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  1. FA Cup 2018

    In 70s there was a ref called norman burtenshaw... in his autobiog he mentioned the great man city side (lee bell summerbee book etc). He said if there was a penalty going they would have it...in fact he believed they would rather have a penalty then an open goal from 10 ft ....sound familiar?
  2. FA Cup 2018

    Alli wasnt going for goal... he put himself inthe way to be fouled and then made a meal of the contact flipping himself up. It was a pen...he was looking for it coz that's what he does all the time. Class less .... bottlers Cmon roachdale!
  3. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    I am season ticket holder and loyaly buy all cup home games.... I am also a member (yikes!)... so i can buy the odd extra ticket... but with the new system introduced this season my home points arent enough to be able to buy pl tickets. Sio Getting some priority on the cup tickets is all a get for my 80 quid members fee. The club thinks members are non sths buying for themselves ... for me being a member was like buying an otion to use once in a while (something the sharp commercial guys at the club failed to see) . We are a pl club with championship admin
  4. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Drag is the future. Wes will always be a hero. We still have the future to play for
  5. Mahrez being booed?

    Yes... twas vardys chance to celebrate with him.... What does it mean?
  6. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Grey has impact when a 60 min sub. He lacks impact when a starter. He is really frusterating . I believe he could be a great player but he needs to push on to a new level. Work on his decision making. ... his defensive game... his ability to get over the ball and keep shots down. He has to work work work... he should have his own coach to help him make the change happen
  7. Btw... who is mahrezs agent? Is it someone new?
  8. Kasper Schmeichel

    Yes kasper is our no. one and should play. Meanwhile we should find a big dominant keeper
  9. Adrien Silva

    It is not vlear to me who will be better in pl.... iborra who sometimes hits a stray pass. ..or silva who looks a bit light weight Only one way to find out...
  10. The shot from the edge of the box went right over his head. He crouched then spang up and missed it. If he had just stood a fbput his jabds up he woukd have blocked it. I like kasper... but he is not a top six keeper.
  11. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    Stability is key... one guy has to take us there and consolidate. We have to bring in guys with the quality to be top 6.... esp goalie. .. back 4 no 10. Three on every summer. That woukd show ambition.
  12. The company running the parking at js in hinckley get your address from dvlc so they can send you a bill. Not sure of the legality to force payment
  13. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    I dont expect it does.... but it would be reasonable practice
  14. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    When you buy a company you have to produce a disclosure bundle (documents relating to any deals or issues that might be a problem) you then indemnify the buyer against any issues not on the bundle or any tax liabilities etc Surely a club selling a player should do the same.... desclose any snags and then indemnify the buyer against any any undesclosed problems.
  15. Bigger tv bids. . They will be passed on to fans

    Its worse than that.... bt and sky compete for the package and this means thebprice tgey pay is high... which they pass on to us. As you say there is no market that forces sky and bt to compete for customers.... improving product andcreducing price. A live streaming sesson ticket would favour the big clubs.... but it would generate alot of revenue forvthe providers snd for the pl.... it is also attractive fir dedicsted fans. They need to pitch the price anf provide quslity to make it attractive to those streaming for free.