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  1. Wesley Fofana, you’re the light of my life oh Wes fofana, will you shag my wife....... having a great debut so far.
  2. Watching the stream posted on here earlier today. Great picture, no buffering. As smooth as the ale I’m supping
  3. Not listened to the album since I witnessed a fatal accident on the way to skeggy some years ago while listening to, I kid you not, The Long and Winding Road.
  4. I’d quite happily walk around naked. I’d still wear a mask though. Over my face of course.
  5. No way I’m paying the greedy ****ers a penny. Don’t usually go in there due to watching or listening to the match but I think I’ll join the Match Thread for a rational, intelligent and sane match experience today.
  6. Yes, I was thinking of his assaults when I wrote that.
  7. What’s people experience of the track and trace app? The other half’s friend has been told to isolate for 14 days having been in close contact with someone yet she has barely been anywhere, and when she has she’s wore masks and kept well away from anyone. She can’t work out where she could have been in contact and will be deleting the app as soon as she’s free as she can’t afford another 2 weeks off work.
  8. How often are keepers going to get away with reckless and dangerous tackles like Pickfords for? Really needs clamping down on.
  9. He may be using motd to audition, but someone should really tell him that panto season has been cancelled this year,
  10. Might stream it, if that’s crap, radio. Or down the pub and spend my £15 on some good ale.
  11. The idea of an independent regulator that runs the game whether it’s a modernised fa or other is a good idea If it really is going to work in the interest of the game and clubs as an whole. We as fans see were the problem lies as Davy said above, will they have the balls. This sounds like they’re thinking along the lines of ffp were clubs will be limited to what they spend which will only benefit those who have used that to secure the place at the top. Spread tv money more equally, cap wages, transfer fees and scrap agents and have salaried representatives working for the fa (or whoever the re
  12. Sublime 40 yard cross for our first goal v derby in the play of final.
  13. The thing is with the help of the media the fools thought they were getting the English van dyke, they were, just that it was Rip rather than Virgil.
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