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  1. Kasper Pierra Evans Soy Chil Paret Nididi Albrighton Tielemans Barnes Maddison Vardy
  2. both teams created absoluetly nothing. ref wins. I think we need to move on from this formation now though.
  3. we are doing ok, apart form the peno that really was soft it should be 0-0... if we can come out 2nd half like we did against Chelsea then we will take something from this I think they haven't exactly caused s many problems
  4. ****ing cant stand this Atkinson proper bell end
  5. I used to bash Sterling but what a player he is now Scouse was right all along
  6. clearly can handle his drink maybe try water from no on
  7. Had a 20/1, 30/1 n 40/1 come in over the last 3 weeks, well in profit for the season. decided not to bet until the season started and sticking to 3, 4 and 5 fold accas with £10 - £15 stakes
  8. Great performance today, Vardy was in beast mode and we wouldn't want any other striker leading the line absolute legend. Cags was superb and an actual improvement on Maguire IMO. Tielemans finally getting into gear second half which should set him up for the season. We have quality all over the place and are going to be hard to beat with goals throughout the team
  9. We can't really complain at the start we have had, I'm pretty happy with the results and we are unbeaten which always bodes well for confidence especially if you are picking up wins in that run. I'm sure Rodgers has said he wants us to be able to play in a variety of formations and be able to switch it up when we need to so still think its early days and he knows what's required from teams to perform and contend and the top, I'm sure as the season goes on we will become more attacking and the formations and starting 11's will change we have enough quality in all positions to do so. like that article says I still think we are in second gear, plenty more to come yet.
  10. You had a good first season but honestly can not see you finishing anywhere near 6th this time round, add in your Europa league campaign and at best you will be 10th.
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