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  1. It’s shit like that that is getting me to the point of killing the game.
  2. Absolute bullshit, **** off var. Brighton not a pen that is, **** off
  3. 3 months of chill and relaxation, butterflies, bees and the birds have been carrying out nature's dance in my back garden in a harmonious equilibrium. The sun shines and a gentle breeze stirs the flowers add their scent delicately fills the air. 180 minutes of city and its all destroyed, the rage is back, the birds hide in the neighbour's garden, the flowers are broke and ther butterflies and bees have gone, danced under my stomping size 10s. And the sun's too ****ing hot.
  4. Yes made me chuckle, makes you realise how different things were back then. But over 1700 armed robberies in London a year at its peak is incredible though, I can remember the glamour as a kid that seemed to surround bank jobs which was touched on with the ‘swashbuckling’ comment.
  5. It’s an interesting article. He did well lasting 34 years considering he went back home and refused police protection.
  6. Have I read it right. They’ve formed a new company to run it and are keeping the play park picnic areas open. And are then hoping to open again fully next spring for the centenary year? I went as a kid but haven’t been for years. Then last year my daughter was playing footy in Northampton so we planned on going after the match but the weather was cold, wet and windy so we didn’t bother. Hopefully it’ll open up again and once more I can go on the log flume and show the kids the joy of standing at the bottom of it hoping for a soaking
  7. It's nice to think that every ground he plays in there will be supporters that have been hugely helped because of him.
  8. Not true apparently. Just heard on the news as I read this that Rashford has said it hasn’t been rejected and it’s going to be discussed in the commons.
  9. Didn’t that goal cost Schmeichel the golden glove
  10. You forgot to mention spurs 13 minutes. They released a dvd and everything
  11. To the bloke sneaking around the Marriott when it was rumoured O’Neil was there in contract talks.
  12. Thanks, haven’t been too bothered about watching them but thought I’d have a look this afternoon as part of a lazy day I’m fulfilling. I don’t have bt so will have to find something else to watch.
  13. Is there any on today? Is it only on BT?
  14. If I remember rightly at Upton Park there was a crowd of about 15000, 10000 of which were City fans. Remember they weren’t expecting that many of us so when the opened the wing stand up for us the fans had to walk round the pitch from the opposite corner where the turnstile was open but thousands of them just charged across the pitch to get their spot. There was about 6 or 7 who stayed on the pitch and played footy in the goal in front of the charlton fans who were good and cheered every goal they scored. Eventually about five minutes before the players came out the stewards asked them to get in the stand which the duly obliged, taking their ball and climbing into the stand. Imagine that being allowed to happen nowadays.
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