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  1. another school shooting

    Thanks. I'll watch them tonight.
  2. another school shooting

    Maybe some of our oz foxes would know but didn't Australia once have a problem regarding firearms? I seem to remember reading an article on how they changed laws, took firearms out of circulation and generally changed the mentality surrounding guns which put a stop to these kind of shootings. I know the culture, intensity and frequency is different in the US but maybe they could learn some lessons and it maybe shows successful steps can be taken if the people who have the power care more for lives rather than votes and donors.
  3. Swinger’s Clubs

    Funny you should say this, I've known a few people who have been in there over the years, single blokes payed double, but Sunday afternoon in the pub one of my mates was telling me how he was in the G-Spot the previous night and ended up whipping a women, said she was shouting at him to do it harder and he couldn't/daren't do it hard enough for her.
  4. Swinger’s Clubs

    'It's dirty, disgusting and shouldn't be allowed' A genuine quote from the 'G Spot' owner in the Leicester Mercury when there was a lot of road works/building work going on in front of the club.
  5. Man City v THE City scoreline prediction thread

    2-0 Leicester, a couple of screamers from Ndidi. Pep to put is arm round Ndidi and have an animated chat with him after the final whistle. Puel to kick the man city changing room doors off its hinges, storm in WWE style and polish peps head in a flushing toilet.
  6. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    We should continue to pay him, but tell him to pick his wages up from the centre circle just before kick off at the next home game.
  7. Smelly supporters

    Practise ventriloquism, when you've mastered it, sitting still mention to him that he smells and should consider a bath for the comfort of everyone around and most importantly himself. Now he might think it's his own thoughts, an attack of conscience, and rush off home for a bath, or he could spin round and attack you which will lead to his ejection. Either one will solve the problem.
  8. Money Can’t buy my Love , but it’s killing it.....

    It will be interesting to see but I think money can create competition, as you say, a few years back it was a top 4, now it's a top 6. You've got ourselves who look to be planning and building to challenge the top 6 with the investment and building that's been going on over the last few years. There's Everton, though it's gone horribly wrong this season, are building to challenge the top 6. Over time the league could become stronger due to the wealth of the smaller clubs and their ability to pay the wages to attract top talent and to also hold onto their own star players. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out over the 5/10 years.
  9. Money Can’t buy my Love , but it’s killing it.....

    People need to remember the state of football before sky and the premier league, crumbling ramshackle and unsafe stadia, diabolically poor attendences, massive lack of investment in the playing side and infrastructure of clubs, fans treated like cattle. A lot of the things people moan about still existed, richer clubs picking off from the smaller clubs, lower league clubs struggling financially, people complained that footballs 'just a business now' just like they do now. This utopia didn't exist, the premier league and sky revitalised, even saved football, which then attracted new rich owners who invested in clubs and its infrastructure like never before, but there are still issues, The cost to watch football has risen too much, maybe due to the demands or pressure of rising wages and transfer fees, however the latest TV deals have eased this pressure and as a result we are seeing price freezes and reductions, hopefully this trend will continue, it's a shame that a clause of this new tv money wasn't to vastly reduces ticket prices as you often hear how important the atmosphere is to the premier league brand when marketing itself abroad. Also there is too much power going to the biggest clubs which needs to be held in check as at some point in the future there will be a crisis between them and the rest.
  10. Iheanacho

    Depends what you put in
  11. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    #freemahrez #releaseclause
  12. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Agree, I'll listen to various football podcasts and radio shows while working and the most boring and irritating calls are from those people complaining that their club aren't getting enough praise, motd coverage, media coverage ect, the media favours their bitter rivals or having a go at the presenter because they predicted their team to get relegated before the season started.
  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    To give redknapp some credit I was watching a programme recently -can't remember what it was called maybe someone else saw it- it was about the 15/16 season, he said that us winning the league made it his favourite premier league season ever.
  14. London Marathon 2018

    never thought about that.
  15. London Marathon 2018

    It was.