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  1. If I was Maguire I'd much rather prefer to play under Rodgers than Ole Gunnar Frodo, its a no brainer as they say.
  2. bit of a weird thing to do to your child if you ask me, bit old fashioned now ain't it, what is it meant to achieve exactly?
  3. I agree however he is pretty hostile which is the comparison I was referring too.
  4. Balotelli on the bench
  5. “We hope in the future we’ll be playing many more games so for that we need quality. Top 4 here we come
  6. Thought he looked a lot trimmer compared to last season
  7. Tripper going to Atheltico, Tottenham being pulled apart
  8. Roll on the new season were looking slick
  9. I said sell him ithe other day but I think Rodgers will keep him tbf and he ain't that bad better than Silva king etc
  10. Mendy doing well tbf he has got the eye and ability for a forwards pass in him just doesn't do it regularly enough
  11. Kasper Ricardo - Evans - Maguire - Ben Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Perez Barnes Vardy Choudary in for Nididi for the first game of the season as he wouldn't have had much rest.
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