowed when drinks were last served in football grounds and in those areas you could shuffle through without disrupting people too much. How does it work at the rugby? I don’t think they’d be allowed to serve drinks in their cans. One match last season we ordered some bottles of beer and were handed the drinks still in their bottles. While drinking them one of the steward supervisors spotted us came over and gave us a grilling and warning he could eject us before we explained we’d been served them like that, he then fetched us some plastic cups. Why you can’t drink beer in plastic bottles on the concourse does seem a bit daft mind considering they’ll sell you bottles of coke. One thing is for sure is that the current caterers are atrocious, slow unmotivated and most likely poorly treated and under payed staff, terrible over priced food and drink. Surely the club have been made aware of this and are counting down the days they can remove them and rectify something that has been poor for so long.
  9. Mills is one of the worst. I listened to the 5live commentary when we beat chelsea at Stamford bridge last season and he didn’t have a clue about us. If a chelsea attack broke down he’d go on about what the chelsea forwards had done wrong, if we had a good attack he’d talk about what the chelsea defence had done wrong, his whole perspective and focus was chelsea, until about the 88th minute when he said we’d played well. Things like this don’t usually annoy me but it was so obvious and as a result really poor one sided commentary. Its amazing that that they get away with it, any other journalist in any other field who did as little research in there supposed field of expertise and showed such a basic lack of knowledge would get no where, ye5 because they are ex pros there treated as though they’re the all knowing oracle by media outlets. I don’t mind controversial opinions or different interpretations but to know do basic research on what you are expected to be knowledgable on is just laziness an arrogant.
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