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  1. Solid really, you wouldn't want someone who Shakey has no relation to and adds more risk, this seems well thought through and clearly the guy has passion to achieve and drive the players to success if he has done it on a shoe string at Oxford. All the best to the bloke, solid signing imo for the club and progressing forward.
  2. Change your password and move on like others have stated they can't access your computer by having the password, only if you download or execute a file will they be able to imploy any kind of virus that starts logging
  3. Easily the most influential player to play for us in my lifetime n the title winning season, will only get better
  4. would be happy with this is it done and dusted yet or still speculation?
  5. What does Chris Powel bring to the party?
  6. Get Pearson in as his assistant and we are laughing!!
  7. Happy with this, has the backbone of Pearson and knows the club inside out. Good luck!! gerimin!!!
  8. You also have to be off your face on drugs to work for the BBC.
  9. Koeman looks like a bit of a miserable **** to play for to be honest.
  10. porn hubs better than this shite
  11. what a waste of time
  12. SAS soldier reveals everyday weapons and tactics you need to fight back against a terrorist knife attack http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/sas-soldier-reveals-everyday-weapons-and-tactics-you-need-to-fight-back-against-a-terrorist-knife-attack/ar-BBC0waY?li=AA59G2&ocid=spartanntp good read, basically saying if you come across one of these terrorists, go wild!
  13. bit to late now I think, these are the consequences of the people ruling us.
  14. The education happens in places like Syria, Lybia places we are bombing as well as over here so education is not going to stop it, got to wipe out the source now or withdraw from Muslim country's and see if that stops it