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  1. great move, end product a real waste
  2. I agree that we need to see Chilly and JJ pushing forward.... But, only if they then take a positive action from that i.e. a cross or shot at goal. Too many times they get up the pitch only to check back and then play backwards, or at best sideways. The strength of 15/16 was that we had wingbacks not afraid to attack and a counter-attack mindest. I'd favour that for the rest of this season. JV thrives on balls to run onto. Ian can do the same. We have the talent to get the ball quickly and accurately up the field and not always having to walk it practically into the net. Possession dominance cannot win a game alone, we need to start taking many more shots.
  3. Keith ...just for the record you understand
  4. KS has to be getting close to the best save ratio for EPL pens
  5. I like it. BR is still trying to work out who is actually in form atm. YT and Barnes were really off it at Watford.
  6. At least we're having pops now.. much better
  7. Bit worried that Justin has adopted the Chilwell style of running forward and then pass it back..
  8. Yeah, you're right. I only know about the pipe cos I passed it to him..
  9. Johnathan Pearce must be on the crack pipe with that description of Chilly
  10. Oohhh. could have benn a nice goal there
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