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  1. Liverpool always foul on the turnover. Ref needs to get his cards out
  2. These guys are bang in form. I am happy with 1 up at ht
  3. Today's financial times says that arsensl and spurs have use the Hmg covid corp financing facility to borrow 120million and 175million respectively. I hope that FFP will prevent them from spending it
  4. Or in bottles case... a woman with a pudding bowl
  5. Staying healthy is a competitive issue. If clubs allow their player to dice with their health then they will endure the downside. I hope our club has control of players' behavior
  6. Not like foxes talk.... that's spurs for you. Kane is such a tryhard
  7. Why... they got out played ... plus thevref gave them every foul they appealed for
  8. What is happening with the Africa cup of nations... are our players going,?
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