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  1. That run of fixtures could easily have them down 2 winnable ties in there and even they won't be easy
  2. No one really had a great individual game yesterday though he's definitelt yesterday's scapegoat. Even though we won
  3. I preferred listening to Puel's words of wisdom Only joking
  4. What's the chances of getting one or two tickets for this in our end probably zero I guess
  5. Was driving to Luton airport one time and the motorway had been closed so we had to divert down a dual carraige way there's 2 lorries in the left lane and I'm coming down the right as I'm going past the lorry at the back it all of a sudden indicates right and starts turning in just as we are approaching the front end of it it was inches from taking the car out you could smell the engine fumes .. can't stand lorries one terrible drivers think they own the road
  6. The only reason Maguire will be remembered at Leicester in the future is a massive 80m price tag .. Mahrez is remembered as a title winner who had 3 or 4 memorable seasons with us .. granted at the time the way he forced his move was childish he will be remembered in helping us win a Prem league title. There is no comparison
  7. Another one common in Notts which I hate "It's breaking me" mate you have just got in work
  8. Think we will get Tottenham at home Wouldn't mind an easy tie though
  9. I know it's early days but that Dewsbury has a similar style to Maddison
  10. Was at Charlton away when Dion smashed in that header. scenes
  11. Prefer these two than Sky nbcsn has somet decent commentators , sky is shit and biased
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