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  1. I am still waiting for him to create something.
  2. I just don't think perez can raise his game - he is too "light weight" - I doubt he can aspire to be a top six player. Hamza and mendy both did well - after th stop go career of mendy at Leicester it is goo to see him finding some consistency in his performances,. Barnes remains the furture.
  3. I am particularly pleased with the performances by pappy mendy.
  4. What a shame we wissed the CL. I looks wide open this year.
  5. Why havent we got a kit like manure are wearing at PSG?
  6. Slimani is no different from 3 years back. Poor first touch and no speed acceleration or agility. It's a no from me.
  7. Imagine paying 15 for a 0 0 draw that turns into a loss late on!
  8. Rodgers career will depend on the squads he has and his ability to organise and inspire them. I feel he can do the latter... I am not sure he has the squad.
  9. The problem was not that we conceded a goal... the problem was that we hadn't scored 2. In the second half u couldn't see us scoring. Slimani failed his audition... he still has the same problems as before
  10. What's is wrong with cats and how long is he out? When is wilf back?
  11. Kasper offered him the left and the couldn't save it
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