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  1. Maybe not. I’ll still spend all summer in a pissed up daze mind This is true though it goes back well before the total win. All my kids have known is us winning, league 1, championship and premier league. I coach kids football and the majority of kids have been wearing City shirts for years. Regarding our support, we have a huge following in the county that don’t attend matches, radio listeners, armchair fans. The stadium expansion will entice some of them to attend a few matches a season, some will take memberships and others will look at season tickets. As for the kids o
  2. Dycje put on a Stetson, jumped on klopps back and rode him around the pitch and down the tunnel. Honestly.
  3. .....and the game finally gets exciting, after the half time whistle.
  4. I’m turning the crowd noise off. The game doesn’t deserve it. Have sky got a boo button.
  5. It’s a good question, if they make enough noise and back each other’s supporters groups, apply pressure on the fa etc then maybe. Will the owners care? and go ahead anyway when they can fill stadiums with tourists and know many fans will eventually just suck it up. Possibly not, but liverpool did mange to get ticket prices reduced when they opened the new stand. Maybe that’s the kind of supporters some owners will be glad to get shot of.
  6. Which is why I think the ‘real’ fans of the said clubs will be against this as if it goes ahead the writing is on the wall for them and how they support their team.
  7. Oh, I don’t know, he’s quite small, surely we could find somewhere to squeeze him in.
  8. Also add that any player who plays must serve a 2 season ban from his last match before being allowed to play in domestic leagues again.
  9. Ha, Stephen Hughes, I thought we’d signed the new Izzet when I first saw him.
  10. I remember the night we won the league after the chelsea spurs match. The presenter turned to caragher for a summery of us and to reflect on our season. charagher paused, and shifted uncomfortably in his chair looking lost for a moment while trying to find his words as if he’d expected spurs to win and had never contemplated the fact that we might become champions.
  11. We controlled that from start to finish. we really seem to have stepped up a level the last few matches and there seems to be a new mood about us. You can see why we weren’t so hard to get Fofana, absolutely immense in everything he done, timing tackles, reading the ball and play and dominating his striker. Justin was Justin, as brilliant as we’re now expecting from him. Chelsea spent 240m in the summer and still start with a championship striker, and odio
  12. Coatsworth pinpoint 40 yard pass to Walsh at Wembley v derby.
  13. Weren't they meant to be conning to our place that day to show us that they were the best footballing team in the league. Tail firmly between legs
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