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  1. it does doesn’t it, it was like a bad cheese dream but definitely happened.
  2. There was a programme on tv years ago where they set up situations for criminals to walk in on and recorded it. One was where someone broke into the back of a lorry, once inside the wagon the door locked and the sides dropped down revealing him trapped in a cage, the lorry then drove round the town with him inside going mental. Another incident involved a lady stood at a bar in a pub with her handbag at her feet. This chap mooches on over and lifts it, as he’s sneaking away everyone sitting at tables nearby jump up and brake into song and dance ‘consider yourself a thief’, they link arms and before you know it the would be thief is looking confused linked in the middle of a high kicking chorus line Did anyone else see it?
  3. Trying not to repeat a lot of what has been said in this thread already but I don’t think they believe the shit they spout either. I think the questioning by Piers Morgan (far from being petty and off point regarding the ownership of a tv) highlights this, if they truly believed their hyperbole they’d be taking action themselves, leading by example. ‘We’ve unplugged our tv’s, deleted our online data and storage, sold our cars, we need to start to save the planet now’. But they haven’t, won’t, because they know it’s bullshit and a decision that was taken in a boardroom somewhere. What concerns me is that this bullshit feeds the fire of the those that deny climate change, adds legitimacy to their arguments that it’s not that serious, and gives them evidence to prove their points. What also concerns me is that you feel there’s more to them than meets the eye, that something or someone is moving behind the scenes for whatever reason??? As mentioned above, science and cooperation between nations, helping those polluting nations to taking on greener intimidation’s to achieve their goals without adverse economic affects, and education, sensible rational education from primary school age onwards to change a mindset of the world. This mindset has changed hugely over the last couple of decades in this country and technology will speed things up even more over the coming years. But as for the ER, their actions alienate more than invigorate a debate about climate change, this thread proof in point.
  4. Pah, Old hat, we were doing this year's ago. Remember one particular time late of a boozy evening down our local when we must have became concerned about our green credentials. So with the kind of militant action the ER would be proud of the Christmas tree was taken out, tinsel and all, and planted in the middle of a neighbor's front garden.
  5. What I find so funny is that this has been such a burden in her life for the last few years, she finally outs who she thinks is guilty and absolutely no one is taking it serious.
  6. Wayne: for ****s sake, this is going to kick off. Fancy nipping out for a pint mate? Jamie: Too right, can’t be doing with this shit, my mrs is ****ing mental when she’s got a bee in her bonnet. Wayne: great, just got to go and change a light bulb in my grans bedroom, you wait in the car I’ll be about half hour. Jamie: Your gran don’t live round here does she? wayne: Does
  7. If you sold half and half scarves me ode, you’d have 30,000 there next week. You’re missing a trick I tell yer
  8. Can I also confess to making choo choo train noises while stood behind avid train spotters when I’ve took my kids to Rothley station before. They’re so into getting the perfect shots of the train that I’m sure they don’t notice until they get home and watch it back, whooo hooooo, choo cha chooo, chooo cha choooo whooooo hooooooooo.
  9. My mate is one of the firemen who attended the helicopter crash. When they were invited to attend the KP with others involved for the royal visit Wills and Kate were sat on his table, he asked him this question. Apparently it’s something to do with the community feel of the club and what it does in the community.
  10. Ha, was just about to go bed then the spurs game comes on.
  11. See, I never film anything, that’s that many people doing it for me that I’ll enjoy the moment myself and then get on YouTube once I get home and enjoy it again thanks to their hard work. Meaning I never miss a thing or end up watching a live event through a 4inch screen
  12. Can’t work out why this threads so busy
  13. Remember us playing bristol rovers first home game of the season when I was a kid, this was when teams didn’t come out together. That summer had seen a new kit and tracksuit launched. With the crowd basking in the sun and full of eager anticipating for the season ahead bristol rovers ran onto the pitch in a similar tracksuit and got a full on applause from the home crowd which suddenly and amusingly stopped after several seconds when people realised their mistake.
  14. Crickey, this brexit malarky has aged Boris.
  15. While I don’t deny that Rodgers probably has his heart set on managing one of the giants I don’t believe he would walk out this early into a project when he has backing and support he has from the club, and the clubs ambition to propel itself up a level. People seem to think he just packed his bags and ****ed off, celtic were approached a permission given, and 9m compensation paid. Also, if what was rumoured at the time is true that a deal had already been done for him to come in the summer but Rudkin went back and wanted him sooner. What we don’t know is if celtic said no, he’s going nowhere, would he have walked out then?
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