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  1. He’s scared from the last time he tried it at Wembley
  2. If you look under his paw it says Daka, 5 years deal. The sneaky so and so's.
  3. Yes, totally. I said after we missed out on to 4, while it would have been nice I dont want us to become a club where top 4 is the be all and end all of the season. Chasing that is what has ruined spurs and arsenal, rather than accepting a year or two lull while thr regroup and go again they make bad decision after bad decision trying to maintain their failing status. Plus it turns the fans against the ownership as they're demanding it, they become delusional, then you end up with a huge crash and disaster like what your seeing at spurs.
  4. I once applied for the job of a target man in the army. I got the job but turned it down, they were regularly advertising the post so I guessed the working conditions must be shit.
  5. What I like about him from these YouTube clips is that he appears to try and take his shot early, not letting the keeper get set and catching them out of position.
  6. I wanna be Daka, I wanna, I wanna No, I ain’t having it.
  7. you can see it. You’ll start to get supposed leaks from players commenting on how revolutionary his training methods are followed by spurs announcing that he was always their number one choice but they wanted to exhaust all possibilities.
  8. Me too. Wasn’t the original reason they banned them was because linesman used the lines to help with offside decisions??? If so, now we have var why can’t we bring the snazzy designs back?
  9. Hears whispers of his impending sacking. Puts traore on the transfer list, gets sacked. Signs traore. I smell a rat.
  10. I’ve not been feeling to enthused about this tournament just yet but I thought that was a good performance. A bright start that could never be maintained in those conditions that settled into a comfortable probing game. Croatia never really threatened and the real threat seemed to be coming from us. kane was never in it and looked lost, looked as if he was struggling fitness wise, but I’ve often wondered about his validity as a big game player. Thought Philips was very good though, given a chance and he’s took it with both hands. As they said, build yourself into tournaments, an opening win is
  11. This is true, and a point a lot of the pundits forget. However, the money involved would have made the premier leagues top six completely impenetrable. They wanted to control all the European money as well as all the domestic prize money. Completely and utterly reprehensible, their intention was to basically shut everyone out of ever competing with them again, in Europe and domestically. Initially I was against a points ban as the swift collapse of the esl was in part due to the actions of supporters of these clubs, I now wish they’d thrown the book at them. However I wanted the rema
  12. I did it with my level 1 too, scares the shit out of me to think of ever being in this situation. Also I’d recommend for everyone to do defibrillator training, find your nearest defibrillator and know what you need to do in case of ever needing it. In my first attempt it took me 1 minute 20 which is very long when your trying to save someone’s life. The second attempt when I knew what I was doing took me 19 seconds. People react very differently to certain situations, I saw nothing other then a seriously upset women.
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