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  1. still missing one dont know how ive manged this lingard n pitchfork to fill the remanining spaces
  2. aplogies too many beers david seamen in goal
  3. weve got to many flair players but the defebsuvr is shite so he has to play teo holding players id go 4 5 1 tripper stones mings chilwell rice foden grelish mount kane
  4. goose or no goose daka will fire us to another trophy
  5. Lingard would be a better option than Sterling .. hes just not got it right regardinh the formation and players
  6. True soon as we come up against a decent team though we will be out, even Wales would probably beat us .. we don't stand a chance against france, germany, italy even holland esp with the tatics and players he chooses.
  7. Tournament games are all about winning the bloke ain't got a clue draws are no good
  8. you're giving him a bit too much credit there mate
  9. the formation and team is wrong clearly
  10. got two goal scorers sitting on the bench in Calvert lewin n Lingard
  11. get Lingard on pls for rice of phillips
  12. agreed we only have 4 attacking players on the pitch against fkin scotland
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