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  1. but there wil be error bars on those final points tallies - 4 teams within a point for two slots.
  2. Forrest are in our rear view mirror - personally I like to beat villa. From when we were promoted tot he epl Watford were a similar club and not too far away - but they were so good when they brought the Vichai banner that I have stopped dissing them.
  3. let's move on and support the team - big match this week - close thread.
  4. I liked him when he was a Wednesday - and thought we should have bought him on promotion tot he pl... but he got injured. WE need an option of a big CF on the shoulders of of their CBs
  5. My only worry about brendan is that his teams do have a choke potential. I wonder if it is to do with the messages he gives them. I spent some time looking at research that shows that minfulness improves sports performance primarily thru players settling in "their game " quicker... and making better decisions throughout. This is because they are not distracted by previous recent events (or even earlier events in the same game) or thoughts of the enormity of the situation. So i wonder what brendan says to them? It could be that he is saying to them: "you will be fine" (trying to g
  6. A few summers ago I kept seeing david Nugent working hard in the gym. While others were on the beach he was working hard to stretch out his career.
  7. Good piece in the times today by henry winter. Looking at Madison's progress... now he will be kicking his heels this summer watching mount and lingard. I hope he reads it and determines to get his head sorted
  8. The ruling g out of utds first goal was outrageous.... var needs to get a grip
  9. It's all that left to do now... oh and hope utd beat spurs
  10. I havecwriten of the value of minfulness in the other mentality thread. This is what they need
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