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  1. it is strange but they did lock everywhere down I think so it did help the spread. Still think this has came from a Chinese lab there are a lot of theories and Putin is sitting back quietly watching it all unfold. glad when its all over.
  2. only 1600 new cases in Italy in the last 24 hours so dropping quite a lot thankfully.
  3. Someone just posted a paper leaflet through the door saying they can help with shopping and other stuff for all this person no's they could have the virus without knowing and is passing it through everyone's door shouldn't be allowed really
  4. This, no matter what happens this season has to finish .. you don't start another season it doesn't make sense when fit to do so they should finish this season and worry about the start of next season when we are able to find a start date for this one. Anything else would be criminal it's not a hard concept to adapt it's not as if next season has to start on X date just move the goal posts to fit
  5. What about that book that was wrote in 1981
  6. The builder our company does all works for has shut all its sites sort thats that. My mum was sent home today as well.
  7. If I should go work or not
  8. There must be a lot of industry workers that are still working that are passing the virus around like wildfire then going home and spreading it to others in the household surely you close it all
  9. Not very clear is it
  10. Will building sites have to shut can anyone confirm?
  11. So building sites will remain open? One of the easiest places to spread the thing!!
  12. Are buildings sites going to shut what sort of cover do CIS workers have I live with my dad who's 70 and I'm still having to go work but risk picking it up dunno what to do.. have a tax rebait in a month which will ride me over for a month or two
  13. http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about
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