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  1. 0 Spent 5 minutes trying to spell Schmikel.
  2. It’s always 40 minutes from the Chinese, whether it’s 20 or an hour. ‘How long will it be?’ ’40 minutes’
  3. I’ve been getting burgers from the butchers (always have, much better than anywhere else) but I am planning on making donor kebab for the family tonight. To make it more authentic I might send the family in the garden to get pissed before I serve them and practice some shit lines of patter to try and pull the mrs again.
  4. Ordered curry and pizza over the last couple of weeks, no issues, though I did mention to the mrs wondering how safe it is. I’ve read that it’s safer than a trip to the supermarket however and we’ll be ordering pizza for my lads birthday.
  5. Oh ****, I’m Andrew lee and I told Damian-hall I’d pledge £20 if he did.
  6. Yes me too. To avoid the supermarkets as much as we can we’ve ordered from the butchers and get fruit and veg box from a local company meaning we’re all sitting down to healthier meals and completely cut out those pushed for time bung it in the oven/microwave dinners full of salt and fat. Plus to make sure we use all the veg takeaways have pretty much gone out for window. It’s a way of shopping I’ll continue with after all this, just uses supermarkets for cereal and bits that I can’t get elsewhere. I’ve also had time to take up running again so that’s helped with the waistband too
  7. Thought about it but I’m worried it might choose not to grow back
  8. Thanks, I enjoyed that, filled my evening. I wanted to go and see it when it was on but like so many things I never got round to it. Available until Friday if anyone else is interested.
  9. I like the look of this and have added it to my list.
  10. Never get the time to read as much as I like so treated myself to a kindle oasis and set myself the task of reading ten books this year, just finished the ninth. Some are audio books from my library via bilingual so a bit of a cheat but still, they’re books. My favourites were, the eulogist, Moskva, nightfall Berlin, Schindler's List. Also the murmur of bees was very good, which during the course of the story covers the Spanish flu. It got me thinking how I would have protected my family and question why others didn’t take themselves and their families away from the danger as the family in the story did. Then coronavirus hits us and you realise that things aren’t as simple as that, I need to work, I don’t have anywhere else to go and it gives an insight, although in very different times, the problems that people faced during that period of time. Others I read/listened to were, the girl in the woods, a raid over Berlin, the butterfly man and yellow star. I’m currently reading the road back by Erich Remarque, the sequel to all quiet on the western front and covers the boys as they return from war and the difficulties they face in reconnecting with society of returning from war. So far very good.
  11. They’re allowed; From the government website; Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms. Again, it will be important to ensure that Public Health England guidelines, including maintaining a 2 metre distance from any household occupants, are followed to ensure everyone’s safety. It goes on to say that they aren’t allowed to enter houses where the occupants are self isolating however. I personally think if people can continue to work safely, then they should.
  12. Something else I need to be careful of is my children video calling their mates. The danger being that if I’m wandering around in my grits looking for a towel before I get in the shower and take one wrong turn I’m ending up on a charge.
  13. That gov.uk info isn’t what he said in his speech and is misleading, I wonder if they’ve put up the guidelines for the next step in error as bbc, sky etc gave the impression to avoid travel to work unless necessary and you can’t work from home. I’m self employed and can’t work from home, I also need to feed my family and pay bills. I work alone and don’t use public transport however. My understanding that for the time being I can work.
  14. Just thinking about it and I’m wondering if this drip feeding to prepare people for each step, full lockdown soon, is fuelling the crowds were seeing in certain places as in that they know it’s coming. Is it possible that these people think they’re having a last hurrah before they lock themselves in, similar to when certain pub were busy Friday night.
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