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  1. foxinsocks


    The fan store should be about encouraging kid to support lcfc by offering great value. . ...And it should be about providing access to books like yours that supporters need to encounter. Sadly. .. it's run by some folk who think shop profit is the goal.. soaking supporters. Cmon susan. .. let's see joined up thinking
  2. foxinsocks


    I dont know how much his wages are.... ... but surely we can afford to have a team to look at how we need to organise when he's on the field. Fwds are heading towards the £100m mark... we need to figure this out
  3. foxinsocks


    His finishing was fab. Yet we have seen him anonymous in games.. and fail to make impact from the bench. Are we failing to manage him right... does the way we play fail to offer him the right role. Have we failed to make him psychologically ready? Fwds are the most expensive players to buy... before we cast him out we need to see if we can figure out how to make sense of him. Vardy is 32. We need these options in games and in the long term
  4. foxinsocks

    Jack Wilshere

    The wildhire snag is that when moving the ball thru midfield then rather than ride a tackle and play the ball he garners the free kick. This enables the defence to sort it self out and ruins tbe quick counter. Let's not go there. ...hes not for us
  5. foxinsocks

    Mohamed Elyounoussi

    Two things th at shoukd shaoe out thinking..... can ge adaot ti tge pl Dont sign anyone with a poor first touch.. . Thats what buys time
  6. foxinsocks


    I'm exited by the signings... even evans will bring experuence and atritude to our squad.... great value. I would line to see more players in with proven pl experience... it always a risk when players try to get used to it. C'mon... lets get rondon in to have another type of club in our golf bag
  7. foxinsocks

    Players hiding?!!

    Ha.. i was trying to say this was a case of a player being foolish and the manager dealing with it... to send a message to the player and the others. I think it didnt need to be terminal. ... but with the people involved it was. No one moaned about np when he was building a squad of solid players... so maybe his approach was right. If np had faults ...his un compromising management of his squad was not one of them.... look ar how the others have been pulled all over the shop
  8. foxinsocks

    Players hiding?!!

    Knocky gave a french interview that suggested leicester was a stepping stone. Np dropped him.. perhaps rightly. (Though he could have told him to learn from it and not diss the club again... ) Knocky did start a game in the jan and was mom. . But he never started again and was sent to Belgium. Truth was pearson did run a tight ship.... his my way or high way message was clear and while his way was right it was a benefit to the club. .. no one thinks we should have kept that striker from leeds for example
  9. foxinsocks

    Players hiding?!!

    .... if puel is a leader he needs to address this head on. If he is to lead then those who are not with him are against him and he must exile them. ... I expect they will muddle on like a bad marriage
  10. foxinsocks

    Players hiding?!!

    Not only the players.... i refused to sit thru the parade
  11. foxinsocks


    Sell him now while his stock is high. Serriously... there should be market makers for footballers
  12. foxinsocks

    Caption Competition...

    But harry... you will finish your carear without a single medal.
  13. foxinsocks


    You say good bye I say ulloa
  14. foxinsocks

    FT Bingo

    Having sat thru the west ham game it is clear that puel must be give a chance to buy loads of players and have a preseason
  15. foxinsocks

    FT Bingo

    We would not have won the prem but for NIGEL PEARSON