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  1. Vlad the Fox

    Ps4 problem

    Thanks, I'll do that..
  2. Vlad the Fox

    Ps4 problem

    My lads ps4 packed up a few weeks back, there was a black screen saying I needed to update from a download I needed to do on a usb stick. That didn't work so I tried an online update, that didn't work so I initialised/factory reset it. Things worked fine for a few weeks then the same thing, factory reset, OK for a few weeks then same problem, though now when I try to factory reset it says it can't initialise. Has anyone had this problem? And if so how did they solve it? I'm considering getting a new hdd with a bigger memory, hoping this will work. Thanks for any advice given.
  3. Vlad the Fox

    Smart TVs

    Been some years when I bought mine but do you still need to consider frame rate? Hertz? For a smoother panning picture and judder reduction when gaming and watching football/sport?
  4. Vlad the Fox

    Women Supporters (postscript)

    There is, there's loads, (I found them by accident) I wouldn't take any of them home to meet my parents. I did find them by accident by the way, I did, honest. Loads and loads of them.
  5. Walking out the ground after Liverpool at home, i suddenly had this warm feeling wash over me as I realised we were going to do it. Walked down the road ten feet tall beaming from ear to ear. Also that day against Everton was so so special. I was talking to someone recently and they said if you could go back in time and go to any sporting moment what would it be, I replied I'd already been there, and would give anything to go back and live that day again when we lifted the premier league trophy.
  6. If everyone wears their white City shirts and attaches bells to their belt loops, we could have the biggest flash Morris dance on record.
  7. Vlad the Fox

    Former Player Remembers: Mike Newell

    can't remember that, sounds like a modern man. It may well have been, my memory is a bit sketchy, I can just remember something along the lines that he spoke out against something and when he lost the job he was in he seemed to quickly drop of the managerial circuit.
  8. Vlad the Fox

    Mash up shirts

    I remember years ago seeing some kids in blue and Red Leicester shirts where one of the parents had cut the blue home and red away shirts in half vertically and stitched back together. They looked pretty smart to be honest. Along the lines of the green/blue shirt City sold.
  9. Vlad the Fox

    Former Player Remembers: Mike Newell

    I was a decent manager, he spoke out against some form of corruption in the game (can't remember what). As a result no one hired him, probably proving that he was right. We used to interview players for the school magazine, basically just a ruse to get out of school for the morning and go and watch them train, I can remember him taking the piss out of my mates for for a crap pass back to him when the ball went behind one of the goals.
  10. Vlad the Fox

    Favourite lines of LCFC related commentary

    I often listen to 5 live match commentary on BBC iplayer after matches, either in bed or at work. One of my favourite is v liverpool at home during title winning season. I think it was John Murray, but just after the final whistle he was excitedly shouting 'they're going to do it, they're going to do it'.
  11. Vlad the Fox

    International Mens Day

    I don't mind doctor who, kind of links me to my Childhood. But I bet there was an Internet shitstorm somewhere from die hards when they announced a female doctor, would have loved to have read that for a good laugh on a quiet night.
  12. Vlad the Fox

    Filbert street in disrepair...very sad

    And the smell of grass and damp mud, one thing I really miss about filbert street, rushing in as an excited kid, and smelling the turf, even more so under floodlights.
  13. Vlad the Fox

    Steve Walsh

    To be honest, it's quite impressive when you consider how short the article is.
  14. Vlad the Fox


    I know someone once who was woke up one evening with someone climbing through his window. He fetched a saucepan from the kitchen and whacked the **** round the head as hard as he could. Said he just slid back out the window
  15. Vlad the Fox

    Art of Football - Leicester City

    I do like the prints/canvasses. May be a welcome addition to my football/Champions shrine/ room. 😁