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  1. Comes with experience though, witness whenever Ashley Cole is there to cover Chelsea/Arsenal games. They'll get better with more appearances... just like when they played the game itself Nice to have someone on our side apart from the boy Loineker and Manish as well
  2. how many subs allowed in this comp, is it 3 or 5?
  3. Under performed in front of goal there
  4. Really good, and enlightening to hear Kasper and the bench in this game
  5. Superb goal, let's hope that kicks him on..
  6. I prefer it, you can hear the coaching that's happening.
  7. Feels like a second-halfer this time... 66 mins I'll go for.
  8. danny simmo on BT again. Superb, someone actually on our wavelength.
  9. Still loadsa games to go... let's see where we are in May. Be positive.
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