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  1. I would let it ride you've only parted with £5
  2. I would probably prefer Derby to come up as I can not stand Aston Villa and it would be good to see if Derby can eclipse there points total from the last time they was in the Prem. (plus Lampards a decent guy)
  3. Leeds fabs are like the Prem league version of Liverpool, glad there out
  4. It was a nothing to play for kind of game, one thing I would say Vardy has looked isolated and ineffective in the last two games probably needs a good rest and proper pre season.
  5. People will find anything to moan about does it matter that much that there family's were on the pitch with them, Christ.
  6. we have a team of people around him like others have said so I don't think we should be worried really.
  7. The EU must really want us to stay in Europe by allowing this to happen. Fair play to all the clubs involved, it can only be a good thing for English football and shows the quality of the players in the League.
  8. They only paid 9m and his contract expires in 2021 but you may be right they would probably want a bit more
  9. Can see him staying tbh, has looked a lot better in the last couple of games. I think we should try and keep everyone here this season and see what we can achieve.
  10. Get that Ziyech from Ajax - 20/25m stats are pretty impressive 21 goals and 22 assists in 47 games albeit in the Dutch league. Tielemans - 40m Sturidge - Cheap.
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