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  1. So much space for them ffs
  2. Watford (home) Match Thread

    Sell him
  3. Arsenal Match Thread

    About time...
  4. Arsenal Match Thread

    Can someone PM me a stream
  5. Ranieri 'Ready to return to management'

    Unbelievable. He was very respectful towards the club and especially the fans.
  6. Crystal Palace (Away) Match Thread

    Albrighton ...
  7. Crystal Palace (Away) Match Thread

    Great pass great finish !!
  8. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Mahrez nullified just as Vardy was but both did great defensively
  9. Trouble in Madrid

  10. Apparently he played box to box today. Had a great game bar that miss according to chelsea fans.
  11. Porto (home) Pre-Match Thread

    CLAUDIO: "At HT the match was gone. I took off Vardy and Mahrez to preserve them for Tuesday. I want them to be strong vs. Porto." #MnuLei
  12. Man United (a) match thread

    Absolute joke
  13. WOW Thats why you play mahrez!!!!
  14. would have been perfect. Amartey doesn't seem the best on the ball, Gueye can defend and attack.