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  1. We lost to Norwich Bournemouth... drew late with Watford.... and villa put us out of the league cup ... if we were consistent we would walk these games . That must be our goal
  2. Thanx. Only in football can duch conflicts of interest exist
  3. You've lost me on the friend of the rapists thing
  4. What a shame he is now having to tow the club line rather than give objective opinion. He was obviously not convinced he could make it as a pundit. He was getting like young... so dependent on being feed info from the club he couldn't say it like it is. I like piper much better
  5. Me too. Imagine being 38k up in a casino and going home with just 5k.... on the one hand 5k is good. But what might have been. Look at our form since Christmas... no one can find this acceptable.
  6. When they ask the ref to look at the monitor then that is just vide for "you've made a mistake ". Its good that the pl is no longer trying to do it's own thing (little englanders)... butbthere is some way to go. Need at 10cm tolerance on offside Scrap the accidental handball dusalliwibg goals Var should always call it as they see it. The refs need to suck it up
  7. I am perplexed. However... we cant employ a manager and then override his decisions
  8. I would expect public utterances to be measured. I truly hope that he is more determined in private. You make hay while the sunshine .. when you are ahead you press home your advantage ..... or should do. I am sure Rodgers must be very disappointed with things since xmas
  9. So they would be a risk.... sure there are better people but we cant agree on their names!
  10. Can someone summarise his plus points for us
  11. Managers only get 20 seasons.... bredan must be impatient for progress
  12. I think we need a psychologist.... in a good way. Anyone watching barns can see his games is about confidence (or the lack of it) yet he needs to restructure his thinking and add more self compassion so he doesn't carry his mistakes
  13. I think they will back him and go big. There isn't a better manager possible for us. The owners wont want a reputation as not backing their managers. He has seen what we need. We need to be brave and get behind Top.
  14. The positive point is that we will have learned from this.... and posters disappointed about the result should get over it
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