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  1. Brighton should be winning that Bissouma looks a decent player
  2. Going to be tough now but still think if we pick up 10 points in the next four we will have a good chance and we have faired well against the 3 bigger teams we will face anyway so there is no reason we can't get a result in any of them also. keep the faith!
  3. Castange should be playing down the right side i dont know what Brendan is keeping him on the left when he provided much more of a threar down the right.. Riccy could play on the left and cut in with his right as hes more versatile
  4. is the BBC ran by the government, probably explains it
  5. We would be about 10th without this man
  6. we have had some good opportunity's but the final decision has been awful
  7. Kasper doing thee, we look like we ain't going to score
  8. Shame about Maddison but would rather Preat than Perez so no issue for me really bar Maddison but he wasn't match fit anyway lets do um!
  9. I think we have proved it on a few occasions already, I'm confident we can get the win if everyone turns up.
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