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  1. Yeah, I agree. They're set pieces and we 'should' be alive to these. Mount had a really good early chance and he also skied one over the bar but was offside, he did seem to disappear in the second half. Abrahams looked to be back a bit too early from his injury and Hudson-Odoi air-shot two good chances. I think we have the better younger squad, but we have got to keep from slating them every time they mess-up - I'm guilty of this myself in the heat of the moment, but overall I think Chilly and Barnes have improved. Maddison seems to have plateaued atm - if we can get CL this season then I think might be able to hold onto them and expect more next season. We have Wolves and Man City and then potentially a few games where we can put a winning run together, so I'm generally feeling positive for the rest of the season.
  2. I think it's more that he's still really coming back from that glute injury. He didn't look on it in the first half, but did look better in the 2nd half. I'm really hopeful that the break gives him a chance to get back to full fitness AND all the other teams will have the break so everyone comes back at roughly the same level.
  3. tbf, I thought Mount did ok, two assists for the goals although from set peices. Maddy could do well to study that.
  4. Going against the grain here, but the two best chances (other than the goal) came to a defender - Evans, and a youngster - Barnes, so they're not 100% nailed on as it would be with say Vardy or Ian. But, we looked much better than the last few games and it was good to see two of the most berated young players on here both get a goal and have good games after a shakey start. We need to building confidence in them and now the TW is over, they all know where they stand. Hopefully, the break will do them all good and BR can come up with some new tactics now that teams have worked out to give us the high press to stop us playing out from the back. We do need to look at the keeper situation for the Summer, even if it is for decent cover for KS next season.
  5. say what you really think...
  6. I think this has been a good game for us after the Vile in mid-week. We've shown heart to come back and when we get the confidence, we do play some lovely football. Things to improve on are corners, and putting ball in back of the net.
  7. As I said, he's still learning. I agree if it had been the other way around the Vards would most likely have nailed it, but it ain't gonna be like that for Barnes at present. Learn each game and move on.
  8. bit over the top there mate.. he's still learning and he's scored in his last three.. get a grip
  9. OMG! how did Harvey miss that!!!
  10. htf did evans miss that... free header.
  11. Nice shot by Youri.. finding his range hopefully
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