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  1. If BR is concerned about players being tired he needs to change things up otherwise it'll be extra time and possibly pens and more tired legs for early Sunday
  2. Lovely pass by Barnes on the outside of the right foot. Vards just needs one of those to go in now..
  3. I hope so. Barnes doesn't gel with Southgate's 'playing the England way', and he'd be most likely paired with Chilly again, so I think he'd end up frustrated.
  4. ..and the best bit of that goal.... no tw4tty 'A' celebration, so we know he's not an 'Avenger'
  5. you can thank me for not putting Maddy and Barnes in my FF team for the last few weeks
  6. He hasn't been doing the tw4tty 'A' sign so I would hope not.
  7. Who's been bringing their milkshake to the yard???
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