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  1. whoareyaaa

    Black Friday deals

    you can have mine for £350
  2. whoareyaaa

    Steve Walsh

    Get him back
  3. whoareyaaa

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  4. I'd put Shearer ahead of Rooney
  5. whoareyaaa

    Betting Thread

    cheers pal
  6. not me, mystified as to why he is even playing tonight, typical American hyperbole
  7. whoareyaaa

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    its not like every goal is going to be up for debate, your talking 1 out of 10 goals if that.
  8. 10/11 wouldn't surprise me if he scores
  9. whoareyaaa

    Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    how do you get all the channels from across the world with a satellite dish? is it called freesat? any help would be appreciated.
  10. whoareyaaa

    Claudio to Fulham

    When you have experienced the great highs like Claudio you have to also experience the lows. Relegation incoming.
  11. whoareyaaa

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    I fell in love with football watching the world cup as well way back when, then Leicester. Welcome home
  12. whoareyaaa

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    improved massively in the past 2 games though
  13. whoareyaaa

    Bring back Shakespeare

  14. whoareyaaa

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    Narborough Road
  15. whoareyaaa

    Betting Thread

    had West ham as well them and Leicester let me down for 300