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  1. two Leicester players wipping the corners in from left to right who would have thought it
  2. if he don't give Madders minutes then I dunno what to say Rice and Mount and others have had chances.
  3. Maguire has been caught out twice once from the corner and then that imagine what will happen against a proper team
  4. I think he wont play Maddison because it would only increase his value ala Maguire
  5. Join a top four team... wait a minute we are a top four team, has gareth checked the table recently
  6. winks is shite, his team are sitting 14th in the league and he has done nothing to note all season yet still gets ahead of a in form Maddision with 5 goals and 4 assist the manager is a puppet
  7. Barnes to Perez was more techincal and Maddison to Vardy as well both top class
  8. Zaha is worth about 25m at most and they want a lot more than that, I don't think he's no better than Gray
  9. I think the narrative changes almost every season there was a point where the top 7 was being brandished which Everton was considered a part of.
  10. he would have lost a lot more than 2 years joining Arsenal
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