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  1. Morgan and Evans have been our best defenders imo Soyunco still has a lot to learn
  2. Great display yesterday from everyone involved. Rodgers bedding in nicely and finally we have someone we can trust to get the best out the players and is tactically very good, plus the team he has brought with him seem well equipped.
  3. officials doing there best to get the FA what they want a United v Citeh final
  4. Good stuff, a consistent side Claude Puel take note.
  5. - Wes Morgan has clocked the eighth fastest top speed in the league so far this season Source : https://www.lcfc.com/news/432009 just saying
  6. Same formation as Fulham for me, get the first goal and hit them on the counter from there on in. 1-3
  7. Pretty sure he has created the most goal scoring chances across all leagues in Europe or England can't be doing that bad.
  8. Agreed, both are legends for what they have done for the club if Vardy sees out his career here then that would be pretty special as you don't see loyalty for clubs as much these days with the amount of money on show. If I had to pick I'd have to say Vardy is our greatest ever player (if he sees it out here) just for what he has achieved.
  9. Probably Nalis against Leeds outside of the boot left foot purler from 40 yards out on the volley ?!?!!?
  10. technically better on the ball
  11. Same team maybe bring Ghezal in for Gray although Gray does need a run of games
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