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  1. is that the end of Chilwell at Chelsea new manager comes in sees his weaknesses and drops down the rankings
  2. was always going to happen, Chelsea are trigger happy when it comes to managers. Werner is shit though, they are a weak team
  3. must be some kind of hidden agenda going on
  4. Barnes is the most similar to Vardy with his direct running, pace etc so it could work he can also score with both feet something like Barnes Perez Under
  5. Barnes ?!?! can't be any worse than Perez or Nacho
  6. thought he grew into the game and second half shown us the quality he has could of had another probably, I'd take him on a permanent deal I'm sure Rodgers will get the best out of him.
  7. first half we was shit, then we turned up for the second half and strolled through it in the end. Good character to come back out and play we did and the quality we have is quite frightening.
  8. https://reedditt.soccerstreams.net/event/brentford-leicester-city-live-stream/585623
  9. really? who would have thought it
  10. Nacho must be seething surely that's it for him, if he can't get a game against Brenford he has no chance of making any impact
  11. Southampton wont sell there key striker half way through the season anyway I would imagine
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