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  1. The problem is, looking at the Lino is pretty instant. In the past if a goal looked offside I’d quickly look at the Lino see him running to the centre and celebrate, it’s all instantaneous. Our first goal today, looked close, never felt like celebrating, it’s not a choice not to celebrate, I just didn’t feel it. I hate it, I never thought I’d feel like that, even before the season when I was for VAR. It saddens me greatly.
  2. It can do one. I barely celebrated praet goal as I thought it'd be disallowed, it's the third time this season I've not instinctively celebrated. When I heard other people say this earlier in the season I thought what bollocks, how can you not, instinct will take over. Unfortunately Var is killing that instinct, I think stats show that refs get about 95% right before var, we're going through all this cost and disruption to the game for what? another 2/3%. Will anyone in authority consider asking what the match going fans think? It's them that it's spoils the entertainment for the most. Or as with the tv scheduled matches, we are at the bottom of the list when it comes to consideration.
  3. Me too, it was great to hear the crowd in the build up to a goal. Bring it back.
  4. Found these which I’m sure will be a help for a few. https://www.fanchants.com/football-team/leicester_city/
  5. Sounds like an heroic, yet hopeless, defence of a military position where all combatants were awarded medals posthumously.
  6. Yes I noticed this and the other half told the kids they done It for Leicester. And if I remember correctly wasn’t the London Eye lit up blue at the same time?
  7. Chance of an serious terrorist incident there when you forget where you are and shout shoot at the top of your voice.
  8. Your names not down, your not coming in. Or sorry no trainers
  9. Exactly, rather than complain, if people don’t like it just come in 5/10 minutes late
  10. I’d take the door wedge with me and slip it under the seat.
  11. I reckon he’s fed up of giving free haircuts and his hoping someone recognises him and starts to come in and pay again.
  12. Were you in the cinema car park or Morrison’s? If it’s the cinema, take your bank statement, receipts if you have them along with the parking charge and ask to see the manager. Explain your situation, show him the proof and ask him to contact parking eye requesting they revoke the charge, the cinema manager has the power. Be polite and friendly.
  13. Nice to my my X for Jamie Vardy has been counted.
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