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  1. Most of them would cover their taxis with that
  2. This is a complex situation. Without player wage cuts some pl clubs could go bust. With the money from player wage cuts then non playing staff can be kept on pay roll... or money given to lower league clubs. Yet why should players finance this if say owners have taken money out? How can pl clubs chose to divert money to lower league clubs when there is no scheme in place? (And again such Scheme would have to consider the wealth of the lower league clubs, their owners, and any recent dividends paid to owners.... eg cov city owners always seem to snaffle any transfer income etc). Imo an independent trust should be established to administer such hardship payments....not the pl This would then leave clubs and their players to decide how to fund the payroll of the non playing staff and a contribution to the "lower league hardship fund "... the owners would have to be open about their recent divs and the clubs inability to finance these sinks... then the wage sacrifice by the players must be accompanied by a contribution from the owners also... as in the end the owners will still own the club.
  3. What are lcfc doing about non playing staff ?
  4. This jordanhenderson initiative to give money to nhs is crazy now. He is being paid money to give to nhs while his employer is only able to pay him coz the tax payers are paying for their staff. B4 tanything else Henderson and his teammates should be discussing with the lfc owners how they can all support the none playing staff without becoming a burden on tax payers
  5. It is clear that some clubs are having probs and other should be fine . All should assume the brakes continues till Sept and see if they are solvent. Those that are not should slash player wages rather than dump folk onto the tax payers. Further I have been saying for a month that the pl should set up a 100min fund for bailing out lower league clubs. Any payment should undist any dividends are returned to the clubs
  6. Liverpool made 42million last year even after soe ding .25 billion on players. Hiw are they able to have the tax payers pay for their furloughed staff? Shame
  7. B4 the prem players give to nhs they should agree a scheme with their own clubs so that the club and the players ensure that not playing staff will not be left to the tax payers to support
  8. I understood the pfa are to advise... what a record of altruism the pfa has
  9. If they are on paye their agent is going something wrong! It is time for players to do what is right. If the club cabt pay staff wages then rather than take government handouts (which we all pay for) then the clubs should reduce their players pay to ensure they can pay all non playing staff and even to keep up payments to small local suppliers for their own staff. Thay is moral leadership in their community
  10. Problem is the fa makes money from fa cup.... like UEFA makes money from euro cups!
  11. I am fed up with Intl breaks... I have no I interest in eng and southgate the puppet of the blazers
  12. My guess is football behind closed doors may start in mid July. Season finished at end of August then we can start next season in sept and cancel intl breaks yo complete it by june 21
  13. In response to covid19 then there are 2000 free rezl apps... it a full mindfulness based cognitive therapy course of audio tutorials and meditations scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and low mood. Visit https://rezl.com/freerezl/
  14. I am with you... but the fa and eufa are obsessed with money too... they will want to stage games to fulfil their lucrative contracts
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