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  1. Sterling is southgate's only world class player. None of the others would start in Spain France Italy Germany etc
  2. I think the fa cup is the one to soft pedal. We are in the final stages of the league cup Nd may as well go for it... we have played most of the games. Liverpool will start to slip ( if they dont then they will be worthy winners).... so we need to prioritise staying where we are in the prem and slowly closing the gap ilwhich IS possible. Given that we are not second in the prem often then this is our moment to focus pn the prem and the league cup....and throw the fa cup under a bus
  3. It's hard but not impossible... if we dont think we can do it then we will def fail. Come on they will start dropping points... we just need to focus on each game each week. We dont have Europe or qatar etc. We have a great squad and great manager
  4. Today was their best performance in weeks... they have been taking points while playing poorly .... they cant do that till may. We can reel them in. This is our moment... we are still getting better ...dare to dream
  5. So now it's up to us to reel liverpool in...
  6. Arsenal wanted to pass out from the back but had no options... and we have to have credit for that. Comple of comments. We go one up so now arse had to chase the game...first thing kasper did was throw the ball to an arse player in the centre circle. . We dont need to take that risk. Madison garnering too many soft fouls... the ref got wise to him.. he will get a reputation. Barnes had some great run... he needs the confidence andvempowrrment to pull the trigger. The upside of these notes is that we have opportunity to improve even more
  7. I read a book that said to maximise a pleasure you should take a break and come back to it again and again... so you enjoy the anticipation and the initial reaction over and over.
  8. Football is a game of two halves. I like the Belgium division 2 set up. Teams can redeem themselves from a poor first half and have something to play for. I think that teams who score 3 or more should get a ticket into draw (each time they do it) and the winner of the draw gets 5 point s
  9. Is your bourbon glass half full or half empty?
  10. Knickers off ready when I come home... porridge 1974 ish
  11. Whoops 60 to 1... but 20 back if I lose so my first bet of 25 will only cost 5... to win 1500 so that's effectively 300 to 1....
  12. Man city and lpool are about evens.... we are only a few points off city with two thirds of the season to go... and we are getting better. I just put 25 quid on us to win the title at 60 to 2 with paddy power. Get on it.
  13. In Holland https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Cattermole
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