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  1. Cheers, I left the pub at full time, didn't realise there was to be a penalty shoot out.
  2. He didn't pull his hamstring, he was going to sing at his press conference but broke the g string on his guitar beforehand, Rudkin restrung it with some garden twine, Kelechi chucked a massive rock star diva fit and it's only just now that he's been tempted out of his hotel room with the promise of a headlining spot at summer sundae. FACT
  3. I like your bravery, and in recognition of this sacrifice and as I'm on holiday as well i will make my own personal sacrifice to the cause and will remain in the sun drinking copious amounts of beer until the deal is done.
  4. Edited to include the full quote
  5. He's stood on the first step as well.
  6. I'm in a hotel trying to get the kids to get settled. I really shouldn't be laughing so hard but it's not helping one bit, the kids are howling at me howling and the Mrs isn't seeing the funny side one bit.
  7. Oh for Fuchs sake
  8. His ex agent will be fuming when they wake up in the morning to find out they've been outsmarted by a bunch of idiots on foxestalk.
  9. I think we've solved the problem regarding his image rights. Gerrimin.
  10. What did they do? Make him have a shave and lie about his age?
  11. There as well? Got to say it's working a treat there then.
  12. There's a Leicester shirt buried under pride park, and has happily been cursing them since they moved there.
  13. That's right, unfortunately though Sinclair was then knocking them through balls in.